40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 15


Ask ask ask.

Inner voice wants me to just ask questions again like yesterday's entry. Are you ready?

Let's do it.

Why do you want me to ask questions again?

The point

The point of what?

The experiment

I know the point of the experiment was to follow what you said to do, but was the point to write entries like these?


You want me to ask you questions every day, listen for the answers, and post the exchange?


Can I post what the mind has to say too?

You can

Is it necessary?


What should I ask about today?


It doesn't matter?


Did I really have a premonition about that thing earlier?


Do I have a gift related to knowing things?


How can I strengthen it?

Not being afraid and writing it down like we've said

I started a notebook today, do I need to do anything else other than document the ones I've known?

Theories. Track theories.

Oh and see if they come out like I predicted?

Yes and keep notes of how each feels, so you can learn the difference

The difference of what?

Fear vs Knowing

Sometimes it's fear?

Mind noise

So when I think something is going to happen and its fear-based, then it's the mind?

Yes and no

How yes?

It usually is

How no?

Mind makes up story after the Knowing that then creates fear, quickly

Oh ok, so even if I feel fear, there's a chance it could still be correct, but the mind has come in and made up a whole story afterwards that created fear?


Should I be concerned about people reading this entry right now when I don't know what this all means and the gift hasn't developed yet?


It's safe?


What if they judge me? Think I'm crazy?

It's ok

It's ok if people think I'm crazy?


How am I supposed to have clients and a business?


Yes? How is yes an answer to that?


What does sorting mean to you?

Filtering process

Oh, are you saying it's a filtering process for those who are meant to work with me and those who aren't?


Oh ok. That's hard though. I like working with people that aren't into this kind of thing too.

We know, it's ok

Are you sure?

Yes, always, always, always, of course

Ok, is there anything else about that right now?


Do I need to keep asking questions today?


Can I have some of a drink tonight before that thing?

Yes, half

But what if I want drinks this weekend?

Don't worry about this weekend

But I have to follow the rule for the program, don't I?


I don't?


Then why do the program?


How is it fun if I don't do everything it says?

Most fun

Ok, whatever you say…


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