40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 10


Trees are getting their flowers and leaves in.

It actually does get rather cold in Vegas. I didn't realize that before I moved here. I also didn't realized we'd have some signs of changing seasons. I'm so used to Southern California showing barely any change in season.

This morning I was drawn to have a slow morning, watching TV and drinking my decaf coffee in bed. Even though my mind thought I “should” be going to the gym immediately upon waking up. I realized I have been carrying a belief that if I don't get up and do it right away, it won't happen during the day.

Which isn't true at all, because I went mid-morning, exactly when it flowed. 

What are we assuming is a limitation that isn't at all?

I have a lot of limits that the mind makes up. (That's one of the mind's jobs, of course.) I have been unraveling many of them over the last few years, and it's fun to continue to see them be torn apart. Even in the mundane, small things of daily life. Like when you go to the gym.

I'm curious to see this be true in even bigger ways. Like with my identity around my body and fitness. And continued expansion in money, business, future partner, etc. 

Isn't that why we keep ourselves where we are sometimes? For the thrill of the possibility of the story?

Money Received: $1500.00

Money Invested: $122.22

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