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37. Specific Manifestations

How to tap into the kind of energy that helps you create what you desire.

Human Design is a relatively new concept, and while there is some skepticism out there, it’s something I’ve found amazingly helpful on my journey. So, I wanted to share a little bit about how I have learned that I am a Specific Manifestor and some of the things I have manifested in my past.

In my study of my own Human Design, I’ve discovered there are Specific Manifestors and Non-specific Manifestors. And I think it is important to share my experience of this in today’s episode because it might just inspire you to find out what kind of manifestor you are, and start to tap into that energy, to create physically what you desire in your mind or your heart.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover my story and experience of being a Specific Manifestor. I’m sharing what I have been able to manifest and invite into my life, how I was able to do these things, and how you can do the same!

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How I’ve learned that I’m a Specific Manifestor.
  • Some of the things I’ve manifested from the non-physical into the physical.
  • How to tap into the kind of energy that helps you create what you desire.
  • Where to go to find out what kind of manifestor you are.

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37. Specific Manifestations

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle podcast with Lauren Cash, episode 37, Specific Manifestations.

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I’m Lauren Cash. I’m a Master Certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple 6-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you’re looking to go from procrastinating perfectionist to easeful entrepreneur this is the podcast that is meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let’s get to the show.

Hey, how’s it going? I hope you’re having an amazing week and that you make it an amazing week. I am so excited that we’re almost in June and I’m getting ready to go to the beach. How amazing is that?

I hope that you have some amazing plans this summer. If not, let’s get on it. Why don’t you make them? In my studying of my own human design, I’ve discovered there are Specific Manifestors and Non-Specific Manifestors.

Apparently, Jenna Zoe, one of the human design people on the internet has come up with this and some people don’t believe it but others do. So I wanted to share a little bit about how I have learned that I am a Specific Manifestor and I have too many to name in my past that I have created, and I really want to share them with you today so that it can inspire you to find out if you’re a Specific Manifestor or Non-Specific Manifestor, and start to tap into that energy to create, in the physical, what you have in mind or in your desires to create in the non-physical.

I had asked those on Instagram if they wanted to hear more about my specific manifestations and they said yes. So this podcast is coming out of that desire. So thanks for all of you that are interested in hearing my specific manifestation stories.

So the first one that I can remember was in the beginning, when I was first learning mindset work, and I was doing a lot of work on my money mindset. This was in 2017. The fall when I first started working as a part-time customer support person for The Life Coach School.

You’ve heard that story if you listened to episode 34. If you haven’t and you want to hear a ramble-y story about how I became a master coach from being a dietician, definitely tune into that episode.

I, at the time, was in what I thought was a lot of student loan debt and I was already investing a lot into my private practice, wanting to grow a business because that had been my dream. And I also was becoming really interested in coaching. And I wanted to hire my first private coach because I really wanted coaching especially on, I think at the time it was a lot of my anxiety, being super busy, and then also my money.

Because I had a lot of drama about being in debt and not making enough money and all the things. So I wanted to figure out how I could hire my first private coach ever. And I had found somebody that I thought was great because they had their niche was like, busy-ness or busy-holics, which is definitely something that I related to.

And still can see that my mind has the tendency to wanting to be so busy doing all the things, and not slowing down and taking enough time for rest and all of that. So I was trying to figure out how I was going to be able to hire her because I did a consult with her.

I don’t even remember how much she charged back then. I don’t even think it was that much for private coaching honestly, but to me it was a lot because I wanted to pay off my student loans, I was just starting my own private practice and then I was just doing the customer support on the side.

So I was doing a lot of thought work about how could I create this money? I’m going to create this money, where is it going to come from? And then shifting into belief work of for sure I’m going to create this money. I have enough money, I have more than enough money.

I started reading a lot of the money mindset books and stuff back then as well. And so I was doing a lot of this work in my own self-coaching. And what ended up happening was my grandma was going to move out of her home into a more retirement community condo.

So she needed to get rid of a lot of things in this condo and I’d gone with her because I was able to work remotely. I went and visited her and was going to help her pack up her home. So I helped her pack a lot of things, and as I was there with her, I think I also had had a follow-up call with the coach while I was there, something like that if I remember correctly.

