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52. My Design Experimenting, Reflecting on a Year

If you've been following me at all, it's no secret that this past year I have been experimenting with Human Design and how it pertains to my life and business. This has come with a lot of changes and emotions.

Certain business decisions I have made didn't align with my design or what my inner voice was telling me, so instead of just continuing down that path, I have chosen to be more open to change and have taken an “as of now” mindset.

In this episode, I reflect on the first year of experimenting with Human Design. I talk about what that may look like to the outsider, and what was going on behind-the-scenes. I dive into some real and vulnerable experiences, including where I'm at recently with inner voice and Human Design work. You may even hear me cry a little. 💕

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Reflections on a year of experimenting with Human Design
  • Which card I pulled before recording (scroll down for the image)
  • Current realizations about my splenic authority
  • How I'm shifting back to a personal brand

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52. My Design Experimenting, Reflecting on a Year

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to Episode 52, My Design Experimenting, Reflecting on a Year.

Welcome to the Ease of Hustle. I'm Lauren Cash. I'm a master certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple six-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you're looking to go from exhausted busyness to easeful goal creatress, this podcast was meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let's get to the show.

Hey, I'm excited for you to listen to this episode. I have a quick update though. You'll hear me talk about The Design Infused Business Workshop + Live Coaching. Originally, I was going to only have it available for those that are already inside of Cultivate Margin and are Cultivate Margin members. But now I've decided to allow you to purchase just the workshop or Á La Carte of Cultivate Margin and join us live and get the recording, the PDF of the slides, and all of the juiciness of the workshop, even if you're not a Cultivate Margin member yet.

So, either way, you can join the workshop. If you decide to join Cultivate Margin, you'll get access to the workshop live and the recording. If you would rather just dip your toe in, get the workshop for now and not join Cultivate Margin, no problem. You can grab that and enroll at We'll also have that in the podcast cast description and show notes, which are always at the podcast episode number is and this is 52. So there will be a link there as well. So either way, join Cultivate Margin or purchase the workshop. I'd love to see you there. Now, hope you enjoy this episode.

Hey, it is a Saturday morning here, and I had had on my calendar for most of the week to record this podcast episode. And there was a lot of mind drama coming up around it. Hello mind. I just want to let you in on what that is, what's coming up for me. This episode will be some of my reflecting on a year, but what was really coming through was more of like a check-in with you all telling you where I am now, some of the things of the last year that you may or may not have heard in previous podcast episodes from a year of my podcasting. And then I also just want to invite you to something that I'm really excited about.

So I might actually invite you to that sooner than later in case you don't listen to all my rambling, but anyway, some of the mind drama around recording this episode is very perfectionistic, shockingly enough. I was afraid that I would not speak clearly, correctly, precisely about Human Design, that I wouldn't represent that very well or start to teach that on the podcast very well. Nervous about that. Nervous about am I really going to share about the last year? Because honestly, after I move through things lately, I forget about them.

I haven't been documenting this last year really. Haven't really been into journaling or anything like that in the last year. I have notes from coaching calls and things like that, but it's harder for me to recall really what I've gone through this last year, but I do want to share some of that because that leads into my invitation for you. I also want to let you in more behind the scenes, but if I'm going to let you in behind the scenes, then that's meant to be a little bit more raw, a little bit more… not over-prepared, and it might not follow a beautiful outline with three points and five… It's not going to be this very, I don't know, digestible, actionable thing.

It's not going to be the perfect podcast episode in terms of what the mind thinks or what they say out there. So there's a lot of that drama going on of like trying to create this outline and it wasn't flowing well. I have a whole outline that I'm actually looking at right now and there are some of those things that maybe will come through. But when I was on my walk this morning, my inner voice, and to me, that's interchangeable with my splenic authority and Human Design. To me, I really conceptualize them mentally as the same thing. So my inner guidance is the same thing.

I was just hearing, because I've been asking about am I meant to record this podcast episode? What's this resistance about? I know the resistance isn't about actually recording it, but what's coming up here? So I've been asking for a few days and I just kept getting a not yet. And then this morning, I was noticing the perfectionistic thinking coming up, which is nothing new if you know me, or if you've been listening to me you know that's also been my niche in the past. Not that I used to really procrastinate that much. I mean, we could call this procrastinating recording this podcast episode, right? But I used to have the tagline for the procrastinating perfectionist.

