The Ease of Hustle Podcast

51. Indefinite Hiatus

In the last year of podcasting I have learned so much about this medium, myself, and my business.

Through this process, I have come to the decision to take an indefinite hiatus from releasing weekly podcast episodes.

Despite that decision, this isn't an end. I am not going anywhere, and I have several ideas brewing for the future that I'd love you to vote on! Hear all about them in the episode.

Are you ready for a more chatty and meandering episode this week?

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How The Ease of Hustle came to be
  • Why I am deciding to take a hiatus from weekly production
  • What processes I go through when producing an episode
  • How I got into Human Design and started embracing my projectorness
  • How my income goals have changed and why
  • How I handle decisions made from my authority
  • All the different ways to work with me and upcoming programs

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51. Indefinite Hiatus

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to Episode 51, Indefinite Hiatus.

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I'm Lauren Cash. I'm a master certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple six-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you're looking to go from exhausted busyness to easeful goal creatress, this podcast was meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now let's get to the show.

Hey, how's it going? I feel like that's how I always start my podcast off. Hey, how's it going? Today's episode is going to be a bit more of a meandering episode, a bit more of a chatty episode. If you've heard, a YouTuber, sometimes will be like, today's just a chatty episode. That's what today is going to be. Today I'm going to talk to you about a few things. One, we're going to talk about my reflections on a year of podcasting. And I had a lovely question from our community, from Danielle about podcasting. Actually, she gave us quite a few questions about podcasting. And so I will talk about those as I reflect on a year of podcasting, almost a year not quite a year, we're just going to round up and say it was a year of podcasting.

And then I had asked Instagram as well. I'd asked Instagram and my community for questions for today's episode. So Instagram also gave us three different questions that I will answer. And then I have like a million invitations for you or CTAs as we would say in the online marketing world. And most people would say, don't give so many CTAs, give one, give one in an episode but you'll hear why I'm giving you a million different options and invitations. So don't get overwhelmed by those, just listen to your inner voice or your intuition or your authority for what might be meant for you. And we're also just going to talk about the last year in general and what that's been like for me. And it's just going to be a raw episode of me probably telling you more than really I “should tell you.” So if you're in, let's have some coffee, let's chat as we transition into the autumn season, you're ready?

Okay. So let's start with just podcasting in general and a year of podcasting. So I launched the podcast October 5, 2020. I did it in a hurry. Let's just say that. I did it not consulting my inner guidance system. I really don't think I did consult the inner guidance system. I thought I just had to do a podcast because that's what you see all of the big coaches in our industry doing and I wanted to be able to talk to you and I had lots of ideas for podcast episodes and I thought it would be really fun and has been, and I have had lots to tell you and talk to you about and value to offer you. However, it was rushed and I also had listened to other people's opinions when I first started it.

So I had known since the summer of 2020, I wanted to call it The Ease of Hustle. And that name was given to me very clearly from my inner voice. But then I listened to other people that told me I shouldn't be so artsy. I should be more optimized for SEO and people searching for my podcast. And so I listened to them. I said, “Okay, yeah, that sounds logical. I will do a different name.” So I launched, as you may know, and as you may still see because we haven't changed over all of the episode art and stuff from the past as “The Effective Entrepreneur,” which is still so true about what I like helping folks with. Effectiveness is a huge value of mine. It's actually one of the values of my company is to be effective not just efficient but effective and you can hear all about that in the first couple of episodes of this podcast why effectiveness is so important to me. And I would later come to find out more reasons why it's so important to me that I didn't even realize when I first started the podcast.

So I launched it like that and I launched it with a production company. And since then I have changed the name as you probably saw back to what I really wanted which was, The Ease of Hustle. And I love the podcast art so much better now. I feel like it's so much more fun and playful and more aligned with my energy and the new branding that my company went in April, right? That was April. What is time? Time is not real. Okay. And let's see, I launched it with five episodes and we launched with a giveaway so that folks would rate and review on Apple Podcasts. And that worked really well. A lot of people listened, a lot of people rated and reviewed and gave me amazing feedback. Thank you to all of you who have done that.

