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16. $37k to $632k in Three Years

Have you been thinking about your goals and what is possible for you in 2021? There's so much more possible for you than you have ever dreamed. Many times you want to jump to the specifics or the “how.”

I want to offer you another perspective instead. Can you start becoming the person who allows the unfolding of your goal to happen instead of focusing on the specifics or the “how” for 2021?

Join Patty, Jennifer, and I as we talk about how I went from $37k to $632k in three years in money I generated. I talk about what I went through in the past three years, how I evolved as a person, and what it looked like as my business grew. As we move into 2021, anything is possible for you too.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Where I started 3 years ago
  • How I transitioned from The Life Coach School to starting my private practice
  • How I changed my mindset around credentials
  • How I changed my mindset and relationship with money
  • How I went from $37k to $632k
  • What I'm planning to offer and do in 2021

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16. $37K to $632k in Three Years

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 16: $37K to $632K in Three Years.

Hey, so I'm super excited to bring you a unique episode this week. It's not a normal guest episode like I normally record an interview and chat with somebody else about their story. This one, I have my friends, Jennifer and Patty, from Inner Voice Facilitator Training with Jess Lively, asking me questions, and chatting about what has happened in the last three years. How I've really changed, especially last year, in 2020, and how my income changed significantly in three years. I am taking a risk starting to talk even more publicly about the amount of money that my company brings in. I know that that is a topic that is not normally talked about, except if you are a part of The Life Coach School community, we talk about money a lot more there. I'm certified through The Life Coach School if you don't know them. I'm Master Certified there. But, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School started talking about money very openly, and she's currently creating a hundred million dollar company. The revenue for the whole year will be a hundred million dollars within a ten-year period. She's creating that.

And I really love how she starting to normalize talking about money, especially in the online digital space and with women. I think it's so important that women start talking about money and about financial literacy, about investing. And just talking to each other about what they're doing with money. Not just how they're cutting coupons and saving money on dinner in a very stereotypical way. But they actually are involved with the larger assets, and investments, and revenue creation. And for entrepreneurs, talking about how they're using their money in their businesses. And what charities they're donating to, and if they're not donating to charities, what they're supporting with that money.

For me, it's employees, and contractors, and people that I want to help support in that way, and providing trainings and certifications to my employees after a certain period of time, and helping them with their investments. And all of that, I think it's so important for us to start having conversations about money, even though it can be extremely uncomfortable and polarizing. And people have a lot of different opinions about money. And for some reason, it can get really heated for the minds to talk about it. But I want to normalize it. Even if we don't agree with what to do with money, or how much money to make, or any of the things, I want women, especially entrepreneurial women, but all women everywhere to be able to start talking about money, and what they're doing with their money, and being financially savvy. This is so important to me.

So, that's why I'm starting to talk more openly about it. I talk about it in this episode, and I want you to just know exactly what's happening so that you know what's on the menu. And I'm going to do a whole episode about that concept, knowing what's on the menu. But I want people to know what is on the menu or what is possible for them, even beyond what they've currently considered in their wildest dreams. What's beyond the wildest dreams that I want you to start to consider that.

I was looking up this weekend, I was so curious about how many billionaire with a B women there are in the world today. And I asked my Instagram following how many they thought there were. And a lot of them thought zero, not that many, two, there are a lot of twos and fives guessed. There are a few tens, etc. There are actually, at least as of March 2020 I think it was, there were 234 I think it was, 234 billionaire women in the world. And actually, I think it was like 38% or something like that that are ‘self-made.' I never believe that anyone is completely self-made, right? Because we're always working with each other, and we have support and help. And even the clothes we're wearing, we did not make them ourselves.

So I don't think anyone is completely self-made, but what they mean by self-made is that they didn't inherit the money or get the money from a divorce or something like that. So there are a larger percentage of ‘self-made' billionaire women in the world than I even had thought about. I had never thought about women with that much wealth before either. I had never considered that. So I think it's just interesting for us to start to have more awareness around that being a thing. Not that you necessarily want to hold onto that much wealth. But if you do, by all means. It's up to you and your values system. But I do think it's really interesting to start to think about where the money is, who controls the money, and really empower more people to be able to create the wealth and the legacy and the impact that they really want to create in this lifetime.

So tune in and listen to how I went from a tax return of about $37K. I think it was maybe rounded $38K. To my company now making almost, how many times is that? I didn't do the math speaking of math. But a whole lot more, just three years later. So enjoy.

Lauren: Alright, so I'm super excited to have my friends, Patty and Jennifer, on the show today with me. Thank you both for being here. Jennifer, will you tell people … we're laughing because Jennifer was like, “Oh my gosh, I didn't even think about how I was going to introduce myself or tell the people how we know each other.” So now I'm going to put her on the spot to tell you all how we know each other.

