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54. I Made Less Than Last Year (& That's More Than Ok)

In any business, there can be this pressure to create more and more revenue. In the coaching industry, it has become the norm to not only continue to increase revenue year-over-year, but to basically double it each and every year.

I found myself in that mindset and completely burnt myself out by being out of alignment. Experimenting with Human Design, I have discovered that I don't desire to do business the way the majority of the industry is. I made less money this year than I did last year, and that's more than ok.

In this episode, I invited my friend and fellow coach, Kehla, to join me in discussing our experiences in the coaching industry, the pressures of having an online business, and our Human Design experiments. We also reveal all of the juicy details about how much money we've been making and what that's been like.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The pressures of the coaching industry
  • Why I started this podcast
  • My thoughts on making less than I did last year
  • Experiences in the coaching industry from two different perspectives
  • How Kehla and I got into Human Design and our experiments thus far
  • How Human Design has changed our approaches to business

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54. I Made Less Than Last Year (& That's More Than Ok)

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

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Full Episode Transcript:

You're listening to Episode 54: I Made Less Than Last Year (& That's More Than Ok), with guest, Kehla.

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I'm Lauren Cash. I'm a master certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple six-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology.

If you're looking to go from exhausted busyness to easeful gold creatress, this podcast was meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now let's get to the show. Hey, everyone. We're about to dive into the very long guest episode I had with Kehla. I hope you really enjoy it. I talked about it in the beginning that I had an idea for an episode talking about how I made less than last year.

But I realized I really wanted to have my new friend, newer friend, Kehla, on to talk more about the pressure in the coaching industry, what we've been seeing in our experiences with creating money in our online businesses. I really hope you enjoy the conversation. Let's get to it.

Hi. Oh, my gosh. I'm so excited. We have a guest on the podcast today. We have Kehla. Kehla and I are in SSCC together, that's Eden Carpenter's Human Design and Gene Keys certification. We were in the rendition of it that had three levels that we automatically signed up for and have been doing basically all year long. It feels like it's been all year long.

Only recently, we connected in the beginning-ish, had some touchpoints. But probably in the last month, Kehla and I have really connected and have been hanging out on Zoom and talking to each other pretty much every day, going to study. As I was telling her about the idea for this podcast episode, I realized that I really wanted to have her on the podcast to have a two-way conversation about what we're going to talk about.

Because we've been talking about the coaching industry around a lot of these things, and I thought it would be so much more valuable for you to hear a conversation than me just talking at you about some of the realizations I've been having. Then also you'll be able to get a generator's perspective on things, not just a projector's perspective on things.

Two, similar but very different stories of two coaches in the industry with some thoughts and feelings about everything happening. I'm going to talk about the reason why I wanted to do this podcast, and then I'm going to have Kehla introduce herself. The reason I wanted to do this podcast was I keep seeing in the coaching industry. There's just this norm where you're supposed to “continue to increase your revenue year-over-year.”

Not only that, it’s doubling almost is the minimum. You'll have to speak to that later Kehla if you feel that that's similar or not. I did not double my revenue this year. Last year, I made 632,000, just gross revenue. I really burnt myself out last year. It was at the end of last year that I discovered my human design. I went on this whole journey.

Then this year, I'll tell you a little bit later where it's at. But it's less than that this year. I wanted to talk about that and talk about how I'm totally more than okay with that because nobody's talking about that in the industry. That's what we're going to be talking about today. Kehla, do you want to introduce yourself, tell everyone what your human design is. Then a little bit about what you're up to in the present moment in your business, too.

Kehla: Yes. I'm so excited to be having this conversation with you. I'm really honored to be on your podcast channel as well. Because I think I told you but I was manifesting to get interviewed on podcast channels, and then you invited me. I was like, “Yes.”

Lauren: You manifested it.

Kehla: Yeah. I totally did. My name is Kehla, and I'm a 6/2 sacral generator. I'm a spiritual mindset coach. I've recently pivoted my business more specifically into helping spiritual entrepreneurs really embody their human design and Gene Keys in their life and in their business. That's really been my journey. The last couple years, I've just had a lot of trial and error. It's really this year with Lauren and getting into SSCC, getting into human design, and Gene Keys where I really got that permission slip to just trust my own energy.

That's ultimately what I'm most passionate about in terms of helping people. I quit my 9:00 to 5:00 in September. We're pushing November, December right now. It's been a couple of months, and it didn't go how I thought it was going to go. But it's funny, just looking back, it's totally perfect. I'm newly fresh, quote, air quotes, in like being, “full-time” in my business. But really, I've been doing this for three years. We can definitely dive into that more in our conversation.

Lauren: Kehla, will you tell us more about why did you decide to go into entrepreneurship? Did you do it to become a coach in the first place? How did it all start for you? That's one thing that I'm really interested in. Then I don't even know if we've talked about how human design found you. Those are two pieces I'd love to hear first.

Kehla: Yes. In 2014, that's when I started my personal growth journey. I started doing just courses and seminars through Landmark worldwide. I don't know if you've heard of them. But I did the Landmark forum. That's ultimately what gave me my first exposure to coaching. Over the years, it was actually within a couple of months of doing the Landmark forum. I was like, “Oh, my God. What if I can be a coach?”

This was something that really I was lit the fuck up. I literally remember sitting on my couch in my suite I was just like, “Oh, yes. I really want to do this.” But then my ego creeped in and was like, “You don't have experience. You don't have this.” This was in the spring of 2014. I was in the midst of finishing my teaching degree. I have a teaching degree in physical education and French.

In my six-year of university, because I was playing rugby during that time, I was a varsity athlete. I was in university for so long. I finished teaching and I was like, “Okay. I'm going to go to China for a year, and I'm going to teach in China.” I'm really passionate about fitness, having this athletic background. I taught in China for a year. Then I moved to Toronto because my boyfriend was there. I started a personal training business.

This was in 2016 to 2019 we were in Toronto. While I was doing my personal training business, I was continuing to do a lot of the education through Landmark and just really getting into spirituality, and just meditation, all of that. I think it was January 2019 when I was like, “I want to really dive into coaching.” This is when I started getting into the manifestation online coaching space.

