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47. The Easiest L-Word So Far

As I've been preparing for this episode, I have so many things to say and I've seen so many different patterns around the L-word with entrepreneurs. The L-word is Launch. So this L-word, I like to call it the L-word because I noticed a lot of minds get freaked out about it.

This past launch has been the easiest for me so far and I wanted to share 9 keys for entrepreneurs to do around a launch that were helpful for me during my own recent launch.

Tune in today as I give you a behind-the-scenes look at what I just went through in my business with the L-word. I'll be giving you some themes that I see, especially in entrepreneurs, around the L-word and you'll hear my personal experience of how I handled the L-word.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What I've been up to since I've last recorded podcast episodes
  • What the L-word is
  • A breakdown of why this was the easiest launch for me so far
  • Why our minds freak out over a launch
  • 9 keys for handling the L-word

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47. The Easiest L-Word So Far

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You're listening to Episode 47, The Easiest L-Word So Far.

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I'm Lauren Cash. I'm a master certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple six-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and Psychology. If you're looking to go from procrastinating perfectionist to easeful entrepreneur, this is the podcast that is meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let's get to the show.

Hey, how's it going? I hope you're doing well. I am feeling like this is almost like we're starting a season two. You know those podcasts that come back and have a different season. They've taken a break, but to you if you've been following along the last few months, there hasn't been a break to you because I had pre-recorded so many episodes and gotten so far ahead so that I could take the month of June off of recording the podcast. Then I ended up taking almost the whole month of July off of recording the podcast too.

So now as I'm speaking into this microphone, it is almost August. It's the last week of July and I'm coming and recording for you. And it's been since probably the beginning of May since I've actually sat down and recorded on the microphone, except for that bonus episode, if you saw that. It's no longer downloadable, but about the Shop Launch Bundle that I had recorded and put out last week as we were closing down the Bundle. That I did do real time, but this is the first episode that I'm sorta back to recording podcast episodes for.

I've been realizing too, that you all really like to know more about behind the scenes and sort of observing me and my process and you want to know more about how things are unfolding with me, how I'm changing, what the process is like, and really seeing that as I'm going through it. Rather than me having what my mind might think is like my mess and then sharing it with you later when I have the lesson neatly packaged, which actually it's more in alignment with me to share it as I'm going because I feel like I have different lessons.

I grow and change what feels like pretty quickly, and then as soon as I'm done with that change or experience, it almost is as if it like didn't happen, or I can't really remember that whole thing if I didn't talk it through at that moment, or I didn't write down the takeaways, or I didn't process it in a journal or record it for you. So I feel like it would be easier for me to document as I'm going, as it’s unfolding so that you can see behind the scenes, see my process, see what I'm going through and take what you will from that.

That's really difficult, though, for my mind, in my perfectionism, though, to do it that way. Because I want you to see me as put together, as the master coach, as somebody that really can help guide you through whatever you're going through. That's true and maybe you'll actually see that that's even more true than you believed, because of seeing me go through my process, because of my vulnerability of what I've been going through.

Maybe you will actually be more drawn to work with me if it's in alignment with you as well. Obviously, not everyone is going to be meant to work with me. Sad, but true, and those of you that are, you will want to work with somebody that maybe you feel like you know more and that you can relate to and that you know can guide you through and has had personal experiences or something like that, or you'll feel more connected and safe because of my vulnerability.

You'll be like, “Yeah, I know you have all the degrees and you're totally qualified for this, and now I feel safe enough to reach out and want to work with you whenever the timing is right.” So I just wanted to share with you that too, that behind the scenes of what goes through my mind as well and it's so funny now that I've been really diving into learning Human Design myself.

I obviously have so much more to learn with it and I know I've learned a lot of it and soaked a lot of it up as well with my two in my profile for Human Design, like the easy-breezy genius vibes. I am learning it very quickly and also have lots to learn all at the same time, but as I'm talking to you, I'm even noticing the aspects of my chart that are coming through. I almost can't even coach someone now without wondering pieces of their chart or hearing different voices of different centers of the chart.