Jennifer: Hello. Lauren and I, I met Lauren, pretty sure it was last year in the spring at a workshop, Magic Not Manual, that Jess Lively put on. And we had met up at the lobby beforehand, a group of us, and just really hit it off, ended up going to dinner, and kept in contact after that. And then I guess we kind of lost touch a little bit. We followed each other on Instagram. And then through IVFT, Inner Voice Facilitator Training, we magically got put in the same group.

Lauren: Which was so weird because these groups are really small too because there's only four people.

Jennifer: The first time I got in the group and I was like, “Wait, Lauren Cash?”

Lauren: My long lost little friend?

Jennifer: Wait, what?

Lauren: I know. And then you DM'd me. We were on Slack and you DM'd me. And you're like, “Oh my gosh, you're in my group.” And at the same time, what was happening was I was freaking out about how they had said on the sales page, that the groups were going to be on Fridays. But then all of the sudden, they changed it to Thursdays. And my Thursdays were packed straight. So I was emailing with their admin trying to figure out how this is going to work and thinking, just getting all up in my mind about, “How it was all not going well. And I shouldn't be in this group.” But then you messaged me. And I was like wait, hold on a second.

Jennifer: And I was like, “I can't do Thursdays either.”

Lauren: Yeah. So then I was like wait.

Jennifer: Don't leave.

Lauren: We might have to stay in the same group. And we might have to figure out how this is going to happen on a Friday. And it did happen on a Friday. And not only were we in group together on Fridays, we met the lovely Patty in that group. So Patty, tell the people, how did you come to be in this group?

Patty: Oh my goodness. Well, and what a joyful accident it was. I had been a long-time follower of Jess Lively. So listening to the podcast and all the good stuff that she's been offering for so long. And when she offered the first round of IVFT, and she opened it in February, I really wanted to, but then hesitated and didn't. So I was like well. And then COVID happened. So I was like okay well not, just timing didn't work. So July or June, I don't remember when she offered it out again. I was like, “Oh yes,” immediately signed up. I just knew it. I was like I just had to do it. So when we started in September or October, I don't even remember.

Lauren: End of September.

Jennifer: End of September.

Patty: It's all blending together. It was just such an eye-opening experience, and our group was so warm and welcoming. And I just instantly was like, “Oh, we have to talk.” And then knowing the two of you were friends, I was like, “Oh, this is just great.” So I think we've really, obviously after the end of it really kind of started talking more, and our little group chat has been so much fun and it's just been so nice to meet you ladies and have a place to share that's safe.

Lauren: Yeah. And now the three of us are in Jess' next program called Cocoon. That's not necessarily for inner voice facilitators, but it's more about our own journey and kind of getting coaching-esque for ourselves as humans, and souls, and all of the things. So today's podcast, how it came about though is really fun. My inner voice told me that I really need to share more of the story of the last year, year and a half, and almost really three years of my journey on the podcast. Because a lot of the podcast listeners might not really know anything about that, and it's a little bit wild. I have acclimated so much to it and become someone so new, and really fully embodied it that I haven't even really realized how wild of a story it really could be for some people. So then I was trying to figure out how I was going to have someone because my inner voice told me I needed to have someone interview me and ask me questions rather than me just telling it as a story solo on the podcast.

And normally on the podcast, I only do guests every 10 episodes. So my mind was like, “But then does it have to be every 10? I already had a schedule, and that's me interviewing the guest. But then this is like they're interviewing me.” So anyway, we sorted it all out. And I really felt like I was to ask Jennifer and Patty to come on the podcast and have a conversation with me, just genuinely curious so that I could talk about some of the unfolding of the last couple of years. That's why we're here and why we're here on Episode 16, not 20, or 30, or 40. And I also felt like it needed to be around the first of the year while people are still thinking about what's possible for themselves. So, I'm going to turn it over to Patty and Jennifer. And they can ask me whatever they want to ask me. And I decided I'm not going to hold back. So I'm just going to tell it like it is.

Patty: Awesome. Well, that's what we love about you too. Right? So let's start at the beginning. I know you said maybe a year and a half, maybe three years. Tell us where were you three years ago?

Lauren: Yeah. So it's such a fun story. Almost three and a half years ago now, actually. So the summer of 2017, I had just finished grad school number two because I was in the collecting degrees phase of my life. And I was so excited that I was finally done. And I had even worked myself into a position working as a Program Dietician at an eating disorder treatment facility. And I thought that was, well not that at the treatment center. But being an Eating Disorder Dietician, I really wanted a private practice and had always been super interested in online businesses. And I wanted to have this online business that sort of melded together this private practice in an online business at that time. And I was also listening to The Life Coach School Podcast at that time and had been for a little while, also listening to Jess Lively's podcast.

