40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 8


I woke up with completely swollen eyelids.

Not a fan, yet it also is an indicator that I allowed myself to fully sob yesterday. Multiple times. I allowed the emotion to come in and through me.

Thankfully I also realized it wasn't all my own energy (which usually is the case with this splenic projector). Two emotional waves were in the collective energy. I know how to check this for myself, but just allowed my coach to check for me and tell me. I also was completely vulnerable in my mastermind with how I was feeling, which is newer for me.

This makes total sense because the core wound I carry is shame (3rd line in the Core Sphere of my Gene Keys* profile).

It's incredibly helpful to know that about my chart. I used to think there was something wrong with me for feeling shame so often. (Notice the shame inception happening in that sentence and the judgement of “so often”.)

Knowing that our Core from the Venus Sequence then becomes our Vocation in the Pearl Sequence is so releaving to my mind. Also knowing we each carry a collective Sacred Wound, is so normalizing for me. Mine just happens to be shame.

Today is also a reminder that emotions, when felt fully and allowed to be expressed, especially in a safe space, will pass. 

Saying “will pass” reminds me of a Regina Spektor song. Here are some of the lyrics for you to enjoy:

I want to sing to you, my love
My only love and happiness
Don't be so blue, so blue, my love
This too shall pass
This too shall pass

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Money Invested: $33.33

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