It's so funny as I'm learning this new system, that it just comes through now and I can't help but see it. I can't help but want to integrate it. Not that what coaching I do without it isn't valuable, but I just see it now integrating and layering in and my desire to have it be a part of the coaching experience if the client wants it a part of it, which I've heard some of you that filled out our community survey. Thank you.

I've heard from some of you that you don't really want Human Design, you're not really interested in that, which is totally fine. I'm still going to talk about all of the other types of coaching and approaches that I use here too and if you can see past the Human Design references and stuff like that, then you're still going to get a lot from this.

So anyway, today's episode is going to be a bit more of a chatty catch-up, me talking behind the scenes, telling you what I just went through, what happened. But I'm also going to talk about some of the themes that I see, especially in entrepreneurs around their minds in The L-word, which The L-word here is launch. As I've been preparing for this episode, I have so many things to say and I've seen so many different patterns around the L-word with entrepreneurs.

It's almost one of my favorite coaching topics, which you would imagine because it's basically goal creation, which goal creation is my jam. It's the whole reason I love time coaching is for the goal part of it. I don't want to just coach you on time just to coach you on time. Sure, I will do that and I do love doing that, but what are we looking to create? What is the purpose of this really? Are we being effective at creating the result that you want to create?

So that is goal creation coaching. I am really a goal creation coach. I want to help you get past your mind's time drama to create what you want to create whatever that is. That is a goal, that thing you want to create whether or not you like that word or not.

One of those examples of those goals is a launch. Usually, a goal also has a set period of time, like a deadline and minds freak out about deadlines. They flip out. As soon as we set a timeline on it, if it's going to be close-ish in our minds to the current time, if it's like a three-month goal or something like that, you set and Cultivate Margin, even that, it might not flip out in the very beginning of that three month period, but as we get closer to the goal, your mind starts to create all of the story and flips out about it.

It's really interesting and it also is interesting too, because I've noticed that a lot of folks that I coach have an undefined or open root center, and that is really connected to this conversation here. So just had to throw that out there too because I've been noticing that and I have it defined and, yes at some points I have been in the low expression of that root center, but I feel like in a lot of ways I do end up being in that high expression of that root center and also I have other parts of my chart that are coming into play with creating things in deadlines and stuff like that.

Like being a specific manifester, like I've mentioned before, and there are other things as well, but I do feel like that defined root center vibes come through and then my clients can borrow that energy and I can coach them through how to have a better expression of their root center, whether it is undefined, open or defined. Anyway.

So let's do a little personal check-in first. So like I said, I had recorded in May for the summer, all of the episodes that you just listened to. That was because in June, I was going to be going out of town for the month and I was going to, I'm saying was going to. I did do this. I went to the beach. I went to Southern California, by the beach in an Airbnb and it was very lovely. I did not sleep well, pretty much the whole time there.

I think it was because of things going on for me in my personal life, but I was really struggling with sleep there. Also not being in my own space, but I really enjoyed being there, outside of the sleep situation. Being able to walk on the beach every morning, having a much more open schedule. So the first week I was there, I took full on vacation that week. Then the last three weeks I was there. I didn't take vacation, but I did a very open, go-with-the-flow type schedule.

So some days I went in and worked in an office where my dad had office space and then I had some calls, but not very many. I just had one private client that I was still seeing. Then we had some work behind the scenes that we were working on. So I did work on that. I wrote some things. I worked on my team on some things, but it was very flowy. I didn't do a lot of time blocking.

I played with an open calendar, and I learned a lot from that as well, that I think is very interesting and I am able to be someone that can have a very like what somebody might say is like structured calendar in the digital calendar realm. I teach in Monday Hour One, but I also can find the balance and when to use that tool, when to not use that tool and I know the benefits of certain pillars that I teach around that calendaring that can then be applied with or without the calendaring if that makes sense.