And that summer, I finally graduated, and I had this job, and I was building my private practice on the side. And I finally felt like I was allowed to join Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School had her program. It was a monthly membership program. She still has it. It's called Self Coaching Scholars. I felt like I was finally ‘allowed' to join it because I had more of an income and wasn't a grad student. So I paid to join that May 2017 to start officially in that in June 2017. And I remember diving into her money course right away because I had so much drama around money. And I also was excited to learn her entrepreneurial course at the same time. And, it was funny, June's topic was self-confidence. So all of this came together and was the perfect work for me at the time.

And then that summer, my private practice was growing because of everything I was learning and applying. And I got to this point where my 30 hours a week at the eating disorder treatment center was starting not to make sense because my private practice was growing so much. And at the same time, Brooke emailed out her Friday Coach Like email and said, “PS, I'm still hiring one more part-time Customer Support Representative. You can work anywhere, flexible hours, all the things.” And the rate for that was not that much less, only a couple dollars an hour less than what I was making with multiple master's degrees at an eating disorder treatment center.

So I was like, “This would be the perfect thing for me to do while I'm also building my private practice up.” And I ended up applying. And it was a crazy story, even how the application went. Because normally, I'm such a rule follower. And they had emailed me on a Monday after I had applied that weekend and they told me, “We've had so many applications, but we really like yours so much. But we have to make a decision in two hours. So you have to get in, in this project in the next two hours, if you want to be considered.” And I was at work at the time. And normally it would go against every fiber of my being to work on something else other than the work I was meant to be working on at my position. But I really felt like, and it was probably the inner voice then before I was really recognizing it. I felt like I was meant to go against my self-imposed and societal rules, and just make it happen.

And then at the same time, I had to overcome my perfectionism doing this application project in two hours. I had to get it done in a way that it was not perfect by any means. And that day, I had gone to work with a bun situation and not really done up. It was just a whole mess. And I had to use all of the coaching tools I had been learning in Scholars to apply. So I ended up getting that position. And then what unfolded from there was wild. I ended up an Executive Director position at the school, which was amazing. And then a year and a half ago, I stepped down from that position to relaunch my own company.

Jennifer: I remember after, cause at Magic Not Manual, you hadn't opened your own business yet. You were in Texas. And for me, it's been so fun to see your evolution. Because it was like one day we did a check-in. And you're like, “I've moved to California, I've started my own business.” And we're like, “What? That's so awesome.” What inspired you to do that? Because at Magic Not Manual, you were very happy. Seemed like this is what you were doing.

Lauren: I know. So I went to work for The Life Coach School as a full-time employee January 2018. And then quickly worked my way up into this Executive Director role the fall, like November 2018, so that year. But while I was working full time, I still had my private practice in that Q1 of that year and was doing both. So I was working a whole lot, seeing a lot of clients, while also working my position. Then that summer, I got certified as a life coach through the school. And then that summer and fall started taking my own private clients. So I was doing both nutrition therapy/coaching, and then also coaching my own clients on the side since I got certified and was doing the both thing for a while.

And then November, Brooke offered me this Executive Director role, and I really felt like I was supposed to step fully into that and give it all of my energy. So I shut down both sides of the business and all entrepreneurial endeavors completely that November. So November 2018, and then you and I met April.

Jennifer: I think it was April.

Lauren: March or April 2019. So I was in that yeah. I think it was before May because May was when I had made the decision that I was going to say that I wanted to phase myself out. So I met you probably a month or two before that. I was very happy in the position. I was growing a ton. I learned so much. I learned about managing and everything in that role as well. And I felt like I was killing it. And then I started to realize that I do like managing people, but I don't like being middle-management. That's what I learned about myself later in that May of that year. I wasn't in a rush to leave the position. I told the school that I was happy to stay on and help transition out as slowly as needed, but that I did want to have my own company again. So I collected payment with my private practice, with my new company. Then July 2019 is when I officially started collecting money again for that. And then it wasn't until November 2019 that I was no longer an employee and was only contracting with the school.

So that's how it happened. I've always known that I want to have my own company. Since probably I was a kid, I was always running my own little side businesses and things. My parents tell these little stories of me doing that and turning everything into some sort of entrepreneurial endeavor. So it's been a long time that I've known that this would be a thing. And I just always thought it was going to be as an Eating Disorder Dietician with a private practice. But I also have stepped away from that identity this year as well. And I can't believe that that happened this year. I feel like I haven't really identified with that in a long time. But it's only really been since this summer that I removed Nutrition Therapy from my website footer and told people I'm not taking Nutrition Therapy clients anymore.