I did one other like mini giveaway, I think. When was that? A little bit later before I moved and got some more reviews, I haven't really gotten a lot more reviews since then. I haven't really pushed them but a few people have once a month recently, and those that have, I really appreciate you. I really love the reviews you've given this lovely podcast.

So the year of podcasting was interesting because I ended up getting into a groove with batching my content. So that's one of the questions that Danielle had for me is, “how is your routine and set up? And do you work with a production company? How does creating the podcast work for you? Do you record one day a month and batch them?” So I really did get into this routine of batching my podcast recordings, doing four or five episodes not usually in one sitting because I still don't speak how I normally speak on this podcast as much as I try to, I still do a little bit higher voice than what I normally speak with. So my throat ends up hurting when I'm done talking because I'm not talking how I normally talk. And I think I'm doing a little bit better job today but anyway, I digress, like I said, meandering podcast.

So I would batch them and record them. And then I had a lovely process. It wasn't lovely at first but I ended up honing with my team, the production company, and one of my team members and then myself, a very lovely workflow that included Slack, some zaps with Zapier and ClickUp, and it was all lovely and flowing and Google Drive folders as well. So I wouldn't even have to slack people when I had recorded them. I just upload the file into the Google folder and then the Zap would automatically zap the channel to let them know, hey, this episode is uploaded, then the production team would edit it and we also, at the same time would be creating the episode art. And there's just like a whole beautiful process flow.

And if you know anything about me, I love a good process. I don't want to have a lot of asynchronous conversations back and forth. That's the death of all of our productivity and effectiveness. Cal Newport, and I are big fans of decreasing asynchronous back and forth communication and increasing effective processes. So I really worked on honing that. So we had a great process there. It was going pretty well but I ended up deciding to change production companies also during the year. And so I did the rebrand and recently, I haven't been loving the batching.

I like it on one hand because I like the focusing on creating the one type of content during the week and having my focus and my energy all in one place and I'm not context switching as much, which is a huge thing I teach a lot of people is about decreasing their context switching when managing their time and focusing attention. But I also didn't love the experience that when somebody, like let's say this week, they were listening to an episode of mine that just came out this week, and I had said something personal about myself. And they were like, “Oh, my gosh, this thing I relate” Or like they would give me feedback about an episode. I was so removed from it by the time it came out that that interaction didn't really feel genuine or authentic and I wasn't loving that.

This especially happened when I batched extra amount of episodes in May of this year that lasted us through a good chunk of July, I think. And it felt weird when you all are like, “Oh, my gosh, I relate” Or “I love this episode.” And I was like, “What did I even say in that episode? I don't even remember.”

So I loved the batching in terms of production and the flow of resources and energy to create the episodes but I didn't love it for me and my connecting with other humans around the episodes and other humans I mean, you, I. So I was feeling like that wasn't really aligning anymore and then I also have been feeling like, I don't want to just create an episode because I need to fill an episode. I have tons of ideas for podcast episodes. I have no end to my ideas. I have so many valuable things I could teach you or show you or talk to you about or processes or steps and all the things or narrating my life and reflecting on that and showing you what I'm learning.

But sometimes it feels like it's not a yes to record the podcast and I'm just doing it because you're supposed to have a weekly podcast and you're supposed to be consistent. And we talked about the whole consistency thing in the episode with Lauren Armstrong, Episode 45, if you haven't listened to that, we talked all about that. And I wasn't feeling like I was meant to record a weekly podcast anymore. And that was really hard for my mind to deal with, because I feel like I'm supposed to. I feel like I'm letting you down if I'm not recording once a week and it's not like I don't have ideas for it, but also my energy then is being poured into this thing that sometimes I don't want to pour all my energy into. Not because I don't love you, listener. Not because I don't like talking and recording a podcast but because I want that energy to go somewhere else which leads me to the whole conversation of things that I've been going through this last year and shifts in myself and my business, which you've heard a lot about on the podcast.

I honestly don't even remember everything that I've reflected to you already. So I'm just going to speak from what's true for me now and reflect on things you may or may not already know. So a huge thing that happened for me last year right before the podcast became a thing, I was going through inner voice facilitator training with Jess Lively. And as I was doing that, as I was getting sessions as like a client myself and listening to my own inner voice, my inner voice was telling me to slow down. And then I needed a lot more space in my life and in my business and that I wasn't really missing to be working as much as I was working, even though I loved what I did or what I do past and present all at once. I really needed to pull back and get more support is one of the things I thought I needed. And it was really having me slow down.

