40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 28


The mind has lots to say about not posting the last, well, week?

I went to San Diego for our Projector Playground retreat, which was lovely, and then I saw my best friend from high school (and her kids) on either side as bookends. There was really no space to also be posting these daily unless I truly forced it from the mind, which is not what this whole exercise is about, now, is it?

So I didn't, and here we are.

I'm learning that I really need to make sure when I'm traveling somewhere that I need to have buffer upon re-entry. Far more than what I would mentally think. My mind is quite cranky about it too, thinking you just had vacation, why do you need to be such a diva that you need a vacation from your vacation?

But truly, to care for my energy, I need the space to come back and rest first. Not to mention getting back into the groove of grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, movement, etc. 

I am excited though because the way I'm working with clients has become so clear, at least for this next iteration. I have a vision of how everything I've been recognized and invited to fits together. I can't wait to see how it all continues to unfold and blossoms.

That's all for today. I'm feeling the pull to rest even more than what my mind feels comfortable with today.

Money Received: $555.00 (from one of the days I didn't post)

Money Invested: $0.00

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