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18. Consider It a Plot Twist

Imagine you've set your goal for the year, then something happens unexpectedly that makes you question whether you should still pursue your goal.

Check in with yourself. If you are still meant to go after your goal, don't make the “Plot Twist” mean you can't have the goal you've set even though your mind will tell you otherwise.

Today on the show, join me as I teach you about a concept called “Plot Twist.” A plot twist is when something doesn't go the way you had envisioned or planned in your mind. This happens especially with goals. Listen in as I dive into this concept to help you open up to all the possibilities with your goals and not make a “Plot Twist” mean you won't accomplish your goals.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What a Plot Twist is
  • How a Plot Twist doesn't need to affect your goal
  • Questions you can ask yourself when a Plot Twist happens
  • Why a Plot Twist isn't the reason you don't accomplish your goal
  • How to move and feel through a Plot Twist
  • How to embrace a Plot Twist

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18. Consider It a Plot Twist

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

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You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 18: Consider It a Plot Twist.

Hey, how's it going? Are you having an amazing Monday? How's your January going? Is it good? Are you hitting off 2021 with amazing speed and flying colors? I hope so. I have been loving starting off the new year in a new location. It's nothing like the beginning of the year to start off the year in a brand new city. I've moved around so much the last three years, but I always love moving right at the end of a year and then being somewhere new in the beginning of the year because it just feels amazing to have a fresh start fully even in the location that you're in at the beginning of the year.

So stay tuned for me talking more about that. I'm sure I'll have lots of behind the scenes on Instagram. If you don't follow me there, let's make sure to connect on Instagram @vivereco. So v-i-v-e-r-e-c-o. That's always linked in the show notes too. I love connecting with you on Instagram. Shoot me a DM. Take a screenshot when you're listening to your favorite episode of The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast, and share it with us so we can reshare and all connect together on that platform.

Before we head into today's episode, I'm going to tell you what amazing things Silvina said about the podcast. Five-star review. Title is, “So happy you are in my podcast library. I love how you break things down. You are such a great teacher. I was so excited when you announced your podcast. I know every episode will be so worth my time. Winky face. Thank you, Lauren.” You are welcome, Silvina. I am so happy that you left me a review and thank you for that so that more people can find this podcast and get help becoming effective entrepreneurs and creating amazing impacts for their customers and communities. If you want to leave a review so that I can shout you out, go to and let me know what your Instagram handle is and what you do so we can all connect with you and maybe somebody listening to this podcast needs you and what you have to offer the world. So this'll be a fun way for us all to connect.

Now, today, we're talking about a concept that comes up so much in my practice that I even had mugs made, totes made, with this on it. So it is called Consider It a Plot Twist. And I talk about this with my clients so much, and I'm so excited to teach you all this concept so that you can use it in your own life. A plot twist is whenever something doesn't go the way you had envisioned or planned on it going in your mind. It comes up so often in goal creation because when we set our goals hopefully, clean goals if you've listened to that episode. If you're setting a goal, you most likely have something in your mind about how what's going to go.

I often see this, especially in newer entrepreneurs where they think that like their first $100K year is going to be a $100K divided by 12 and around that $8,000, $8K a month year. And it's just going to be divided evenly. And that's how it's going to go. And that's never how it goes. You have to account for that you actually are going to gain momentum. And most $100K businesses I've seen created, more of the $100K is made towards the end of the year than it was in the beginning of the year. That makes so much sense.

Now that we're talking about it here to you, I'm sure, but just notice when your mind thinks this is exactly the way that it needs to go. It's going to be evenly divided. It's going to be monthly, recurring revenue. Maybe not. Maybe there's a launch strategy and you have a launch that has a huge influx cash infusion in your business. Maybe it wasn't supposed to go the way that you were thinking in your mind. Are you open to the magic and possibilities of the way that it could happen? The way of the plot twist that there will be plot twists?

So if you're thinking about your life as a movie, your life is always going to go the way that it's going. That is a belief that I have that I think is an incredible belief because then I'm not constantly freaking out about the way that things are going. If they were always supposed to go this way, they were always going to go this way and the way that they're going isn't going to negatively impact what I want to create, what goals I'm creating. Then I can just notice when things don't go the way that I thought they would go, which is crazy to think, right? How can we ever think, “Oh, it's going to go this way.”

There's so many variables. So many things outside of our control that happened in the world. Hello, 2020. Thank you for showing us that that is so true. We thought we were certain about things. We weren't ever actually certain. Everything has always been uncertain. 2020 has just shown us how true that actually is and given us a real tangible example of that. But just because there's a plot twist, so think about the movie in your life, doesn't mean that it's not going to have the happy ending or the goal creation at the end.

You still can create whatever you want to create. Of course, you can because this plot twist was always going to happen. It has no indication that you're not going to create the goal, but I see this all the time. Our minds think, “Oh, I wasn't expecting the kids to come home.” Pandemic, hello. “So now I have to give up my goal for my business to create $2 million. I wasn't expecting to get sick. So now I have to lower my goal and not create what I want to create.” And it doesn't mean that we're hustling or hurting ourselves or forcing ourselves to create something and not taking care of ourselves. No, that's not an option. It doesn't mean now we need to pull all-nighters and hurt ourselves to create something just to make it happen. No. We might've just been wrong about the way that it was going to be created.

