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15. Clean Goals

You've set your goals for 2021, and you are so excited. You've told your friends about what you are going to accomplish. You're thinking, “It's going to be so much better once I accomplish these goals. I can't wait.”

Sounds great, right? But have you ever stopped to consider whether or not you have Clean Goals?

Tune in for today's episode where I go over a concept I've created called Clean Goals. Why does having a clean goal matter? It matters because you'll be more likely to make the goal happen in your life. Join me as I go over what a clean goal is not and ultimately help you change your relationship with goal cultivation.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What a clean goal is not
  • Why it's important to have clean goals
  • Characteristics of dirty goals
  • Examples of dirty goals
  • Questions to ask yourself to set cleaner goals
  • Why you want to set “high goals” versus small goals
You have a goal and you're ready to start taking all the action. But wait, have you considered if your goal is “clean?” Enter - Clean Goals.

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You have a goal and your are ready to start taking all the action. But wait, have you considered whether or not your goal is “clean?” Use this PDF to help you clean up your goal and make your goal a reality in your life.

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15. Clean Goals

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 15: Clean Goals.

Hey there, happy Monday. How's it going? Are you having an amazing time? I hope so. I have been absolutely living in these pants that Lululemon made called Dance Pants, which has cracked me up because recently I've been doing a lot more dancing. Well, not a lot. You could say a lot more, but I wasn't dancing at all previously. So any sort of dance break is brand new to me. And so it's been fun because I had purchased these dance pants and they are the most comfortable pants that I have ever worn. I want to get them in every single color, except I really like the black color because it goes with absolutely everything that I wear. And it's the perfect work from home pant that I could find. And now that I've been doing dance breaks, I noticed they're really amazing for dancing in because they're called Dance Pants and now I can go back-and-forth between working and dancing with my dance pants.

So I don't have an affiliate link for them. I wish I did. I should probably create something like that, but I will link them in the show notes in case you're looking for some amazing pants to wear whilst dancing or working from home. Before we dive into today's show, which I'm super excited for, because this is a concept I have been teaching my clients for the last year or so, that came to me while I was coaching one-on-one clients last year that I teach in my group program now, and everyone loves this concept. So can't wait to teach it to you here. I've been dying to teach it to you on the podcast since before the podcast even existed.

So before we do that, I just want to dive into a review and remind you that you can submit your review to get on the shout out list at We'll also have that in the show notes. All of our show notes have transcripts and links to the references, all the things on my website. So if you ever need anything head there. But if you enter to review, you never know, I might be doing a giveaway and you could win, or you might just have us connecting with you on Instagram. So let us know what your Instagram handle is, what you do so I can shout it out on the podcast and we can connect and create a community on Instagram. So this review was from MacMommy515151. I love all the almost aligned numbers and the title is called The Best. And it says, “Lauren is one of my favorite coaches to learn from. She's so smart with everything time related and I love that she makes being effective sound so simple. Follow her advice and you can't go wrong.”

Thank you so amazing. Such a sweet review. So thanks for that. And anyone else that wants to leave me a review so people can find me on all the podcast platforms. I appreciate it. So let's dive into Clean Goals. One of my group program participants this last year actually told me in a DM that this concept was worth the entire cost of the group for her. It was really early on. We did this in Week One of my previous group. I'm redoing my group completely for the next year, which I'm super excited for by the way. But I taught Clean Goals in this group and I think it's such a fascinating concept. And I noticed that so many of my clients don't set clean goals. They set very dirty goals for lack of a better term. So the best way to learn what a clean goal is, is to learn what it is not. So let's learn, what is a dirty goal?

But before we do, why even learn this concept at all? The reason why you want to learn what a clean goal is and what a dirty goal is, is because if you have a dirty goal, you will struggle to make it reality. You will struggle to hit the goal, create the goal, and make it actually in existence. You will also be more vulnerable to burning out and you will if you reach your goal, which would be surprising if you're having a hard time making it reality and burning out. But if you end up reaching the goal, it won't even matter to you. You won't even celebrate it. You'll just be so quickly onto the next goal because it will be like it almost didn't even count because it was a dirty goal.

