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39. Intending and Trying

How to step out of trying and intending energy and into 100% pure unadulterated belief and knowing.I’m talking this week about a mindset that I see come up for all of my clients at some point on their journey. It’s something I love obnoxiously calling out whenever it comes up, and in this episode, I’m calling you out on it as well.

When we say we’re trying or intending to do something, what does that really mean, and how does it feel in your body? We’re telling ourselves we’re doing our best to make something happen, but using this kind of language makes one thing painfully obvious: you’re not certain that you can do it. And no matter how hard you try, if you don’t believe in something, it’s never going to happen.

You know what you want, and this belief work is the first and last step in getting you to your goals. So, join me on the podcast this week to discover how to stop trying, intending, and hoping, and instead how to start truly believing and knowing.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What saying you’re trying or intending to do something means about your belief
  • Why results in the fullest expression of your desire are never aligned with the energy of trying or intending
  • How to step out of trying and intending energy and into 100% pure unadulterated belief and knowing

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39. Intending and Trying

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to episode 39, Intending and Trying

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I’m Lauren Cash. I’m a Master Certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple 6-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you’re looking to go from procrastinating perfectionist to easeful entrepreneur this is the podcast that is meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let’s get to the show.

How’s it going, you all? I hope you’re having an amazing summer. I say this every week. I hope you’re having an amazing Monday. I hope you’re having an amazing whatever. But I really do. I hope you’re doing well. I am doing well, hanging out in my office recording these for you.

I am getting thirsty though and I’m contemplating, I’m going to go for my afternoon walk right after this, and then do the rest of my work. I am getting ready for additional support in my business, which is super-fun. I really love being able to have more support in my business.

But at the same time, it kind of ends up being ore work before it’s less work. And a lot of clients have a hard time with that. It’s like, “I thought you were saying there’s going to be less work, but then there’s more work training them and onboarding them and all of the things and making sure they’re all set up with their training.”

And there is, but it will pay off and you can make it really automated as you expand and grow your team. So, I am excited to expand and grow mine and hope that we can help all of you do the same and manage your time in a way that feels really amazing so that you can have the ideal calendar and not sacrifice anything as you create the business that you desire.

So, today, we’re going to talk about a mindset that I obnoxiously call out in my clients constantly. A lot of them are very self-aware now. When they start to say it, they will catch themselves and change what they’re saying as they’re talking to me, because I am prone to interrupt them and tell them that they’re doing it again whenever they do this. So, I want to talk about this today.

And that is saying that you are trying to do something, create a goal, create revenue, accomplish a something. You’re trying. You’re trying. You’re trying. Or you’re intending to. “I’m intending to. I was intending to do this thing.”

How does that feel when you think, “I’m trying,” or, “I’m intending?” Kind of saying it in a whiney way because it’s pretty whiney. It doesn’t feel good. It kind of feels like a whine, huh? Like, “Eh…”

And then, when you feel not very motivated, just kind of like struggle, not great – I don’t know what the feeling is for you. Find it in your body when you think, “I’m trying to create 100K in my business. I’m trying to create a million in my business.” What do you do? You don’t really get to work there and create that, huh? Don’t really attract it. You don’t really get to work and think of some amazing ideas that will create those things for you at all. It just deflates everything and is in alignment with half-results. I want to swear there. Those half-results.

When you’re trying, it’s like you’re not even half. It’s like 5%, kind of contemplating the thing. Results aren’t into the fullest expression of your desire. Like, there’s no way that results in the fullest expression of your desire or your creation could be in alignment with trying to or intending to.

They just never can be, so stop saying that you’re trying to do something or intending to do something. It just gives away to the coach, or it can give away to you that you’re not in full belief.

And you won’t create what you need full belief to create if you are just trying. You won’t not create the thing because you aren’t good enough, because you’re not capable, that because it wasn’t going to happen anyway or because it’s not possible for you or because you didn’t do enough.

It wouldn’t be created because you simply weren’t in full belief. And we know you weren’t in full belief because you didn’t create the thing, you weren’t in the frequency of the thing to have created it.

So, water, for example – I’ve heard this many times. But we can even think about – let’s say you’re trying to take a sip of water. Do you ever think about, “I’m going to drink this glass of water? I’m going to try to sip from my straw of this glass of water? I hope I get it into my body.”

It’s like the same thing with hoping too here. Hoping, trying, intending, anything where you’re lackluster, don’t believe that I am the person who creates that.

This is super hyperbolic, but with the water example too, like, if you ended up spilling the water as you were drinking the water and consuming that water, you wouldn’t make it mean anything about you not being good enough, capable enough, that you weren’t going to actually drink the glass of water because some of it spilled even. But you never even go there, making that goal mean anything about you and your worthiness and your capability because you believe you can drink a glass of water.

But you can apply this to anything; the 100K, the million. Wherever you’re at in your business or whatever goal you’re cultivating and creating, you will never create it if you are just trying or intending to create it. And you also won’t create it if you make whatever detour, plot twist mean something negative about you or something that you’re not capable of or that it wasn’t going to happen anyway.

The only reason why you didn’t create it was because you were in this intending to, trying energy. That can just never be in alignment with creating that result.

So, an exercise I like to use with my clients is, like, what if we had a time machine? What if we went to the future and we knew you for sure created the 100K, million, whatever your goal intention is. We knew you did it. 100%, no questions asked, you did it.

Now, we need to come back here. How would you talk about that goal, that intention, that creation, that result? You wouldn’t be saying, “I’m trying to. I’m intending to.” You just would be creating it. You have it. You know you do in another time, dimension. And time doesn’t really even exist. So, you would speak as if it already were.

And if you start to speak as if it already were, you’re going to start to embody the human that has it. This is like the future self work we talk about doing in a lot of coaching. If you are that future self who has it, then you will start to show up as if you are that person. And that person has different thoughts and feelings and then they are being in their feelings and how they speak and their action line, if you know the model.

They would be speaking a lot differently. And in your speaking, you wouldn’t be trying. You wouldn’t be intending to because you know for sure you have created the result. So, I want to call you all to the standard of noticing whenever your mind, whenever your language says “Trying to, intending to, hoping that I…”

No, none of that. If you really want to create it, none of that. “I am creating. It’s on its way. I made 100K in 2021,” past-tense orientation. I talk more about this in the How to Do Belief Work module, so I invite you to check that out. Check out the bundle. It is still going on, the launch bundle for the shop. And How to Do Belief Work is in there.

But let’s start a trend. Don’t let your friend say they’re intending or trying or hoping to. Be like, “Are you? I thought you actually fully believed in this thing? How would you be speaking if you fully believed that you created this thing?”

Be the most obnoxious friend to your friends out there. They will thank you later when they create the goals and results they actually want. I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey there, thanks so much for listening. I wanted to invite you, if you are ready to integrate what you’re learning on this podcast and want to dive deeper, you must come check out Cultivate Margin. It’s my coaching program that’s a hybrid between a self-study course and a coaching program designed just for you. Join me and the community of others like you at And you can get that link in the show notes as well. I can’t wait to see you in there. Have an amazing day.

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