I was noticing that, but I also felt this other resistance that I knew wasn't the mind needing to be coached around the perfectionism and all of that. I've done that, but then this morning when I was on my walk, the inner voice just said, “Just talk. Just start speaking.” Basically, then I interpret that mentally as like, yeah, throw out the outline. You have this outline, but some things you want to say. Throw out the concept of people are going to negatively react because you didn't keep it concise. Throw out the expectations of what exactly you're going to cover and how it's going to fit and how it's going to seamlessly flow. Just speak.

So if you're not here to just hear me just speak and be with me for whatever comes through, that's fine. Maybe turn off the podcast episode. But if you're down for a raw real, that's the other thing is the mind and I can feel some emotion behind this too. The mind is afraid of saying things on the podcast that are true today, that maybe then aren't true later, and having to undo that and letting people down or them getting upset because things have changed. And that is a lot of the design experimenting from this year is making decisions that I would categorize as either they were splenically led or like from the inner voice and I did them.

And then I was undoing something by doing that, that I had done maybe from the mind previously. And then I did them and then things changed. Maybe splenically changed or mentally changed. And then another category is it was… yeah, that's kind of the same one of like it was splenically led, but unfolded differently than the mind thought it would. Like it extrapolated. Like this now decision means X, Y, Z in the future. But really the guidance was for the right here in the moment. And that's really what I've been learning lately is how much my mind, which I know is not just mine. All minds are attempting to project into the future and live into the future in an unhealthy way.

We're going to attempt to mentally tune into our authority or inner voices for a moment, 5,000 moments from now, and ask for good guidance for that. But that's not what this guidance is for. This guidance is for the now decision. And a lot of decisions that we believe are now decisions we're really clumping like 20 decisions into one and believing that that guidance is for all 20 things if that makes sense. I've really been finding lately in my experience, in my getting coached, not only do I do that, but I also think that I can mentally go to a place.

Like, for example, I'm considering moving again, not shocking to any of you. I'm sure. If you've been following me, you know I've moved around quite a bit in recent years and really just in my life, in this lifetime in general. But I was trying to pro-con list trying to sense into which place here potentially I could move to. But then every time I would go physically to the location, I knew it was a no, but then I was trying to talk myself mentally into making something work that wasn't a yes because the mind was so obsessed about our rent is so much and we should move somewhere else and blah, blah, blah. But from that experience, I've really been learning that internal wisdom, my authority, the inner voice, all these things I use interchangeably.

It comes not only in the moment. It also comes in the moment when I'm in the thing, like experiencing the thing. I sometimes try things on so that I can get that wisdom. So sometimes that can look like I'm changing my mind a lot, but it's really like going to try clothes on. Yeah, I can look at it on the hanger and try to tune in, and maybe I will get guidance then, but sometimes and I'm realizing more and more, a lot of times the guidance isn't in the looking at it on a hanger. The guidance is when I put it on the body and then tune in, then know. And sometimes I can project ahead of time or sometimes I think like, let's say I was shopping online. I tune in and it's a yes to get this thing in the moment online.

I think that yes is so that I'm purchasing that article of clothing that then I can wear and I'm going to experience that. I think that's what the yes is for, but no, maybe the yes was so that I purchase the thing, receive it, have the joy of receiving the thing. Maybe that's all it is and then it's not a yes for me and I return it. Or maybe when I'm returning it, I meet someone or have some interaction that was meant to be. We don't know and a lot of times we're not going to know, but what if we trusted, even if we felt a yes to purchase the item online, but it ultimately was a return that could have still been a yes, but we mentally tell ourselves was because we ultimately returned it, I got it wrong. I didn't hear my inner voice. I didn't get the correct answer from my authority because ultimately I returned that.

So that's a lot of the lessons from this past year and I'm continuing to sink further and deeper into this experiment. Year one is just like barely scratching the surface, barely starting to experiment. I think that was part of the fear too, was like, maybe you all would think like, “Oh, she has it figured out by now. She's experimented with this for a year.” But in Human Design we say that deconditioning is forever really, but it's like this seven-year intense period for sure. But it's always ongoing and it's such a mind thing that we're going to have something mastered. We're going to be an expert, but I'm not.

