40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 5


The only thing “hard” on the calendar is one client session today.

The rest of the day I played with my mix and match timeblock calendar. That's what I call it when I have timeblocks set, but I know I can ebb and flow with when and where they'll go based on the splenic pings all day long. Trusting the unfolding and guidance. 

Often things unplanned end up coming in, effortlessly.

Like today, I thought I had to drop off something at The UPS Store, but it was actually for USPS. So I was able to walk to the blue box mid-morning to not only get that checked off my list, but also to walk, because it hadn't felt like it was time to walk when I woke up. (It was windy and cold, again.)

The calendar can be a truly flexible tool, that ebbs and flows around your inner voice, while still serving you in ways you desire.

It's not that I change the calendar against myself. I don't procrastinate or skip things because my mind just doesn't think it wants to do them. This is something my clients get confused about constantly. They believe they have to follow their calendars exactly.

That's an excellent exercise to show you what is going on mentally and emotionally with your changing of the calendar.

But it's not the changing of the calendar itself that is “bad”.

What truly matters is where this change is coming from. Is it from deep inner Knowing, from your Authority? Or is it coming from the mind simply not wanting the discomfort of following through on previous guidance?

This leads us to the obvious topic of how things arrived on your calendar to begin with. Where are they coming from? The mind? Or deep Knowing? There will never be enough energy and time for the mind's made up list of busy. I can promise you that.

Anyway, back to journal entry for today…

I ended up doing a reel. I hadn't planned on it. But it was a splenic hit to just do it. It was really hard for my mind to go ahead and just post it because it had so many complaints about it:

“Reels are stupid.”

“You didn't even do it right, the audio wasn't working when you were trying to record.”

“You're not original enough.”

“You should really take a class on reels first. Stop trying to learn as go you, you're not a 3rd line.”

“You should really be cross-posting these on TikTok if you're going to take the energy.”

“You need to have a better CTA connected to something you're selling.”

I have done so much inner work on allowing all of this and still doing the prompting anyway. Sitting with the feelings that arise with doing things imperfectly. There's almost nothing in my business anymore that I do that match my mind's expectations.

This is wild to think about.

In 2017 this was far from true. 

I find a lot of my clients are exhausted, without free time, and not making as much money as they desire because of these perfectionistic tendencies. And they don't even think of them as such. More on this topic in the future.

Today unfolded beautifully with a great mix of rest and work. I practiced what one of my projector friends called,”work spurts.” Nothing was rushed. Yet the mind had all kinds of commentary, like:

“We can't have that [to eat] again.”

“You should work more.”

“You shouldn't be taking this time as such a break, you just had a long vacation. You need to create your new offers or you'll never make money again.”

“You should go that way back home, it's longer.”

Typical mind. I hear you. I see you. I get it. And yet, we're ok and going to follow the nudges. You'll have plenty to play with, I promise.

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Money Invested: $22.22

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