I started to notice in personal training that the clients who had a great mindset were the ones who thrived. When I initially started my business, I identified specifically as a mindset coach. Then as things evolved, identified as a spiritual mindset coach bringing in the energy work. I started my business in January 2019. That looked the simple things of changing my Instagram handle, identifying as a mindset coach, and creating programs and attempting to launch, and things just getting really messy, and so on.

Through that time, fast forward to now, I did a bunch of different certifications. It was in the summer of 2019, I discovered human design. Somebody on Instagram had said something, “Oh, I'm a projector. This is how you look up your human design.” I was like, “Ooh, what's this?” Then I looked it up. I was like, “What the heck is this? This is not English. I don't understand all these symbols, numbers, the chart, forget it. Oh, I'm a generator. That's all I know.”

Then I just left it at that, but it kept showing up. This is such a classic example, just keeps showing up. Then it was really in December 2020, right before when Ian mentioned that she was launching the certification program. I was like, “I'm going into this.” It was a sacral “yes” for me. I'm into this. Then I signed up in January 2021 of this year, and then the rest is history. We've been in it now for 10 months. That's a fast-track version of the last seven years.

Lauren: Yeah. Will you also tell us, what is your experience been around … I guess this is a broad question. But what do you perceive the expectations are around revenue and the coaching space? What is some of your relationships to that been like so far?

Kehla: Oh, yeah. I'm just going to jump right into the numbers because I'm just so transparent. The first year in 2019, I literally made $1,000 in my business. The second year, last year, I made 9,000. This year I made, as of right now, 19,000. It's when I first found manifestation actually was through Kathrin Zenkina, who's known as Manifestation Babe online. She was doing a five-day live stream event in January 2019 and I signed up.

This is where I was so inspired. I remember her sharing her story. She's like, “Yeah. I went from 9,000 to 600,000 in a year. This was a lot of the narrative that I was seeing online. It was like, “How fast can you get to six figures?” The faster you do it, the more credible it is. You know what I mean? The more impressive the better you are as a coach, and the better you are as a business owner.

It's funny because no one specifically said those things. But that's what my brain made it mean. Then, of course, in the last three years, that's just not my story. I really did associate myself with money. It was like, “Well, Kehla, you only made 1,000 this year.” Then it's the next year, “Well, you only made 9,000 and you're still working full-time in your business or in your 9:00 to 5:00.” Then this year, it's like I quit my 9:00 to 5:00 75% into the year.

The last quarter, I'm fully in my business. But I was imagining, “Oh, I'm going to jump into full-time with my coaching business, making six figures, and being all fine and dandy and all of this. But it was actually a very different story. But I've obviously fully embraced it because I'm speaking about it so real.

Lauren: What has your experience been from the outside world? Yeah. You've talked about Kathrin from 9K to 600K in a year or whatever. But I guess what non-self themes have you felt around the money and what your experience has been versus what you're picking up on and maybe even amplifying in those undefined centers?

Kehla: Yeah. I think, I only have my G center and my sacral defined, everything else is undefined or open, which means that I am a great playground for shadows. I think that, definitely, if I'm looking at the head and [inaudible 00:12:04] centers, those being undefined and open it's like, “Oh, I need the answers. I need to get the wisdom. I need to figure things out,” which led me down this trail of literally in the last three years completing 11 certifications.

“Oh, I'm just going to gain all of this wisdom and spend all this money because the bigger the transaction, the bigger the transformation.” That was another narrative that came up for me in the industry. Having an open heart center, specifically, I definitely had to prove myself. “Oh, I'm going to launch this. There's going to be 20 bonuses,” so that people think, “Wow. What a great deal.”

Then I can justify the price or convince people to buy because then they're going to think it's worth it. The other thing, too, is having that undefined route center, picking up on the pressure, that pressure to quickly move to the 10K months and get into the six-figure years or months or whatever launches. That was just so real. I just really did and have felt so much pressure. I really did associate, the more money I make, the better coach I am.

But the thing is, I've just really gotten to the point of like, “Okay. Money and me being a coach are completely unrelated.” It's just an exchange. I was thinking about this. I was like, “I feel and I know that I am a fucking great coach.” When I work with people, I can really help them. I believe that. Now, looking at the business side, oh, maybe that's just not my strength of specifically knowing the proper launch strategy, or whatever it is to create the income but it's not the same thing.

This identity has really shifted for me and having a lot more freedom and trusting myself, my own journey, and really figuring things out. That's really what I've noticed is those are where the shadows are coming up. It really has come back to me looking at how can I honor my own journey? Where's the power in my own story? I didn't have someone like me who shared, “Oh, it took me this many years to make this much money.”

Everyone is just bells and whistles. How fast can you do it? That's really been my experience.

Lauren: Yeah. I think looking at my story, for example, can be difficult, because people don't see the full transparent story that is my entrepreneurship journey. Because they ask how long have you been doing Vivere Co, which is the name of my current business? I say, “Since July 2019.” They're like, “Oh my gosh. How did you from July 2019 to July of 2021 create a million dollars in those two years?”

Last year, we already said 632. This year is going to be most likely closing around half a million or just there under. I'm at 480K currently for the year. Right around under half a million. But that's not my full entrepreneurship story. People don't understand that the last few years is not it. If we go back, I've been studying online business, probably since 2010, if not earlier. I would really have to go into the archives.

I had a blog back then that was all about from the eating disorder community, because I was becoming a nutrition therapist to treat eating disorders. I was doing intuitive eating and intuitive eating coaching. I attempted to launch private coaching doing that, because I was a certified and I still am a certified Intuitive eating counselor. I had the Instagram that I was “trying” to do then.

I was going to all these conferences to learn how you do a blog and market it and grow and make passive income and listening to Pat Flynn back in the day, and all these things. I was following all of them. The way I found actually the Life Coach School was because I was listening to a podcast called Being Boss back in 2012 or '13. Brooke Castillo was on that podcast as a guest of that podcast. Then I found her podcast and I started listening to her.

Really, then, I tried the online business thing, and I wasn't making money from it. Then when I graduated with my second master's, finally finished sitting for my RD exam, 2017. That year then after I got my RD, I started building my private practice. In real life, I was still using some online digital stuff, but it was a hybrid type business. I was starting to finally gain some traction.

