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36. Feeling vs Sensing

How to distinguish when your inner knowing is guiding you, as opposed to your mind-based feelings.I have talked about your inner knowing and sensing on the podcast before, but I got a great question recently from my new social media manager who wanted to know how she could tell whether any anxiety that she is experiencing is a mind-based feeling, or if it’s coming from this place of inner knowing and intuition. I absolutely loved this question, and I know that the answer will help every single person listening.

We are familiar with the idea, based on the self-coaching model, that our thoughts create our feelings, and this is why we get a little turned around when we sense something deeper is at play. The truth is that we have deep inner wisdom or a soul-based knowing that operates on a different level than our thoughts. And in this episode, I’m explaining how you can know when this is guiding you, versus the anxiety stirred up by your mind.

Tune in this week as I show you how to distinguish your mind-based feelings from your soul-based knowing. I’ve found this distinction so useful in my own life, and if you’ve ever felt something guiding you but you never understood quite what it was, it’s going to open up so much for you too.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why the distinction between feeling versus sensing is so important.
  • Where the feeling of nerves and anxiety in our bodies generally comes from.
  • What you can expect to produce when you act out of that feeling of anxiety.
  • Why it’s possible to know something internally, despite having no evidence or not having physically seen or experienced it.
  • How to distinguish when your inner knowing is guiding you, as opposed to your mind-based feelings.

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36. Feeling vs Sensing

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash, episode 36, Feeling vs Sensing.

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I’m Lauren Cash. I’m a Master Certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple 6-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you’re looking to go from procrastinating perfectionist to easeful entrepreneur this is the podcast that is meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let’s get to the show.

Hey, how’s it going? Are you ready for summer? I know I am. I’m really excited. In June, I’m going to be going to California. And I got an Airbnb really close to the beach. And I’m going to do my best to only do the minimum requirements in my business for the month of June. Well, basically June. It’s a little bit skewed towards July. But just do that so I can spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend and with the beach.

So, I can’t wait. You’ll have to follow along on Instagram. If we’re not connected there, come on over. I’m sure I’ll be sharing tons of beach stories.

So, today, we’re going to be talking about the distinction between how you know your inner voice or your inner knowing, sensing, versus the mind-based anxiety, nerves feeling. This is basically the conversation between, “I feel,” versus, “I know.”

And we’re going to talk about this more because I think the human language makes this really confusing. This is an answer to a question in an episode request that I got from my new social media manager.

And it was so cool the way that this happened because it was actually beautiful for me as a human design projector. So, she had Voxerred me telling me how much she loves the podcast and was binging on all of the episodes, her words. And she wanted to tell me then that she had an idea for a podcast episode for me.

So, for me, as a projector, having that recognition for my brilliance, having an amazing podcast, then coupled with an invitation for sharing my wisdom is how I’m designed. So, it was so amazing to have her do this just naturally without even knowing that I’m a human design projector and that is what is so amazing for me in my design.

So, she was asking, “How do I know if it’s an inner knowing, like the inner voice, or if it’s just a feeling, like anxiety and nerves?” So, for the ease of this episode, we won’t dive too much into emotional authority and human design. Because I want to keep this very easy and accessible for folks. So, maybe in another episode we’ll talk more about that.

But in today’s episode, we’re going to really build on episode four, where I talked about intuition versus the mind. And we’ll talk more about that.

So, according to the self-coaching model I referred to previously, the mind offers us thoughts that then create feelings. So, feelings, according to that model, come from our thoughts.

So, these feelings I’m going to call mind-based feelings. So, on one hand, we have mind-based feelings. These feelings come from us thinking something, so then we feel a certain feeling.

And I think this is where the anxiety and nerves that Madison – it’s just easier to just say Madison’s same – that Madison was referring to, is like, “If I’m feeling anxious and have nerves about something, is it coming from my inner knowing or is it coming from the mind?”

Most likely, I would guess that that is coming from the mind. The mind is having a thought that is creating that anxiety. And so then, you are going to act or not act on that anxiety and create a result in line with that thought, whatever that thought is. You will create that in some way as a reflection of that belief if you act from that place.

But we also have soul-based sensing. That’s what I’m going to call it. we have soul-based sensing. And this is deep inner knowing. And for me, that’s how I describe it. It’s like this deep inner wisdom. But that’s also because what I’ve learned in human design is I have a splenic authority. And that’s really how it comes through for me, is this deep inner knowing.

But also, I’m an inner voice facilitator and got certified through Jess Lively. And that’s like inner voice, inner wisdom as well. And the way she described the inner voice is really how things come through for me, especially with a splenic authority. But it’s this knowing, like capital K Knowing that is not the same as, like, “I know something in the mind. I know something because I have experienced it or I have seen it or I have evidence for it.”

You can have it without any evidence, just this knowing. Or you can have the inner voice, intuition just tell you something that you need to do or something is meant for you or not meant for you that goes beyond what your mind thinks and rationalizes.

So, this soul-based sensing, sometimes people refer to it as, “I just had a feeling.” But that feeling is not the feeling that we’re talking about when we’re talking about mind-based feelings.

When you just had a knowing, a deep sensing, that’s the kind of feeling that people are talking to when they’re saying, “I just had a feeling.” And for some people, they might also say that some of that feeling, sensing is coming from the subconscious, like subconscious programing is having you just sense things and feel things. And you might not have a conscious awareness for how you knew those things, but it was coming from the subconscious. But I don’t want us to get confused about that here. Let’s just keep this simple.