Then from that, I actually learned of Dana Evans and her podcast. And everything I've talked about, we'll link in the show notes and we're going to have 5 million links in the show notes this week. So just get ready to go visit my website and go to And so I found Dana through that and then Dana has a podcast and she had had Lauren Armstrong who you've heard on this podcast if you've been following along on episode 45 that I already mentioned, on her podcast and I listened to that episode and they were talking about Human Design and I hadn't heard of Human Design at all until then. And they were talking about the experience of being a Projector. This is a type in Human Design and I really related, especially to Dana.

I felt like I have to be a Projector. I have to find out. I must be. I didn't even know how many types there were or what the other types were but her describing being a Projector, I just related so deeply on a soul level. And the way she was describing it was also a lot of the things that my inner voice had been telling me about us when, at the time, I listened to it as well. So then I did find out that I was a Projector as you probably know because I've said it a million times now on the podcast. So I found out I was a Projector. I also have the same profile as Dana. So that also makes sense that I really related to her as well through that.

So I discovered then that I was a Projector and I was super skeptical of Human Design and I still totally understand if you are and you're like, I just don't relate to that system, totally fine. If you don't, I still can help you with a lot of things even if we don't do anything with Human Design but it's a huge part of my experience this year. So I just want to share that. So stay connected and listen to just my story, my experience, if you're interested in that, you don't have to accept or like Human Design to get something from what I'm reflecting.

So I discovered that, and then I started working with Lauren Armstrong privately and then I'm learning a lot about my Human Design and about how Projectors aren't meant to work a lot and not meant to really work in the regular sense of the word work and that we're here to lead and guide when we're recognized and invited and I'm learning a ton about it and it's aligning with what my inner voice said. So that's why I wasn't as skeptical because these two things I was skeptical of. They were both confirming each other and it just felt so true to my core.

And then come November, I had been having health issues throughout 2020 and weird issues like issues with my bladder, issues with sleeping, issues with just some other funky things, had been going to traditional doctors, they all saying, “you're fine. You look great. Your labs are great.” I'm like, but there's something that's just not correct with my body, with my system. So I finally ended up getting a DUTCH test and testing my hormones, cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, estradiol, all sorts of hormones. And it comes back to tell me that I have adrenal fatigue and huge issues with my cortisol. And not only that, but I have been experiencing adrenal fatigue for a long time. I have been not doing well in my body, in this area for a very long time and operating in a deficit for a long time which made so much sense to me because of how much caffeine I felt like I had to have to function in the world.

So not only, yes, I'm a Projector, and so my energy is differently and I am not meant to keep up with the collective, but also I have had like adrenal issues. And so I don't even have what my normal would be. So yes, drinking five cups of coffee a day made sense. Of course, I was doing that and of course, I was like done by the afternoon, like completely tapped out. And of course I was having a hard time coaching and teaching for 25 hours a week or whatever I was doing last year.

So it was all just reconfirming. My body was confirming, all of these things were confirming like, “hey, we got to do something differently, got to slow down.” So I've been playing with that, playing with how to slow down. But in some ways I really didn't slow down. I sped up in other ways like we changed the branding of the company. We changed websites of the company. I brought on more team members thinking that was going to help. I offered a lot of things in the shop earlier this year, I was doing the podcast. I was doing all the Instagram marketing. I was doing all the email marketing. I was still doing a lot and putting out a lot and diverting my energy when I only have, we all only have a certain amount of energy a day, but I really believe that I have even less than a lot of folks.

I was diverting that energy a lot. So that's one of the main reasons why I'm going on an indefinite hiatus from the podcast but stay subscribed because I'm going to publish podcast episodes whenever my authority or my inner voice want me to and really call me too. So it's not like I'm going to end the podcast and never come back but I'm just going to do it very spontaneously and irregularly. And only when I'm called to do so rather than forcing myself to do it every week even though I love doing it. And even though I have plenty of ideas, I really want to devote my energy to other areas. So let's talk about that, where do I want my energy to be going right now? And where's the energy that I'm not putting into the podcast going to be going.

