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Master Certified Coach Lauren Cash guides you from goal-less busyness…
to easeful meant-for-you goal realization.

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My friend and fellow coach, Kehla, joins me to discuss the coaching industry, the pressures of having an online business, and our Human Design experiments.

We want to make decisions from our mind, but then we limit ourselves. Learn how to access your intuition to make decisions in your business.

In this episode I talk about what I went through in the past 3 years, how I evolved as a person, and what it looked like as my business grew.

The three reasons you want to be effective in your business and how to become effective today. It will take time, but I know you can do it.

Join me as I go over what clean goals are and aren't, and ultimately help you change your relationship with goal cultivation.

Perfectionism could be making your business less effective. Let's address it so that you can become more effective in your business.

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