Indulgent Emotions & Decision Making

This is the third article of a series. Read the reason behind the series here and check your behaviors for saving time here.

One of the reasons we give our attention to other things is because we’re staying stuck in an indulgent emotion.

An indulgent emotion is a feeling we’re creating by a thought that we’re thinking.

It’s indulgent because it does not actually create anything useful to help us move forward. It only keeps us stuck.

The four I most commonly see in my clients are:
  • Overwhelm
  • Indecision
  • Confusion
  • Self-pity

The one I will focus on in this article is indecision.

So many of us are holding ourselves back because we’re afraid to make a decision. We fear that we could make the wrong decision. We only fear this because we believe in right and wrong decisions. We also don’t trust ourselves to make the “right one” if that even existed.

Instead of taking actions toward our goals and learning from our failures in order to create the goal, we stay stuck in indecision, failing by not deciding.

When we decide, we put ourselves in the game.

We’re creating the space for the true negative emotion to come up.

We have to feel fear and get past it (or do the thing feeling all the fear anyway).

Feeling indecisive seems so much safer, so we stay there.

It’s actually the most unsafe thing we can do when it comes to creating a dream life. You learn nothing by not deciding. You simply stay stuck.

When we’re stuck and direction-less, we are more prone to be reactive, and allow others to hold the power to make decisions for us. This is where focusing on scarcity of money can come into play as well. Rather than going after something on purpose, we play small and keep replaying the same sob story in our minds.

Free yourself of this attention stealer by making decisions.

Be willing to be wrong. You’ll only be wrong because of what you make the decision mean. Even if you fail, you’ll know for next time. The ones who are willing to fail are the ones who are going to succeed.

If you’re willing to feel any negative emotion, you no longer need the false comfort of indulgent emotions.

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