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5. Mindset, An Intro

You've set a goal for your business. Things start going really well. You are excited. But then a couple of weeks later, things aren't going as well. Your goal is looking like it will be harder to achieve and the excitement begins to fade. You ask yourself, “What changed?”

Nothing has changed except your thoughts about the goal. Huh? The only way we ever get anything, any result, any outcome, any goal, anything we want, even in business, is based on how we're thinking, not what's going on outside of us. So how are you thinking about your goal?

Join me on the podcast this week where I give you an introduction to mindset work. Every result you want in your business all comes down to how you are thinking about your goal. Oftentimes, you want to change your result while you are in the middle of the goal. Mindset work gives you awareness about your thoughts, so you can decide on purpose how you want to keep thinking about your result. Tune in to find out how to stay the course and ultimately reach your goal.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Examples of how you look outside of yourself while you are mid-goal
  • What mindset work is
  • How to do Stream of Consciousness mindset work
  • How to do a Guided Thought Download
  • How to bring awareness to your thoughts
  • Using mindset work to achieve your goals

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5. Mindset, An Intro

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 5, Mindset, An Intro.

Hey, happiest of Mondays to you. Hope you had an amazing weekend, hope you made it an amazing weekend. I'm standing here really early in the morning, recording my podcast, and I just had some issues with my podcast equipment and was trying to re-hook it up. And I had to turn on this brand-new light that I got for my office, which is incredible, to have a light in my office, because it's going to start getting darker earlier here. But I turned it on, and it's so bright, which is great, but I need to get a dimmer installed on it because now it's like, there's this huge, giant light. And I almost feel like my neighbors are going to be like, “Wow, that light is so bright, and really obnoxious this early in the morning.” But anyway, that's about me.

Before we head into an intro to mindset and what I want to teach you, I want to tell you a story, which will essentially teach you what I want to teach you today on the podcast. So I want to tell you a story about a client, and it's not one client in particular actually, it's a conglomeration of quite a few of my clients all in one. But particularly I want to talk to you about clients launching things, because this comes up often when my clients are launching, and I had quite a few clients in the last two months launching things and having lots of mind drama that I was coaching them on around launches.

So if you've ever launched, or you launch in your business, you're definitely going to want to listen to this one. Even if not, I'm sure there will be some time where you are launching or you're coming to an end of a month, this mindset comes in very often at the end of a month. Even if you aren't somebody launching and you're always selling, if you set a monthly goal for yourself, you can find this thinking showing up around that goal as well, or really any time we set goals, so launches, end of months, goals, any of that, this is what our minds like to do.

So this client in particular was launching, and they were thinking that they had set their goal too high. They had set it at a particular level a few weeks prior when we were in session, and had even written it down. And then as time was going on in their launch, they would come back into session, and in the beginning they were thinking things were going really well, they were thinking they got a lot of applications for their thing really early on, and they were excited. And they were all-in still for their goal number of people into this particular program.

Now, then during the middle of the launch, this always happens, they started looking outside of themselves, aka to the number of applications that were coming in now. And how different things in the launch were performing, such as Facebook ads, how their audience was interacting with their launch materials, like a training, a Facebook group, their social media, et cetera. They started looking to all of these things, the rate of the applications coming in, and they decided that their goal was too high now because of the rate at which they were receiving applications, and they just felt like their audience was dead now.

Then they not only decided this, but they also decided that the methods they were working weren't working the way they wanted them to, because they were comparing everything that happened in this launch with all of their previous launches that have happened before. So not only are we looking at the things that are happening “to us in our launch” – the way that the Facebook ads are going, the audience is reacting, the number of applications – in order to inform what we think our goal should be mid-launch, and changing our minds around what our goal is. We also in that mindset are comparing to the past.

This is a problem, because the only reason why we ever create what we create, the example here is you're creating the number of clients into this program that you're launching, the only reason we ever get that number of clients is based on the way that we're thinking. This is what I'm going to teach you today in Mindset, An Intro. The only way we ever get anything, any result, any outcome, any goal, anything we want, even in business, is based on how we're thinking, by way of how we're feeling and what we're doing, which we'll talk about more in the future. But I just want to talk to you today about your thinking.