Patty: So tell us about what that transition was like, right? Leaving the comfort of what nutrition might have felt for you, and now into this new territory. What was that transition kind of like?

Lauren: Yeah. So for me, I always loved more of the Psychology, and coaching, and mindset, and feelings work, and really that inner work. I've always loved that the most, which is why I first got my Master's in Psychology and thought I was going to get my Ph.D. in Psychology. I was in a Ph.D. program and sort of ‘dropped out' from that, with my masters. But at the time, I thought it was that I really was meant to treat eating disorders. So then when I thought that that program wasn't for me and I wasn't supposed to get my Ph.D., then what's another way I could sort of still do pseudo Psychology Counseling, but still, have a foot in the eating disorder world? So being a Dietician or a Nutrition Therapist was the closest I could find that made sense to my mind. So I ended up doing that, doing all the coursework. It was insane because I already had graduated from undergrad and didn't have all the prerequisites. And it was wild, what I ended up doing.

So for me, it's been a harder thing around the identity. And I'm still shedding that more. And I'm learning through Human Design, which is a new thing that I'm interested in. I'm learning in my Human Design that I have an open will, that means that I feel like I have to prove myself. So with that open will, I think that's where all of the degree collecting comes from and the sort of identity and need to be like, “I have these Master's degrees.” And not wanting to let go of those credentials. And it wasn't even until this week that I went into LinkedIn and removed the MA MS RDN from my name on LinkedIn, because I had visualized all the letters after my name and coveted them for so long, and wanted that so much that it was really hard for me to let go of those credentials.

But now, it feels like except for having this conversation about my past, that I don't actually need them anymore. And I actually don't need to tell people about them unless it comes up in a past conversation. But I don't need to lead with them. I don't need them in my email signature, and that's been crazy. Because for so long, that's been where I've really attributed my worth or my ability to do things. My genius, I always wanted to associate with having done all of those degrees. But really, also Human Design. My profile's a 2/4, so I'm an easy-breezy genius. So I don't actually need these credentials. I just intuitively am a genius if I will let myself be tapped into that and not have to do this proving energy.

So it was hard at first, stepping away from the nutrition therapy and the titles and the credentials. But it felt so good because now I'm actually doing more of the work I really want to be doing now.

Patty: I love that so much. And it feels like the recognition of having the thing is amazing, but that it doesn't define you. And you can still have the name, and the title, and the degree, and the letters, but yet it still doesn't have to be your identity too. So there's a choice there about whether you leave that in your identity or not. And it sounds like again, you're moving away from that. And I'd love to hear more about what the new pieces. Not the new identity maybe, but what's the new perspective?

Lauren: Just that I don't have to lead with it. That it doesn't have to be my about page on my website. That I can just be me, and what I'm doing, and what I have to offer the coaching industry, and what my natural giftings are that don't have to be backed by trainings and certifications. But also not swinging to the other side of one extreme to another extreme. So can I hold that I also have these degrees. But maybe I don't choose to have them hanging on my wall. This actual apartment that I'm sitting in right now is the only space that I've had them hanging on a wall finally. And I had always wanted to hang them because I had them framed, and they looked beautiful. And I had worked so hard to get them and had always pictured having them hung just like the credentials after my name. But I feel like now in this apartment, I've had them hanging there, and now I'm good. And now I can just have them in my closet in the future. And I'm good with right now having my degrees in my LinkedIn profile if you scroll down. But I don't need to lead with, “Hey, by the way, I have all these Masters degrees and I'm smart. Okay. I'm smart.” And I can just let that come through instead.

Patty: That's awesome. And I love it. Again, talking about transitions because I think that everybody has transitions at some point. So you were talking about shedding the Nutrition, and the names, and the numbers and the letters more recently. But it sounds like the transition of money started happening before this. So tell us about the growth. When did that, in the new coaching world, how did that kind of work for you?

Lauren: Yeah, so money is super interesting. And my story with money is really fascinating and what I felt like I also was meant to share on this episode. So I think my tax return for 2017 is $37K or something like that. And I was in $120K+. I didn't track how much debt I had until I actually started this money journey. So there's this area of, “I have no idea how much total debt I was in,” but it was something around $120K. And I had this whole huge story about debt and I was obsessed with talking about my debt story.