So I really love the calendering process that I teach for a lot of reasons, and I also know that it's not the end all be all just in that form if that makes any sense. So I'm excited to help others open their minds around this whole calendaring thing because I think a lot of you that come to me from Monday Hour One, think that the way in which we teach it there is like the holy grail, end all be all.

There are key pillars that we teach there and then I teach in my own coaching practice that I would highly recommend for certain outcomes, and it's not like we're saying every hour of every minute needs to have a block on a calendar. I see a lot of perfectionism coming through in the application of the calendar and then some rebelling happens and a lot of drama and then you don't end up creating what you want to create because you're so on yourself about the calendar.

So anyway, I had a fun experiment with being very uncalendared and still had an amazing month that month and still moved the business forward in the places that I felt like it was meant to be moved forward. I got a lot of rest and relaxation, though and I had always dreamed of being able to just travel and go to an Airbnb and work from there and feel very free if you will, and not be stressed out about the business and being able to step, it felt like I was stepping back from the business even though I was still connected to it.

I was much less active in it, with it and the business still kept going on. We still collected five-figure revenue that month. That wasn't, let's say, our biggest month in revenue, but we still collected money. That's amazing. That feels so successful to me to have been able to go and have an Airbnb and be by the beach and have my business still collecting money. What? I created that. I didn't have to do a million hours of coaching and creating to still bring in money and that's possible for you too, in your business if that's something that you dream of.

Not that I don't like coaching because I do and it'll be a very season-by-season basis, how many hours of coaching live that I'm doing but now I have a business that can support me and support you even when I don't have those openings available. Even when I've sold out live groups or private clients, I now have this beautiful signature program that you can come into, and you still get live coaching once a month, but you can get started at any time, whenever you are ready, whenever you feel like it's a yes for you and you're not waiting on me.

If I'm on a June away from the business, you're still going to be able to get started with your work and learn from me, recorded, and then get live coaching and Ask a Coach coaching in the App. That's like a dream to me. I'm so excited about that. So that was the check-in for June. I told you I'd pre-recorded things.

So then, I just finished what you would call, probably would call a launch. So this L-word, I like to call it the L-word because I noticed a lot of minds, like I said earlier, get freaked out about it and I didn't really think about this as a launch. So we had opened, we had shifted our website to a brand new gorgeous website in April, that if you've been following along, you probably saw it.

We had open what we called The Shop and we had the Shop Launch Bundle, which was a bundle of all of the things in The Shop for a celebratory rate, so that was coming to a close last week. As I'm sitting now, last week, but as you're hearing this, a couple weeks ago. So I came back to closing that and I had a goal number, not for that launch necessarily, but for the closing of that in the month set that was closing. I had a number come through my spleen as to what to manifest revenue-wise for the month of July.

Not just for the Shop Launch Bundle closing, but just for the month of July, and that was 44K. If you've been following along on Instagram stories, you heard me talk about this, but I had the 44K come through for July as revenue to collect and to create. So I had not only an end date of this thing is closing in the business, but I also had a revenue goal overall. It didn't have to necessarily just come from those things, like the Bundle amounts.

It could come from anywhere like new private clients, me booking Human Design Readings, my booking Intro Sessions, people joining the Bundle, or Cultivate Margin, or any other thing that I collect money for in the business. So I ended up having probably the easiest launch yet. I don't want to share that with you to brag, and I don't want to share that with you to rub salt in your launch wounds if you have them, but I want to be an example of what's on the menu if you remember that podcast episode about What's on the Menu.

I want you to see my experience as it unfolds and as it shifts and changes like I said earlier. So I want to talk through why I think it was the easiest one yet and then I want to talk to you about where I think a lot of entrepreneurs’ minds get caught up and why that creates a not great experience for them. So for me, I believe it was the easiest launch, if you will, yet because well, one I was completely rested going into it.