So this fall, I really would love to be working with more private clients. I love working with private clients. It's funny because lately I've been getting some messages from some people that have said, I know you don't take private clients, but I'm like, wait, hold on, that's not true. I do take private clients. I only take a few, very high end high ticket private clients so that I can take care of my energy so that I can show up in the very highest cleanest way for those folks. I'm never, again, going to be coaching how many people I was coaching last year at one time, it was like insane. I had so many classes I was teaching, so many groups I was running and I had, I don't even remember like 15 private clients or something. And I really couldn't give everyone my best then. And I don't want to do that anymore.

I really want to take care of my energy so I can give my purest highest availability to those that I am working with. So I'm really excited for that. And this fall, here's like, I was going to do this thing and now I'm not going to do this thing and I'm going to tell you all about it. So I am currently launching only to people who are already in Cultivate Margin, my signature program. Those who are in it right now are getting invited to what I'm calling the live version. So it's like what I ran last year where I had a small group of 10 to 12 people and I coach them every single week and guide them also in posts to do the application work and stuff in between last year, it was on Slack, this year it's on my own custom app.

I'm inviting them into small groups to do the framework together and to be coached by me weekly, which I'm really excited about because I think for some people it can be really hard to just start doing the work on your own self-study. Some people can do that really well but some people have a harder time with that. So I want to run a live version of it for anyone who's like, “I really want to do the framework. I really want to create this amazing thing for myself, this cool, this intention, this new way of being, this new way of working. And I want to be led and guided by you and be in this lovely group of people that are just like me.”

So, I'm inviting them into groups for that for this fall. We're going to start some of those groups this fall. So I want my energy and attention to be available for them and for the private clients that are feeling aligned to work together this fall. And then I am also doing a little, I'm calling it Level Two but that's not really a great name for it but I'm calling in some folks that have worked with me previously to do a, embodying your Human Design and life in business and applying it to how you manage your time and your energy and all this amazingness, in a very small group way. So there'll be a max of five people in that. So that's where my energy is going this fall is to my private clients, to Cultivate Margin Live, to the Level Twoers. I was going to launch Cultivate Margin Live to y'all, the general public, general public sounds terrible, you're not the general public, but to you who may not be in Cultivate Margin yet.

My spleen, my inner voice, my authority, my intuition ended up telling me no. It was really hard for my mind, and ended up telling me not to do that. But if you're listening to this right now and you're like, Lauren, I really have been on the fence about joining your program and I would really love to be a part of this group and do the framework with you in a small group setting like you described, we're going to have on the show notes page a way for you to be able to reach out to us but feel free to DM me on Instagram or email and we can see if it could be a good fit. And if we have a spot available, I don't want to tease you with that and then not have a way for you to do it if you're very intuitive like this is for me. So maybe we can make it work for you if you're feeling that way. Also, if the Level Two is something of interest to you as well, just reach out to us and we can see what we can make work.

So let's go back to the rest of Danielle's podcasting questions and then I'll go and answer the other questions. And then I will start to invite you to all of the things. I started to give you some ideas of things that you could potentially be invited to. So let's talk more about what Danielle asked. So she also asked about, “Do you just keep a running list of ideas?” Yes. I do. I actually am going to synthesize them into one note into this new platform I've been using because right now they're all over the place. I have them like in a handwritten notebook. I have them in my Apple Notes notebook. I used to be a lot better about the way in which I took notes and organized them. So I'm going to be returning to more streamlined practices there.

So yes, I usually have a running list of ideas, then I'm really connecting with what makes sense right now for you all to listen to, or what do I feel most aligned with recording. And then she also asked, “do you outline, write a script or talk off the cuff.?” So I've done different ways. I never have written a script verbatim for the podcast as you probably can tell, I don't do that. Today, especially, it's like all over the place, because my notes for it are all over the place and I just wanted it to be more of meandering me chatting with you anyway conversation. And if you're not still listening, that's totally fine. I only want people who are interested in the juicy, real chat to be still listening.