And so as I was there, my grandma ended up showing me all of these designer clothes that she no longer needed and she was going to just take to Goodwill. And I said, “Hey, grandma, do you mind if I take them instead of you taking them to Goodwill so that I could sell them online?”

And she said, “Sure, if you want to.” So I ended up taking all of these designer clothes and I took pictures of them and had to write all the listings, I used eBay and Poshmark, and I listed all of these clothes. And I think if I remember correctly, it was something around 8K that I created for myself.

I think that includes – I also sold my car that December. So this was October and then I sold my car in December and it was worth like 3K, so maybe I made like, 5K with the clothes. I think I also had created money selling a bunch of stuff I owned as well.

And I ended up being able to use that money to hire my first private coach. How awesome is that? I had no idea where the money was going to come from, but I shifted into the belief that for sure I can create that money to hire my first coach, and then my grandma gives me all of these designer clothes and I list them and I do all the work for that, but still, I created this money out of what I thought was nothing.

I had no idea where it was coming from. And in the current reality of how many hours a week I was working, then it wouldn’t have worked out. I wouldn’t have been able to create that money. And I really didn’t want to go into any more debt.

So you always have to know that there are magic and possibilities, that’s what I like to call it, that will show up if you don’t over-plan and if you think that something else can come through. Things are always changing. The ingredients you have right now in front of you aren’t fixed. They aren’t the only ingredients.

The universe has so many other ingredients available for you if you open up to that. It can come in and deliver that and give you blessings in other ways if you are available for it.

Another thing that recently happened actually very recently also involves my grandma, so she is a lot of the abundance that comes to me. The way that the universe or God gives me abundance is through my grandma. So I just recently moved into a house and I don’t have enough furniture for this house because I had been traveling and moving a lot recently over the last few years since 2017.

I’d moved to Texas and I’d sold a bunch of furniture that I’d purchased there before I moved back to California, and then I was just sub-lease hopping kind of for a while. And then I was living in her place. And then I got an apartment. So I did have some furniture but actually I had furniture from my previous physical office space that I was able to use as my living room furniture.

And then I purchased a bed and stuff like that then, but I pretty much don’t have very much furniture for an entire house. So I had already purchased quite a few pieces of furniture that were pretty expensive according to my mind, and I didn’t want to buy any more pieces of furniture.

And I wanted to find either maybe starting to go on secondhand places like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and slowly collect the rest of the furniture to furnish this house so that it’s really livable and also, I had very specific pieces that I wanted.

So I have this front room that I wanted to get a desk for my boyfriend for when he comes to visit so that he had a place to work from downstairs. And if I ever have any other guests, I want them to be able to have a little place to work from a desk.

And I also wanted to get a piece of furniture for underneath my TV in the living room, and there are a few other very specific things that I was looking for. And then come to find out, I felt like I was being told to wait and not buy anything, don’t need to really look anywhere else for furniture.

So I just was waiting but my CFO kept telling me like, give me a list of all the things you want to buy for the house so we can budget for it and stuff. And I was like, I just don’t feel like I’m supposed to create that list right now. And I feel like I’m supposed to wait.

So I waited and eventually my mom tells me that my grandma is going to sell her second condo that I had lived in last year for a little period during the pandemic, which I’m super grateful for that because that ended up allowing me to finish paying off my student loan debt last year.

That’s another specific manifestation I guess too. That’s funny. And she’s going to sell it and she wants to give me any of the furniture that she has that I could use in my house. How amazing is that?

So this week actually as I’m recording this, my parents are actually bringing it to me, which is also so amazing and so generous of them to be able to pack it all up and bring it to me directly and I don’t have to worry about any of that.

Other things, if you all hung out with me when I did my first little tour of this house that I ended up moving into, there were a lot of very specific manifestations in this house. So the fridge that I have in this house has this really cool drawer for drinks that’s above the freezer drawer and is French doors and I really wanted a fridge like that. I didn’t even know they existed but I had seen one because I was thinking I was going to purchase a home and then I ended up not purchasing a home.

