40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 3

Change of plans

Again, I was planning to go hiking and I woke up excited to do so.

Then when I looked outside it was crazy windy and cold. Twenty minutes later there was a downpour. 

No hiking.


The mind still is thinking there should be more to share, yet the inner voice is saying, “Keep it short.”

So here we are. Keeping it short.

I spent most of the day laying on the couch, watching Pieces of Her on Netflix. I also enjoyed an unscheduled FaceTime with my parents. And I grocery shopped even though nothing in me wanted to. The mind was saying, “we should go out to eat breakfast or brunch! That'll be fun!” Inner voice said make your own after you grocery shop. 

So I did, and surprisingly it was way better than the last handful of breakfasts I've eaten out. The mind still doesn't want to believe that.

Oh, and I did laundry. And I'm going to go get my nails done later.

The mind continues to tell me it thinks I should be being more productive today. Scanning all of the receipts and papers piled up in my office. Organizing my office and bedroom closets. Picking up the house. Taking an online course. Working on the next plans for the business.

And yet the body and the inner voice are saying to rest. Again.

The mind is asking, “Since when did we turn into a couch potato?! You never used to watch TV. What is going on?”

While at the same time I have people telling me I seem more at peace than I used to be.

We will see if tomorrow has a hike in store or not.

Stay tuned…

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Money Invested: $11

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