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24. The Longest Game

Have you thought about your dream life, your ideal vision for your life? Maybe you're thinking it's not possible. There's just too much to do and you need to hurry up to get it all done.

I invite you to question all of it. Do you need to hurry? What endpoint are you trying to hurry yourself to?

Imagine you were living your ideal life right now. You have the schedule, clients, business that you want. You weren't in a rush or a hurry to get anywhere. It's possible to create the ideal life you want right now. Join me on today's podcast in settling into the longest game of your life right now, not in some future moment.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Envisioning your ideal future
  • Aligning your life to your ideal future
  • Imagining your life as amazing right now, instead of at some endpoint
  • Incorporating more fun into your life
  • Questions to ask yourself to add more fun to your life
  • Examples of what it looks like to listen to your inner voice to guide you

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24. The Longest Game

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 24: The Longest Game.

Hey, hi, how's it going? Happy Monday. Are you killing it this week? Is it going to be your best week ever? I sure hope so. And if it's not already, I hope you'll take a quick break, regroup, decide how you're going to make it the most amazing week thus far in your life. Even if you think it's going to be really mundane, how could you make it more exciting even in what your mind thinks is the mundane? So I've been getting more support in my business recently and playing with a lot of different ways to do that. And it's so funny for me because I will hear from my inner voice, for me, my inner voice is very quick in the moment it tells me once and that's it.

And it'll tell me something once in a moment to maybe hire someone, try someone out, work with someone new and I'll feel very clear and know for sure that was the deep calm, still knowing. And then we'll work together, it might work a little bit, or it might not work at all in some ways and then my mind thinks I just need to make this work because I already hired them. I already got the hit that I was supposed to work with them, but then I'm just trying to force it and make it work and from the mind, “Just make it work,” and that's never how things are supposed to work. We're not supposed to force things, especially me in my projectorness in Human Design, I'm never supposed to force anything. So then when I listen to my inner voice in the next moment, the later moment I hear it's a no, for sure. And it's time to move on and here are some ideas for how to get supported in this in a different way.

And so, it feels like right now I'm changing a lot of things in my business, in the backend, just there are a lot of things changing right now so that I can support you all so much more, in such a bigger way. But also my mind is like, “You are changing up the staff and the support way too fast,” but I also am learning a ton and I'm learning that I'm meant to listen to my inner knowing moment by moment. And that inner knowing isn't going to be the knowing for forever and if I can just trust that I know what I'm meant to know in every moment and not let the mind go crazy with, “What will other people think? They're going to think you're inconsistent or you don't know what you want or etc.” Then I can just rest assured in the knowing that I do know. So if that's encouraging for you today, I just wanted to share that with you all and that it can be quite the experiment getting more support and it's not going to be perfect right away and that's okay.

It's not meant to be perfect right away or maybe even ever, but it doesn't mean that you're not meant to get support and you're not meant to build support in order to create the business and life you want to have. Okay, so before we dive into today's topic, I want to shout out a review and I'm excited to share this one. It's from softball is 4 girls, the number 4, they said, “I'm excited to hear more. This podcast offers a lot of great insight and information to support people, me in my next big step. Sometimes no matter how much we plan, we need tangible advice to keep moving forward. This podcast can help with that. I'm so glad I found it.” Well, I hope that it continues to do that for you softball is 4 girls. That is definitely my mission, is to help you move forward in what you want to create in your life and business.

Alright, so today's episode. I want to invite you to a new perspective on your business. Come with me in your mind, and if you're just listening to this in a place where you could close your eyes, I'll invite you to do that. Breathe in and breathe out. Do that a few times, maybe stretch, move your body the way your body wants to move right now. I'm recording this standing up today rather than sometimes I'm sitting down and I want you to come with me if you're open to a land where there's no rush, there's no hurry. You can create 5 to 10 to 20 to 25 to 30-year plans and visions. You can choose not to “make things work” like I was talking about earlier. You can trust fully beyond your wildest dreams are possible. Not just your wildest dreams, but beyond that, because right now where your mind is currently at it can't even conceive of the magic and possibilities that you have available to you in this lifetime.

