Checking Behaviors

This is the second article of a series. You can read the article about the reason behind the series here.

Things being…

Your email

Your text messages

Your Instagram

Your Facebook

Your payment processor

Your Slack

Your stats for your business

Do you know why you keep checking?

Often we check because we are thinking we don’t want to be doing what we have told ourselves we would be doing right now. Like right now I’m writing this article for you and sitting with the urge to check my inbox.

We also do it because we get a little release of dopamine from the reward system in our brains. We get a tiny bit of pleasure when we see someone new has subscribed to our email list because we’re thinking “it’s working.”

We waste a lot of time with these checking behaviors.

The more we check, the more we ingrain that habit into our neural pathways. There are no upsides to checking and letting our primitive brain run the show.

In order to break this checking behavior, I recommend creating a place on your calendar for all of the checking behaviors. Instead of checking your stats for your business multiple times a day, create a stats tracking process that you do weekly, monthly, and quarterly. You may even have your assistant do it so you then can just review the report to make the key decisions for your business. Instead of checking email all day long, have specific slots of time for email processing.

This will save you so much time, plus you’ll begin to actually create whatever goal or project you’re calendaring to achieve.

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