Lauren’s Likes

A collection of my favorite things that have made my life more magical.

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Courses, Coaching, + Certifications

Desiring to take a course on the basics of Human Design for the entrepreneur? Dive into my coach's course on just that.

Starting out with ClickUp from scratch can be a bit much. The Elevate Effect helps coaches with this course get their arms around systems inside of ClickUp.

Eden Carpenter's Human Design certifications will help you make sense of the system, especially if you're desiring to guide clients with it as I did. Feel free to email if you want a different type of payment plan for SSCC than the link above provides.

If you want more actionable guidance in your business from a married couple who is extremely values-driven, look no further than Jason and Caroline Zook.

Karin Nordin's course on reverse course creation. Not sure how to design your offer in a way that encourages behavior change? This one is for you.

Time Bending

Want to speed up your workflows? Use an app like TextExpander.

If you're growing your team and want to manage email in an effective way pre-ticket system, Missive is my jam.

Your calendar is amazing, yet especially as you grow a team and need enhanced functionality, you're going to want a project management system.


Are you ready to decrease your caffeine intake and increase your medicinal mushroom intake? Check out this amazing company.


If you want an easy and gorgeous platform for your courses, programs, and other all-in-one digital business needs, check out Kajabi.

If you've ever seen an LCS coach, you've seen this “Britney Spears” mic.

I'm always getting asked what I do to have my Zoom video look so good. It's having a great webcam (sorry Apple) and having direct natural light.


The best way to get started with Richard Rudd's spin off system is to dive into his courses and guides.


Want a list of all of the books I've read over the last few years to totally nerd out with me? Look no further…