If we always decide these are our non-negotiables, “I'm always going to get X hours of sleep. And yet there's this plot twist, and I also have this goal,” then that opens us up to the creativity. Then that opens us up to thinking on a new level, thinking beyond what we've never thought before in order to create something new, to ask our inner voices, ask our intuitions, “Okay, am I still meant to go after this goal?” Most likely if you set that goal with the intuition, helping you set what you're meant to go after, then it will be like, “Yeah, of course, why not? It's fun. We're just creating, experimenting. Then what is next? What is meant for me next?

Now that there's this plot twist that I hadn't expected.” And of course, that's the thing that we don't expect plot twists to happen. That's the whole point of a plot twist, right? It's supposed to happen unexpectedly. Therefore, it's a plot twist.

Expect that there will be plot twists. You have no idea what they're going to be but expect them. They're not a problem unless you make them a problem in your mind. But they were always going to happen. Just consider it a plot twist, “Oh, this was supposed to twist the plot. Make life more interesting. Helped me open up to creativity and possibility in the magic of co-creating with the universe. This thing that I feel that I meant to create.” Then I open up and can ask, “What is next? What is something I've never considered before? That's a way that we could do this because the way I was planning on doing this previously now is not possible in that way anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't create the goal. I can't have the conclusion, the finale of this, the way that I've planned on, the way that I'm committed to.” It's the way of the plot twist. The plot twist is always going to come. We just don't know it. We just don't know when to expect it and that's the whole point, right?

So, what you do with a plot twist is everything. I think this is what makes and breaks entrepreneurs. Can you innovate? Can you be resilient when there is a plot twist? Or are you going to completely crumble and think that there was only one way to do the thing now that that is blocked with this plot twist. Therefore, I can't create whatever I'm creating here as the entrepreneur? That is what makes and breaks a successful business, is can you innovate? Can you pivot? Can you still get back up, keep going, create what you were meant to create, even if the timeline changes?

The reason why you don't create a goal is never because of a plot twist. The reason why you don't achieve a goal is because of your giving up. You're making the plot twist mean you can't create the conclusion. You're just throwing the whole book out the window and not continuing to read beyond the plot twist. You've just decided it's over. It's not because the plot twist though. It's not because the obstacle. The obstacle, the plot twist, the thing that comes up that you weren't expecting does not block you from creating what you want to create. Remember that this year. Whatever goal you've set, you can create it regardless of what comes up this year. Things will come up as they always do. Your mind is going to want to think, “We should just give up. We didn't know there was going to be a pandemic. We didn't know this thing was going to happen, so we should just throw it all out the window.” But it's just a plot twist.

When a plot twist comes and of course it will, here's what it could sound like in your mind if you are managing it. “Hello, plot twist, welcome. We were counting on you. We will still be creating what we planned on. We'll get more creative now. Thank you for testing my belief and agility.” How beautiful is that? What if you were so open to the plot twist that you were grateful for it? You were thankful for it? Think about how boring books, movies, TV shows are that don't have any plot twists that just go exactly the way that you expected them to? They're so boring.

Our human life would be so boring if we weren't creating something. If we weren't getting agile and resilient with the plot twists that life throws our way. So be thankful, be open, be playful. Feel your feelings though. Don't just go all positive on it. Immediately, when it comes in your mind's like, “This shouldn't be happening, I feel whatever feelings, I feel sad,” process the sadness in that moment. Feel it all the way through in the body. Move the body around the way the body needs to move around. Cry the tears, scream in the pillow, do the things. Feel it all the way through and know it's just because you're thinking it shouldn't be happening in this way. Feel that, then decide, and it's a plot twist. We can feel sad this moment and keep going next. We are resilient. We are agile. I am not giving up. I am committed. Because why not? Only have this life, this time around, even if you believe in multiple lives, why not go full out? Why not play full out? Go for it.

So whenever something comes up that you weren't expecting, and of course, things will because you do not know exactly how all things will go. That's not how our humanity is. We don't know exactly how all things will unfold. Of course, not. I'm so glad we don't know that. Expect the plot twist. Welcome the plot twist in. Consider it a plot twist. Don't consider it defeat. The only reason why you would be defeated is because you've decided to give up. No matter what happens, you can still create your goal. You just might have to get a little bit more creative than what you thought originally. And that's amazing. Why not?

Embrace this fully. Tag us on anything that happens for you this year on your way to cultivating your goal. Tell us about all your plot twists. It'll help everyone to see that everyone has plot twists happen while they're creating their goals. I know I have had many this year. I invite you, if you haven't already, to grab my guide for your inbox. It's called Select All. It helps you create inbox zero and maintain it. You can go to

And I will talk to you next week. Have a good one. Enjoy any plot twists that come your way between now and then.

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