So usually it's a bulleted outline. And then I talk off the cuff from the outline. Sometimes I have different sections written more. I did write out more in the beginning of the podcast of the beginning episodes. I think I scripted and re-scripted or outlined/scripted a lot more back then, and it was more like me teaching at you in a way than the more recent episodes have been but I find that you all end up liking the ones that I have like a very general outline. And then I just talk and give examples, and sometimes they even come up with the examples just talking it out as I'm talking to you. So yeah, it's very organic for me and I don't record and then re-record or mess up too much as I'm talking. I say um and like have a lot of those things happening, but I don't re-record episodes like three times and then edit those together or anything like that.

I'm much too lazy to record a podcast episode a million times over and over again. So that's just not effective in my opinion. And then Danielle also asked, “besides emailing the list once a week or posting on social, what ways do you get the word out?” I love this question because it really comes back to Human Design, which you all are like, “Oh, my gosh, everything comes back to Human Design now with you Lauren. So annoying.” I know. I'm sorry, but it's true, because I am working on my Human Design certification. I have Level One done, working on Level Two and then Level Three is going to start now soon too. And it's been such a life-changing thing for me this last year, that's been a lot of the changes too, is like me really learning how to decondition and embody my projectorness.

There's also a lot why like pushing out an episode and content every week is just not a Projector thing to do in my opinion. So anyway, as a Projector, our strategy is to be recognized and being invited, so waiting for the recognition and invitation. And so getting the word out, like pushing word out, that's really like a Manifestor thing is like the informing and pushing something out there, is much more Manifestor leaning vibes. So I don't believe in basically getting the word out. It sounds ridiculous because yes, I'm running a business, but yeah, I email the list. I didn't always do that either like my list, if you're on it you know that I let you know what the new episode is when it comes out. And then sometimes I used to post more regularly in Instagram stories or even a post on my grid but I don't even do that very much anymore. It's very irregular and that's it.

And then I trust that those who are meant to find the podcast, will. So they will find out about me in another medium and then they will discover my podcasts. So I also could just decide, let's say I'm invited as a guest on somebody else's podcast, I could decide when they're like, how can people connect and find you? You could decide that the only thing you're going to say in situations like that is your podcast rather than giving them multiple options or giving them like an opt-in to get on your email list. You could say, find me on my podcast, listen to my podcasts. So I have done that. So guest podcasting is definitely a way that people can find out about it, but just me being in the world and people discovering and learning about me is how they then will learn about my podcast.

I don't really do anything other than that, maybe SEO from the show notes. That would be lovely if people find out about it that way, that's like another reason why you post the transcript of your podcast on your website so that SEO can help folks find your podcast episode that way as well. So that's one of the reasons we do that. And then Danielle also asked about companies emailing me all the time asking to be added to their directory. Are these legit? I'm pretty sure they're not. We get a million emails as well for people asking for me to have complete strangers on my podcast and that's always a no. So I also think that those directory requests are not legit. So I'm going to take a quick sip of my coffee and then we'll go to the other questions from Instagram.

The first question, and I love this question is, “if/how you changed/made an income goal while trying to slow down.” So I've had a very interesting relationship with this this year and I still feel like I am playing with this. I'm not to a conclusion, “here's what I'm going to believe for the end of time.” So at the beginning of the year, I was saying that I wanted to make $2 million this year and not really sure where that came from. I think there's just right now in the coaching industry, if you've noticed it's no longer like have a six figure business, create a six figure business, it's very much create a seven figure business or even starting to lean more eight-figure is like we're all saying that that's the thing for everyone to do that you should be striving for.

So with my undefined head and Ajna, I can be a little bit more easily influenced to these new ideas of what I “should be doing.” And I don't have anything against money goals as you know, I love money goals. I absolutely love coaching clients. I do a ton of coaching around belief work and becoming your future self around the money goal that you want to create. But what I've been finding is a lot of us create that goal, that R-line if you're thinking about the self coaching model, we create it not from a truly aligned place with ourselves. We don't get that goal from our intuition or our authority. We get it from outside of us. We're like, yeah, it sounds really exciting to create a seven figure business and I can put anything in the R-line so why not put that in the R-line.