So June, like I talked about, I had a very restful, very chill, work vibes month. So I was fully rested. I felt really good, ready to come back, ready to engage with people. My profile's two four in Human Design and the two is more of the hermitting vibes and the four is more of the networker wanting to connect with people, be social, refer people and have conversations.

So that's a very cyclical vibe of the profile as well. So I like time to be alone and hermit and study by myself and rest, kind of like I did in June and then I like time where I'm connecting with people and I'm engaging with people and I'm able to come on to calls and talk to people and coach them or DM you or be out there connecting with the people, with you.

So I had just had a good two period of hermitting. So then I was ready then for that four and connecting and having conversations with people again. So that shift in that vibe was very in alignment with closing a bundle. So I think that really helped because previous launches that I've gone into, they weren't necessarily like hard or bad.

I think I've always had a pretty decent mindset around launches overall. I've never had a lot of mind drama around them, but this one was definitely the most easeful one ever. So that helped a lot. I always prep things ahead of time, a lot more than what I see clients that I've worked with do. So I'm always like, what people would say is like ahead of things, which really helps me to then maintain my calm chill vibes, because I can ease my mind by telling it like, “We have these things created.”

Then it's not that everything is set ahead of time, and I have everything done and then we don't change anything or iterate. I really love the vibe of having a set thing, things are created and ready to go. So we can be in those vibes, but then also having the space for going with my spleen in the moment. So there's this vibe of like we're prepared ahead of time and we're going to iterate an ebb and flow and go with what is meant to unfold as it’s unfolding.

I have space to create brand new, I re-took over my Instagram recently. So I had space during the closing of the Bundle then to create different tap-through slides for stories or to create posts, images myself, or to write different Instagram posts as they came through for me, and this time I didn't plan those ahead of time at all. In previous launches, I've pre-written and pre-created all of the Instagram strategy and content and I've been really feeling like not doing that so much recently, especially as I've taken back over my Instagram.

So that was really awesome that I had enough space. I had pre-planned enough and set up enough of the other stuff that then there was room to go with my spleen, and I'm talking about my spleen because that for me is my intuition, my inner voice, my inner knowing, that is my authority in Human Design. So you're going to start hearing me talk about that a lot more, about my spleen, because I'm a splenic authority in Human Design and to me, that's interchangeable, the same as my inner voice.

That's really where it comes through for me, and it's the same thing that I'm tapping in and accessing, no matter if I call it intuition and or knowing spleen. That is the same thing. So that and then I had great team support. So I feel like now, finally, I want to say, finally, I feel like my team is getting into a vibe and into a zone and into a flow together. So I feel like Vivere Co, the entity, me plus my two employees, the four of us, and then we have still some contracted support, like the person that is editing the podcast.

Then we have some time some design support and stuff like that. I feel like we're getting into a groove, finally. Sometimes they're manifesting generator-ness, that's their design type. All of them. My business is a manifesting generator and my two employees are. Sometimes some of that drives me a little nuts, like, we need some of our SOPs documented a little bit more and they just skip that step a lot of the times which drives me a little nuts and makes me nervous, but other than that, I feel like we're getting into a great groove and the three/four of us are really doing well together and they're able to pick up things like as I am in the middle of like, “Oh, my spleen wants to do this,” and then they can adjust and go with the flow with me.

They know now enough of what happens in our company and what we're doing in the company that they can really support me now. In the past, it's been harder because they've been either newer and they haven't known what's going on, or it's just like the training period or figuring out how all of us work together, or we've been bringing on and off other team members or other projects and it's been not as smooth.

So I'm really grateful for my team and how much their support has allowed me to really focus on what I need to focus on, especially in that sort of closing the Bundle and in launch. Then I can really focus on you and I don't have to focus on like, “Are we doing this thing on the back end?” Although sometimes I still anxiously wake up in Slack them and I'm like, “Did you handle this?” But usually, they do, which is awesome.

