I'm Lauren Cash

Master Certified Coach, 2/4 Splenic Projector, and Calendar Queen.

I’m slightly obsessed with helping women create unimaginable goals, without sacrifice.

Sound like everything you desire and more?

Let your intuition guide your next step.

You can live all-out

(and actually create your desired life)

You've tried all of the tactics and tools. You've learned how to time block. You know you'd probably benefit from putting your phone away. You get that notifications can be, well, distracting.

Yet you're still not doing what you say you're going to, and you have the lack of results to prove it.

I truly believe what you desire is 100% available to you.


Who I'm For

Coaches, service providers, course creators, and digital CEOs.

The knowledge worker in the digital age.

Multi-passionate beings doing #allthethings.

High achievers looking for an easier way.

How I Got Here

I've had a weird affinity for planning and time management ever since I was a kid.

A well-designed digital calendar is one of my favorite things. In school, I made it my personal mission to successfully partake in as many groups, classes, organizations, and jobs as possible – without showing up late (even once).

It only made sense to take those skills (read: obsessions) and use them to help guide others. So I became Master Coach Certified by The Life Coach School and worked closely with them for 3 years. While part of LCS, I co-created Monday Hour One, ran a multi-million dollar program from idea to execution, and have now coached hundreds of people who have experienced wild results.

After my first full year running my own business again, I found myself with an adrenal fatigue diagnosis and completely burned out. This is when Human Design found me, and I dove head-first into studying this new system. 

As I am learning to embody being a Projector, I'm loving incorporating this system into my coaching.

The Fun Stuff
Has been known to

read multiple books at once 

Can Watch

endless reruns of Gilmore Girls

Is Infatuated With

the beach + long walks as the sun falls

Geeks Out On

goal manifestation + all things personal development


Yes, I collect degrees and certifications

Master Coach Certified (The Life Coach School)
Inner Voice Facilitator Certified (Jess Lively)

Human Design Reader Level 1, 2, + 3 Certified (Eden Carpenter)

Co-Creator of Monday Hour One
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Science in Nutritional Science

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