You begin to consider your, for lack of a better term, dream life. It's kind of cliche, but that ideal life, the life where you are able to be fully aligned in your design if that's something that you're interested in. You're able to create the results and outcomes and goals that you desire. You're able to embody the human you want to be. You're able to make the impact you want to make. You're involved in the community the way you want to be involved. You have the financial security and you can continue to bring all of this into the now. Now in this life, I want you to even consider you don't have anything to retire from. What if you weren't striving to hurry up and make a lot of money so that you could have sort of this nest egg to retire from it?

What if you created a life so juicy and so full of the things that you like doing, and you don't do the things you don't like doing and there's plenty of money flowing in and out just like we breathe that you didn't ever really feel like there was anything to retire from, but you knew you had plenty of money to support you if your body ends up not being able to do the work that you love eventually. And you were able to support others in your family if you desire to do that, but you weren't really in this hurry to stop working. Your life was so sustainable that you didn't feel the need to figure out how to stop working ASAP. A few years ago, I got really into this, this is kind of a tangent from our vision, but to bring you into where did this retirement idea come from. A few years ago, really a decade ago I was into minimalism before it was a thing before the Netflix film dropped. I actually am in that Netflix film for a quick second.

Some people who know me actually have seen me in it and told me they've seen me in it without me even telling them that I'm in it. But I was a big fan of the minimalists back before they were a big deal. And after I got into minimalism, I got really interested in the financial independence, retire early community. Mr. Money Mustache, reading Jim Collins' work. And I'm still really curious about reading a lot of that work and interested in it. However, now I have a little bit of a different perspective. I'm not so much in a hurry to retire anymore. I love what I do. I love this company that I'm building and I really am enjoying building support around it and building a more sustainable lifestyle and the lifestyle that I want to live and being more in alignment with my design. I'm nowhere near as an alignment with my design and human design as I want to be yet, but this is an experiment and I'm experimenting and I'm adjusting and I'm reconfiguring my business in order to do all of that.

So back to your vision, maybe there's a spaciousness and an ease available for you. I want you to paint a picture of that in your mind. What would be the vision of your life if you didn't have to rush to an endpoint? What if you were playing the longest game? What if this just were your life? There's not going to be like someday that you get somewhere, where everything is amazing. This is just it. This is your life right now and you can start designing it and adjusting it, creating your ideal calendar, working towards things. I'm not saying that it won't be hard for your mind. And I'm not saying that you might not have to choose. You like your reasons for working multiple jobs, maybe for a little while, while you're building your own business or something like that, I'm not saying that. And I'm saying you can build in right now, the long-term vision you want to have for yourself.

And if you weren't in a hurry or in a rush, you'd probably be able to do that much quicker than if you were in a hurry or a rush and you were making sacrifices and taking clients that weren't meant for you and just forcing things and just making it work. I heard on Jess Lively's Podcast, an Abraham quote. She actually has said it in two of her recent podcasts, two different times. And I really felt like it was speaking to me and I feel like it will speak to you too, and it really ties into this longest game concept of what if we just settled into playing the longest game, what would change in our lives? How would we approach business? How would we approach everything if we were settling in for the longest game rather than rushing to retirement or a specific revenue number or a specific income, or some other “there” that we think will be better than here.

And the Abraham quote is, “If the journey to the destination is not fun, neither will be the destination.” I'll read that for you again. “If the journey to the destination is not fun, neither will be the destination.” How does that hit you? I have had some pretty un-fun times in my building of business, in my creating of degrees, in my collecting of status, and all of that. And what if instead, I were more committed to things being fun, even if the mind thinks they're hard things, but infusing and bringing the fun and the ease and the not forcing and the dropping things when they're not flowing. What if that were a part of things? Not that we give up on the results we want to create, this is very different than that. And maybe I'll do a podcast episode on that sometime because I think a lot of times folks get confused. They think, “If it's not fun if it's not flowing, then we just don't create the goals we want to create, or we just are lazy.”