And it's funny that ever since I paid off the last amount of my debt this year, how much I don't talk about it ever now. And that's what every coach who had ever coached me on my debt was always telling me, “When you're actually debt-free, you're never going to be thinking or talking about debt. So why are you doing that right now? You're just creating more of that lack, and more of the growing this problem of the debt.” And there was no problem actually. I now have a completely different view of money and debt even this year, than the last three years. Because I used to think I never wanted to have any sort of debt, even buying a house with a loan before. And now I'm in the process of buying a house with a loan.

And I feel totally calm about it. And it's definitely not from the mind of me because normally, I would not be down for that. But no, I just feel like I have a really different view about money. And as I've been changing that view in, as I've paid off my debt, I've gone from 2017, I owned a car that December. So three years ago, I sold that car. And that like fall and winter, I was doing everything I could like manifest and create money in whatever way I could so that I could pay for coaching for the first time ever. So I helped my grandma move, and I sold a bunch of her clothes on eBay and made eight grand by the way. So if you ever turn down grandma's old clothes, know you could returning away like $8K. And then I also sold my car at the time and decided just to do Ubering and Lyfting. And then I the next year moved to Texas. So I had sold pretty much everything that I had to move. And then I've moved a ton the last few years as well.

But then, even thinking about this year, I was telling my friend the other day. The stark difference between where I was the beginning of this year, right before I finished paying off the rest of my debt, and to where I am now is almost night and day. So right before the pandemic in March of this year, I was living in a room with a room, roommate, like a la college. Living in this room, hating it so much. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor, tiptoeing around to go to my office in the morning as early as possible, and then staying there as late as possible so I didn't have to be around these roommates. And there were two other roommates that live there. It felt very much like college and not good design, and not a great environment. But I was paying a really low rent. And I knew for sure I would be able to pay off my debt really soon if I did that month to month. And then pandemic happened and I needed to tell them I needed to leave because of just being around people and not wanting to be exposed to things. So then I moved, and I lived in my grandma's condo for a good section of this year, which was so sweet of her and amazing, and ended up making it possible for me to pay off the rest of my debt in May of this year.

And then now though, I live in the most gorgeous apartment in California in a brand new complex. It's amazing. It's gorgeous. I love it so much. And it's across the street from a Whole Foods. If you know me, I love Whole Foods, and I can walk there, walk back. And it's really the ideal situation, 20 minutes from the beach, the best living environment you could ask for. So it's just really funny now that I'm, ‘giving that up' to move again at the end of this month. But like I said, I've moved a lot. And I'm not afraid of moving because I moved so much growing up as a kid and stuff like that.

So the end of this year, I asked my CFO Aimee this morning, how much money my business had collected this year. And I think it was $630K this year. So that's just wild because it's my first full year in this coaching business. And last year, it was $60K from July through the end of the year. So that's almost $700K in a year and a half. And that's just like wild for my mind to even comprehend. Since in 2017, it was like I made $37K total. How is this even possible? And then earlier this year, I was scrimping and saving, and trying to pay off this debt. And doing everything I could to do it because I wanted to get rid of it so quickly. And I was in such a rush to do that. But now I see why it doesn't make sense to rush to pay that off anymore.

Jennifer: It's hard to imagine your bougie self sleeping on a mattress on the floor with room roommates.

Lauren: Yeah. And you would laugh at the kinds of things I was doing. I was eating beans and rice. I was going all Dave Ramsey. I was just sacrificing everything. I would not want to pay for an Uber from where I was living to my office. So right at sunrise, I think maybe that's why I love walking at sunrise now. I would walk, it was over a mile away to my office. So I would walk every day a mile there and a mile back. And I would take oatmeal with me. Maybe I would have a banana sometimes. It's so extreme. And now I buy sushi from Whole Foods whenever I feel like it, and whatever. And it's not that I scrimped and saved that created this now. Because some people I think are going to think that that's what got me here. But really, what got me here is changing my thinking and no longer being in that scarcity mentality, and creating more, and thinking about value, and serving my clients, and loving my clients, and loving my life, and not being in a rush to get anywhere with my business now. I really don't feel like, even though I'm setting higher and higher revenue goals for my company, I no longer feel an attachment to it. It feels more like a fun game and that I get to serve these amazing people that need or want help now.

Jennifer: That's a huge amount of growth though, in such a short amount of time. How did you change your mindset from being so attached to the degrees and paying off the debt to just flowing and attracting?

Lauren: It's a great question. I think some of the earlier, my living in that situation was kind of pure determination at that point. It wasn't necessarily coming from scarcity at that point. I was just so determined and committed to get this done for my Master Coach Project. Because that's also what happened this year as I was working on my Master Coach Project and I developed this program called Simply $1K to teach other people how to pay off their debt really quickly that are already high earners. So high earners that are just continuing to keep their debt, but don't want to keep their debt, because that's what I was doing the last few years. I could have actually paid my debt off sooner than I did, but I just was holding onto it for not really clean reasons.

