Cultivate Margin
Coaching Program

Ok, so you've time blocked–now what?

Are you ready for a time coaching program that doesn't leave you hanging and makes your currently unrealistic goals a reality (or those goals you feel like you're never going to get to)?

Do you want to…

✓ Finish writing your book?

✓ Make more money?

✓ Balance your main gig with your side gig?

✓ Feel more grounded and organized?

✓ Learn how to do time and calendaring your unique way?

✓ Trust yourself to do what you say you will?

✓ Create more spaciousness and ease?

Sign more clients?

✓ Start that hobby you've always wanted to?

Then Cultivate Margin is for you.

This program not only provides you with the framework to master your time, but it will also empower you to create goals and intentions you truly desire.

Managing your time is worthless if it doesn't allow you to embody the life you actually want, right?

Do you want to hear Karin's story?

Karin describes herself as an “entirely different human being” than before she did Cultivate Margin.

She was struggling to manage her time, constantly frustrated by her own actions (or lack thereof). She had a small voice inside of her telling her she should start her own business, but didn’t have the courage or know how to make it happen with all of her other commitments. She was in a constant state of overwhelm, angry, and out of alignment.

Her first time applying the framework she created a monthly raise equivalent to her investment of the program, launched her own business, signed her first 10 clients in 6 weeks, and stopped working weekends. 🤯🤯🤯

All of the Deets

12 Week Framework

Coaching Call Vault

Modules, Worksheets, + Application Prompts

Bonus Modules: How Long Things Take, About Feelings, How to Overcome Perfectionism, Foundations of Mindset Work, + How to Do Belief Work

Lifetime Access

“[Cultivate] Margin is very powerful! I’ve learned about creating margin in my schedule and life and the impact has been huge. It’s allowed me to use my schedule as a positive tool instead of a weapon against me. I can finally identify my indulgent thinking and how that influences my actions. ”

The Weeks of the Framework

Week 1: Clean Goals

If you’ve taken Monday Hour One, think of it like an intro level course for this program. We apply some similar principles, but then we add new concepts and a twist. If you haven’t taken Monday Hour One, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know where to get help with time blocking 101.

Week 2: Goal Creation

The key to creating any larger goal is breaking it down into “calendarizable” pieces—as long as they’re on your calendar, they’re as good as done. In this module you’ll learn how to distill your “big goal” into manageable components for your calendar creation.

Week 3: Margin

This is the solution that most humans forget to factor in. Learn what it is and how to integrate it into your daily life to create the breathing room you crave.

Week 4: Results Not Activities

The biggest mistake most people make with their time management is that they plan for tasks, to-do list items, and activities rather than the results they desire to create with those actions. Become more effective by focusing on the outcomes you want, rather than the checkboxes.

Week 5: Overcoming Obstacles

Inevitably you will encounter obstacles as you integrate what you learn in this program. This module will help you with many of the common ones and teach you how to overcome them.

Week 6: Distraction Interest

Lauren created this concept to curate your focus in your work. Learn what it is and why it matters for your day to day life and work.

Week 7: How to Focus

Cultivate focus in your work in order to get more done in a short amount of time, now that you understand the interest you create with distracting yourself.

Week 8: Evalutation + Recalibration

Success isn’t created in a perfect plan from the start, it’s created in the adaptability over time. The key to any change is to regularly evaluate and recalibrate your progress.

Week 9: Fuel for Action

Actions don’t matter as much as you think they do. Learn the secret about what matters more in your creation of your goal than what you do.

Week 10: Decisions

A huge time suck is staying in confusion, indecision, and overwhelm. Make decisions that will bend time for you in ways you didn’t imagine were possible.

Week 11: High-Level Solutions

Now that you have mastered the previous modules, there are higher level solutions that can help you create more time in your life and this module will teach you what these strategies are.

Week 12: Handling Unmet Deadlines

In this final module you’ll learn what to do if you have an unmet deadline or do not achieve your goal in the time you originally planned.

Sound like everything you want and more?