So this particular client, the only reason why they would not create the goal they had set at the beginning of the launch is because of the way they changed their thinking mid-launch to think that it was no longer possible for them to have that many people join their program, and this happens time and time again. I have clients come to me two weeks before an end of a month. I have clients come to me two weeks before an end of a month to tell me that they are thinking about their goal for next month, and they're going to adjust it because they set it too high, etc., etc. And I'm like, “Hello? What day is today?” I swear, the number of times I look at the date of the month when I'm in session with a client to quiz them on it is quite often.

So they tell me it's like the 15th or the 19th, or whatever it is, and so I tell them, “It's not the end of the month, is it? We're not actually in the next month yet, are we?” And they're like, “No, but I'm just not getting a lot of consults,” or “I'm just not getting a lot of sales, and usually this tactic that I already have used is the tactic that works, and it didn't work, so I must just be unrealistic with my goal.” No, it's not that you're unrealistic with your goal. You are being unrealistic in the way that you are changing your mind in the middle of the month, in the middle of the launch, all of these things. This is why you're not creating the amount of money you want, or the number of clients you want, is all back to what you're thinking.

So back to this client in the middle of this launch, the only reason why her launch became dead and the audience became dead was because she became basically dead to the launch. She had already exited the launch in her mind. She was no longer excited about it. She was no longer creating a lot of fun with the audience. She was no longer completely committed and in to create the number of clients she wanted. She was no longer creating this experience in her mind by the way she was thinking. It has nothing to do with Facebook ads or her audience or any of that, she was creating all of that by how she was thinking, it wasn't just happening to her.

So this is the same for you in your business. Nothing happens to you. You don't ever need to change your goal or your launch goal, or the number of dollars you want to make in a month, any of that. Don't change it, that just means that you're changing your mind and decreasing what you're capable of in your mind, not because it's not available to you in the universe. So the only reason why they won't hit their goals in launches, in months, etc., is because of what they're thinking. It's their mindset.

Your mindset, according to Merriam-Webster, is a mental attitude or inclination. What I want you to think about it as is, how you think, a collection of thoughts. And thoughts are simply sentences or phrases in our minds that we think, that are automatic, that we have usually unintentionally, we have all these thoughts that our minds are offering us all the time about everything. It's this endless, ceaseless chatter. And going unlooked at, they can really create things in our lives that we don't want, that we think that we have no control over, but we actually are creating because of what we're thinking. And we're not ever looking at what we're thinking unless we choose to do thought work or mindset work intentionally.

So this means that what we think creates everything ultimately, as you heard in the story. And in business, this means your revenue, your profit, the teams that you have, the offers you create, the goals you create and hit, the backend systems and processes you have, how smoothly everything runs, the number of hours you work, the number of followers you have on Instagram, any of the things, all goes back to what you're thinking.

So now you might be wondering, “Okay Lauren, I get it, so it's what I'm thinking. I don't really believe you all of the time, because did you not see the Facebook ad conversions last month, etc.? But if I do follow along with you and I want to change my mindset for my business, what are the ways in which I can do that? I don't know how to do that. What is mindset work? It sounds really strange.”

Well, I just want to teach you one simple way that you can start to do mindset work this week. And we're going to be doing a miniseries starting this week talking about how to do mindset work and what mindset work is, and how these thoughts relate to everything that you create, in the next few weeks, because this is all very foundational work for all of you to be able to understand the higher-level concepts I am dying to teach you on the podcast, so let's start here.

I want you to learn how to do what we call a thought download. So there are two different ways you can do a thought download. The first way is stream of consciousness, so you want a piece of paper and a pen. I highly recommend paper and pen, especially if you grew up in an age where you were mostly writing. There are new studies that say that if you grew up in an era where you were typing most of the time, you can type and have the same effects, but for me, I really like writing it down more than typing.

