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32. Decisions: An Overview

I’ve called this episode an “overview” because there are so many different areas when it comes to decisions, and what I want to discuss this week is really my thoughts on decision-making, the process, and where we get ourselves tied up in our businesses and our lives around decisions.

Our brains love data and numbers, and so we tend to want to make decisions from that place. We also have so many preexisting beliefs that are impossible to escape from which contribute to the decisions we make. And we often feel a lot of pressure around deciding. But what if I told you there was another way of making the best decisions?

Tune in this week to discover how our decisions are creating everything in our lives, and how to make sure that you’re making the best decisions for you. I’m sharing why the place we often make decisions from is not as empowering as we might think, and instead how to make peace with deciding what is right from a more intuitive place.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why our decisions are so important in every aspect of our lives
  • How our belief systems contribute to our decisions
  • Where you might be missing out on new possibilities because of old beliefs
  • Why it’s okay if you don’t yet know what the best possible decision is
  • A new way to think about decisions and the role your mind plays

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32. Decisions: An Overview

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash, episode 32, Decisions: An Overview.

Hey there. How’s it going? Are you having a great end to your April? I can’t believe that it’s already going to be May. And to my mind, May starts to say summer to me. I always am wondering, where does time go exactly? I know we make time in our minds. But I feel like recently, it’s just been going to quickly, which that’s fine.

Anyway, I have been having an interesting time with my sleep schedule. During this last winter, and I hold the term loosely, except there was snow actually here in Vegas during this winter, which was a whole experience for me.

But because I have been having some health issues I’ve been working through, one of those issues was that I was waking up at like 2am, 3am, 4am, really, really early and really already super-awake, feeling like I just had to work. And that kind of thing was happening most of the winter and started kind of late fall as the time changed actually.

And then now, we’re going back into spring. And when you’re listening to this, it will be later. But I can really feel around when we’re gearing up for the time change where daylight savings starts or ends, I can really sense that my sleep starts to change as the days get longer or shorter and my flow and routine really gets mixed up and I recalibrate and readjust, what I want my flow of my schedule and my ideal calendar to be.

So, I’m just curious. I know I also have talked about how I am doing more of the flow and cycle around my menstrual cycle. But I wonder if, on a greater scale, if you all experience not only maybe the moon cycle or your, if you are menstruating, a menstrual cycle. But if you also sense different seasonal changes and if you like to develop your calendar around all of these cycles and seasons and flowing.

And I just love that and love studying that and how we can do that in a more supportive way for our bodies and for ourselves. So, I want to invite you, if you are not really leaning into the seasonality of this life, what if you did? What would that be like?

And obviously, I would love to coach you on that or have one of our team coaches coach you on that. So, if you’re interested, head to our website for the options available for that. But anyway, enough about sleep schedule and inviting you to embrace some seasonality in your scheduling.

Let’s talk today about decisions. And this is what I’m calling an overview, because I’m just going to kind of ramble a little bit about decisions and tell you my thoughts on decision-making and some different viewpoints that I’ve already started to talk to you about on this podcast around decisions and decision-making.

But we could really go in depth on a bunch of different parts of decision-making in future episodes, and maybe we will, so that’s why I’m calling this an overview.

So, why are decisions so important? There are a lot of reasons. The ones that came to mind as I was writing my notes out for the prep of this episode, the biggest thing, I think, is that decisions commit our time, energy, and our resources. Maybe not the biggest. That’s one of the biggest.

And the biggest thing is that our decisions create our lives and our businesses that we’re living. They essentially are what create the reality that we have. Yes, it’s the thoughts we think and what we feel. But then, by way of our decision-making, what decisions we make then creates our lives, the lives that we have, how we have our day to day and the reality that we’re living.

And we make decisions based on what we’re thinking, based on our beliefs, the thoughts that we keep on thinking. And so, this is problematic sometimes because most times, we’re making decisions based on our previous programing or belief systems that we have. And then, we end up wondering why we keep getting the same result or same reality or same life.

Have you noticed this? You are in a relationship and then you end that relationship and then you get into a new relationship and you have very similar problems for the mind, or you’re in a job and then you go to a new job and there’s just very similar things happening. Or you have a new employee and you’re still struggling with certain things with this new employee.