You know why actually this relates to human design? Why it actually was gaining traction in that present moment, that private practice? Because I was using my fourth line, hardcore. How funny is that? I was going to coffee with people. I was doing the networking thing. I was building my relationships, and people were referring people to me. That's why I was going well.

Kehla: I love it when people have a four-line. One of my friends is a love and relationship coach. She's a 4/1 sacral generator. The 4/1 is really rare. For the first five years of her business, she didn't have a website. She didn't have a website. She doesn't market. She literally does not market. It's all word of mouth. Every single one of her clients is word of mouth.

I'm like, “That's unbelievable. That is a classic four-line, for sure. It's that community, that network, that connection.” I love it.

Lauren: It's so fun. Then that same year, as I'm building the practice, I get to the point that summer where the practice is as full as it can be while I'm working full-time at an eating disorder treatment center as their program dietitian, which then I'm like, “Okay. What do I do? It's always been my dream to be a full-time entrepreneur and to have a private practice.”

Then I was like, “Okay. I'm going to have to find something else to help bring in some money as I continue to grow the practice. But it doesn't make sense for me to be 30 hours a week at the eating disorder treatment center anymore. Then right at that time, the Life Coach School sent out this email that they were looking for someone to do customer support for them and it would be $25 an hour plus you would get scholars included if you were working for them.

I was paying for scholars at the time. Those two things together were actually … and minus the commute. Actually, I was going to be making more doing that and could do it from anywhere flexibly with my own schedule than I would have … if I were still working at the eating disorder treatment center, which is crazy. Can we just side note about dietetics and how underpaid it is?

Master's degree level, RD certification, earning less than somebody doing customer support online. What? Makes no sense. Okay. Anyway, after that … Little side note. Then I start going to work for the Life Coach School and I'm doing both for a while. I do both for a while. Then eventually I decided to close my private practice when I was executive director at the school. Then after that, when I decided I wanted to go back on my own again, that was July 2019.

But if you don't know all the backstory and how long I've been studying online business, and not to mention, working for the school, which is an online business, and I learned a ton from them, then you would be like, “Oh my gosh. Lauren, just all of a sudden made multiple six figures her first year in business.” You know how you could really spin that in a terrible way…

Kehla: Oh, yeah.

Lauren: misleading way?

Kehla: Oh, yeah. It's funny, because I'm sharing about this in one of my Instagram posts how … When I got this remote role, before I quit in September, I worked for this company for a year and a half, I'm still doing contract work, but it's something different now. I was a contractor. I had to register my business. I was claiming all of this income under my business, my coaching stuff, and my contract work.

I was like, “Oh.” I looked. I think it was earlier this year. I was like, “Okay that you've hit six figures in your business, technically, you have hit six figures.” I was like … I could be such a little asshole and say, “I am a six-figure business owner, and not differentiate between the coaching and the contract work.” I could easily have that in my Instagram bio. But I just didn't want to do that.

I really wanted to be transparent, because my goal is to just to be doing coaching. That's where I want all my energy to go. I always take that like a grain of salt. You see that online where it took this long. But then you're like, “Okay. What's the full picture?” There's always so much more than what we can share online. Through Instagram posts or podcast episodes, there's always more. I really love it. We're backtracking decades here.

Lauren: For real. I worked for my dad, who's an entrepreneur. I mean, yeah, you don't know the full story. But I think for you, in your self-concept, self-identity, though, you are a six-figure business owner. It doesn't matter which one it comes from. But it's just the misleading marketing if you were to use that for coaching that that's dishonest. What has changed for you from last year to this year? Energetically, even the way you think about money and making money in your business?

Kehla: Yeah. I think that last year, and really since the beginning, when I came into the coaching industry, and I came into the online space, I didn't know it until now that I have more awareness that there's a lot of noise. It's not necessarily. It's not malicious or intentional. But if you were to literally create a metaphor to describe what it's like to come into the online space and start a business, it's like walking into a house where there's a house party, and you don't know anyone.

But everyone has something to say. They've each got their own style of clothes that they're wearing, their own drink, and maybe they want you to join them in their own little party and in their own little conversation. They're so convinced that what they're doing is the shit. That's what it was like. I came in and I was like, “Oh, my God. Okay.” If I'm going to be … For example, like Kathrin Zenkina and go from 9,000 to 600K in a year, then, “Oh, I'm just going to do what she's doing.”

Like, “Oh, it worked for her. She has this evidence.” That's what I really realized was it for the first few years of my business is that the effort was huge. It really was. But it wasn't aligned, because I was trying to implement what other people were doing who were successful in their business. What it really came down to was that I didn't have self trust. I didn't trust that if I did things my own way that I could create my own journey and my own story, because there wasn't any evidence yet.

That's the thing. As a human being, we're so human and how we want to find evidence to support and just really deal with the fears that come up. It's so genuine. But what I really noticed over the last couple of years is I started to see these patterns and I started to see a lot of shoulds, needs. Then a lot of the accounts that come up online are these Instagram gurus and whatever.

They're like, “Oh, this is how you get more engagement. This I get more follows. This is the hashtags you're supposed to do. This is what time you're supposed to post that like reels.” Everybody do reels. I just got so overwhelmed and so sick of it. I just really decided to … I really asked myself, “Kehla, what would it be like if you just honestly did things your own way?” Then naturally getting into human design is, okay, that's like the biggest permission slip that anyone could ever ask for.

That's what it came down to. Then obviously Gene Keys which I know we're going to get into that more clearly in a little bit. But I just really started to take ownership and really leveraging that G center in myself is very activated, is directly connected to my sacral. It's me really speaking my truth of my identity, the direction that I'm going in. Specifically what lights me up is super in alignment for me.

I started to notice that and pay attention to it and trust it and coming back to myself. That's ultimately what got me to where I am right now is this level of being unfuck with a bowl like, “Okay. You're doing that that's good for you. I really need to do things my own way, because this is my own story. This is my business. I'm not trying to replicate your business. I want my own.” That's really what shifted, I guess, in the last three years, but more specifically, in last few months, to be honest.

