40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 20


The mind is very resistant today to writing this post.

What are we even going to talk about?

I suppose we're halfway through this experiment. That's kinda fun.

It's been amazing to see how much the mind squacks and throws its fits. It gets attached. It wants to know the answers for everything–NOW. 

All the while, everything is amazingly fine, just as it is, in this moment.

So, Inner Voice…

How can I be more in the present moment?


I'm always breathing, how do you want me to breathe more?

Take deeper breaths

What would help me do that more regularly?

Lay on the floor more

Like in the middle of the day take breaks and lay on the floor?

Yes or turn on a song

Ok, what else will help me stay here, now?

Deciding to decide when you actually need to

Aren't there a lot of things that needed to be decided ahead of time?

No, most things don't

Are you sure?


How does one plan for things then?

Planning only now

But isn't planning for future? Inherently?


I don't get it yet

You will

Is working with Elizabeth going to help me with it?


Would meditation help me with it?


What else will help me?

Gene Keys

Do I need to read or listen to particular Gene Keys about presence and the now?

If you want

Is there anything else you need me to know about presence right now?

You could re-read The Power of Now

So you're saying I basically have all of the tools at my fingertips already to help me with this, huh?

Yes, always

Did I drink too much decaf coffee today?


Is that ok?


Is there anything else today?


Money Received: $2,222

Money Invested: $44.44

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