So then, the other reason why I feel like this launch was the easiest yet was there's lots of space in my calendar as well. So like I talked about, June, there was a lot of space. July, I had only two private clients. I have the monthly calls for what we call Cultivate Margin Self-Study. Like if you just join it at any time, that's Cultivate Margin Self-Study. Even though it's like, it's a self-study, but you also get live coaching calls once a month, and you have Ask a Coach access on the App.

So there's a definite like, it's not just there and done, and you do it in a vacuum by yourself. There is a lot of connection still happening, but that's what I call it. So I had that. I had like a reading or two. I'm working on my Human Design Level Two Certification, but otherwise, there was a lot more open space than I'm used to in my calendar and I've really worked on creating that since last September, October, as I've been working on becoming more in alignment with my Human Design, following my inner voice, and healing my adrenal fatigue. That has been my goal.

So I feel like I've really stepped into this schedule that is a lot more in alignment for me, and I'm still figuring out, like how many private clients at a time do I want, and how many group coaching groups do I want at a time when I do do those in different seasons, but I'm playing with that, and I'm a lot more attuned to my energy now, and not working eight hour days anymore.

I'm very much working probably four to six-hour days now, which is so much more supportive of me and my energy, and I can be so much more ready for you all and I can serve you at a much higher level now. I can then have like this launch period, and I'm not totally already burnt out without any energy and then I'm just dreading what I'm doing and that vibe is never good.

So having that space in my calendar, being in this sort of lean back energy, detached energy. So I had this goal that I was specifically manifesting the 44K, but I was very open to how it would unfold and where it would come from. It didn't need to be like, “I need to sell X number of Bundles.” It wasn't like I had any drama around, “I have to create this amount.” I felt very as good as done. This is happening and even if it doesn't happen, that's fine but this is happening. Very detached, very grounded. It's not the clients that are creating it. It's not me having to sell a certain number of Bundles to make this happen. That's one of the things I want to point out to you about the drama around the L-word.

It was very fun and celebratory and I was grounded in that celebration every step of the way and tracking it and writing someone's name on a post-it note and physically celebrating that on my wall and going and getting a cocktail early in the week when we had an amazing day, during the last week of the Shop Launch Bundle and getting a massage and really celebrating.

Then even when I did collect over the amount of money that I was creating, celebrating that by giving my team a bonus. So for me, what I've learned in my Human Design chart, money is meant to celebrate, essentially. So I am starting to, as I'm receiving more money, or not necessarily more but receiving money, I'm celebrating with it. How can I be in that celebratory vibe, and how can I celebrate with other people, and how can I celebrate with you and how can I bring you into the celebration? How can we all celebrate together?

So it was really this fun, playful, lean back vibe. Unattached, I knew for sure it was happening. I was just super excited for whoever felt like it was a yes for them to join us because the deal honestly was ridiculous. If you did the math, if you understood the lifetime value of it, it was like insane, out-of-this-world vibe. So whoever was yes for that, I was so excited for them and what they were going to be creating for themselves, the way I was going to get to guide and support them.

So I was really thinking about them, and where are they at and how can I share with them my passion and excitement for this and doing it more from my design, and not feeling like I had to push or force. I just had to let folks know what they were invited to and that was the vibe. I think that's why it was the easiest L-word yet. So the month is not yet complete, but right now I'm at about like 63K in revenue for this month and my goal was 44.

I think there's a surplus because of how much I was really in alignment with all of that energy. I was not willing to go out of that, really and if I would notice my mind's drama, I would coach myself, and bring it back and get back into my body, in the grounded and refocus really on what was happening.

So let's talk about, real quick, I know this has been a long Lauren, just rambling on about her experiences, but I really hope it was helpful for you to hear so that you can shift into the vibe yourself that you want to get into whenever you have a launch, whenever you're creating something with a deadline. Whenever you have a goal and an intention that you're creating in a specific period, you can come back to this and you can see like, “What can I learn from where Lauren was at,” and maybe for your energy and your energetics, it's going to be different.

