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What if your limited time was your strategy, rather than your limitation?

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Lauren teaches you how you can drop the fear of burning out, what you can do to assist the mind in relaxing around this question, and a few practices you can have in place as safeguards.

In this episode, Lauren discusses what thinking you need more time reveals and how you can decide how to allocate your time.

In this episode, Lauren discusses the subjective meaning of consistency and teaches you what to look for and address, to get what you are actually wanting.

Lauren challenges you to separate and define your work and free time, and teaches you how to identify if you are actually overworking and how to cut back.

Have you ever wondered, “How do I stop getting behind?” In this episode, learn why that is and the exact process to never think this way again.

In this episode, Lauren teaches you that being spontaneous and honoring your commitments are not mutually exclusive.

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