So here are the characteristics of a dirty goal. So the first part of a dirty goal is that, and you could have any of these characteristics and have a dirty goal, but one of them is that it is not written in result form. So you won't actually know if it is achieved or not. It's too abstract or is an activity. So for example, you'll just say something vague like, “I will work out more next year.” Basically, that's the goal. “By the end of next year, I will have worked out more.” What does that mean? How many times? How will we know that you've worked out more this year than last year? If you want to set a clean goal, you want to have a clear objective result. So I worked out X number of times the entire year. I walked X number of steps the entire year. I got my heart rate up to X thing, according to my wearable tech.

Whatever it is in order for it to be very clean for you to work with and create and your results, you want to make sure that you know exactly what it means, because if you don't, your mind will be able to negotiate with you a whole lot, all year long, and you will absolutely drive yourself nuts, spinning, and spinning and spinning on, “Well, does this count? Or does this count? Or how do I calendar this? I'm not sure. I didn't really do enough.” And you'll be always questioning whether or not you're “doing enough.” So set a goal that has a very clear result that is objective, everyone would agree, it's measurable and we'll be able to tell from something specific.

The second thing that could indicate that you have a dirty goal is that you believe you will feel better when you accomplish it. I see this all the time. “I'm going to set the goal of however much money I want to make in my business because when I get there, I'm going to feel so much better. I'm going to finally feel secure. I'm going to finally feel successful. I'll finally not have to feel overwhelmed or anxious or self-doubt or any of these things. Or I'll be confident then once I hit a million. I'll feel really confident in my abilities as a business owner.” If you think that you're going to feel better once you create that goal, you have a dirty goal. You cannot feel better because of creating a goal. It never can happen. The only reason why you'd ever feel better after you've accomplished a goal is because of what you're thinking about that goal, and then, therefore, feeling better. So be honest with yourself. If you think you're going to feel better at a million, $2 million, $7 million, then you feel at $250K, it's not true.

Whatever you feel right now, you're just going to amplify that as you amplify the revenue. So if you're currently feeling overwhelmed, you're most likely, unless you've changed something internally, going to feel overwhelmed, even more at higher revenues. So first you want to be honest with yourself that the goal itself does not change your feelings. Hitting the goal or not hitting the goal does not change how you feel. And I know that's going to be really hard for a lot of you, because then you're going to say, “Well, then why do I even set the goal? What's the point?” And we can talk about that another time.

The third thing about a dirty goal or a potential dirty goal is that you fantasize about how much better your life will be when you achieve it. So this is very similar to like feeling better. But I see this a lot when folks are like, “Well, my life is just going to be so much better when I finally am making X amount of dollars. Or when I finally am working only 20 hours a week. My life will just be so much better.” And yes, there might be things that you think better thoughts about then because of different circumstances that have changed. But your life itself will not be better because you've achieved it.

And this ties into the next thing that I'm going to talk about too, is that you think about other opportunities opening up and being available to you when you've achieved this. I see this a lot, especially in folks that are working on changing their body size, is that they think that once they change their body size, then they suddenly are going to be able to have additional opportunities in life. And while societally, that might be true in some ways, I'm not saying that there's not weight stigma. There is. But if you're believing that you have to wait until you achieve the goal, you have to wait until you have a million dollars, you have to wait until you create the podcast in order to have entry to some group or something that you want to create for yourself, then the only reason why you're not creating that now though, is because of how you're thinking about it. Like you are building that obstacle for yourself. It doesn't actually have to exist.