You might have different lines for money, or you might not be a Projector. You might have other things, but some of the mindsets that I'm in are going to work for all of you and try them on. Test them out. See how they work for you. So let's talk real quick about where I see entrepreneurs lose their minds around launching.

So basically, whenever we, for the mind, set a specific timeline and goal, it can get freaked out about it because it tries to go to the how and how exactly is this going to happen? I must have a very exact map to make sure it happens, and there are a lot of reasons why it does this. Sometimes you're afraid of failing, or you're afraid of how you're going to speak to yourself when you don't create that goal.

So you go into this forcing mode, but it's very different for each individual. I've uncovered a lot of different stories around why do you have to control it so much. There's a lot underneath that, and there can be a lot of things learned in childhood processing to be done. There can be a lot of false beliefs that you uncover as you dig deeper. So doing that work with yourself or with a coach can be really helpful to see like, “Why does my mind go into this forcing, controlling, freaked out energy, when I set a timeline on something? Am I just afraid that I'm going to let myself down? So I'm letting myself down ahead of time here? What's going on there?”

Then, of course, usually during a launch, especially there is selling involved, and selling for a lot of reasons, freaks our minds out. There is a lot of shifting of energetics and mindset and beliefs to be done around selling and healing that and knowing that selling isn't us forcing anyone to do anything, us trying to get somebody to do something.

It's simply us having an option available and for others to tune into themselves to see whether or not it's meant for them, and then for us to trust that that is meant for everyone because if they're really tuning in and listening to what is correct for them, it's correct for everyone. Then being a no doesn't mean that you're not going to create your goal and your intention.

You, of course, will create your goal and your intention, not with them, then if they're a no. So this gets into, I'm always talking about this with my clients and in a lot of group coaching, too. We get into this, I call it the one-for-one mindset mentality. This happens in launches, it happens, even when we're just booking, let's say, you have a private practice if you're booking out your private practice. It can happen even if you don't have a coaching business or a one-to-one business like this either.

It can happen in any sort of business where you're in the moment in an engagement with somebody. So whether it's, you're offering them or you're talking to them about your Bundle that you're selling, or you're having a consult, or a discovery call for even like a website opportunity. Like if you're a web developer, or you are selling some tangible good. Whatever it is, you have this outcome goal that you're desiring.

So you have like the 44K for the month, and you're selling this Bundle, and it's closing. You can get really in the mindset of, “Whoever I talk to, I need them to be a yes. They have to be a yes, in this conversation to fill in space number eight, so that I can get 10. So that then I can create my goal.” So then we put all this pressure on the individual and that individual conversation, to then be part of the cumulative outcome that we are wanting to create, when really that specific moment with that person, and their yes or no, has nothing to do with whether or not we're going to create that overall goal.

I pause there because that's really important, and I see so many minds that don't see it that way. They see that individual one-on-one conversation with that person, maybe they're interested in the Bundle, and they are asking you questions about it. You can be really attached to them being a yes, and that will impact that conversation and create a different dynamic in that conversation. Then you end up not being who you want to be in that conversation, and you don't really serve them because you were projecting onto them that they need to be a yes so that you can get your goal.

What might be correct for them is not being a yes, but that does not mean then that you don't get your goal. Your goal is separate. There will be somebody else that's a yes, that maybe you didn't even talk to that will fulfill your goal. Your goal is separate from them. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. So for me, I'm very I know now. I think pretty much I'm solidly in that, that it's not the one that will fulfill my goal.

So when I'm DMing with somebody that's curious about the Bundle, and even after it closed, I was DMing with some people. I'm very detached from whether or not they sign up. Obviously, I think they would be silly to not. I think it was the most amazing offer and I still think Cultivate Margin right now is an amazing offer. Everything that I offer, of course, I think is amazing, but they are not then responsible for my goal, and I had already met my goal.