Or it’s a new season in your business and you thought, “Well, as soon as I have this other offer, for sure I won’t feel too busy anymore. Or as soon as I quite my fulltime gig and fully am in my entrepreneurial endeavor, coaching business, whatever it is, then for sure I’m going to feel like I have plenty of time, lots of space, and it’s going to be amazing and feel so different and time, money scarcity won’t be as much of a thing.”

But we continue to make these decisions around the way in which we have been believing. So, in that decision-making, we’ll be thinking and believing something a make our decisions in alignment with that belief structure. So, we’ll just continue to create that reality in which we think we don’t have enough time or we’re not spending, for lack of a better term – that’s the phrase that we use for time. But we’re not really spending time.

But anyway, we continue to utilize our time in ways that are not in alignment with what we really desire deeply. We don’t create a deliberate life. We just keep trying things, throwing spaghetti at the wall and continue to recreate this life where we are thinking we don’t have enough time, where we actually don’t have the space that we’re craving, or we don’t actually meal prep the way we want to meal prep or we don’t spend time with our loved ones or we don’t study, we don’t write the book, we don’t go out there and get our art out there.

Whatever it is, this decision point, or the decision points throughout our days and our lives are critical. And we know this. And when we think they’re so critical and we put them on such a pedestal, we can then use it against ourselves, especially when we’re believing there is a right or a wrong decision.

And we can procrastinate making the decision at all because we’re thinking there’s a right or a wrong one. We’re going to totally mess it up. And then we procrastinate and don’t actually make a decision to move forward, which is actually the worst decision of all. It still is a decision, and that’s our decision to not make a decision and move forward. So, we stay stuck in the current reality without moving forward, without having new information to continue to iterate.

And this is where we can get stuck in indulgent emotions like indecision and self-doubt, when we’re thinking there’s a right decision and a wrong decision.

And so, while it’s true, we can just decide and move forward and get more information, and that’s probably quote unquote better than staying where we are, there are also times where we may not yet know what the next thing is and we aren’t indulging in indecision and self-doubt.

So, there’s this period where you can know that you’re meant to change something up or there is a decision to be made. But it’s not yet time to know, deeper knowing, inner knowing, what it is for you. And that you sit with it and have conversations with God or the universe about what is next or what is the decision to be made. And you’re not really indulging in the indecision and not just making the decision.

When you ask your inner voice, “Am I meant to make a decision right now? Or can I know the decision right now?” and it says, “No,” or it says, “Wait,” then to the outside minds, it might look like you’re in indecision and you’re indulging. But I want to point out that there’s a difference here.

You’re not indulging. You would be totally fine making a decision here and you’re not believing there’s a right or wrong decision. You’re totally fine with any decision that comes of this questioning and answer. And you can just sit in this in between moment with the discomfort for the mind of what will unfold, what will the decision be?

It might be that you just don’t have all the information yet. What if you were allowed to not yet know what is meant for you and you can just sit with that and be okay with that and know whatever is meant for you will reveal itself and there’s no perfect thing.

You know that if somebody was forcing you to make a decision and move forward, you totally would and you could. And maybe it’s even more uncomfortable for you to sit in this discomfort of not moving forward, not taking action, than it is for you to just decide and move forward and go, go, go.

At least for me, that is what’s more uncomfortable and requires me to grow, to trust, and to breathe, and to be with myself and wherever I am in the present moment. So, where do we make decisions from? We currently right now, most of us listening probably, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us tend to make our decisions from the mind using logic and data.

Oh my goodness, minds love data and research. They love research. And they also really love pro-con lists, a-la Rory Gilmore style, any Gilmore Girls fans out there.

But what if this isn’t how we’re meant to make decisions? That would be wild, right? Because we were conditioned, we were taught growing up that you really need to be responsible and make decisions using logic and the mind and do research and all these citations first before you choose something and move forward with something.

You need to make the right decision, don’t make a mistake, get an A, all of that. But what if the mind was never designed to make our decisions for us? I know for some of you, you’re going to be like, “What has happened to Lauren? She’s gone totally off the rails.” But what if the mind was only designed to execute the decisions but not to actually make the decisions? It was just meant to carry out what the decision is? To make it a reality in the physical reality?

