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6. Numbers and The Soap Opera

Did you have 0 consults in your business last week? Or maybe you had some, but it wasn't the number you wanted? What are you making those numbers mean? The story you tell yourself about the numbers has an impact on your business.

So often you make the numbers in your business mean how well your business will do, but that's not true.

On the show today I talk about how you think numbers in your business – such as revenue, number of followers, number of consults – are going to create your results. In reality, none of those things create the outcomes you want in your business. Listen to learn how to drop what I call “the soap opera” about the numbers so that you can redecide what you want to create in your business, on purpose.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What you make numbers mean in your business
  • What the soap opera is around the numbers in your business
  • What actually creates your business outcomes
  • How to become aware of the soap opera you have
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you find the soap opera
  • How to start using mindset work to move on from the soap opera

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6. Numbers and The Soap Opera

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 6: Numbers and The Soap Opera.

Hey there, happy Monday. Do you hate it when I tell you that? How do you feel about Mondays? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Do you wish you weren't heading into them? It'll probably depend on what stage of your business is based on what you're thinking about Mondays, but Mondays for me have gone really up and down.

I remember back during this phase in college when I was working at a Rite Aid, I think, as a pharmacy tech/cashier, and I hated it so much. I don't know why, but it was just the worst, and I dreaded the Mondays more than I had ever done in the past. That and when I was a diet tech at an eating disorder treatment center. Those are the two times when I know I definitely dreaded Mondays or the first day of work more than anything else. But now Mondays for me, I'm working on changing them over the next couple months so that they're my working on my business days or content creation. And so they're going to be really open and wide for me to do all of my really deep work, recording these podcasts for you and things like that.

I'm really excited. I'm going to have Mondays and Fridays be mostly me working on the business and creating amazing things for you and my clients on behind the scenes sort of, of the business. And then Tuesday through Thursday, I'm going to have be all of my meetings and sessions and classes I'm teaching and all of the things that are live, that's what I call them, will be Tuesday through Thursday.

I'm really excited about that, and I hope that you've started dreaming about what would your ideal schedule be. How would you set it up if you're optimizing it for your energy levels for your life? What would flow more naturally if you could change how your schedule is? What would that look like? But we're not talking about that today. I just wanted to have that in your mind so that you're starting to think about what your ideal schedule would be and we can work on creating it for you.

Anyway, let's talk today about the Numbers and The Soap Opera, shall we? So as I began teaching you and Episodes 4 and 5, your mindset is critical in business because it creates literally everything in your business. All of your business outcomes and results are created by what you're thinking.

We think that the numbers do though. We think that how many followers we have, how much engagement we have, how many DMs we get, how much we made in business last quarter, last week, last year, what others in our industry have done like the “industry standard,” we think how our launches are going or have gone in the past, we think how many consults we've had in the last week. We think all of these numbers are what are going to create our results now.

We always try to compare and factor against all of these things for what our expectations are going to be for what we can create now and in the future. But none of those things, followers, consults, money made previously. Any of those things actually create our business outcomes like revenue, earning potential, launch sales, recurring monthly revenue. None of those things create these things, the results or the outcomes that we want in our business.

We're very confused about this. There are the numbers. So the facts, the data, the things that I listed off earlier, like followers and previous revenue, etc. And then there's the soap opera, which is the drama, the story, the what our mind is telling us about those things. We often call the numbers circumstances or circumstance. The soap opera, we often call the thoughts, our mindset, what we're thinking about the numbers.

This is pivotal because most people believe that the stories that their brains offer them about the numbers are the truth, the reality, that that's what's actually going on. That, of course, you're going to compare this launch with the last launch and extrapolate to make it mean things about your business. And often we do this in business. We make these stories up about the numbers, because it seems like it's the responsible thing to do.

I hear that so much, but I just want to be responsible. I want to be reasonable. I want to be realistic, and others agree with us if we're being responsible, reasonable, and realistic. They will say, “Well, this is the industry standard. You wouldn't want to expect anything different than this. This is the average conversion rate.” That's my other favorite. The conversion rate for most email lists to the paid product, especially at whatever price point, is usually this percent. I think it's something like 3 – 5% or something like that. But I had such a small email list and my conversion rate was extremely high compared to the industry standard.