There are other ways to create that opportunity. There are other ways to create a “better life” for yourself now. You can still create the goal if you want it, but you're not being blocked because you haven't created that goal yet. I see that so often in business too of, “Well, I have to create a million dollars in revenue first, before I can take weekends off. Like once I have enough capital in order to have employees, then I can create the work schedule I want.” And that doesn't have to be true. You can create the work schedule that you want, your ideal dreamy schedule now, as you scale, as you create more revenue, as you hire more employees, you can start now. And even in small ways, it doesn't even have to be the big splashy dream calendar. You can start in the smallest of ways, like starting without an alarm clock in your days. This is something I've done in the last year. What things about that schedule do you think are going to be so amazing? Not having clients until a certain time. Okay. Start doing that now if you want.

What if you could start that now? The obstacles are only what you are creating in your own mind. They don't actually have to exist. And even if they do, they're some other route. If you were resilient, if you were creative, that you could figure out how to create that for yourself now and not waiting until the goal. If you are waiting for the goal to create your amazing dream life for you, you're going to be very bummed by the time you create that, to notice that your mind just keeps creating the same types of obstacles, no matter what the revenue level, no matter what your body size, no matter where you live. Your mind will just keep creating that in other ways, at new levels. So why not solve that now?

And here's a huge indicator that you have a dirty goal. It's probably one of the key indicators so listen up. You are in a hurry. If you're in a hurry to get to your goal, I would place a lot of money on your having a dirty goal. You most likely have a very dirty goal. There's a reason why you think you need to rush to get it. Why? If you were required to do it in double the time, would you still do the goal? Like if I told you, “Okay, you're going to create a $10 million business.” You want to do it in this next year, but I tell you, “Okay, you can do it in the next two years.” Would you be super irritated all of a sudden by slowing down? Or would you be like, “Okay, that's fine.” That's a really key indicator of if you're in a hurry or a rush. Why you rushing? What's going on there? Ask yourself. Really curious question.

And then the other one is that another indicator that you have a dirty goal is that you think that it's not worth the energy or effort unless you achieve it. This comes up a lot like when there are obstacles and you aren't making the progress you think you're going to make during the year towards your goal. You end up just deciding you're not even going to go after the goal anymore. You're like, “It's not even worth it. I'm not even making the progress I want to make towards it.” Or you're really caught up in needing to have the evidence or the possibility or the likelihood that you'll create it in order to then take the risks, commit to it and go after it. And the only reason why you're not creating the goal is because you're not committed. And you haven't decided that you create likelihood. You're the one who creates every single goal. And I believe you co-create it with the universe or God or whoever that you want to believe in source. I think you co-create it.

But if you decide you're out. You're not going to do any actions towards the goal then universe is going to be like, “Oh, okay, you don't want that.” So if you don't think it's worth the energy or effort, unless you know for sure you're going to achieve it, like we can time travel. Then most likely you have a dirty goal. Like why aren't you willing to put in all of the work and effort to become the kind of person who creates that regardless of if you actually create it or not? What do you think you're going to get from the creation of that that's separate from the journey to get there? What's separate? Nothing is really. The most amazing part about creating our goals is who we become, creating them, becoming the kind of person who has as a result like that. There's no point in that one day just being like, “Oh, I have a $2 million company.”

No, it's who you've become, the impact you've had on the people along the way to have collected that kind of revenue. The people that you can pay, your employees, your contractors, this huge impact that you're having on the people you're serving, the legacy you can have yourself and through your family. Like all of this that's created through the process, how you've developed personally, and how that has a ripple effect on your whole community. That's the purpose of it most likely. Not just to be like, “Oh yeah, this year, my company, when you did whatever, million revenue.”

You might also like this is similar thinking with dirty goal thinking around like, “There's no point unless it's inevitable. Like why would I set a goal that I don't know I'm going to achieve? And I'm just going to be disappointed anyway.” Why are you deciding you're going to be disappointed anyway? You're the one who creates that disappointment. Why are you setting yourself up for deciding, first of all, that you're not going to create it? That's what that's saying is like, “Well, we're not going to create it.” And then the second thing is, “And if we don't, I'm just going to be disappointed and I don't want to feel disappointment.” Well, you create the disappointment. You create the goal, first of all, you create the disappointment second of all, and third, you're the one who then has the judgment about the disappointment.

