40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 1


Here's how it went down:

I was in my last inner voice session facilitated by the one and only Dana Evans. She was asking my inner voice about lent and what it wanted me to sacrifice for the season of lent, if anything. (I don't usually practice lent, mind you.)

Here was the guidance:

Have the mind take the back seat. Do only what you are guided toward by me. Give up doing things just so that you'll create money. Let go of any concerns regarding money. Invest a guided amount of money daily. Blog the experience. Share an excerpt on Instagram.

It's really hard for me to want to let go of any control around creating money. And when I say “me” I mean the mind. Not the me that is the inner being. It's especially challenging for my mind to let go of it because in Human Design I am a specific and active manifestor. 

If I let go of the specificity and active involvement in creating money–won't it go away?

I already can hear the inner voice laughing and saying, “No…”

Then the mind wants to flip out about investing money every day for 40 days. It wants to ask, “But what if I need that money for something else? What if I don't have enough money because I'm investing and not allowed to try to make money? Will I not be able to do everything I want to do? What if I have to give up things that I desire?”

Oh mind.

So we will see what unfolds during this experiment. Last night started with the inner voice guiding me to eat out after my yoga class and have wine with pasta. It was way later than I normally like to go out, and the mind had been thinking I needed to give up alcohol for lent. Apparently not.

Each day I'll post a little unedited journal entry of what I am guided to and what the mind is having to say about the experiment. Plus I'll document what occurs with the finances: money in and money invested.

Stick around and watch what unfolds.

Money Received: $1212.26

Money Invested: $1111.11

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