Lauren: Yeah. Me too, though. I feel like that's one of the main themes for me this last year, but even more so like you said the last few months. I wonder if it is starting to integrate and embody our designs the more we've gotten into that and had time for them to sink in or us to play with them in the wild a little bit more. Then obviously, we've been also contemplating the Gene Keys, which we are both so into.

Kehla: Yeah.

Lauren: But yeah, I relate to that so much. There's so much in my Gene Keys about that. I feel we've been uncovering about being me, speaking that, and doing things differently than the status quo. I feel like is a very common theme in a couple of my spheres, which is very fascinating to me.

Kehla: Oh, yeah. Honestly, I even feel like … I've had conversations with people who aren't really into human design. They're not aware of their Gene Keys to contemplate them to the level that we're doing it. They're noticing this shift in the collective. They're noticing this exhaustion of being told what to do and how to do it. think it's also just because we've been in a pandemic for two years.

Lauren: Yeah.

Kehla: That's all you're being told. Oh, you stay home. Oh, you need to get vaccinated. Oh, you need to do this. It's just so much do, do, do that it makes sense if people are just throwing their hands in there, and they're like, “I don't want to do this.”

Lauren: That makes sense, too. Because also so many people have been like, “Wait. Is this really what I want to do with my life?” Work-wise, it's brought that up. It's like, “Wait. Is this really where I want to live?” There's a lot of all encompassing. Wait. This is my one life in this lifetime, at least. Is this the way I want to play with it?

Kehla: Yeah. I mean, despite how challenging the last few years have been for a lot of people and more others than some is there's been a lot of gold in there, too. What's really important to you? What really do you want to put your energy into? What do you really value? I think that that's such a beautiful gift that's been given to us through the pandemic, even just the awakening of people being like, “I'm going to do things my own way.”

We need to have that contrast. It's not like we're trying to rid every negative thing online or whatever just to have this perfectly awakened world. It's not possible. You have to have contrast.

Lauren: Yeah. What's going to be right for one person is going to be very wrong for another. You're going to have way more energy for what's lighting you up than I may ever have energy for. That's beautiful and lovely. That doesn't mean you're doing it wrong.

Kehla: Yeah. There's a really good quote. My friend said to me once and it's literally … basically what you said. But there's right for you and there's right for me. It's like, “Yes,” because then there's no wrong. It's just right for you and is right for me. I think that that's … I really love that quote. I just wanted to share it.

Lauren: Yeah. What's right for me right now in this present moment might not be what's right for me in a future present moment, which I think we forget, too, sometimes.

Kehla: Oh, yeah.

Lauren: Okay. I know you had some things that you wanted to ask about or chat about.

Kehla: Yes. One of the things that Lauren and I chatted about recently was we were messaging back and forth. I was talking about how women nowadays are really making money a lot quicker than they used to. I made this comment to her, so interesting to witness my own wound thing. I was like, “Yeah. Women are just making money so much faster. They're doing so well blah, blah, blah.”

She goes, “They?” I was like, “Yeah, women.” She goes, “Well, why don't you include yourself in that?” I was like, “Oh, my God. I am isolating myself from abundance. This is when being that I'm still associating my success and me being a powerful person with money.” I know that one of the things that I really wanted to ask Lauren that we talked about this before we hit Record was when you look at, for example, once you hit a million and that revenue or even multiple six figures in a year, you see this narrative online of being an energetic match, being in the energy of money.

What was that like for you, hitting those multiple six figures and millions? I want to hear your story around that.

Lauren: Yeah. It's funny. I want to let you all in on how my mind hears you saying that. My mind wants to be like … But I didn't hit a million in a year. It didn't count. I think that's really the narrative online is the revenue and a year period. That's what we're counting. That's it. That's the only thing that counts. I'm almost … I did recognize it and posted it and celebrated it on Instagram. I took myself out for something to eat and drink, which is what I like to do to celebrate.

Your line and your pearl of the Gene Keys is all about the purpose of money for you, basically. Mine is celebration. I've really been honing in on that a lot. It's been really fun. Anyway, I will say it wasn't really much. You do hear some people talk about how you're going to be the same person, maybe just with different problems with different commas, that kind of thing. That's really how it feels, I feel like.

I will say making more money the last probably three years because what I was making towards the end of working at the Life Coach School is probably similar to what my take home pay is last year and this year. That was another thing I wanted to talk about. Pin that. Take home pay and profitability of a business is probably similar the last three years. It is a lot nicer than when I was making 20K or 30K a year, I will say.

My salary last year and this year that I'd use payroll to pay myself is 100K. But obviously, taxes come out of that and probably take home from that as, what, 80K. Then I do take some owners distributions here and there. Probably around 100K is what I could say the last three years I've been taking home. I will say that's a lot nicer than the 20 or 30K. I do get to have some luxuries that I really do enjoy in my life.

But they're still highs and lows and emotions. Last year and this year were way more intense probably for me, because I've been doing so much of the inner work, though, too. Last year was more intense, I will say probably because it was more self-inflicted. Just forcing and striving and trying to do things the way you were supposed to and working way too many hours and not being an embodied projector.

This year has been more challenging, not because of how much I'm working, but because of how much deep inner work I've been doing. I would much prefer that over the heart of last year.

Kehla: Oh, my gosh. Yes.

Lauren: Does that answer your question at all?

Kehla: It does, because it just goes to show that … I've heard this too, having more money amplifies who you are as a person. Yeah. The narrative of having more money means more problems or just your priorities shift. There's more responsibility. I think it's really refreshing what you just shared how somebody's like, “Oh, I made a million” or “I made this.” It's like, okay. But how much you actually taking home?

For example, for me, yes, I talked about making 19K this year. Then if I look at my 9:00 to 5:00 pay, for example, that's a lot less. I think it's 50. But still that's 70K gross, which literally … I remember I think it was three years ago in 2016, I made like $38,000. I've already almost doubled it, but it's just still…

Lauren: Which is insanely amazing.

Kehla: Yeah. It was funny because actually, Lauren was like, “Oh, yeah. You can talk about how you increase your income this year, and I can talk about how I decrease mine.” I was like, “What?” Then I forgot that I was looking at both of them combined. I was like, “Oh, Kehla, you made less than last year.” But then I was like, “Wait, you doubled your coaching income. That is worthy of celebrating.”

