40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 4


I slept in. 

Not a normal thing for me to do. I already don't live with an alarm clock. (Unless I'm changing timezones or there's a reason I can't rely on my body's internal clock.)

I woke up at 4:47am and then went back to sleep until about 6:30am. I usually am incapable of doing so. When I woke up again, it was a bit of a jolt because I usually like to leave to hike before 6am.

I immediately got ready and set out to go on my hike. Today I embarked on a new adventure, checking out a trail off of the trail I usually go on. I went for as far as I could until I couldn't find where the trail was supposed to be going and dropped off into a cliff of rocks.

I didn't listen to anything while hiking, which is a newer practice of mine. In the past, I never would go for a walk or any sort of movement without listening to anything. And the listening usually consisted of podcasts or audiobooks all about self-development, entrepreneurship, personal finance, or some other way to improve myself or my craft.

During the hike the mind mostly pondered what will unfold in the business this year. All of its ideas for new programs and how it can help clients.

Eventually it relaxed and let go of ruminating on all of that. (I can't wait to see what comes next in the business though.)

Last night some fun things happened:

I went to get my nails done and (as always) had my spleen (AKA inner voice/Authority) pick the colors. The color it picked for my nails was apparently brand new and was selected by my nail tech. The nail tech had done my nails two weeks ago too, and is just such a sweet soul. He was so excited that I picked this color (a jade green) and said he wanted to gift me gold foil on my ring finger nails.

It looks so good and I never would've known to ask for something like that! I love it when I'm led to things that unfold sweet surprises. I've been saying more to The Universe, “Surprise and delight me!”

Then afterwards I was guided to go to one of my favorite restaurants just to pick up a side of gluten free mac and cheese and my favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookie. When I was there I remembered I had a $5 credit for my birthday, so the total ended up being under $2. The woman at the cash register said, “You're winning today!” I said, “I totally am.”

Two more things I noticed today:

When I was heading out to my hike I had grabbed my Patagonia coat because the tempurature seemed cold to me. I felt the splenic alert to bring just my sweatshirt, but then my mind negated that ping. On the hike I ended up being way too hot in my coat (and with my leggings on under my other pants too). If only I had listened to the spleen and ignored the mind… 

The second thing was when I made my decaf coffee this morning I went to grab my oat milk for my frother, but I heard, “Try the pestachio one!” The mind didn't want to open something new when the oat milk was open already, but I followed anyway. Pestachio was lovely.

Money Received: $0

Money Invested: $111.44

The mind is cranky about why we're still investing if we haven't received more influx. 🙃

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