Now I could see how I could have gotten cleaner around really loving that I held onto it, and that it wasn't a problem for cash flow, and that I actually really liked that I leveraged that funding. Now probably looking back, I might have done that now at the end of this year, keep it. But really have an amazing relationship with, “I love that I pay $1K a month towards this borrowing of money.” And it had such a low-interest rate, that it didn't really matter. And it's actually better to keep the money in my business. I could have had that story. I'm totally fine that I didn't and that I actually paid it off because I learned so much.

So going back to earlier this year, I was just so committed and determined. But I had already changed a ton about my relationship with money before that in order to actually pay it off. And then I think the act of actually paying off helped it really switch for me too. Because then the last six months, actually, and what's really interesting, I was thinking about this the other day too, is I think I paid off the last amount in May. And then June, I collected the most amount of money for my business for the entire year for the month in that month in June, which I think is kind of interesting. That was what had to happen too was I kind of had to trust the universe a little bit more that month too in May to pay off the rest of it. Because it was a large amount.

And I was like, “Well if things work out with my launch next month, it's going to be totally fine and not a problem.” But I kind of had to do this leap of faith situation in May. And I didn't really want to pay it off then, but then I felt like I was supposed to. In June, I ended up completely doubling my launch. So I had wanted in 20 people in my group program, and I ended up with 44 people in my group program in June and had, it was like $100K month that month. And it was just insane.

And I really think it was in that relationship with the universe around in May saying that I really trust that you'll provide and that we'll be able to continue to create more abundance. And that this isn't a nonrenewable resource, it's completely renewable. And then I did see that happen. And then time and time again this year, the rest of the year, not thinking about the debt anymore and really thinking about serving my clients, and all the fun ideas that I was given, and what I want to do with my clients. And then I was only ever thinking about that. I was no longer ever thinking about what I need for money at all.

And I think that's actually what then created more of the abundance of the money was I wasn't focused on thinking, “I need it, or I don't have it,” or things like that. So it was finally living and embodying all of the money work I had been reading, and practicing, and trying hard to believe, but then really settling into that belief. So embodying the belief was a huge thing.

Another thing that came to mind for me as well, that changed so much for me this year is my inner critic and how hard I am on myself. I still am. And that's been pointed out to me this week by my coaches as well that I'm really hard on myself, which cracks me up because I used to be 10 times worse. And that's such a inner critic thing to say is, “I'm so much better.” That's the mind's way of still being so critical. I'm noticing as I say that. But that has softened so much. And it's so much more like a game now. And I think also going through the inner voice work and Cocoon, like really seeing the mind as separate from the inner being and inner knowing, and learning how to recognize that now and having some changed beliefs around some existential things that are a little out there and woo woo now. I think that's really shifted it into this really is just a game.

Jennifer: Yeah. It's so fun. I am really into energy. So how when you were gripping so tightly to money, it wasn't flowing as easily. And then you just loosen the grip and put your focus somewhere else, and you just started attracting like a magnet. The magnet that you are.

Lauren: The magnet that I am.

Patty: And that holding tightly right, is in part because we take it so seriously. Right? And we go, “I need this.” But then again, when you loosen, then you go, “Okay, well it's a game. Some goes out, some comes in, some goes out.” And you have that trust. Then again, the flow really then can open up.

Jennifer: And the universe only says yes. So if you constantly, you don't have enough money and you keep saying that, universe only says yes.

Lauren: Here you go. More of not enough. And yeah, that whole serious thing Patty too, that's something really recently, probably the last month that's been loosening up more and more for me. And I think is going to continue to be my growth, is I have been a very serious person. And people are almost afraid of me because of my standards being so high. So I'm excited to really develop having way more fun with life, with my business, not being afraid of making mistakes or just doing business my own way and whatever my inner voice tells me to do and just going with it. And not taking everything so seriously. But I was coupling this, I realized this week that I was coupling being serious with being excellent, and having a delightful customer experience. But I realized you actually can be super fun and playful and make mistakes, and also still provide an amazing customer experience. That dawned on me this week.

Jennifer: Yes. I love that. And it's personally, because when I met you, you were in the very serious, very tailored, kind of like Lauren. And it's so fun. In October when inner voice was having you do the shopping spree and buying all of these clothes. And look at you now with your shoulders out. And it's been so fun to watch you really embrace the fun-ness, and just open yourself up. And you really have.

Patty: And I would add that look at what you've accomplished so far, which is amazing and awesome. And what is possible if you loosen the grip and let the flow happen even more. Like whoa.

Jennifer: And you're just getting started.

