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1. 3 Reasons to Become Effective

Would you say you’re effectively building and running your business? I used to be extremely ineffective in my studies and in my first businesses. My perfectionist tendencies would cause me to procrastinate, avoid, and poorly manage my time. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Things changed when I realized that to be an effective entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take imperfect action. I want to help you become super effective in your business and that starts with showing you why being effective is so powerful.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the three reasons you want to be effective in your business and how to start being more effective today. This isn’t an overnight process; it will take time to go from procrastinating perfectionist to 6 or 7-figure entrepreneur. But I know you can do it. Listen in as I share what you can expect from this podcast, my journey with perfectionism, and how you can become an effective entrepreneur.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How my perfectionism manifested as procrastination
  • The 3 reasons why you want to become effective
  • Why making money and making an impact go hand in hand
  • Why the way you think about your business is so important
  • How recovering perfectionists might use this tool against themselves
  • Why you need to be super ineffective in order to refine over time

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1. 3 Reasons to Become Effective

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur podcast with Lauren Cash, episode 1: 3 Reasons to Become Effective.

Hey welcome to the first ever episode of The Effective Entrepreneur. I’m so glad you’re here. I am your host, Master Certified Coach, Lauren Cash. I own a coaching company called Vivere Co. And vivere means “to be” or “to be fully alive,” which is essentially the foundation of what I want to help my clients do.

I particularly help female entrepreneurs who tend to be procrastinating perfectionists, work less and have more money. And that’s really important, having more money, not just earning more money. Because you can earn a lot more money and also spend a lot more money at the same time and never build wealth. And that’s really important to me to talk to you about. So we’ll be talking about that more on this podcast. But I just wanted to make that quick side note now so you can start to be thinking about what’s the difference between earning money and having money.

Anyway, as we’re getting started, I think it’s just so funny, as I’m working on this podcast I’m having a very meta moment. I am talking to you people, I lovingly call procrastinating perfectionists, and I’m seeing the whole procrastinating perfectionist tendency come up in my mind right now as I work on recording this.

I can notice that my mind wants to push off recording the podcast because I am thinking right now that I’m not very good at it. It’s really hard. I have to keep rerecording. I’m not going to like my podcast as much as I like all these podcasters I’ve been listening to for the last, what is it? Five, six years, who knows, something like that.

So I am overcoming all of those obstacles and working on being okay with the first 10, 20 episodes not being my absolute favorite. But knowing that for you the listener it’s going to be helpful for you to even hear my process of not the best episodes in the beginning, but I just got started.

I didn’t procrastinate starting a podcast any longer. I just got it out there so that you can learn from me and what I have to teach you. And what I’ve learned in my own business as a perfectionist primarily. I wouldn’t necessarily say that my perfectionism always comes out in procrastinating. But I will say I’ve started to notice that it does more especially with this brand new podcast that’s requiring me to grow and evolve myself.

So, in today’s episode I really want to sell you on the three reasons why you want to become an effective entrepreneur. Essentially this is the episode that tells you why you want to listen to The Effective Entrepreneur, why even want to be effective, why even become effective.

I used to be extremely ineffective not only as a student. I was a student for a very long time in my life and I still believe I’m going to be a student forever, but I mean in the classical way. I was in undergrad and then grad school essentially for 11 years I think it ends up being. I like to say that I collect degrees. I’m a chronic degree collector. But when I was going through school I was not thinking about each assignment and if it was helping me toward my goal.

I just took everything on the syllabus as you must do all these things. You must read all the readings. You must study all of the things for the test. I was not strategic with this probably until my last year of grad school. It’s kind of embarrassing. I was always the person that was in the library pretty much all weekend long, maybe I would go out with my friends for a dinner one night. But I was always studying and working so hard and putting in so many hours. And my grades didn’t always necessarily reflect that either.

And not even thinking about what are these grades even for? Do I even really need straight A’s? What is the goal of even what I’m thinking the goal is? This is what I want to teach you how to do in your own business. I did not think about being effective in business for a long time, not until the last few years have I learned to really ask questions and figure out is this effective? Is this the simplest, easiest, cleanest way to the end goal?

And this last time I re-launched my business, because I’ve had a few business attempts over the last decade or so. But my last re-launch last summer of my current coaching practice as you know it, I wasn’t extremely intentional about being effective. And I want to share that with you as well and sell you in this episode essentially on the three reasons why you want to be effective. Are you ready?

