Lauren Cash

Master Certified Coach. Time Coach with a Spiritual Twist. Inner Voice Facilitator. Human Design Reader.


Whether it's the way human minds create scarcity around time, money, or goal cultivation–I'm into it.

Bending time, intentional workflows, and crafting dreamy customer experiences are my jam.

While it may seem like I'm niche-less, the common thread is psychology. I'm fascinated by human behavior.

I'd love to lead and guide you in an intensive one-time result-creating experience or be your ongoing coach that you love to have on retainer if we're a great coach-client fit.

Causal Coaching

I utilize an eclectic fusion of modalities in my work. While the most prominent may be causal coaching based on The Self Coaching Model, I also incorporate my MA in Psychology, MS in Nutritional Science, and my background in eating disorder treatment.


This modality is the newest to my collection of certifications (please don't tell anyone how many I have 😉) after the impactful experience applying it in my own life and business.

Previous clients have told me they were skeptical of it because of how "woo" it is, but found the way I explain it and play with it has helped them make use of the experiment themselves. I love to infuse it into the work when a client is open to it.


After years of being in the industry I've discovered I love customizing next steps for clients.

You're invited to apply to receive yours by booking your quick call below.

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