Lauren: I totally am. All of the results we're talking about is mostly done from the masculine really making it happen vibe. And yeah, some trusting a little bit here and there sprinkled in, but really not that much. And that's what I'm going to be working on with my coach and my mastermind is really integrating more of the feminine energy, and in the receiving, and the playful, and the flirting, and the creativity, and all of that. That's what we're going to work on.

Jennifer: And the dancing?

Lauren: Yes the dancing, and all of that flow, because I've pretty much had exed it out of my life. I had pretty much gone fully to the masculine side of things. So I'm so excited to interweave more of the feminine in and see really what happens there.

Patty: I love that so much because I think there's such a prevalent story out there that represents that masculine energy in business. Right? And I know there's a lot of women out there who have been running amazing and awesome businesses. And I think there's room for more again of that feminine energy. And all the businesses, corporate environments, entrepreneurship. I think there's so many different places where more feminine energy would really ultimately end up in better results.

Lauren: Yeah. And again, not going to one extreme and the other with the mind. All feminine or all masculine, interweaving it all. And it not even needing to be called one or the other may be, that rubs people the wrong way even calling it ‘feminine' and ‘masculine.' Whatever you want to call those energies, we need both and we need a mix of both, and the play between the two energies, no matter what you call them. So I think that's really exciting and I'm looking forward to doing that more.

So the other thing, we were talking about my open will in Human Design. And the other thing about proving is that not only do I want to prove myself, I want to be taken seriously. So that's also why I've been so serious is because I want people to take me seriously instead of just deciding I'm the easy-breezy genius and people are going to take me how they want to take me either way. And I think it's also how the ‘feminine' can be just taken in a certain way that's not useful in our culture too. I've been thinking that that's more weak, or that's cute, or that won't be taken seriously. So that's also why I haven't wanted to embrace that or fully embrace my feminine because I don't want to be taken as a diva, or somebody that's not smart or intellectual. When really I can have the eyelashes, get my nails done, have all the plants that I want. Some of the cliche things, and also be super smart and help a lot of people, and have an amazing company that I'm running.

Patty: And I love that you're being that example in the world more and more. Amazing.

Lauren: Thank you so much. Is there anything else that you two are super curious about that you want to ask before we're done?

Patty: Well, I have one last question. You mentioned the first of the year, which is right when we're thinking this'll be out in the public. And I'd love to hear, what are your thoughts about next year?

Jennifer: Patty, that was my question too.

Patty: Of course our inner voice is often the same thing.

Lauren: My thought about next year? What specifically?

Patty: About your business. What about your life? I know we're not looking at crystal balls and we're not asking our inner voices to predict things. But they also offer some ideas or directions, maybe a North Star. Do you have an idea or a North Star for your next year?

Lauren: Yeah, so I have some really exciting new programs coming out this year. And I am just so excited because the group program that I'm going to be launching this year has been in the making for probably a good two-thirds of 2020. I've just been holding out and letting it come through the inner voice how it's going to be delivered. And it keeps getting changed and upgraded, and all the things. And I'm super excited to invite you all listening to join that if it's a good fit if your inner voice wants to be a part of that. And then I'm also doing some other fun offers with my current clients to get them ready for that group that I'm super excited about. I'm also doing for any LCS Certified Coaches, I'm going to start doing some mentoring of them coaching. Which I am so excited about as well. My inner voice gave me that idea this week, and it's going to just be called simply The Mentorship. And that'll be launching in February.

So there's a lot of impacting larger amounts of people and containers that I can serve more people at once, and not just all of my private clients. Even though I do have five private clients this year that are larger contracts with them and their companies that I'm super excited to help them scale their businesses. But I'm really excited to help all of these companies create the business that they want to create in their own way, in a way that's running sustainably and is a great customer experience for everyone. While I also do the same thing. So this year, I really know that it's going to be the first seven-figure year that my company has, which is super amazing and insane. And it's the theme for 2021 for me that's been coming through is all about support and receiving support, which is so connected to that feminine energy that I've been talking about. So we'll be hiring a lot more at Vivere Co. So if you all are interested in working with me, for me, definitely keep your eyes on that and get on our email list. And I'm just so excited about what's to come, and starting the new year in a new city, in a new home. It's just, everything's unfolding so quickly. It's so exciting.

Jennifer: It is. I'm glad that you brought up the seven-figure projection for next year. Because with all of your letting go of the degrees and all of that, I was wondering what your planning looks like with the money. Like if you have set money goals, or what that looks like for you now as compared to before.