Alright, let’s talk about reason number one. Reason number one of why you want to be an effective entrepreneur is because you will ultimately then, if you’re focused on being effective, be able to work less and have more money. But let’s talk about what effective means because it’s one of those words we use in our language, but we probably don’t think about the definition very often. So being effective is being successful in producing a desired and intended result. So in order to be effective we first need to know what is the desired and intended result?

In business, if you’re in business and not doing a hobby, it is to make money. Usually we talk about that in revenue. And I’ll mostly be referring to it as revenue in this podcast. But I want to make a small caveat of we can have really amazing revenue but not be profitable as a company. So I want you to make money and have revenue and also have a profitable business, unless you’re making a strategic move. One year it will not be as profitable and you want to put more money in your business etc.

But the goal overall is to make money and to be able to be profitable. So we’re keeping some of that money back to our having money, a little shout out earlier. And as we’re doing that you might be asking, “Yeah, but Lauren, it’s not just all about the money, I want to impact people as well. Or impacting people is more important to me than the making money.”

But I want to offer to you this one little aspect of if we are going to impact people we are also going to see that in our revenue. So to me it’s one and the same. It’s always going to be baked into my plan and my business to be impactful, to serve my clients, to make valuable content for you, my audience. That’s going to be the foundational non-negotiable. And then I will make money and that’ll be the exchange of the value that I’m creating for you. So to me the more money that I make the more impactful I’m being in this world. They’re just one and the same.

So I’m not thinking about it separately, I’m thinking about it together. So if we’re thinking about what is an effective business it is being successful in producing the desired and intended result of revenue, that is profitable in whatever way you want it to be profitable this year. And it’s of course providing impact to who you want to provide impact to.

So reason number one as to why we want to be effective is if we’re being effective we’re working on being successful at producing that result, the money, the revenue. We’re going to then edit out all of the busy work that’s not essential for creating that result. And as we’re editing out that work we are going to work less hours overall, if we’re not doing additional busy work that’s not required for our end goal. And then we will also not be spending as much money most likely.

And if we calculated our hourly rate, essentially, how much we earn per hour. That will go up if we cut out all of the extraneous overhead of hours, if that makes sense. So I want you to think about this in one example for me from this year.

So if we think about blogging. Blogging can be a very effective way to get clients. To me though right now I have the opinion that it’s not as effective as it used to be, and if you do use it you probably want to be extremely strategic with the way that you create the articles so that they’re very SEO rich and that you have an SEO game happening. And you’re being very focused on that. So for me in the beginning of this year I was creating these articles every week for about two months I think. And I had that added on in addition to some other strategies I had in order to create clients.

And then I decided to do a little experiment, cut out blogging, just keep the articles that I had created on my website, continuing to repurpose those and to make sure folks are reading and taking advantage of what I’m teaching in them. And I was going to focus more on content on Instagram for example, and that I was going to work on my new interest factor there rather than blogging.

And I had already been doing Instagram and so I was just cutting out the extra blogging. And it did not impact from what I can tell with my stats, it didn’t impact the revenue. If anything, it helped me really focus on Instagram and I ended up working less then. I wasn’t staying later working trying to create these articles. And then I wasn’t having someone proof them and all of the things that was associated with blogging.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be blogging. But I want you to always be critically asking yourself, is this activity or the mini result that I’m creating, a posted blog, really helping me get to my goal? Is it that a lot of my clients are coming from my weekly blog posts? Or could I just create a collection of essential articles from what I’ve already created and just have them live on my website? And work on going more into what is creating let’s say consults for you to then have clients in your business. If we cut out the extraneous then we can work less and have more money.

So that’s reason number one, why you want to be effective, so you can work less and have more money.

Reason number two is so that you can get to your goals faster. And when we narrow in what exactly we’re doing, what mini results that we’re creating in order to create the overarching result then we no longer have to be in what we call indulgent emotion. I’ll talk more about what indulgent emotion is on this podcast.

But just for now think about it as an emotion like confusion, self-doubt, overwhelm, that keeps you stuck. It doesn’t move you forward, doesn’t give you any additional information in order to learn from. It essentially just adds on extra baggage to your creation process. Aka it slows us way down from achieving our goals.

So if we are more effective and we’ve made clean simple decisions about what we’re doing and what we’re creating in order to create our goal then we’re going to be able to more easily drop the overwhelm, drop the self-doubt and things like that. You’re going to be more focused, more consistent. You’ll be able to measure your results and evaluate them much more effectively, our favorite word.

