40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 19


Over the weekend there ended up not being either time or energy to make these entries.

So rather than force it, I was guided to let them go, and to sit with the discomfort of the “skipped” days.

Returning to our conversations:

Was I supposed to send the message even though I didn't get an answer?


Are you sure?


Do I need to get concerned about people being confused about the new business model I'm being drawn to?


Will I still be able to help people and make money, if it doesn't look exactly like most other coaching business models?


Is there a particular order I should go about creating everything I've been guided to thus far?


What is it?

You already know it

Why do I feel like I don't?


I don't really think I'm afraid though. What am I afraid of?

Failed experiments

Yeah, I guess so. And I'm tired of experimenting. I feel like I've been an experimenting mess for a while now. Do I need to worry about that?

No, you think the time suddenly ends–it doesn't

So I'm just going to be experimenting forever?


Doesn't that look bad? Doesn't it cost too much energy?

No, no

Will I ever settle on things?

Yes and no

How yes?

Some things will stay, some things will go. Nature.

How no?

Things will change and flow as needed. Nothing stays the same.

But it seems like they do in other people's businesses… I get really envious of the static simple offers. Why can't I have that? Isn't it better?


Would I be too bored with that?

Yes and you'd not then be able to help your clients as much as you can, because you wouldn't have these experiences. You'd just be like the rest.

Will it always change as much as it has been lately?


So there will be some settling but enough change that it'll stay interesting?


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