Anyway, I digress. But we think that this is super reasonable, responsible, realistic, and others are agreeing with us. They're like, “Yeah, you should just do this.” Or, “Yeah, this is what you should be expecting. You should not think that you're going to double your business in a year. That's ridiculous.” Stuff like that.

They'll tell us what's been demonstrated or we'll tell ourselves, this is what's been demonstrated. This is what there's evidence for, and we'll convince ourselves that the stories that our brains are offering us are actually just the reality. When they're not. They're never the reality. The only “reality” that there is are these facts, these numbers that we have, but they don't mean anything for what we actually can create today and in the future. Unless we have a thought about those numbers that then creates what we are going to create in our outcomes and in the future.

So for example, if I'm doing a launch like we were talking about in previous weeks, if I'm doing a launch, my launch numbers from last launch have nothing to do with the amount of clients that I can sign in this current launch. Unless I'm thinking I can only sign about this amount, this is the amount that's normal, or this is the amount I can expect, or I should be able to sign this many because I signed this many before.

None of that is true. We literally are doing a brand new thing in a brand new day and a brand new month and we can create brand new results, but not if we're thinking the way that the launch went previously is how the launch needs to go now. And we also end up carrying all this previous thinking with us about how our business is being run. We make assumptions that certain processes need to happen the way that the processes are happening, and if they are still happening the way that they're happening, we won't have enough time to actually scale our businesses. But we make all of these assumptions without stepping back and choosing to recreate everything and re-choose everything in order to create the business that we actually want and that we actually want at scale.

So this is what I want you to know for today, is that there are numbers, facts in your business. The follower count, the engagement, the revenue, the previous launch numbers, all of that. How many client consults you had last week, how many clients you signed last week, etc. And then there's the drama, the soap opera that your mind offers you about what all of that means. And if you decide to go with that dramatic soap opera, you're going to create the results that that narrative will create.

So if you're thinking that last week you had zero consults for clients, let's say, or you had zero project proposals for your design company and you make up this story that it means that you're terrible at business. You're never going to make it. You're not going to hit your goal this year, etc. That story, believing that story and going with that story is what will create the $0 or the smaller revenue than what you actually want to create in your business.

It's not that last week you got zero consults or you got zero project proposals. We want to think that it's because of that, that we didn't create the revenue that we wanted to create then for the next quarter. No, it's literally because you chose in a moment to make that mean that you are not creating the business that you want, or that you're not going to create the money that you want, that it's not working. So then you stop working. You don't make it happen for yourself, and then you have the results in your business that reflect that thinking. It has nothing, literally nothing, to do with how many project proposals or consults you had last week.

This shows up in our businesses in so many ways. So I want you to start to think about what are the numbers and where's the soap opera? Am I going to go with the soap opera, or am I going to choose to think that the destination is inevitable? I for sure create the revenue I want to create no matter how long it takes me. It's totally possible and inevitable for me. Or are you going to go with the soap opera and not create the business that you want?

That's what I'm going to leave you with. So take that. I want you to take it with what I taught you in the thought downloads episode and start to do this exercise where you highlight in different colors what are the facts, or you'll maybe have to ask yourself after you do the thought download, What are the facts here? What are the numbers that we're talking about? Let's break those all out or highlight them, and then notice, What is the drama? What is the soap opera that your mind is offering you?

And you don't have to get mad at your mind. It's just your mind's job to immediately come up with the soap opera, because it thinks it's protecting you. It thinks that if it flips out and creates all this drama that it's going to keep you safe. That's all it's trying to do. That's what the mind is always trying to do. So you don't have to get mad at it or judge it or think that it shouldn't come up. You just have to start to notice and be aware that it's inviting you to sit down and watch the soap opera and you don't have to do that.

Alright. So have you entered the giveaway yet? I want to know, have you? You definitely want to enter the giveaway. I'm giving away a beautiful Movado watch. You won't want to miss it. All thing's rose gold. It's not super rose gold. I think it's very classy rose gold. I definitely want one of these watches for myself. It's amazing. You're going to want it in all of the Instagram photos, unless you're scared of being too Instagrammy, but I still think you're going to want it.

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Okay. So you're going to enter the giveaway. Give me a review. I hope it's five stars, but if it's not, be honest. And then you're going to take your thought downloads, start to highlight them, ask yourself What are the facts? What are the numbers here and What's my soap opera? And question it all.

Until next week, have a good one. Bye.

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