40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 33


What does “being here” mean to you, inner voice?

Staying present, not jumping ahead, being in now

How can we plan while also being here?

Loosely, very loosely

Should we not plan at all?


So it's ok to plan?

Yes, however manner matters

What is manner?

The way in which it is done

What way is it to be done?

In pencil, like a game

Why plan if it's going to be a game in pencil?

Mind something to do, directs energy

How can we hold things loosely and have goals?

Goals are only for the fun of the moment

Like the moment you create them?

Sometimes, for some minds, but usually it's the moments prior

Some people think they shouldn't have goals, is that true?

There's no always or should. It doesn't really matter. 

So you could have goals or no goals, and either way is ok?

Yes, if in alignment

What do you mean by alignment, inner voice?

Intentions, goals, manifestations, creations… whatever the minds call them may arise from what you are Guided toward, it's simply the mind's language for it. Listen listen listen, and no set rules, then all is aligned.

Ok, so if we listen to your guidance and something seems “goal-like” the mind doesn't need to freak out about “oh no goals are bad and now I have a goal!” or something like that?


But we can create the lives and businesses we deeply desire with or without the mental construct?

Yes if you remain connected and attuned

Is that hard for minds to do without goals sometimes, inner voice?


Is that why minds like to use goals and intentions?


It's almost like a goal or intention is just something from you translated into mental language.

It can be so, however many minds create goals from mind

Oh yes, of course. 

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Money Invested: $33.33

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