I'm just sharing where I am right now and probably a lot of the things I'm going to say in the now moment, in some other moment, I'll be like, “Oh yeah, that was her understanding then and now I have this understanding.” And we get deeper and that's happened a lot in my work too. It's been how many years since Monday Hour One? My understanding of the mind and the calendar and time is so much deeper now than that creation of that tool, that presentation of that tool. Yes, there are core concepts in that tool that can be useful to some minds, but it's not the end all be all. And that's really what I teach in my program that currently is called Cultivate Margin, but who knows what it'll be in the future?

I really feel like that is going to evolve a lot. I would love to be able to integrate in the Human Design work and the gene case work. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about gene case, but Human Design too. I'm already going to start to play with that inside of Cultivate Margin, my coaching program. If you haven't heard about it yet, here you go. And that's my invitation to you. So before I go further, I'll invite you at the end too, but I want to invite you now. If you're wanting to know more about what your design is and what it has to do with business and embodying your design and playing with some experiments in your business, that might feel like a giant permission slip to be you and follow your inner voice as it's been.

That's really what it's been for me in a way that's so much more easeful. Things flow more easily. They're not, not hard to the mind, totally hard to the mind, but things unfold and synchronicities happen and all that juiciness and just doing things differently and then just the industry that you're in says how things are supposed to go. You're invited to join us inside of Cultivate Margin, become a Cultivate Margin member for an upcoming workshop called Design Infused Business Workshop. I'm really excited to be crafting this for you. It's going to be live.

If you're wanting to join us on Cultivate Margin, to join that workshop live it's on Wednesday, September 17th, 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. We will have gone through ending Daylight Saving. So it'll be Pacific Standard Time. So, as long as you join us before you can attend live. I would really love to have you there live because actually in November, I'm testing out a new platform, not Zoom for some of these interactive things that we do inside Cultivate Margin. So the other exciting things and why you might want to join even before then is what we're doing until the end of March is really experimenting with, we're doing two live coaching calls a month, and they're not just an hour. They're going to be probably more like two hours.

One of the two, I am really feeling drawn to doing workshops in them. There have been a lot of topics that the community has voted on, and this is one of them, this first one. I really want to invite you to join us live and then the other thing, so we have those two a month until the end of March, as of now, that's what's happening. And then I just tested this brand new thing and that is a weekly planning, not weekly, we're going to meet twice a month, but we're planning for our week in community so that you can get coaching live right after, while you're planning from me and ask your questions as you're crafting your compassionate calendar and get coaching right then and there.

The members that came to the first beta test round, loved it and they loved hearing the coaching of other people and what they're going through. I'm really excited to have that on this new platform as well because I think it'll be even more supportive than doing it on Zoom. So I'm really excited about that. So we have those calls in November. When this comes out, one of the live coaching calls will already be done, but you get all of the replays and recordings of all of this, no matter when you join. So if you're listening to this later, no problem. You can just join us inside of Cultivate Margin and you'll get access to all of the juiciness.

So if you're interested in joining us, go to today's description or the show notes. You'll go to and that's actually going to be changing soon too. We'll redirect that link, but that's one of the changes that's been happening behind this scenes over here and I want to be kind of more raw with you all when we're going through things even if they change. We're going to be, as of now, that's like my disclaimer on everything. As of now, switching the over to, the name of this podcast. So that'll be really fun.

And that's coming from one of the things that I learned about my design this year. So one of the things that happened before I learned my Human Design when I was really overworking, doing way too much last year was I thought that I just needed to scale by default. I thought that that's just the way that you do things in the coaching industry basically and I just went after that mentally because I thought it was what you do and like what you quote-unquote should do and there's a lot of like in Human Design, I have a wide-open heart. So there's a little bit of the like proving energy around. I'm going to prove myself by doing what you're “supposed to do,” and I'm just going to scale and I'm going to… It was like this forcing energy.

I thought it was what I wanted, but it wasn't what I really wanted. And then along with the scaling, there's this understanding maybe you've heard in some circles and online business and in coaching that it can be easier to scale a business when it's like under a business name and not a personal brand. So that's why I really had created Vivere Co, the name of my LLC, as Vivere Co and had all the branding and was switching all the branding and the copy to be we and brought on a Team Coach and was working on some of these things and bringing on employees and social media teams and all these things I thought were what you do when you're scaling to multiple seven figures, but it wasn't feeling good. It wasn't jiving. It wasn't aligning.