You’ll also be dropping the busy work like we were talking at the first reason why you want to be effective. If you’re cutting out all this extraneous padded action in your business you’re going to move much faster. You’re going to be much lighter. You’re not going to have to work as much and also then your timelines will shorten and be able to be shorter in order to create the money you want to create. So for example let’s think about, maybe you’re a private practice and you see clients one-on-one coaching, or you’re a therapist, or even if you’re a designer and you take on clients like that. You could be focused on making connections, genuine connections, talking to people, telling them about what you do, making amazing value for them.

Like let’s see, if you’re a designer, you’re making things that your ideal client would like to use for free first before they’re like, “Yeah, they’re amazing. This preset is awesome.” And if they can do this preset then for sure they’re going to be able to design my website,” or whatever it is. And you’re really focused on making offers to your clients. If you’re going all in on that during your work week you’re going to actually have more yeses and no’s to your offer. And you’re going to be able to learn a lot from the yeses and the no’s.

And then you’re going to be able to make more money much more quickly than say let’s say you’re putting on your calendar and spending all of your time researching, debating what strategy you should use on social media, if you should use TikTok or not. And you’re just consuming, maybe you’re one of the people that just keeps buying all of the courses. Don’t worry. We’ve all been that person. I still sometimes am that person. But if you’re just stuck there you’re not learning anything and you’re not getting closer to knowing if it’s a yes or a no and why and being able to make money.

So this is why you’ll reach your goal faster or your goals. But we’ll talk about the one main goal of making money in your business, if you cut out the busy work, you cut out the things that are not effective to creating clients or money.

Alright, are you ready for number three? We’re almost done. Number three is as to why you want to be an effective entrepreneur is you want to require yourself to do the mindset work in your entrepreneurial journey. And I’m just going to talk briefly about mindset work here.

But don’t worry, if you don’t really know what that means we’re going to get into that on this podcast and talk about really what that means for us as entrepreneurs. But what that means right now is that the way that you think, the way that you think about your business in your business about your goals and opting towards creating your goals is what really creates your goal. So the way that we think about our business and the way that we think about everything in it is what creates how much money we make in our business.

Yes, there are actions, and there are tactics, and there are things like that we will be doing to create money. But ultimately the amount of money we create, the amount of revenue we create, the number of clients that we have goes back to the way in which we’re thinking always. And I’m going to teach you that over and over again on this podcast.

So if we’re being effective it’s going to bring up all of our mind’s drama that we’ll need to be able to move past and get through in order to create money. So if we’re taking an example of doing the whole connecting with people, giving them value, making them our offer. Versus let’s say we’re busy working on picking colors, and fonts, and working on our voice for our branding, and narrowing that down on a Pinterest board.

The Pinterest board activity and narrowing down our color palette is not going to bring up all of our thoughts that are creating self-doubt. Not going to bring up all of the thoughts that are really in the way of us making the offer to people, or making connections. It’s a way for us to pretend we’re making progress towards making money in a very safe way. Pinterest boards are very nice and forgiving. And we’re not having to hear from actual humans, “Oh no, I don’t think I can work with you,” or, “I’m not interested in what you have to offer,” or anything like that.

So we want to be effective so that we bring up all of that drama in our minds about what people say, don’t say, what we need to be able to think and feel in order to actually make those offers to get us closer to the money that we want to make.

So there you go, those are the three reasons why you want to be an effective entrepreneur. The first one is if you’re effective you’re going to be able to work less and have more money than if you’re being an ineffective entrepreneur. Number two is you’ll reach your goals so much faster if you’re focused on being effective. Number three is you will require the mindset work that ultimately creates your results if you are asking yourself to be effective.

So being an effective entrepreneur is the only reason you’ll make money and impact others. That’s why it’s so essential. But I want you to be careful because if you’re one of my procrastinating perfectionists overcoming perfectionist you’re now going to create this as a tool against yourself. You’re going to not take action because you’re going to be debating is this really effective or not? Am I being ineffective? Maybe I should debate this more. Don’t do that.

We just take action and then we refine and become more and more effective over time. So don’t use this tool in the thought about being an effective entrepreneur against yourself to hold yourself back, and to hide any longer. Get out there, take very imperfect action. Be super ineffective so that you can learn how to be effective.

This podcast is going to teach you everything you need to know going from a procrastinating perfectionist that’s not making the amount of money that they want to make, to being a six figure, to eventually seven figure if you desire entrepreneur while living the lifestyle that you love.

So I’m so glad that you joined us. In the next episode we’re going to talk more deeply about what the difference between effective and efficient is. This is extremely important for us to understand in our businesses. And I just want to thank you so much for being here and listening to the first episode.

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And thank you again for joining us. I can’t wait to see you on the next episode and dive into the difference between being effective and being efficient. Have a good one.

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