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah. We're celebrating because that's what you're wanting. Yeah. I feel like when we're talking about these gross revenues, we're not hearing what's your profitability like? What is the net profit? This year, it's way worse for me. I'm pretty much unless … I'm probably going to bring in a little bit more, probably. Then I might just be completely even this year. No actual profit. The profit and distributions I've been taking this year were from last year.

Last year, I had an insanely profit ability to the point where I had paid in my physical body, because I wouldn't get any help, because I was still acting I was completely in debt. Then I was in debt physically and diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and all this stuff, because I wouldn't get any help. Now, I'm looking forward to next year of having a more balanced, maybe, if it flows, a more balanced year where energetically I don't have a debt to pay back. The business actually is profitable. That would be really fun.

Kehla: Yeah. You know what? I love that you brought up this conversation about profit, because that's certainly something that I don't see people talking about online. I'll be honest, right now, I've been so intense going so deep into my business that I'm carrying debt again. I was debt free earlier this year. Then now I've accumulated a debt again and it's all been investing in myself. I've definitely changed my relationship to what debt means.

I've heard the narrative, it's a choice to pay things off over time. The reality is debt is a privilege. Not everyone can acquire debt. It's such a privilege. That's I really just trust that process. But it's like, yeah, I haven't made profit yet. In my business, I don't have shame around it, because I'm trusting the foundation that I'm building. But we don't hear that.

People like, “I made 21 million this year.” There actually is a coach online who apparently hit 21 million this year. I'm like, “That is so much money.” But it's how much profit are you taking home? Are you buying 10 houses a year and going on insane vacations and then there's nothing left? We just don't know.

Lauren: Or not even that. The business is eating and do a lot of it. How many Facebook ads are you paying for? How big of your team are you having and all of that? A lot of my money this year, I was looking at my P&L, I did have a lot of money go to … I have two line items. I have continuing education/professional development as one. Then I have business coaching as one.

Business Coaching is 28K. Continuing education/professional development is 38K. It's like I'm going into “not debt,” but I'm using the money from the business. The reason why I won't have the profitability is because I'm investing in those things, almost, just what we could look at it as. That's similar, you just aren't using funds inside your business for that. You're buying money.

The way that you buy money is paying for it with what we call interest. You're just buying the money to use the money ahead of time. That can be a really great strategy if you're doing it consciously and strategically, and in alignment with your sacral.

Kehla: Yes. It's so true. Actually, one of the things that I want to ask you is one of the other narratives that I've seen online is the bigger the transaction, the bigger the transformation. Almost the look on your face right now, you're like, “No.” I would love to hear your insight on that.

Lauren: Well, what comes to mind for me is … I paid, what was it, 25K at the time for master coach training. I think it was 25K for that. At that time, that was the biggest investment at one time for me. That was painful, too. That was like, “Oh my gosh,” jumping off a cliff because that was October 2019. I just started doing my own business, again, didn't have a full practice yet. Had quit working for the school.

I'm like, I hope there's going to be … that was a real leap of faith moment for me putting that on the AMX. There was that one. Then there was 20K for a mastermind that I joined last fall. Then there's 20K for SSCC when we're doing it. I want to say there's one other around that, maybe, maybe not. But I will say that I have not created the same level of transformation for myself from each of those equally that I would say they were all equal to around the same amount of money.

I do believe I create my own transformations. But I don't believe that for me creating the transformation has much to do with the money invested. Honestly, this summer I've done a mastermind that I think I probably had one of the bigger transformations I've ever done. It was a shorter … Talk about time, too, not just money. The length, a lot of times too we say.

But this is a three-month one. I think it was 3K, Kehla. I probably had one of my bigger transformations this summer and that then these five-figure ones. Is that interesting? What do you think about it?

Kehla: I love this, honestly. I think for me just talking about the relationship of money, the other week, I decided I was like, “I need to celebrate myself more.” I went to Google Doc and I literally wrote down all of my milestones that I've hit my business in the last three years.

Lauren: Oh, my gosh. I love it.

Kehla: Yeah. All the podcast episodes, all the successful launches, even actually just all the launches, even the cricket ones. I literally wrote everything out. It was funny because I was like, “Okay. Kehla, over three years, you've technically made 30 grand.” Then I was looking at the amount of effort that I put into it. I was like, “Oh, my God. That's actually so painful. You really can't say that effort equals money.”

But what I was going to say was that when I flipped that perspective, and I looked, and I was like, “Kehla, who you've become as a person in the last three years is literally priceless.” If somebody said, “Kehla, you're going to pay $100,000 so that you can be the person that you are right now.” Still, it doesn't feel aligned. It's a sacral no. No. It's just not money, I don't think equals transformation.

It can be a declaration that you are worthy of spending that particular amount of money, but it doesn't mean that your transformation is only accessible when you spend money.

Lauren: Yes. I think that's this breaking the paradigm that money is related to any of these things. It's really outside of all of them. Even with clients, I don't believe it's an exchange. I believe that the money is coming and flowing from universe, which is also me. That is coming. There are just a million different ways in which they could come. Sometimes that way is through clients.

But it's not in exchange for the exact whatever the package is, or the way the client is thinking it's an exchange for. Because then it can help us get rid of this attachment of time equals money, or certain deliverables equal money, and all of that, that gets us so hooked.

Kehla: One of the things that I've noticed is, let's say if someone goes into a coaching program, and it's three months, and you're going to start hitting 10 or 20, 30, 40k a month, after three months, after being in my energy and doing this work. The funny thing is you get into this container, and then there's all this pressure. It's like, “Okay. I only have three months to hit these goals.”

Then what happens is we literally get out of alignment, because it becomes a survival factor of like, “Okay. I need to work really hard. I need to push myself. I only have this much time working with this coach.” It honestly, it just fucks everything up. You don't actually get to experience yourself and be with yourself and see what unfolds and build that self-trust that I talked about a little while ago.

I think that that's really important, too, is paying attention to in the coaching industry online. When somebody tries to put a time stamp on your transformation, there's always only going to be so much that you can control. Ultimately, the biggest thing you can control is your perception. If you control your perception, you can choose how you perceive yourself.

