Are you ready to uncover your unique soul-aligned blueprint for living?

This blueprint is called your Human Design, and the best way to learn it is to have a customized reading. A foundational reading is an hour-long recorded Zoom call where I walk you through your chart on screen.

As you book your hour-long session, you will complete a form to guide the focus of our time together and complete the $888 payment.

In a foundational reading we will cover:

Type–Overarching energetic aura that provides you with your strategy, non-self theme, and your signature.

Strategy–How to best interact with the world and people around you for optimal alignment and flow.

Authority–Your unique decision making process.

Profile–The role you are here to play, both as perceived by yourself and by others.

Centers–Each of the shapes in the body graph have a lot of rich information to learn and apply in your experiment.

Incarnation Cross–The story of your most influential gates that tells you your life purpose statement and what you’re here to do.

You will get:

A recording of the reading

A PDF guide summarizing the key aspects of your design

Answers to your specific questions

Hey, I’m Lauren

I’m a 2/4 Splenic Projector. Human Design found me at the perfect time (as it always does) in a season where I was burnt out after having an incredible year in my business. Right around the same time I got diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and knew I had to change the way I was living. I also was seeing that my clients were hitting a wall in our coaching and I knew there was something missing.

What was missing for me, and for them, was energetics and more embodied work. Now I love integrating the modality I was Master Coach Certified in with Human Design. Using Human Design to explore energetics gives an applicable framework that helps to guide the coaching experiment.

I consider time to be my main jam in coaching, and energetics is one of the secrets to learning how to play with the mental construct of time. When you learn how to embody your type and utilize your authority, all of the mind’s time drama is easier to overcome.

What previous clients have said about working with me…

“Lauren is clear, concise, and uses brevity well when explaining complex ideas. She also has a very neutral, matter of fact tone when discussing the more negative characteristics that arise when one is out of alignment. I really like this as it sets the example for me to not judge those characteristics if I'm seeing them, and instead choose to see them as part of my learning/evolving in life. She doesn't make in-alignment better or worse than out-of-alignment.”


Rose Watson

“I loved how Lauren was able to explain the concepts while incorporating some nuggets on how to apply them to certain areas of my business.”


Lisa Martinello

“She explained things, asked if anything came up for me when she was explaining, and then went a little deeper after learning my awareness. It was very directed towards me which I loved. ”


Paige Bowman

“It was really helpful to have examples of how the reading might show up in day to day life. ”


Desi Creswell

“Lauren did a great job pausing and asking me how everything she was saying resonated in my life – it gave me a chance to apply and think through what she was saying.”


Karin Nordin
Common FAQs

I may want more than just a reading. Do you take private clients?

If you are interested in continuing to dive deeper into your design and learn how to embody it in your life and work, we can discuss the options to work with me privately for more than a reading. I start all private clients looking to integrate Human Design into our work together with a reading.

Can I request a specific focus in the reading rather than an overview of all areas?

Yes, as long as the area of focus has to do with information that Level One certification covers. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I am certified in Level Two and Level Three.

What is the investment like working privately with Lauren?

The Human Design Reading is $888 USD. If you’re a good fit and desire to continue working with Lauren privately, you can Book a Quick Call to discuss if you'd be a good fit.

Can I book multiple readings if I want to keep diving deeper into my chart?

Yes, you can use the link above to book another reading, even if it’s not your first foundational reading. Just request what you’d like to focus on in the booking form.

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