And that might not actually even be what you truly desire and there's nothing wrong with it if it is what you truly desire. I, by all means would love to coach you and lead and guide you to seven figures, multiple seven figures. I've coached many clients on that. And I love leading and guiding in that area. And I also am not opposed to my business creating seven figures in a year period. I have created more than seven figures in a two year period. And I'm totally cool with my business creating seven figures in a year period. However, I have a little bit of a different stance on it now, because of my health situation, because of what I've been learning about my true desires versus what I just have taken in from other people as what should be my desires. So this year, unless something wild happens, I'm not going to create seven figures.

So last year, as you probably know, because it's one of the most popular episodes of mine, I talked about going from $37,000 to $632,000 in three years, that's the number two most downloaded episode on the podcast right now. This year, right now, I think today's a Friday, I haven't gotten the numbers done for today yet but I think we'll be at like $411,000 in revenue. This is just revenue. All of these numbers have been revenue.

So we still totally could create the same amount of money as last year. And it may not happen either. And I'm totally fine either way because this year I've worked so, so, so, so much less than last year. I took almost June pretty much off. I did some work while I was in California, but this year has been so different than the last year. And I've made, what percentage of the amount of money is that that even if I didn't make another penny this year, let's see, let's do math, divide it by six, like 65%. And it'll probably be at like at least 70%. I'm really good with that. I don't have a problem with that at all.

I will say one thing that I don't love is that this year my profitability hasn't been as good as last year. So I would love to get my profitability in the zone that I want to get it into and also not work a ton, like just really take care of my energy, have a profitable business. So I'm going to be shifting a lot of things here to create that. And I'm feeling really good about that. So that's also some of the things that I've been considering, especially recently going to be changing a lot of stuff up. I'm not even going to tell you about that right now because it's still like happening as we speak.

So back to the question, income goal. Yeah. So I feel like my income goals aren't as high as like I thought they needed to be. And I think I just put them as higher because I thought they should be higher. And I'm really embracing more of this concept of an enough number. You can hear about that in Paul Jarvis's book, Company of One. I've actually just started re-listening to that. I've listened to it years ago and I didn't really love it then but I just started listening to it again and I'm actually loving it this time around which is really interesting. I had to go through some certain life experiences to connect with it more. So, yeah, for me, I'm realizing what I really truly desire and what I want my money to do for me and how much I want to work and all of that and decoupling the two is really important and I feel like I'm getting pickier now.

I for sure am down to have a seven figure plus business but my non-negotiables of that goal creation, if you've listened to that episode, a lot of people are loving that episode, Episode 49, are getting a lot pickier, like a lot, a lot pickier and I don't have a problem with that. I am totally down to create a seven-figure business but there's a lot of asterisks about the way in which I'm down to co-create that with the universe. So to answer the question, it has changed a lot. I'm still totally down with being open with numbers, being excited about women making a ton of money, about us really defying the odds and limitations around what money we bring in and maybe you don't need as much money as you think you do to create the life you want to create. And how amazing would that be? I'm sure I'm going to have a lot more conversations about this in the future too because I feel like I've really shifted this year around that a lot.

Okay. And then there was another question about “your move to another state during that time.” So I think I've talked about moving to another state in one of the other Q&A episode. So I moved from California to Nevada last December. So I've been in Nevada most of this year and yeah, I don't know what else to say about that, but if you have more questions feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to have a chat with you. Then the last question, oh, my gosh, this is going to be the longest episode ever. Are you still hanging out with me? Okay. Cool. “Decisions made from your authority, not self theme awareness and how you handle it.”

Okay. So I've been going through a lot of learning of this and I'm also down that Human Design is an experiment in learning to make decisions from our authority is also going to be a learning experience. And sometimes it's a very painful learning experience as I've been noticing in some of my own decision-making this year. So my authority as I'm sure you've heard is splenic. So I make decisions from my spleen. I conceptualize it as very interchangeable with inner voice. The spleen also has a very still calm whisper, speaks once quietly vibes. It's like the splenic hit and knowing of what's correct for you. So it's very much the same as inner voice to me.