It felt like I was just doing what you're supposed to do. And that came up in this last year in a lot of areas. Now you're seeing me play with changing that and play with undoing that, but I came to find out… So I've been going through a Human Design certification program this year with Eden Carpenter and I'm Level One Certified right now and working on my Level Two Certification in this workshop that I just told you about actually is my level two project that I'm going to be submitting. That's all about aligned business and doing aligned business with your Human Design. One thing I learned in that section was what can be more supportive for you, a personal brand or a brand that's not personal.

And there are some indicators in your chart as to what might flow easier. It's not like the end all be all because of course, whatever you sense internally is going to be the correct answer for you ultimately. But I came to find out, I had a lot of indicators for personal brand and when I had switched away from that, things weren't flowing as much. Things slowed down quite a bit in my business, and I think that's for a variety of factors, but it just wasn't jiving. Didn't feel right. So I have started shifting things back to personal brand and embracing personal brand even more than I had even before that. So as you've probably seen, my Instagram handle, if you follow me, there has changed from the Vivere Co. I still own the Vivere Co handle, but that will redirect you to thelaurencash.

So it's actually thelaurencash and I also own and I have multiple websites now, which is fun, but “the Lauren Cash” came to be because at live Life Coach School events, I would be in an elevator and somebody would look at me and say, “Are you the Lauren Cash?” And Tyson Bradley, when he first came to work at the Life Coach School with me, he would always say, “Oh my gosh, it's such an honor to work with the Lauren Cash.” And it was like a big thing with him. So Tyson, if you're listening to this, big shout out to you. I got that URL and when I was on the Life Coach School podcast for Monday Hour One with Tyson and Brooke, I gave out that URL as my domain name. And then for the longest time, it's been redirecting to, but now it's going directly to and it's a very simple site right now.

It's like my private coaching site. That's another thing that's changed recently is I've gone back to taking quite a few private clients. I'm loving that. If you're interested in working with me privately, and you haven't thought that I've been doing private work, you can go there and I'll either have an application there, or you can book a quick call there if they're available, depending on where I'm at with my roster, it'll kind of switch back and forth most likely as of now. I feel like this podcast episode now should be called as of now, but yeah. So that's been feeling really good and I want to get a logo designed. That's the Lauren Cash and I'm shifting the copy back to I and me and I've been making my team a lot smaller than it had been.

I'm reigning things in a lot because I thought to manage my energy as a Human Design Projector that I needed this big team to help me like scale because I'm supposed to scale and that means I need a big team so I don't have to work too many hours and use too much energy. I can't coach private clients and I need to have this giant program which… Don't get me wrong, I still think there's a beautiful program that I have right now that a lot of people have had amazing results in and continue to. I think it's continuing to unfold my main program. And maybe it will become the main thing in the future. Who knows? But ended up being hard for me actually to manage all of the employees and the teams and I wasn't loving that aspect of it.

So I'm really reigning it all back in and we'll see what unfolds next. Who knows? But being a projector, I'm not meant to be doing, doing, doing, going, going, going all of the time, especially the way I was last year and years prior. I did, I would say burn myself out. I got in the Eastern medicine community. I got diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I don't know if I've mentioned that a lot here. So I've been working on healing my body and really coming back into my body. I'm still wanting to even work on understanding feelings and emotions from the body first, rather than through the lens of the mind. That's been something I've noticed that is really challenging for me. I conceptually understand it and can coach clients on that, but really having that experience for myself.

So I just hired a new private coach that can really help me with that. It's really gifted at that aspect and can help guide me an emotional clearing of emotional bean bags and that's a concept from Jess Lively. I'm an Inner Voice Facilitator with her and this person is as well. I mean, I don't have to be vague. It's Dana Evans. Dana's amazing and has been in Projector Playground, is Lauren Armstrong's mastermind that I absolutely adore being in. And if you're a Projector and you want to be in a mastermind and you're really ready to embody and experiment and get out of the mind and play with all of this and you want to be in like a mastermind setting with projectors. Let me know because maybe I can hook you up, but that's been just such an amazing experience as well.

