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53. The Flow of Resources

My coach, Dana Evans, has been helping me process a lot of emotional bean bags and get more and more in touch with my body and my inner voice/spleen. My friend Dorothy had asked me a question about an Inner Voice Session. So I wanted to share with her and all of you what my inner voice had to say about some things my mind had been worried about.

In this episode, I share with you a short snippet of an Inner Voice Session I had with my coach, Dana, where my inner voice gave me a really cool picture of what the true reality is when it comes to resources and money.

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53. The Flow of Resources

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle, Episode 53: The Flow of Resources.

Hey, here's a really fun, quick episode for you. I was talking to my Mastermind Projector Playground, and Dorothy, who's in that with me, had asked me a question about an Inner Voice Session, or I had volunteered an answer from the Inner Voice Session I had had with my new coach, Dana. I think I had talked about her on Episode 52. Dana Evans is my coach right now helping me process a lot of emotional bean bags and helping me get more and more in touch with my body and my inner voice/spleen.

So this episode, I really loved the message and picture analogy/metaphor. I always get those confused, so we'll just say whatever that was, through my inner voice about resources, especially money. And my mind was a little bit worried about some money things and the inner voice gave me this really cool picture of what the true reality is when it comes to resources and money.

So I wanted to share this with Dorothy, but I also wanted to share it with you all because I thought it would be really helpful for you to hear the answer of my inner voice, but also get to experience a tiny little snippet. It's only about, I don't know, three, four minutes long. A tiny little snippet of what an Inner Voice Session is like for a little while. I had already released a lot of emotional bean bags before this section. But if you're interested in having your own Inner Voice Session, I do Inner Voice Sessions, and of course Dana does as well. So either one of us that you feel from your inner voice called to book a session with, definitely do so. If your inner voice is calling you to that or your authority, if you connect more with the Human Design language, and if you don't know your Human Design or you want to learn more about your Human Design, I do readings as well. So both of those are available to you if you're feeling called. Absolutely no pressure for either, only what feels really aligned for you.

So anyway, without further ado, here is a little snippet of me getting a session from Dana. You'll notice it's kind of a slow pace, which is really lovely. And maybe, I don't know if you'll hear it in this section, I forget because I was just listening through a bunch of the session, but Dana calls me Elsie. You might remember that from the episode with Lauren Armstrong. People really close to me call me Elsie. So that's what you're going to hear. I hope you enjoy. Definitely keep reaching out. DM-ing me, emailing me, letting me know what you're loving, what you want more of. I invite you to give me any recognition and invitations that you may have for me. I really want this to be a two-way street conversation as much as possible. So thanks and enjoy.

Dana: How do you see it, inner voice?

Lauren: She doesn't need to do it all on her own. She's in a very different place now where she could have the support that's more supportive.

Dana: Support that's more supportive?
Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Dana: That sounds nice.

Lauren: Yeah. She doesn't think she can get everything that she wants. She thinks she has to sacrifice all the time. In order to have one thing, she has to lose another.

Dana: Oh. No wonder the mind's afraid about having to balance, fulfilling its passions versus being a good projector and resting and having resources. It feels like it to sacrifice something.

Lauren: Yeah. I'm seeing one of those scales where you have to like balance out the weights on both sides.

Dana: Oh. Yeah. Is that, is that true? I think a lot of minds think that inner voice. Is that true?

Lauren: No.

Dana: How not? How is it possible that we can just have what we want? How can Elsie just have everything she wants without having to give up something?

Lauren: Trust.

Dana: The mind wants that answer inner voice.

Lauren: Uh-huh.

Dana: Trust in what inner voice?

Lauren: The flow.

Dana: Okay. Just that you can trust in the flow that-

Lauren: The water's already there and it flows in different capacities and different seasons and you never know when an avalanche is going to melt.

Dana: That's a great analogy because it sounded like earlier in her voice, the mind was like, well I have energy and passion now. And if I don't use it, how will I know if it ever comes back? The mind was afraid of that.

Lauren: Yeah. But the mind is like we need to in our little pale, hurry up and collect all the water. But there's always going to be water there.

Dana: Oh.

Lauren: Just take the mug when you want to take a sip of water, just dip it in.

Dana: Oh wow.

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