You can decide that in the moment. It doesn't have to take three months. It might take three years like me, for example. Literally three years to have this insane revelation and feel liberated without having to be attached to money.

Lauren: That's one of the problems that I've had. Then having with my program Cultivate Margin. I love the program. So many people have gotten so many amazing results from it. But it's going to be sunsetting probably the day after you listen to this or the month that you're listening to this. One of the problems I found is it is a 12-week framework. I had been marketing as to create any goal.

That feels no longer aligned for me because people were picking goals from their minds that they were thinking they should do in 12 weeks. They're picking it from their mind, creating all this pressure that they're supposed to create it in 12 weeks, when it might not even be the aligned thing for them. A lot of them have undefined route centers.

It's just not making sense to me. There's just a lot of coming from an unclean place because they're choosing it with their mind out of a shadow, usually. That's where it's coming from is some shadow in their chart. They're choosing with their mind this goal and then they beat themselves up for 12 weeks for not creating it.

Kehla: Oh, my gosh. Yes. It's so true. When I think about all the times that I wrote in my journal like, “I'm going to hit 10K this month. I'm going to hit 10K this month.” Looking back, I can totally see that it was me thinking that I would have made it once I hit that number. That gave me the credibility to be a successful coach. Honestly, it was just so exhausting. It's so exhausting.

I know that one of the things that we can start talking about right now, if you want to, and I know you will, is Gene Keys.

Lauren: I always want to talk about the Gene Keys.

Kehla: I know. Oh, my gosh. One of the things that I've discovered with human design and Gene Keys is that human design is amazing, because it gives you a framework. Okay. The whole thing is an experiment. Let's be honest. Two people can read your chart completely differently on the same day or weeks apart. It's so different. I love that fluidity.

The other thing that I love is human design is more masculine. It's like, “Okay. This is your authority. This is your strategy. This is your type.” Then you can resonate with that. You might resonate with more parts than others. But Gene Keys is so much more feminine. It's less framework and it's more contemplating, which is really you have your 11 spheres and the golden path of the three sequences.

You contemplate these spheres and the energy within the shadow, the gift in the city, and you can see these patterns in your life. It just allows for a lot more fluidity. You can't force a breakthrough in a sphere in three months. It's such a beautiful unfolding. I want to hear Lauren for you how Gene Keys has essentially shifted your reality.

Lauren: I feel like that's part of the trouble with Gene Keys for me, too, is it's such a feminine, non-mental in some ways experience that I almost can't put to words, really, the experience of it, which sounds so crazy for the poor listening person right now. But I will say I feel that plus my inner voice work that I'm doing right now is really helping me soften and slowed down and become more grounded and become more me, more permission slips are happening.

I do believe part of it is me embodying being a projector more and more and learning more and more how to do that and more and more deconditioning happening. But I also really feel like it is the contemplating and energetic shifts that have been occurring whilst contemplating that people are responding to. I have been getting way more response the last month than I have in a really long time.

I feel like that's partially because of the contemplating the Gene Keys and the shift of the energy just from simply accepting, allowing, and embracing a lot of the shadows, and sometimes experiencing the gifts in some cities. What about you?

Kehla: Yeah. I think it's funny the timing of everything. I was sharing earlier how I quit my full-time contract role in September. We started diving into the Gene Keys the end of August and SSCC. I already started doing this work. It came at such a perfect time because more specifically, my core wound, which is in the pearl sequence is Gene Key 34. The shadow of this is forcing.

I can tell you right now that in the last three years, I had spent all the time forcing other people's strategies, other people's methods to do things in my business. It's no wonder that it didn't work. When I really realized this, and I started contemplating like, “Wow, Kehla. You've really been forcing things. There hasn't been this level of trust to just back off and not do anything for a while.”

Really in September and November and going into December, there's a lot of slowing down and just learning more about the Gene Keys and trusting it's okay, it's safe for you to live off your savings right now, really trust that the right thing for you to respond to as a sacral generator is going to come. It's really interesting because then I started learning about the culture sphere.

The shadow of my culture sphere, which is known to block prosperity in life is stress. The shadow of stress in the culture sphere is what I realized. I've been stressed for three years. I've been stressed about why haven't I hit this? Why haven't I done that? Why don't I have these clients? Why this? Why that? It's just been a lot of stress. Now that makes so much sense. The gift of the culture sphere is restraint.

Restraint means really trusting. When I read about the Gene Keys book, it's really about trusting the timing. It really ties it beautifully with the strength of the core wound, and just having the inner strength to restrain to not force things. I could just see the dance between these two spheres. I was like, “Oh my gosh.” Then the stillness, which is really what I've noticed in the last few months is just having the stillness, slowing down, meditating longer, taking a bath every night before bed, really being with myself.

Slowing down and being still is I feel so prosperous, and I'm not making tons of money. I'm like, “Wow. It's unrelated.” This is what I've been waiting for is completely unrelated. Prosperity comes in so many different ways. I think this is what has ultimately really given me the permission to just show up differently and to really share my story unapologetically and confidently.

Because I'm contemplating it, shifting my way of thinking, activating this in my DNA, and it's just so different than doing, doing, doing. It's such a beautiful mix. Then when you look at how your human design and conflict Gene Keys and it's so unique to each person. That's why it's so powerful, because it's not … this is what worked for me if you didn't get X. That's really what I've noticed.

Lauren: I feel like for my vocation, which is the core wound, same sphere. Mine is constriction and I was constricting myself with thinking I needed to do things a certain way and the way that everyone else was, kind of like you had the force thing and I had the constriction. Then in my culture, the shadow is superficiality. Which makes so much sense around me being constricted, doing things the way I thought people needed. I had to do them.

Then superficiality is me just playing the part and focusing on all the superficially things, playing the role on all the superficial stuff that comes up in the industry around the way people dress, the way people do all the things online. I feel like that vibe currently comes through in some of my website and stuff. I can't wait to redo some of it so that it's not so the superficial vibe that currently I'm seeing now and I am looking at it.

Not that that's where I meant it to come from when I created it. But I am now feeling it's less. I want more down to earth natural kinds of vibes now. I'm really looking forward to crafting that and spending a lot more money on design again next year. That's one of the things I like to spend a lot of money on.

