40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 21


I am going to get my labs done this morning.

And I'm having to fast and not go lift, and I am not a fan. I feel all off today. Plus I stayed out later last night than I'm used to because a friend was visiting. Today is going to be a weird day just in general. I have labs, getting my nails done, acupuncture, a last-minute added private client session, and then I'm packing for my trip that starts tomorrow early AM. I'm excited to go see my best friend and her kids, then go to the Projector Playground retreat. (Projector Playground is the mastermind that I'm in, if you didn't know.)

Let's go in:

Do I need to worry about all of the things I am thinking I need to get done this week?


Are they going to get done when they are meant to get done?


Will I be totally stressed out next week when I have things to get done before going to Mastermind?

You don't have to be

How can I make sure I don't?


So I may have to decide not to do things I was thinking I was going to do?


Will you show me what they are?


Do I need to know the plan now?


Is it bad that I'm doing so many appointments today and then basically taking vacation for a handful of days?


Can I fully enjoy it all?


Am I meant to be present and enjoy it all?


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