Hey, there! I'm:

Some call me calendar queen, and they’re not wrong. Time is the system that I’m mastering in this lifetime, and I want to help you get past the mental blocks around time to be able to create what you truly desire. I believe that time management just for unintentional productivity is futile. 

For years I was amazing at “managing my time” but I still ended up energetically bankrupt. Sure, I had more than 15xed my income and achieved amazing things like Monday Hour One, but that had left me burned out and with an adrenal fatigue diagnosis. 

What makes me different from most time coaches is that I have a rich understanding of causal coaching and psychology. Beyond that, I am gifted at seeing what my clients can’t see for themselves to help them break through more quickly than they ever could on their own (#projector). I adore infusing Human Design and energetics whenever my clients are ready to take things even deeper.

I’m passionate about helping my clients create the goals that are actually meant for them while learning to be more self-compassionate than they’ve ever been before.

What They're Saying

“I have gotten SO much better at planning my time and doing what I said I'd do!”
Les McLain Sierra

Imagine what life would be like if you had a framework to create whatever goal you desired with confidence. What if you didn't feel rushed, exhausted, or like you ever had to force something to “make it happen”?

Are you tempted to not join because of the very reason you’re wanting to join… time? You may be wondering, “How am I going to have enough time to do this program if I already don’t have enough time?!” I hear you, but the problem is you’re never going to break free from your lack of time unless you get to the root cause. Sooner or later you’re going to have to confront this, so why not now? 

The time you invest in doing this work will create compounded time benefits for you in the future–so I promise you, it’s SO worth it.

Common FAQs

What’s the difference between this program and Monday Hour One?

If you’ve taken Monday Hour One, think of it like an intro level course for this program. We apply some similar principles, but then we add new concepts and a twist. If you haven’t taken Monday Hour One, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know where to get help with time blocking 101. Another main difference is that Lauren is now incorporating Human Design, Inner Voice work, and spirituality into her coaching. Her guidance isn't the same for each member as you might see in a program like Monday Hour One.

I'd rather work with Lauren privately–how can I do that?

Lauren takes only a few high-touch private clients at a time. Book a Quick Call here to see if you would be a good fit. ✨

What makes this different from other time management programs?

In this program, we change the beliefs that have been leading to your subpar results. My approach is to solve the root cause by addressing your belief system of what you think about your time and how you view yourself.

It’s not enough to learn the tools and processes. You must apply the mindset work with the tactics to uncover the obstacles that have been holding you back until this point, so you can create effective strategies to overcome them.

The other difference is that I incorporate Human Design, Inner Voice work, and spirituality, so we can simply get the mind on board to your soul's calling. This is much different than many mindset time coaching approaches, or even the one I used to take in the past.

Can I get access to all 12 weeks of the program immediately when I join?

No, nor would you want to. The program was designed to support you in creating less overwhelm and increase your application.

Each week, a new module will be released to you based on the day you joined. You’ll start with Week 1 and then Week 2 will open up 7 days after.

You’ll get access to all of the materials for each week, as each week opens up–which is a beautiful thing. You’re learning how to embody a less busy and rushed self.

Once you have gone through all 12 weeks, you will have all modules open and available for you to go back through whenever you wish.

How long is the program?

While the framework itself is 12 weeks, you have lifetime access to the framework, the materials, and the coaching call recordings.

Should I do this program while I'm doing other coaching programs?

I'm a huge fan of constraint and focus, however, I've found that my clients are much more successful with other programs they're in if they have my framework and support. This program is different in that it's like the structure for everything else to fit into. Sort of like if you asked me if you should also have a closet and hangers if you already have clothes.

I'm not a coach or an entrepreneur, will the program work for me?

Yes, this program is amazing for any high achiever that has some autonomy over the way they do their work. I've coached all sorts of professionals and knowledge workers such as attorneys, researchers, professors, architects, etc. 

“I didn't believe I could create my time. Now I make time for myself and honor it. My calendar is not a problem anymore – it doesn't determine anything about me.”
Dominique Vandal

Join the coaching program with:

✓ 12 Week Framework

✓ Coaching Call Vault

✓ Modules, Worksheets, + Application Prompts

✓ Bonus Modules

✓ Lifetime Access

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