What if your inner voice, your intuition – you can go back and listen to episode four if you want to learn more about the mind and the intuition or the inner voice. What if the inner voice, in human design, your authority is how you’re meant to make decisions and know what is meant for you?

Because what might be meant for your friend, even in a similar space in business might be totally not what is meant for you. We’re all very different and we all have very different designs, if we’re thinking about human design. But we’re all very different people just in general. What is meant for one of us is probably not meant for all of us. The marketing strategy that’s meant for one of us is probably not meant for all of us.

The business model that somebody has over there is probably not the same business model that is meant for us. The number of hours that somebody works is probably not the same number of hours that is meant for us to work. The way that we design our ideal calendars probably are very different than somebody else’s.

Maybe somebody loves to give their employees Fridays off every other Friday in the summer and somebody else doesn’t like that. They want their employees to work five days a week in a more traditional sense. Maybe somebody loves TikTok and somebody else loves Instagram. Somebody else loves ClubHouse and somebody else loves guesting on other people’s podcasts.

There are so many different ways that we can build our businesses, that we can live our lives. And what is meant for one is not meant for all of us. We can tune into our inner knowing. We can learn more about our human design if that’s something that’s interesting to you, to use that. To get the mind onboard is kind of how I think about human design, just helps get the mind onboard to what the inner knowing is telling us. You don’t even need human design.

I do love using both tools. It does help my mind get onboard. And I won’t talk too much about that yet, just because I’m going through certification myself. I want to wait until I’m certified.

But also, for those managing, I wanted to give a little note here. Are you allowing those you are managing or working closely with put you in the decision-making space? Are they getting sloppy with their work and wanting you to make all the decisions because they’re afraid to fail or get in trouble or make a decision that wasn’t in alignment with what you would have decided? Or are you empowering them to make the decisions?

There’s lots of different tools and ways that you could do this. Lots of different strategies for how to have decisions made in your company so you’re not the bottleneck. But this will require you to do some deep work on letting go of control and trusting and allowing and receiving support.

I’ve been doing a lot of this work myself recently, letting go of control, not micromanaging so much, trusting, allowing support, being able to help and serve more of all of you, changing my business model, one that now I won’t have as much intense control on. And at the same time, I’ll be able to serve more of you.

So, what would it be like to make decisions in a new way? What if it brought you closer to the life and business you actually wanted, the whole reason you started out on this entrepreneurial journey? What if it actually created the life that you desired rather than making all of these decisions from the mind and from the should and from the research.

What if you were allowed to be a little cutting-edge and innovative in doing things that are meant for you? And maybe it’s not even cutting-edge or innovative. Maybe you just need permission to be able to do something kind of like somebody else and try that on.

So, I want to invite you to think about decisions more, start to notice all of the decisions you make in your day-to-day life and in your business and get curious about how are you making those decisions?

Are you just making them quickly from your mind’s previous belief system? Are you making them from believing there’s not enough time and you can’t have what you desire and have the amount of money you want? Or whatever it is, start to notice what belief systems are driving your decision-making. And are you requiring your mind to make more decisions in a day than is necessary by not trusting your team, by not maybe making decisions ahead of time for, I don’t know, even things that you could set your mind up for success with in terms of how you do certain things in your day-to-day life.

We talk a lot more about this in my program called Cultivate Margin. We talk about the decisions we make on a regular basis. And some that we could just make, kind of rinse and repeat, so they’re not decisions we have to keep on making that are adding to our cognitive load and decision fatigue.

So, if that’s something that’s interesting to you, our new website should be relaunched by the time you’re listening to this. So, head to and check out what’s available for you in the shop there. I’m so excited to be able to serve you in that way.

And of course, if you have any other inklings, questions, you want to reach out to me for an invitation for something that you’re desiring around this topic, I love to receive DMs on Instagram for that sort of thing. If there’s any customer support, you can email for that.

But if there’s any very specific invitations, you can DM me on Instagram and we’ll have that linked in the show notes as well. Alright, thank you for listening and I will talk to you next time. Bye.

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