I am renting a home. And when I was thinking I was purchasing a home, I was looking for fridges. And I had seen this type of fridge and really wanted it but it was more of an investment than I wanted to make in a fridge if I had to buy my own fridge.

But then when I moved into this rental, it had that fridge. How fun is that? And then there are other aspects like there’s this really large walk-in closet. I’ve always wanted a nice walk-in closet that has built in drawers and things like that.

But this closet is like, basically a whole room that was converted into a closet, which is a little but much but it’s really funny. And then there’s this whole vanity area. I’ve always kind of wanted a nice vanity area to put on my makeup and get ready in the morning.

It has a gorgeous tub and this year I’ve been really working on healing my body as you’ve heard me mention here and there, and I have been taking a lot of Epsom salt baths in this bathtub that’s gorgeous.

So there’s all these different little tiny aspects that I had had the intention of creating and then they show up. The most amazing one – well, I’ll tell you that one in a second. There was another one where I didn’t have any candles yet for this house and I wanted a candle. And somebody sent me a gift of a candle.

The last one that I’m going to share with you because there’s been so many and I don’t want to just keep telling you all of them. But the last one I want to tell you about is the most mind-blowing one that just happened.

And it involves cacao. I was listening to a podcast, Dana Evans’ podcast, which is a great podcast about inner voice and mindset work and all of that, very related topics to what I like to teach you all. So that’ll be linked in the show notes if you’re curious about her podcast.

But I was listening to her podcast. She was talking about drinking cacao. And I was like, what is this cacao? I’ve heard it a couple of times, I know of the chips, like cacao chips, but drinking cacao? I would really want to try that. That sounds really good.

And I was on a walk and I was thinking that. I was imagining enjoying the cacao and that I want to try cacao, I should get some. And then on the way back from my walk, 10 minutes, five minutes later, I go on my way back to my mailbox and I get a package and the package is from one of my amazing co-instructors from The Life Coach School when I was teaching coach certification.

And she had sent me a gift and it was cacao. What? I still think it’s amazing. It’s the quickest specific manifestation I have ever had created in my life. How wild is that?

So anyway, those are some of my tales of specific manifestations. I also have had very specific numbers that I’ve wanted to create in my business and I’ve actually had double the numbers created so I don’t know what that’s about. But I want to invite you to start playing with specifically manifesting very specific things you desire or maybe you’re more of a Non-Specific Manifestor and you need to get into the feeling of how you would feel when you create that thing.

And it’s not as much about the very specific details of everything. It’s more about how you feel, which we teach from the teachings at The Life Coach School is the future self work of being who you’re going to be and feeling how you’ll feel when you have what you want.

Because the only reason why we really want to create these manifestations, according to that philosophy is because how we think we’re going to feel. So if we create the feeling now, then we don’t even really need that but then by law of attraction, we most likely will end up creating those things anyway.

So I hope you enjoyed this conversation about specific manifestations. If you have any other manifesting questions, feel free to send them to me on Instagram or you can ask for another episode in the form in the show notes. And I also want to invite you if you really want to work on your belief work, belief work is really the deep inner workings of thought work, getting to the belief level so that we can create things that we want to create from the beliefs.

I have a whole a la carte course on how to do belief work. You can grab that on the site, we’ll have a link to it in the show notes. But also, right now we’re running the shop launch bundle promotion and I don’t want you to miss out. How to do belief work is one of the a la carte modules that’s available in this bundle.

And if you’re really interested in taking this work deeper and integrating it in your own life, you definitely want to get the bundle so you can apply absolutely everything that I have to offer, so that you can enjoy it in your own life and not just listen to me and my specific manifestations but you create your own manifestations.

So you can grab the bundle at and I will talk to you next week and I hope to see you in the app community with us, creating manifestations.

Hey there, thanks so much for listening. I wanted to invite you, if you are ready to integrate what you’re learning on this podcast and want to dive deeper, you must come check out Cultivate Margin. It’s my coaching program that’s a hybrid between a self-study course and a coaching program designed just for you. Join me and the community of others like you at And you can get that link in the show notes as well. I can’t wait to see you in there. Have an amazing day.

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