40 Days of Inner Voice – Day 9


I spent the morning in beautiful nature.

There was a debate, as there always seems to be, as to whether I will go for a hike or not when there are mornings with space for one. In the past there has been this mental, “You have to go today because there are no other days you could go, so make the most of it.”

Yet as I am opening more and more spaciousness in my world, there are more options for when I can go. So then the mind likes to spin out on debate.

I'm realizing a lot of what I desire isn't the actual thing, it's the availability of the option.

So it's not that I want to actually hike every single morning (I've never been splenicly led to that to date, and I also know that could change). Yet I'm drawn to create a schedule that allows for the option of hiking more mornings than not. 

It's the same thing with other aspects of my business and life. It might not be that I really want to nap daily, but I'd love to have the space to have the option to nap when it is the guidance of the day.




As I have realized I already have my dream life, the things I desire to create are simply amplifying the current dreamy life (thanks to those who aided in this realization). So things like increased work optionality. Seasons of not working, without that being a problem. Work being entirely optional.

There are also specifics around a home and the design within that home, but it's not beyond the ends I already have access to currently. Like I would love to have a guest room and a fully built out home gym. But I have an office with an air mattress or a hotel down the street right now and a gym about 10 minutes away.

Now and amplifying, shifting ways in which it continues to be true.

Money Received: $3000.00

Money Invested: $444.33

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