You're in charge of all of that. Why would you say there's no point unless it's an evitable? You're the one who creates the inevitability. And even if you don't create that inevitability, you will have learned so much and grown so much in the ability that you now have to make it even more inevitable. The next go around or the continued go around is now so increased.

The other indicator for a dirty goal is that you can't wait to tell everyone and you wouldn't do it if it were a secret. So if you couldn't tell everyone the goal that you created it, maybe not everyone, maybe you do like to keep some things private. But if you weren't allowed to tell your partner or your best friend, your whoever, then you wouldn't want to go after it. Or if people can't see the ripple effect of that goal, I.E. things you buy, like status symbols, or maybe it's like your physical body or things that change socially for you. Like if that couldn't happen as an effect of you creating your goal, you don't want it. Like if it's only like something within you that nobody knows about ever, and doesn't experience a difference in, you're like, “Oh yeah, no, I wouldn't just do it for me.” That's an indicator that you have a dirty goal that you're looking for external validation or approval. And that's why you're going after the goal, not just for yourself and your own growth.

And then the final thing is if you get like almost high off of setting your goal. I've had some clients like this, they get like super stoked setting their goal, like Day One goal-setting time, they set their goal. They're super excited, super fired up. But then like a month in, they get almost super down because they're not making the progress they thought they would make, or it's taking too much effort or too much work and requiring too much of them. They only want like the dopamine hit off of setting the goal and imagining this fantasy version of themselves having it actually achieved. But they don't want to actually go through the journey and the like work that's required to create the goal. What if you were all in for that work? And it's only work because we think it's work and it can be really fun.

There will be things that are challenging of course, or else everyone would be going after it. If it weren't challenging to the mind in some way to create that. But why not go after things? Why not be onto yourself if you are just all in for the fantasy version of this? And if you are, that's fine, but just be honest with yourself, don't go after the goal unless you really are sure that it's clean, that you're down and you're with yourself, regardless of the outcome, even though you're going to be all in that the outcome is going to be what you're setting it to be. So I want you to be honest with yourself as you're working on your next year's goals. Do you have a dirty or clean goal heading into your next year as you're planning your business, particularly?

If you're still pondering and you're not sure if you have a dirty goal or clean goal, I created a flowchart for you. It's a one-page guide outside of my group program, or like taken out as an example from my group program. It asks you questions in flow chart form and gives you an exercise to get really honest with yourself. So you can opt in to get that at, the show notes page for this episode. You are welcome. You can create goals beyond your wildest dreams this next year. I want you to consider levels beyond what you'd ever consider previously. As long as you're loving yourself along the way, you can't do any harm.

The reason why we're afraid of setting really like “high goals” for the mind is because usually, as a lot of us are perfectionistic, we are going to beat ourselves up along the way, or we're going to beat ourselves up at the other end. So in order to not do that, we just decide to set smaller goals or not set goals at all. We decide not to have the vision. But the solution is to not have goals or to not set a vision or to not create something new. The intention instead is to change our conversations with ourselves. If you're not going to beat yourself up, if you're going to be with yourself, no matter what feelings you create for yourself, based on what you're thinking, why not set a really outrageous, audacious goal? Why not? That's way more fun.

If this is all just an experiment, why not set a really big goal to the mind? It'll bring everything up for you to work through and nothing bad can happen from it unless you decide to indulge in indulgent emotions. Or use it against yourself. Or be super mean to yourself. Or hold yourself back and basically create nothing because you've set your goal so high that you totally psych yourself out. But just decide you're not going to do that. Decide you're going to set a really wild goal that would be so fun to create, that you're going to make it a clean goal, and then you're going to go after it. And you're going to love yourself regardless of what you create next year or not, but you're going to go all-in and after it, you'd rather be someone in the game than on the sidelines.

Thank you so much for listening. I will talk to you next week and feel free to share what your goals are for 2021 with me on Instagram. I'm @vivereco. See you there.

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