The Ease of Hustle Podcast

The Ease of Hustle podcast is a show for female entrepreneurs who are ready to create the businesses they desire without sacrificing impact or profit.

Perfectionist tendencies often show up as procrastination, avoidance, and poorly managed time. Or working more on being efficient than effective. Efficiency is certainly important, but not until you’ve done the work to make sure your processes, strategies, and leadership are effective first.

Each week, Master Certified Life Coach, Lauren Cash, guides you from being a procrastinating perfectionist to an effective entrepreneur with ease. Each week, we’ll uncover the reasons why you’re not yet creating the intentions you desire without the hustle.

Listen to the First Episodes:

3 Reasons to Become Effective

The three reasons you want to be effective in your business and how to start being more effective today.

Effective, Then Efficient
Why your effectiveness as an entrepreneur is more important than your efficiency.
Why You’re Not Effective Yet
The 10 reasons why you’re not as effective as you could be and remedies for each.

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