So, to keep it simple, we have on one hand mind-based feelings that are coming from thoughts that we’re thinking. And we can do mindset work, thought work, coaching all around that in the mind and coach ourselves around, “Why are we feeling anxious? We’re feeling anxious because we’re thinking there’s not enough time, I’m not going to get everything done. I’m going to get fired,” whatever. And so, then we can coach ourselves on those thoughts.

But then we also have, on the other hand, this deep soul-based sensing. And that is coming from our intuitions, our inner voices, our inner beings, our higher selves is maybe another way that you’ve heard of it. That’s like the true sense of what is meant for you. It’s going to go deeper and beyond what is cognitively rational.

So, a lot of times, my inner knowing, my soul-based sensing will tell me something. And my mind then will want to argue with it or will say, “Well that doesn’t make sense. That’s not going to work.” And then, I need to go over to the mind side of things and coach myself and clean that up to be able to just carry out what the sensing or the knowing guided me to.

Because whenever I follow the guiding of the soul-based sensing, the soul-based knowing, things always end up working out, even if it doesn’t seem like they’re working out.

Like, in one moment, it might, to the mind, seem like, “Things aren’t going how I want them to go…” but then later we might learn what the lesson was.

I get a lot of guidings from my inner knowing or my authority, my splenic authority that in a moment, it tells me to do a thing. And then I do the thing in that moment. But then it no longer feels like it’s aligned. But then it tells me to do something else in another moment, that’s in opposition maybe or different than the first moment.

But I had some learning somewhere in between that. So really, the first thing, it’s not that the first thing was incorrect for me and I heard wrong. It’s just that it was for a particular purpose that maybe was different than what my mind thought the purpose needs to be.

And this is really interesting too because in our society, there’s a lot of conditioning around quote unquote changing your mind. Which is what I’m going to talk about wit Lauren, my human design coach, on the podcast.

But there’s this whole, like, you need to decide on something and you need to stick it out until the end of the thing and you can’t change your mind, you can’t change things, you can reschedule. There’s just a lot of that.

And I had a lot of that conditioning in my childhood too, that I really needed to pick something, stick to something. If I set up an appointment for something, I kept it, through the blood, sweat, and tears, you don’t reschedule, you keep your commitments.

So, that really was against my inner knowing a lot of times. And I really would have to go against that sensing and feeling and turn that part of me off because I was taught that I needed to pick something, stick with it, carry it out, even if it’s no longer working, even if it’s no longer aligned.

So, to answer this question, the mind-based feelings are usually the anxiety and nerves. But there is a difference between maybe you know from that fear center that there’s something that’s not safe for you. You will know the difference between that though. You’ll know when it’s just the mind freaking out over something just because the mind is freaking out over it and it’s not really necessary.

It’s just coming from primitive or lower brain activity that’s just thinking we’re scared and needing to be on alert because we might be exposed, that kind of thing, versus there actually is something to take note of that maybe we aren’t safe.

So, the safety component with the anxiety, really seeing, are we safe here? And then maybe is the mind thinking we might not be safe here, going on a live on Instagram or something. And that would be the difference there. You’ll just need to check in with that. But you will know the difference.

If you start to tap in and see, is this just the mind doing what the mind does, freaking out, trying to protect us, keep us safe, keep us in equilibrium and homeostasis, it doesn’t really want us to do anything out of the norm, wants to keep us comfy, cozy? So, is it just freaking out there? Or is this a knowing that, like, maybe something here isn’t quite right and I need to listen to that?

The more you start to tap into your inner knowing, your intuition, your inner voice and you can separate the mind out, the more you’ll be able to tell the difference.

The inner voice is always calm. It’s never in a hurry. It’s super-chill. Like I said, no rush, no hurry. All is well. Nothing’s going wrong ever. It’s just guiding you gently, offering you things gently.

And the mind is very different. It’s like, going really fast. It’s in a hurry. Things are going wrong. It’s like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Oh my gosh.” It’s like a drama queen in the mind. And it also cares a lot about what other people think and perfectionism and things are going to go wrong if we do something wrong. There’s a lot of duality. There’s no duality for the inner voice. It just is.

So, hopefully these differences help you to start to sort out the difference between just feelings from the mind, mind-based feelings that may or may not be what you want to be thinking and feeling and in alignment with what you want to create, that you may want coaching around. Maybe default unintentional thinking that you need some coaching around.

And then there’s this soul-based sensing that the mind can freak out about because the soul-based sensing and knowing can go against what the mind thinks is true reality, things that can actually work out the math.

But if you take the leap and go with the soul-based sensing things will work out for you and work out for everyone else, even if it doesn’t seem like, to the mind, that it’s working out the way it’s supposed to be working out. But that’s the difference.

There’s this energetic difference. The, like, freak out versus calm, the making sense in the mind versus it just doesn’t make sense but it’s telling me to do this. And then, we carry it out with the mind. Then we research, “How do we do that, that I was told is the next step?” And that’s the other thing too. The mind is very past-future-oriented and the inner-knowing, sensing is just moment by moment.

So, I hope that’s helpful. If you have any additional questions about this topic. I’d love to talk to you more about it. Feel free to reach out on Instagram, or go ahead and in the show notes I’ll have a little form that’s linked for you to be able to request certain podcast episodes, so we can talk more about the difference between feeling versus sensing.

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