I've been working with Lauren now for a year. I was working with her privately and then now in Projector Playground. So I was working way too much and my body finally was like telling me by shutting down and giving me all these crazy symptoms. As a Projector, I'm here to lead and guide when recognized and invited. So it's really been a different way of doing things and learning my strategy and playing with that and seeing how that works and energetically learning how to play with that. And it's felt so much better. And then it's been and tuning into like I was saying earlier my decision-making authority. It's called authority in Human Design and mine's splenic and it's this still small voice.

It's usually more of a yes or a no, but I get little words or visual pictures, or short phrases. I got this really cool visual when I was having a session with Dana a couple weeks ago, an inner voice session with her. It gives me these really visual pictures. It's very inner voicey. And then playing with my profile. My profile is 2/4, and that's been one of the biggest permission slips I will say because Facebook ads, reaching out and pitching, pushing out content constantly and consistently quote-unquote consistently, have not flowed for me and felt really just not in alignment. And the two-fourth profile really confirms that for me. I had stopped leaning into referrals and doing business with people who know me and all of that vibe.

I had stopped doing that and creating conversations. That's really how I built my practice when I branched back out again. And even in the beginning, that is how I built my business. It was the like all referrals and conversations and connections, and that is really how I am meant to do business. So it was this giant permission slip for that. And that doesn't mean that that's going to be yours, which is what's so beautiful. We all have different profiles and different aspects that are going to align differently with different potential strategies out there. So of course, this is only my experience. I'm still learning a ton. I'm still experimenting in a ton. There's no rules or laws. It's all an experiment, which I love about Human Design.

But going back to the very beginning of when I started talking, on my walk, I also felt the nudge to pull a card from one of my oracle cards. So I have two different sets and I really was nudged by my inner voice to use the one I haven't been using as much downstairs in my kitchen. And so I felt like I was supposed to pull it before this podcast episode and the card I pulled is a message I keep on getting from my inner voice. I feel like I'm meant to read the entire thing to you. So you can see like where I am right now and what I'm going through. And maybe you're going through it too or maybe in the couple of years, you'll go through it.

I remember Jess Lively on her podcast talking about going through some of this years and years ago, and I didn't really get it then and I'm starting to get it more now. So I pulled and some of you probably already are guessing. This is from Rebecca Campbell's The Starseed Oracle deck. I pulled “the void” and it says card, it's like this… Maybe we'll take a picture of it and put it in the show notes, actually. If you haven't seen it, it's like the dark night sky, basically with little specs of stars, but then a little like swoosh in the middle of whiteness. On the card itself it says, “Stop. Embrace winter. Great cosmic womb,” which is before even reading the definition, I just want to tell you, this is so interesting because the winter is coming here where I am located.

I know for some of you, you're going into summer, but I'm going into winter here like outside. And so that's so interesting that it's like actual winter is coming here. And then this womb concept too, the last time I had a session with somebody that I meet with every other week-ish that's helping guide me too right now. We were talking about a lot of my symptoms have been very related to the womb or related to my reproductive system, things that I have and we really realized like I've had a lot of trauma there that I didn't realize was probably impacting me, and I'm noticing some tears come up around that saying that. So, that feels really true. So that's just interesting that that aspect is in this card as well.

So let me read to you in the little book. It says, “Everything and nothing exists in the void. It's where all life begins and ends. It's the winter and the womb, the fertile darkness, where all things originate and all seeds grow, comforting and intimidating, freeing and daunting. It can feel both overwhelmingly small and huge. The void is where faith lives. The message of the void is to surrender to the unknown.” That's something that keeps coming up. “To allow the fertile darkness of nothingness, to nourish the new seeds growing within you, regardless of whether you know what they'll one day become.”

“You're being called to surrender to the mystery of what's next.” Ugh, that's been coming through so much. “To rest and to allow the winter of your life to do the work for you, to hand over your control and trust that just because you can't see what's happening beneath the surface doesn't mean things aren't at work. The greatest weavings happen when we find a way surrender and trust that our life is being knitted for us, right beneath the surface in ways known and unknowable.”

“Now is the time to cultivate faith and allow deep, deep rest. The void often surfaces at the end of a chapter or a life phase when we're called to let go of all that we know and identify with.” That's been so huge for me this year. “When you're in the void, it can feel scary as if you should be doing something. There's that generator doing energy. However, when this card appears, it's a sure sign that the most productive thing is to relinquish control and surrender to the changing mystery of your life.” And then it has a starseed soul inquiry. “How are you being called to surrender to the unknown mystery of your life?”

