40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 34


Inner voice, what do you want me to know about this trip?

Be grounded, be centered, be calm, be you.

How can I be those things?

Take breaths, do grounding exercises, breathe ahead of time, play.

Is there anything I should be aware of?


What am I to be aware of it?

Abstain, as much as it is up to you. Speak highly.

How can I make sure I abstain from gossip and speak highly of others?

Be present, change subjects, be quiet.

Can it be easy?


How can I make it easier?


How can I remain unhooked?


What do you mean by “disbelief”?

Stories, all stories, not Truth. You know much of this.

Oh ok, so when I’m hearing others potentially gossiping I can remember it’s just their mind’s interpretation and story about whatever they’re talking about, not the truth about what is being said. Just like I’ve experienced people telling rumors about me that are false, but people are unaware because they don’t give me the chance to get to know me, for who I truly am?

Yes, it’s all the same…
Being cautious of not judging and remembering that what isn’t for you isn’t bad and may be for others, all is well and normal. There are no enemies. There is no competition.

That can be sometimes hard to remember, especially in the environment I will be in, where everyone seems to compare a lot, especially when it comes to revenue. What do you think of that, inner voice?

All a game, a facade, extraneous

So I don’t need to get caught in the games being played?


How can I do that without superiority vibes?

Remaining quiet, loving on others, hugging, smiling, being present with, enjoying the moment even in the contrasts

Is there anything else I need to know about this trip and how to be?

Removed and connected

Aren’t those contradictory?

Yes and no

How yes, inner voice?

The mind thinks they are, because it thinks in order to be connected it needs to be involved in the story. Inside of the story. Agreeing with the story. Adding to the story. Participatory in the stories and games. You are not here to play in the game. You’re here to observe the game. To be there when others are ready to go outside of and beyond the game. The game is not bad, however, be cautious of that, the mind will then want to make it bad. It is not bad. It is. And you are called to not be in what it is. And that does not make it bad. Or people playing it bad. For you are playing a new game. A different game. A non-game, game. A new vantage point. Lifeguard-like. Sidelines. Perched.

I suppose you kind of already answered the how no part, huh? So the connecting to others has nothing to do with believing the stories or the more collective games at play, is what you’re saying. The mind thinks connection is different than how you see it, huh?


Can everyone win?


So there don’t need to be losers?

There is no such thing

Do you not see hierarchy then, inner voice?


Anything else today, inner voice?

Be still. Be calm. Be warm. Be in your energy, unphased.

Ok, thanks inner voice. That was really helpful to re-center.

Money Received: $11.00

Money Invested: $11.11

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