40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 40


I haven't posted since last week on Day 34 because I was being present with the trip I was on to The Life Coach School's Mastermind event for Certified Coaches. I was surprised when I came back and realized this was my last entry of the experiment!

My mind hates that I didn't perfectly post daily each of the 40 days, but I also know that wasn't the point of this whole 40 day experiment.

While the experiment is technically going to be over, it isn't really going to be over. I only want to be in alignment with my inner voice and authority as much as possible in life anymore. I don't want to do anything that is simply from the mind or conditioning. I'm not into that anymore. I want to build a business and life that is mine, which means it will be unique and fit my design–not everyone else's.

I was telling my friend while walking around the lake in Austin this weekend that I would love to be an example of receiving my 2 Comma Club award, but in a new way. Not from hustle or overworking. Not from just following formulas others have given me. Not from working 40-hour+ weeks. Not from Facebook ads and scaling teams. (Not that there is anything wrong with these approaches, inherently.) I want to do it my way, in my time. In full alignment with my Design and values.

If it's not that, I'm not doing it.


This was an interesting period to document for my mind because it was also the lowest income period that I've had for a long time. Thankfully my mind was reminded by others as to why that was. Of course it had nothing to do with this experiment. Or with me failing. 

I had intentionally been ramping down my business in order to pursue and invitation I thought was for me (turns out it wasn't).

I also have been burning down a lot of the business to rebuild it (again–hello 3rd line of the business' chart).

I am so excited for the niche that dropped in while I was in an elevator on my trip: I am the Time Off Coach for entrepreneurs that are tired of working so hard but have no free time to show for it. It'll be the culmination of all of my gifts and certifications in one niche. I've been wanting something like this for so long. And it's finally here. 

Of course the mind is in a total rush to shift everything to that, and yet I still feel called to launch the three things I have been recognized and invited to do this year. Slowly but surely, it will shift. Meanwhile, I can't wait to work with everyone I'm meant to work with.

I am truly grateful for all of you and a world where I can make good money while doing what I love, serving amazing clients.

What an absolute gift.

I can't wait to see what's to come as I continue to follow the Knowing.

I hope you're doing the same.

And if you ever need support in doing so, you know where to find me.

Money Received: $14,401

Money Invested: $444.44

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