Kehla: So good. But okay, so your culture is the eight Gene Key, right?

Lauren: No. My pearl is eight.

Kehla: Okay. Because I remember, I think it's the city of your pearl is style, right?

Lauren: Yeah.

Kehla: Just having your voice showing up.

Lauren: Yes.

Kehla: Isn't it funny? But ultimately, the way that you access the power of the Gene Keys is you have to trust yourself. You realize through constriction that you're not trusting yourself and you have to show up a certain way. That's what it all comes down to. It's not about finding the gurus and just replicating what they're doing to create the business that you want.

I thought of a really good metaphor the other day, and I was thinking how in the coaching industry, when it comes to building a business, what's happening is you have your puzzle pieces that are on a table. They're not together. They're just in a pile, a mess. Okay. But you have everything you need. It's there. But then what happens is we start, “Oh, I'm going to take a puzzle piece from them.” I'm going to take a puzzle piece from them, and them.

Then you try and build this puzzle and you have 3, 4, 10 dozens of different puzzle pieces from different puzzles. No wonder they don't fit together. They're not meant to fit together. But when you clear all that out, you give it back and do whatever you need to do and you're just there with your own puzzle piece and you're still in your zone, you're going to build your picture. That's where the power is.

Lauren: I love that. That really speaks to the work that you and I are really lit up or craving and desiring to be doing with our clients. Now is we don't want to be giving people puzzle pieces. We want to be sitting next to you, with you as you're looking at your own puzzle pieces and wanting support and holding as you go through that experience of putting together your own puzzle, which is so exciting.

Kehla: It's cute, too. But it's such a good metaphor.

Lauren: I love it. Was there anything else that we wanted to talk about that we haven't talked about yet?

Kehla: One of the things that I would love to ask you, Lauren, is what are some of your big goals? I mean goals for lack of a better word. Intention and energy that you are going to cultivate in 2022? That's my reframe from the word goals, because we're leaving that realm behind.

Lauren: I know. You know what? This is so fun. My website developer, designer asked me this last week. What's in store in 2022 for your business? What's the plan? It's finally, the first year ever that I don't have. Here's how it's going to go and the goals. I actually am really excited about that. I've been contemplating a lot, goals, and how I want to talk about them now, because that's been a big key thing I coach people on is goal cultivation.

I have some things that are starting to bubble and I'm sure will become Instagram posts and things later on next year. But I'm starting to think about them in a different way. What I'm looking forward to next year is I know I'm getting a cat. I'm so excited to get a cat. I know that I am really looking forward to fully serving and being present. Presence also is the city of my culture with those who are in Cultivate Margin.

If anyone joins Cultivate Margin right now until it sunsets on December 14th, then I'm going to be serving them all the way through the end of March. Then they'll have lifetime access to everything that's in there. But the live aspect of it in the full support ends the end of March. I'm really looking forward to fully serving them, fully serving my private clients current and the ones that I'm calling in.

Then I have two ideas that have been coming through my inner voice. I am just curious about what the timing will be. One of them is a private podcast. That has been coming through from my learning about not doing unpaid work. Projectors are here not really to do work in the traditional sense. We're meant to be here to lead and guide. There's a lot of resting involved in taking care of our energy to be able to do that at the highest level. I've been doing a lot of generating.

I use that word on purpose. Generating a lot of content and doing business the way that everyone says to of creating a podcast for free, creating all these opt ins, a million different opt ins, and different funnels, and all these things, and writing blog posts, and tons and tons of email list and emailing weekly and blah, blah, blah. I don't want to offer things for free anymore except for maybe when I have an aligned Instagram post.

When that just comes through for me, or when I feel called to show up on stories. Those things are fine. Whatever my inner voice tells me or my spleen tells me, I will follow that. But primarily I want to stop doing free work. I'm on operation no more free work. I really love sharing via this platform through audio. I would really love to share more of the behind the scenes almost even you coming along for the voice memos of my days or my weeks when they come through, because I have a lot that actually come through in the mornings.

I make it such a production to create the podcast right now and it's public that I don't feel like I can do that all the time. The way that I produce it, I was looking at that, too. So far this year, I've spent or invested 8K, I think, on the podcast creation. That's not including my … if we had dollar per hour, energy and not including my energy on it. I love doing it. But I really want to get help with the compensation for that.

People who really want to listen to me paying for access to my energy that feels so aligned, and to really change the narrative around the expectation of getting free work from everyone always. I think that's what I want to change as well as shift the culture there. There's no problem if you feel really called to do it for free or as like … It's not for free because it's my marketing and it eventually gets paid for with my paid services in the funnel.

If you feel very aligned and want to do that, I have no judgment for you at all. You do you as we've been talking about. But for me, I no longer feel aligned to doing a “free podcast” anymore. I'm so excited to create a beautiful paid version. That's actually in this. I figured out that I can do that through Kajabi. I'm really excited to play with that and set that up next year.

Then the other thing that's been coming through is having a group coaching subscription. But it's not going to be a membership. It's just going to be I'll have calls on the calendar, live coaching calls with me. Maybe I'll still be doing my group hour one planning, our weeks talking about time and stuff. We ended up always talking about human design. This last one we had this last week, we're talking all about different human design things on that and how that impacts the way you think about time and your calendar and stuff.

Then if there are other calls that come through that I want to do, that are coaching calls, that are group coaching calls, you'll just have access to those for this monthly amount for the subscription. I'm really excited to play with that. I've been curious about when that's going to be birthed. But yeah. Then a bunch of these things that I've been talking about, Cultivate Margin, Simply1k.

Then some of my ala carte modules that are currently included in Cultivate Margin as bonuses, they're going to be sunsetting on December 14th, because my inner voice told me to. That's basically the only reason and I'm starting to not be fully aligned with the way that I taught things then. Not that it's bad or wrong. So many people have had such amazing successes in it.

Now on the live coaching calls inside of it, I can't help but talk about human design and Gene Keys. On all the live things now, we're confusing everything about my current thinking. If you're thinking about joining and you're afraid that it's going to be outdated stuff, don't worry about that. We're totally making it. What I'm aligned with right now and all the live calls and people are loving that so much.