So what you do for stream of consciousness thought download is you write down all of your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper, and you just keep going until there's nothing else left, and you just write it all. It's not a Dear Diary entry, you're not saying like, “Dear Diary, yesterday I went to the zoo and I pet a pet goat, and then I hung out with my friend and she's amazing,” etc. What you do is just have all of the thoughts, like, “I'm afraid people won't like the podcast today. And I'm nervous that this meeting won't go well today. And I feel like this is happening, and I'm really anxious about this, and my mind is…” You just keep writing everything that your mind is saying out and onto paper.

And then the second way that you can do this is a guided thought download, where you, at the top of the page, ask yourself a question, and then write down all of the answers. This is what coaches use in worksheets, so they create a set of questions for their clients to be able to do a thought download, because worksheets are essentially thought finders for you to understand what's in your mind. And even coaches, hiring a coach, they really just ask you a bunch of questions so that you can understand what you're thinking, so that you can see what you're creating, so that you can then adjust accordingly to create what you want to create.

So, some questions that you could ask yourself, one is, “Why don't I believe that I can create a [insert in the blank] revenue business? Why haven't I created X amount of dollars yet? What am I thinking about my upcoming launch? What am I thinking about my launch right now? Why won't I create the number of people I want to sign in this launch? What do I think about my team?” Any of these things, or anything that you're wondering about, your thoughts about that they're creating, you can ask yourself a really good question to uncover your thinking, and just get it all out of your brain and onto paper.

The reason we want to do this is so that you can start to see the thoughts outside of your mind. And you, like the you with the awareness, as I talked about in Episode 4, the you under that mind, the you that has inner knowing and intuition, the sole authentic you you, is able to be outside of the mind and all of its chatter, and just look at it all as optional. All as sentences you can go with, or sentences that you decide to let go, and you get to decide what you actually are going to go with.

So if you were my client in the launch, they could have just noticed, “Oh, my brain is thinking that I need to change my goal, and it's thinking that these things aren't converting the way that they “should,” but that's not true, because I know for sure I'm going to get this many people signed up. So, hmm, interesting, what would I be thinking, or what would I be doing if I believed that all the way? How would I adjust my launch? What would I be doing differently? How would I be thinking differently about the Facebook ads or whatever if I knew for sure I'm going to hit this many people at the end?”

We went to the future and we saw that you for sure had that, so let's then get there, and be fully all-in on that. And we'll talk a lot more about how to do that, how to do this belief work, which… Belief work, for me, I believe is just a subset of mindset work. We'll talk more about how to do that work in future episodes.

So there you have that, you have a thought download, you have a stream of consciousness version, you have a pointed question version, deliberate version, asking yourself a specific question, getting all of your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper so that you can start to be outside of your mind, being able to look at the thoughts that are not you. They're just what your mind is offering you. You don't have to go along with them if they're not going to create the results that you want to create.

So I hope that was helpful, learning about mindset, and we're going to talk more about how to use your mind to create what you want to create after having checked in with your intuition, which we talked about last week. This is how you can be working with the mind as the mind offers you all sorts of options of sentences to believe or to let go. And next week, we'll dive in more, talking about separating out what we're thinking and what's actually going on, the math or the data. We, a lot of times, conflate the two and get really confused between the two. So I want to teach you how to separate them out and be really clear on what are the facts and what are your thoughts, and use that to your advantage in business.

Until then, I hope you'll enter the giveaway. You for sure don't want to miss out on the launch giveaway. All you have to do is go to Apple Podcasts, rate and review this podcast. Let me know what you're loving so far. You don't have to give me a five-star review or anything, but I would love it, if you think it's amazing, that you review it, and then you'll go to in order to enter the giveaway. I'm giving away a beautiful Movado watch, and two Apple gift cards that are meant to be used to purchase BusyCal, my favorite calendaring app for Mac. And we'll be pulling those and announcing those on the podcast, so you don't want to miss out. That again is at, You can get all of the details there.

Until then, I hope you start getting all of your thoughts out of your brain and onto paper. Bye.

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