So sometimes it's really hard for me to listen to that when I'm around other people, it's hard for me to hear. And I also can take in and amplify other people's ideas with my undefined head and Ajna. So sometimes like this whole money thing too, I have taken in and amplified the seven-figure business thing I think when it might not truly be what is from my authority for right now, not self theme awareness, bitterness. So might not self theme as a Projector is bitterness or being really annoyed. So how I handle it, I notice it and I'm aware of it. And then I ask myself, what's going on here? What's happening? Where have we not been following our strategy and our authority because that's the main times when our not self theme will arise. And it's usually for me when I'm not doing one of those things.

So recently I was feeling some bitterness and it was because I was not listening to some of my splenic hits about what's supposed to happen. And so I was getting really bitter because life was presenting me with some issues because I was not following that. So then I was able to ask more specific questions and get more specific guidance but it wasn't what my mind wanted to hear. And it wasn't what my mind wanted.

So I think just being able to begin to be aware of when you're feeling you're not self-theme and then asking yourself, where am I not following my strategy and authority? Why is this coming up for me? How is this serving me as a red light, as something is off here on the check engine light? Where are you not listening to your authority or not making decisions from your authority and trying to carry out a decision that was not from your authority? Hello, I have been there a lot.

And then how can we of course correct now that we're here? And then also it does come up a lot around if I'm not waiting for the recognition invitation and I just give unsolicited advice. What? Me, never. And then I met with people not liking what I have to offer with my penetrating energy. Then I can get better because I'm like, I have these amazing things to offer and you're not listening to me and you don't take me seriously. Now I'm going to try to prove myself with my completely wide open heart.

So I would just say that, and if you want more help with navigating this yourself, I would love to lead and guide you in that way. You can book a Human Design reading on my website or I'll have it in the show notes, which then leads me to, I feel like there's so many other things I could reflect on from this year but we're almost to 50 minutes. So I want to go to my millions of invitations for you all and how we can stay in touch as I devote my energy to other things. And what's available for you if you're like, I still want to be connected with you, Lauren. I don't want just spontaneous splenically led podcast episodes. How do I stay in touch with you? We're going to talk about that. I'm going to take another sip of my coffee and then let's chat about that.

Okay. The first thing is that I'm going to have a workshop this week if you're listening to this, as it comes out, as it drops on Monday, where you're listening on Tuesday, Wednesday of this week when this podcast episode dropped. I am doing a workshop that I'm really excited for because I keep hearing people trying to use a time blocking method to manage their calendar and believing that it has to be really rigid and that it's not working for them because it's so rigid or they're every week taking over an hour to plan out their week using a time blocking method. What? No, let's not do it that way. Let's do it a more streamlined way, a more mix and match way you're invited to the anatomy of a calendar workshop. We will have registration in the show notes. Again, the Come join me, come live, bring a friend, bring a beverage, let's have a party.

And if you listen to this after, instead of that registration link, we will have a way for you to get access to the workshop recording if you can't make it live or if you heard this later and you're like, wait, Lauren, I want that workshop when are you doing it again? Hey, I have the recording for you. You are welcome. Enjoy.

Okay. So other things I'm really excited about that I want to invite you to, you already heard my… If you're really interested in Cultivate Margin Live or if you want to stay connected with me, come join Cultivate Margin, my signature program. We'll have that in the show notes. We'll have like all the options of ways to stay connected to Lauren. If you have ideas for me for podcast episodes, we will have a link for the click up form for that. We have done calls for that form before. But if you have things where you're like, “Lauren, I really want you to talk about this on one, if you feel so led to do so in the future spontaneously,” we will have that option available for you.

If you've been wanting to work with me privately, the way to get started working with me privately is through an Intro Session or through a Human Design reading. If you're interested in Human Design and incorporating that with causal coaching in a private coaching setting, get a Human Design reading and let's start there. If you're like, “I'm not so sure about this Human Design stuff. I'd rather just causal coaching using the self coaching model, all that good stuff, book an Intro Session.” I'd be excited to see if we would be a good fit.

Also, I have two ideas that I'd really like to get your feedback on, or have you join. We're going to have wait lists for them if you are interested. So it's your way of saying, Lauren, I am interested in this thing that you said you are interested in maybe creating. So one is this quick start mini course idea. So what I've been finding is a lot of people are interested in joining Cultivate Margin or they've joined Cultivate Margin but they're in this mindset of, oh, my gosh, there's so many fires. Oh, my gosh, I'm drowning. I'm so overwhelmed I can't even create time to do your program so help. I have an idea for a very bite-size dripped program through a private podcast situation with supportive videos if it needs to have a supportive video as well but you'll be able to just digest it in a private podcast format. It'll give you like five minute things of today, just do this thing.