Anyway, that's what's coming next year. I don't have a dollar amount. I do have a general like this amount monthly would be great to cover all of the expenses for the business and my life kinds of vibes. Then this would be a really amazing amount where I would be able to invest as much as I really want to invest and be able to lifestyle-wise feel very comfortable doing everything I want to be doing amount.

It's this range right now. I think it's from 18K a month to 33K a month is the range that I'm wanting to make. I almost even love Jason and Caroline Zook from Wandering Aimfully. They talk about your enough number. Once you make that amount in a year, you don't have to make any more money. Don't keep working on making more money. If it comes to you, amazing.

But you don't have to keep then going above and beyond that amount, because you've already made it for the year. Let that be enough and be content with that. I like that vibe. What if I did that where I had this amount for the year? Then once I make that I'm just good for the year. What about you, Kehla?

Kehla: I love everything that you shared, first of all. One of the things that I'm really noticing in the online space is finally, especially from the women that I connect with, is paying attention to, “Kehla, how much free shit are you doing?” Because I have a podcast channel living in fierce alignment that I've started in March 2019. And as of today, there's 225 episodes.

Lauren: Which is so insane to me.

Kehla: I have an open throw like don't ask me how I did it. But I have edited every single episode, wrote the synopsis for every single episode. There is so much free labor in that. But for me, like you said, that feels aligned. That's the free thing that I can continue doing. Then the Instagram posting, and you know this, I love posting like carousels with so much information. They're like a little mini ebook.

Lauren: They really are.

Kehla: Yeah. For me, I've come to the boundary of like, “Okay. Instagram post, podcast, those are my free things. I'm declaring that they're valuable. One of the things that I'm going to be giving up is free master classes, live streams on Instagram for free. Not that I was doing a ton of them. But that is something that is worthy of investing. That is a higher level of exchange.

One of the things that's coming up for me I'm really excited about is from December 14th to the 17th, I'm hosting a four-day live stream. This is the last free live stream that I'm doing. It's called Mirror Mirror. I'm really just going to be sharing my truth, expanding more of what I shared today, sharing my whole journey, what I've invested in, the smoke and mirrors in the coaching industry that I've dealt with, just really being completely honest about my story.

I want to share this. Through that, I'm launching my group coaching program in January called Speaking Your Truth. That's really going to be about helping other spiritual entrepreneurs just embody their truth. Really own where they're at right now, unapologetically, just having that massive permission slip. Those are some of the things that are coming up for me.

I think next year, what I really just want to focus on is continuing shifting this paradigm that I have around prosperity, and really just shifting the dialogue around what it means to make money and why, who says you have to make more and more and more every year? It's almost coming from a place of scarcity that need to make more.

It's like, “Yeah. How can I design my life where it just gets to be abundant all the time, and it's never, oh, it's not enough?” That's something that I'm really going to be visiting next year. I just want to continue sharing and being real, because I didn't have the self leadership that I'm presenting. I didn't really have that guidance. That's what I had to discover. That's just the nature of my own journey.

That's something that I want to bring to people is I really want to hold the mirror up to them. Like, “Hey, you don't have to do what other people are telling you. What do you want to do? What can you do to cultivate self-trust?” That's really what's letting me up. Definitely come and sign up for the live stream. We're going to have that link in the show notes. Then I'll have information on that group program.

I think it's going to be three months right now. That's what I'm feeling. I will check in with my sacral. But I just want to continue that conversation, Speaking Your Truth, continue that into the New Year and just really create that community. I'm really excited about it. That's what's up with me.

Lauren: Oh, my gosh. I'm excited with the whole prosperity thing, too, and really sinking into that deeper and discovering more and more what that is for me. Because the way Richard Rudd describes it is way different than I have heard prosperity, abundance, all those kinds of things described anywhere else. It felt so true on a cellular level of being like, “Yes. This is it.” So amazing.

Oh, my gosh. I just looked down. The total for my operating expenses so far this year is $433,550.55.

Kehla: Wow.

Lauren: Me and my aligned number. I'm just like, “Wait. What?”

Kehla: You know what? Actually, one of the things that I wanted to just rope in here is that conversation about Gene Keys and Richard Rudd, prosperity, just backtrack a little bit, because you totally triggered this thought in my head, was one of the big questions that we ask in Gene Keys is how can you be of service to the collective?

I really noticed that when this question was asked to me, through the conversation with Richard and diving into the Gene Keys, and even just looking at my own relationship to prosperity, was it there was this sacrifice aspect. I had to sacrifice my time and really go all in and burn myself out to be of service to others.

But now this new conversation on prosperity and being content and settled and satisfied and in the power of however much money you're making, whatever investments or debt you're carrying over, there's just … You said earlier. It's hard to put into words how you experienced the Gene Keys.

Lauren: It really is.

Kehla: Yeah. They might be listening to us be like, “These girls are cray, cray.” We'd be like, “Yes.”

Lauren: I think they think that. I would think that.

Kehla: Yes.

Lauren: But when you're ready, you'll feel called to it as well and experience it for yourself. If you are never called to it, that's fine, too.

Kehla: Yeah.

Lauren: Kehla, thank you so much for joining me on my podcasts. Fun to have you after you had me on yours.

Kehla: Yes. Honestly, I loved your conversation. Because before we hit Record, it was like, “This is going to be organic.” I asked Lauren questions as if I was interviewing her. She asked me questions. It was just a very aligned conversation. I loved it.

Lauren: Yay. We'll have all the ways to find Kehla and her live stream event and the show notes. We hope to connect with you on Instagram. The two of us like hanging out in the DMs, chatting with people, not in a creepy way at all. A very transparent, aligned, we ended up trading numbers and hanging out online. Now, we're internet friends kind of way. If you want to connect with us there, I'm sure we both would love it. Yeah. We hope you have an amazing end to your 2021 and that you really come back to yourself for 2022.

Okay. You made it. I hope you enjoyed that long conversational podcast with me and Kehla. Thanks so much for listening. If you want more, how to connect with me, or how to connect with Kehla, you can go to to get all of the juicy links and info there. We hope to connect with you soon. Bye.


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