This has really been, I went to therapy for a month, this past month. That was really a big theme in therapy. This card is similar to a card I pulled in Costa Rica last month. Also, I've been hearing that theme going back and practicing yoga too. It just keeps coming up. I know that my program is amazing as it is right now. Folks have gotten amazing results and it's going to evolve and don't worry for those of you that are already in it, or those of you joining it for the workshops and things happening, you're going to get invited into whatever unfolds with it. So don't feel like you can't join now. That's also why I'm afraid to talk about what's unfolding is because I'm afraid you're going to be like, “I'm just going to wait then for whatever happens.” Maybe don't do that. If you feel like the nudge or the yes, for this workshop, the planning together and starting to start with the mind-stuff.

I feel like the mind-stuff sometimes is like a gateway into some of this deeper stuff and then the Human Design and gene keys, which I want to talk a tiny bit about gene keys with you, like is a little bit then of the bridge that was coming through on my walk today of like, it's this bridge between the mind and the mindset work into this tuning in to the inner voice and tuning into the body and getting into your authority, but not doing it through the mind and really just listening to the wisdom and going beyond the mind. And these tools in between can help the mind get on board and give us permission slips. But ultimately, it's just the tools from the mind again, a little bit, but there's wisdom really melded in it, at least the way I've experienced it. So I see it.

At least that's been even my own trajectory too, is starting with mindset stuff, really psychotherapy first, got my masters in clinical psychology, and then going into coaching and having it really be causal coaching. I'm not going to tell you what to do. We're going to look at the self-coaching model and coach on that and some of the concepts there. And then from there, I was inner voice, but I think I needed an intermediary of this Human Design permission slip. It always was confirming what my inner voice said, so I could have just on with inner voice, but it's been really helpful for the mind to have Human Design. And then now in level three of the certification, I'm doing, we're going into gene keys. And honestly, I've been telling people lately, “I actually love gene keys even more, almost than Human Design.”

Richard Rudd created, well, not really created, like they were transmuted through him based off of the aching and he was also a student of Human Design and it's just been so amazing. And I was reading, so I won't go into it, but if interested to learn more about the gene keys and you want me, I would love, love. I'm just going to put this out there. I would love, love, love to have within my program or a course or something where I teach about gene keys overview and then the three activation sequences so that you can go through them and that we can contemplate them all in community together and have group live coaching calls, contemplating together and discussing them and a hybrid between a course and a program. I don't know. I think there's something juicy there that I would really love to lead.

I also would love to just share if you want to hear as I go through my sequences in it, like what comes up for me, but to start it, you go through your life's work sphere first and defining all these things right now. But my gene key, I really, maybe this will be another podcast episode because I feel like my alarm's going to go off soon, but I was sharing with my mastermind, reading out of a different book than the main gene keys book. Somebody introduced me from the certification to this other book, the 64 ways book, and the 13th Gene Key is my life's work, and reading it in here, I was just so moving and really got at what I feel like I do.

The work I do with my client and yes, sometimes it's through time, but sometimes it's not. So it's like this whole thing about listening. This gate is like the gate of the listener in Human Design, but it's not only me listening to others. It's me helping you listen to your wisdom within you. I get chills like thinking about that. So if you want to hear more about gene keys, reach out, let me know. Can DM me on Instagram, email us, send smoke signals, Telegrams, join Cultivate Margin and let me know that you want more on that, but I'm just really craving doing something with that. I'm going to keep studying it over here in my hermit two line.

Yeah. So that's the episode. It was long. I hope it was useful. I didn't fully get everything out about everything. I was going to talk about how my business is a 6/2 emotional Manifesting Generator and how some of what you've seen is like me working with that energy and how that can feel all over the place too at times, not just like my splenic decision making and stuff like that. But if you want more, let me know what you want to hear more about. I would love to be invited to that.

You are invited though, to join us in Cultivate Margin. I'd love to have you in there, especially as we're mixing things up and having this Design Infused Business Workshop inside there. And then I think for December, we're doing How to Focus. A very deep dive into that, which is a really big thing that I teach folks is all about attention and focus and tools that help the mind around that. So if you'd like to join us, I hope you will go to or whatever link is in the description. Until next time, I hope you have an amazing week. Bye

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