So I can see like, what is that energy that I'm coming from when I'm conversing with somebody after I've even hit my goal? That might be where you start to get into that energy is notice after you've already fulfilled a goal, and then you're talking to somebody about something that could contribute to that goal, in your mind, how do you engage with them?

How are you on a consult when you already have a full roster and you're adding to the waitlist? What's that vibe? Then how can you bring that vibe into just your normal consult, even when you have spots on your roster? That's the vibe of, as good as done goal creation. If you already have it, if you already know it's as good as done, then how do you show up for the creation of that goal? I love talking about that and coaching people on that. So there's that and then there's all this worth and worthiness and pressure that comes up for people around launches.

There's questions of being an integrity, what I was talking about with the one-to-one situation. So I think that is enough about what I see in entrepreneurs around the L-word. There's a whole lot more though. That was what I was struggling with preparing for this podcast episode is like, “There is a lot that I see around the L-word,” and I wanted to be all-inclusive of all of it, but I can't be in just one podcast episode.

We're already at 41 minutes of me talking just on this podcast episode. So I want to give you, I wrote down nine keys for the L-word. Having a launch, making a goal complete around filling something or selling something. Let me give them to you and then we'll call it a day.

So number one, make it about them, not about you. What I was just talking about. Your individual conversations. It's about them, even as you're writing emails, as you're creating the webinar, or whatever it is, it's about them. It's not for the so that you create the goal. Your goal is separate. It's a separate thing.

Number two, prepare ahead of time, and then also have space to engage throughout the launch. As your authority or intuition, inner voice tells you not to be reactive, not to do something totally crazy from like, “I need to make this happen way.” Careful there, but from a truly alignment, responding-in-the-moment way. In a way that is serving you and them.

Number three, listen to your authority, and if you don't like authority, your inner voice, your intuition. Being in attunement with that. Be able to get out of the mind and into the body's wisdom.

Four, do belief work for the gap and hold the belief the entire time. I teach that in How to Do Belief Work. I love that the gap between where you are, where you want to be, and really getting into that belief, getting to 100% belief where you actually have the R, the result, that goal, the amount of money you're creating.

Five is break it down and track it. That kind of helps you with number four, but don't flip or divide evenly is my note there of like break down the goal. My 44K I didn't break it down into weeks or anything, but I did create a spreadsheet, so it could be tracking it and then knowing exactly how much more I was creating and being in the belief of that what's left to create, rather than continually doing the thought work or the belief work on the 44K because as you collect, there's a different amount of money that you are believing for, but breaking down the project and then being able to have even belief work in different things. I had a Coffee with Lauren. So I got into to the vibe of what is the outcome I want from Coffee with Lauren and then not having it be a so that my overall goal. Having it be a separate thing in and of itself and showing up fully for that.

Six is coach yourself, or get coached as needed. Notice, do you have a narrative that is for creating the result that you want to create, ending the launch with whatever amount of money that you're intending, or is it against it? Is the narrative, are you the hero where you're creating it, or is it all against? Because if it's against, you're not going to create it. There's no way that you can. So being really onto yourself about that.

Seven is keep your eyes on your own paper. Stop looking at everybody else's business and how they do things. You don't need to see what they're doing, what they're creating, all that, unless there's like an inspiration. Obviously listening to this podcast, hopefully, this is inspiring and helpful for you. You don't need to compare. It's not going to be helpful. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Think about your own clients.

Eight, celebrate along the way. Nine, be as if it already happened like I talked about earlier. That is so important. All ready done energy.

Alright, hope this was super useful. Super long podcast episode. I will talk to you next week. Bye.

Hey there, thanks so much for listening. I wanted to invite you, if you're ready to integrate what you're learning on this podcast and want to dive deeper, you must come check out Cultivate Margin. It's my coaching program that's a hybrid between a self-study course and a coaching program designed just for you. Join me and the community of others like you at and you can get that link in the show notes as well. I can't wait to see you in there. Have an amazing day.

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