40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 11


There hasn't been as much about the inner voice's guidance and the mind's pushback in the last few posts.


The mind seems to relax and chill, following the guidance in what it thinks is the mundane. (Although we did see instances around when to go to the gym or hike where it gets a little prickly, huh?)

What if with time, decisions are so easy because you simply are following the guidance?

What if decision making wasn't something you always second guessed yourself on? Or spent weeks or months in debate around?

Using the inner voice (or your Authority) can make it that easy. 

Not to the mind, that's where a lot of the coaching comes on board. That and regulating your nervous system. Aligning the body to be ready to receive what you are being guided towards.

But we don't have the mentally do Rory Gilmore pro/con lists for decision making anymore. We can trust the Knowing. We can then help the mind and body get on board to allow it to unfold through this guiding.

Decision making has gotten so much easier for me since discovering inner voice work and Human Design. This doesn't mean the mind doesn't have a lot of decisions it wants to fixate on, it totally does, especially recently around changes in my business and what's next. 

Yet I know I will just listen to the splenic alerts (my Authority in Human Design, I use interchangably with inner voice) and follow. I may bring the mind along with some kicking and screaming (like this experiment not doing things “so that” money).

What if you could have the same?

Money Received: $0

Money Invested: $2.22

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