40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 14


I didn't want to post this selfie.

But the inner voice said to, so here we are. It really likes this shirt with native flowers of California State Parks. 

Inner voice asked to just be asked questions for the rest of this entry:

Can I count the tax return money in my money received of this entry, even if I won't have actually received it yet?


Isn't that cheating?


Why not?

Because it was received today

But I can't use it to pay rent today, so how was it received today?

It's not like that

What's it like?



It all flows together. How can you tell it apart?

Oh, so even though we could scoop up water and it seems separate, when it's all flowing together, you can't tell one molecule of water from the next really?


So I can count it now?


When am I going to get my other refund the IRS owes me?

When it's time

When will it be time

When it is

You can't tell me the exact date?

We could

Why don't you?

No fun

How is it fun not having received it yet?

The unfolding

You like experiencing the drama that is a lifetime, huh?


Why is it so irritating then for me, if you enjoy it?

You could enjoy it

I could enjoy waiting for the IRS to pay me money I'm owed?


But what if I need the money before I have it, won't that be stressful?

It could be, and it could not be

Will I need the money before I have it?


How can I be sure?


How can I trust?


Is that all?


Is there anything else you want to tell me right now?


Money Received: $11,401.00

Money Invested: $77.11

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