And then everything I give you in that dripped audio course we'll compound to help you create enough space to then do Cultivate Margin if you want, or just we'll create enough space for you to be like, oh, my gosh, I can breathe again. And I'm not drowning and not hating my life entirely and that was way less painful than I thought it would be. If you're interested in that, I don't know what I'm going to call it yet, but we'll have some way for you to say, hey, yeah, put me on the waitlist for that. I'm probably going to do a call to pre-sell it and have a certain amount of number that I've pre-sold before I create it because I don't want to create things that people don't actually want. I've had that happen a few times and I want to stop doing that.

So we will pre-sell that if you're interested, get on the waitlist so you can hear about the pre-sell of that, I'll probably have a pre-sale price of it too. So we will have that in the show notes. Another thing I am excited about is potentially creating VIP days. One day, you fly in, come to Vegas, we have an amazing hotel experience, massages, wonderful food, all the things. And we also do your entire customer experience for a launch or an entire customer experience for a program, or we do workflow design and optimization for you and your team so you're not having so many asynchronous slacks back and forth and we can really save you a whole lot of money, time, and energy with workflow design for your company, things like that because that's so helpful to like be behind a computer together and that's really like working with a whiteboard behind a computer, all that jazz in real life.

If you're interested in like a VIP day, we'll create a wait list for that as well. And for you to say a little bit more about what you would love to get help with and if you're willing to come to Vegas, we will have that also.

Okay. So last two things before I bid you goodbye and have the longest podcast I've ever recorded available for you is, again, am a Projector. I love to be recognized for what I'm really good at and invited to things. So if you have invitations for me, I don't bite, invite me. If you see my brilliance and you would like to invite me to be on your podcast to talk about something that would be super helpful for your people, invite me. I'd love to be on your podcast as a guest, potentially, if it's a good fit, obviously I'm still going to take it through my authority, but invite me. If you would like me to create a training, teaching something that would fit inside your program for your people and you'd like to be an affiliate of my program or you want me to come teach to your group, all of that good stuff, or you want me to come coach your employees or your staff or help in that capacity, reach out. Let me know. I would love to see if we could be a good fit.

And then two more things. Okay. If you would like to become an affiliate, let me know. We will potentially let people, so far we've only let people that are inside of Cultivate Margin right now become affiliates. But if you're like a huge Lauren Cash fan and you know my stuff is legit and you want to be able to recommend things to your close friends or your clients and you would like to receive affiliate income for that, let me know. You can just email us at and then we will see if you would be a good fit and have you apply to be an affiliate.

And then the last thing that I forgot was somebody on Instagram. I forget who you were, but, hi, had asked me for a mini course like a module, a la carte module, like my other a la carte modules on creating your self-concept. If you're interested in that, we will have another wait list. We'll do the same thing where we'll probably do a pre-sale of that before I create that.

Okay. So you have like all the million call to actions that I'm not supposed to give you in one podcast episode but I would love to stay in touch with you. If you're not following me on Instagram can follow me on Instagram. I'm sporadic there as well. Come join us in Cultivate Margin, come coach with me. If you feel like that's a good fit, stay subscribed because you never know when my spleen is going to be like, hey, post this podcast episode. And if you're not on my list already, sometimes I send love notes there. It's also going to be splenomegaly led. But if you're not there already, you're invited to that as well. And we will have all of these options in your show notes,

Thank you so much for listening to this almost hour long episode. I hope it was helpful to hear some of my reflections on podcasting this last year. There's so much more than I'm honestly reflecting on. This year has been really up and down for me learning about my design, deconditioning, working on healing my body, changing my business model, seeing what's working, seeing what's not working, figuring out how I can best serve you, coach you, while also taking care of me so that I can do that first thing even better. It all comes back around. So thank you so much for being a podcast listener. If you haven't listened to all of the podcast episodes, go back, now's your time, you can listen to them, whichever one's a call to you. And I hope you'll stay in touch. Bye.

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