You don't have to sacrifice your wellness for your coaching business

I'll help you, with coaching and consulting, start (or refine) your simple, streamlined coaching business with integrity.

Hey, I'm Lauren Cash. An eating disorder nutrition therapist turned Master Certified Coach.Six years ago I was in $130k debt making $35k/year, daydreaming of a successful digital business. I know what it's like to have insanely big, thrilling goals that you want–STAT. I also know what it's like to have a multiple six-figure business, yet find yourself completely burnt out wondering, "Why am I even doing this?!"I would love to help you craft a sustainable business that feels like you, without sacrificing your health like I once did. It all comes from learning from my mistakes and simplifying everything.Ready for your permission slip?

Create or Refine Your Simple COACHING Business

I help both brand new and seasoned coaches create businesses that work for their values and desires.While mindset work is powerful, we don't just coach, we also get into intense action, learning the tactical logistics required to start and keep a streamlined business.Are you ready to keep things simple on purpose?YES, TELL ME MORE →


Thank you for your interest.We'll get back to you in 24-48 business hours of your submission.We are not accepting pitches of any kind at this time, thank you!