Lauren: Yeah. So I actually if you are on my email list, I sent out this email in December about how I'm letting go of this spreadsheet that I use to get to a certain level of business. It was super helpful for me. And there's a podcast episode about this spreadsheet, and I gave you the spreadsheet as well if you want to see it. It helped me up until a certain level, really keep myself dialed in and focused, and not bouncing around so much in the mind. Confusing myself and being overwhelmed in all these things. And I was able to then also believe that I was ‘doing enough' by using the spreadsheet because I had decided what was enough. But now, I'm letting go of we're not going to be doing stats anymore, marketing stats in my company in 2021. So we're not tracking anything. I am still going to be looking at the financials with my CFO, but really consulting with my inner voice and asking for everything. I just came up with a pricing for the groups yesterday and this morning, and just asked my inner voice what each of them should cost what the payment plans should be. And numbers just came through that. And I don't even have to do number crunching math about what does it need to be worth? Or like what's the industry standard? Or any of that. I can just ask my inner voice and it tells me.

I've been asking it if there's a particular revenue number for me to go after in 2021. I'm not sensing that there is. My inner voice had told me about a month ago though that I'm creating at least a $7 million company. I think that's not next year or this year, but that's what I'm stepping into and growing into. And I don't really need an amount for this year or next year. But I am becoming the person who has a multiple seven-figure business, $7 million business. So this year, it'll be at least a million. I'll be curious to see what unfolds. I'm kind of just letting go of the overall number. So I'm glad you asked that Jennifer.

Jennifer: Why limit yourself? I'm so excited to see what unfolds for you.

Lauren: Yeah. And that's such a good point. So this year 2020, my goal for my revenue was $333K. So you can just see that I ended up doubling that basically. I think it will be exactly, pretty much exactly double. But yeah, I agree with you. How limiting was that if I was just thinking about that number and not really allowing the unfolding to happen? And that's what I was feeling because $1 million was going to be my goal for 2021. And I was like, “I think that's just like the minimum. That's going to happen and be a minimum baseline.” And I don't want to limit myself. I want to open up to the magic and possibilities. I'm always talking about that, opening up to the magic and possibility. So I love that. And I invite any of you working on looking at a goal for 2021, could you be becoming the person who has maybe an overall intention maybe that your inner voice is giving you? And then sort of let go of the specifics.

Patty: Super challenging for the minds out there.

Lauren: Minds are like, “No.”

Patty: Well, and let's be honest, there's a lot of other stories out there that say you pick a number, and you work to the number, and the number is what matters. So again, a different story to offer.

Lauren: Yeah. And I do think it still can be helpful in the beginning if you've never created something to at least pick something to show yourself that you can create that. And then after you do that, I feel like then you really see that you do create your results. That you have a co-creation power that's happening there. And then you start to open up and be more open to even more of the possibilities if that makes sense.

Patty: The trust muscle gets stronger.

Jennifer: Yes.

Patty: I love it. And I love that you're living that out in your business, in your life. And again, offering that as an example out to the world.

Lauren: Thanks so much.

Patty: It's been so nice. Thank you for sharing this story. I'm so excited of how far you've come. And, I can't wait to watch. I can't wait to see what unfolds because it feels like you've been on this path, and it's just been building and growing, and you're going to take some leaps forwards now. And I'm just so excited for you and for the people that you're going to help too.

Lauren: I know. I'm so excited for all of it too. And my inner voice keeps giving me all these amazing ideas that I almost cannot stand to have to wait to share with.

Jennifer: It's like every day there's a new one.

Lauren: I know. All my ideas this week especially I think because, on Wednesday, I let go of some emotional beanbags and had some clearing there. So then after that, I had just all these ideas coming through me and I'm just so excited. So anyway, thank you both so much for being on the podcast. It was amazing. We will link up whatever you want to have linked up in the show notes so that folks can find you and connect with the fun people I hang out with in inner voice facilitator land. And I'm sure we'll have them back on the show and actually interview them at some point too. So thank you both.

Patty: We'll look forward to that and thanks Lauren for that time. And it was so much fun Jennifer to co-interview with you.

Jennifer: Thank you. Had a great time.

Lauren: Bye.

Jennifer: Bye.

Hey, so I hope you enjoyed that episode. It was definitely a different one, just chatting about how much I've changed, and my different identities, and things that I've been shedding, and how much money I've been making or not making. And cars that I had, or didn't have. If you want more, continue listening of course to this podcast. But I also want to invite you to get on my email list. And the way that you do that is by going to And I will give you a guide called Select All that will help you maintain your inbox, get it to inbox zero, and maintain that. And you'll also receive my weekly notes, which will help you start to expand how you're thinking and give you new concepts I come up with as I come up with them in written format if you prefer that.

So enjoy, and I will look forward to connecting with you on the list. Have a great one. Bye.

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