It goes to a very extreme, especially for those of you listening who tend to be perfectionistic in your thinking, which most humans have some spectrum of that. You end up going to a very dichotomous place of it's either all fun, rainbows, daisies, sunshine, cappuccinos, or it is work hard, create the things you want to create, put in the sweat equity, all of that. And there's just a whole another place altogether that isn't necessarily not hard for the mind. For me, the mind actually has a harder time having fun on the journey. That actually is the harder thing. The slowing down, the being easeful, the aligning with my design, playing with that, being supported, actually, all of that is way harder for my mind because of the way I was conditioned growing up when I was rewarded for all of that. So I want to offer you that today to consider is your journey fun? Are you making it fun? Where are you attempting to force things?

Are you listening to your inner voice and intuition or are you just blowing right past it? I have actually a couple of interesting little stories that align with this that I want to share with you from my personal life that have happened relatively recently. And one is you sort of heard about this on the podcast that I was in the process of buying a house to move to Las Vegas. And when I was in the house, I really liked it. My mind liked this house a whole lot, but then there was this one point in the tour of the house where I got that quick, what we kind of call splenic or splenic hit, that's my authority in human design. So my inner voice really quickly told me, “It's not this one.” I heard that very quickly, but it was only the once. And I know exactly where I was in the house when I knew like it wasn't going to be that one. Yet, I still moved forward because my mind loved it.

It had all the things and the neighborhood, and it could logic its way to that this would be the one, but then as everything was unfolding, things were not going smoothly. It was not fun. I got into a lot of forcing energy. I really was trying so hard to control people to “make this happen”. And I had to put a lot of people sort of out and push them in quick periods of time, the loan person, my CFO, my accountant, and it was not good. It wasn't aligning at all. It just felt like I was trying to get oil and water to work together and then it was very stressful. I spent a lot of money on getting appraisals and all the things. And we were having a hard time getting the loan because technically, the year before the year we were working on getting the loan, so 2019, a majority of my income that year was W2 income.

And for someone who is self-employed for the first time for a full year in that particular business, I've been an entrepreneur for a long time in multiple capacities, over eight or so years probably, but according to the banks that are like kind of cracking down on things, they didn't like that. And it didn't even matter how much money my business brought in last year, it just wasn't going to work. I wasn't going to get a loan. I ended up consulting with a lot of other loan officers and they all were telling me this never should have been something that you were pursuing. We could tell you right now, it was just never going to work, it's just not going to happen. And so, I didn't really know that until the day before we were supposed to close on this house. And it was so devastating to me at the time, especially because I had been forcing this energy and not having the best relationships with people, being really short with people, and not keeping my attention focused on my business.

I, in the middle of the day, would be trying to force these house things. So then I was left about a week and a half before the end of the year to find somewhere to live out here in Vegas that was not a place that I was going to buy, but I knew for sure I needed to move out here by the end of the year to start my 2021 out here. And thankfully, the realtor I was working with went very quickly and showed me some houses that I could rent and she actually looked at the house I am renting now. And we both really liked it and felt like it was good for me. And then it was a little bit stressful. I stressed myself out again, trying to get the house to rent, but it ended up working out. And the company that was helping the landlord get a renter in was very kind and helped me and we made it. We ended up getting it to work. And I, in less than a week, was able to rent this house.

And I'm so glad that I'm here and the house is great. There's some quirky things, of course, but it's really what I was looking for. And it's really an amazing space for me right now in this season. And then my renting rather than buying has allowed me to invest more in my company early this year before we're launching all of these things and helped me be able to have more support that I was talking about at the beginning of this episode. So that was an example of me not following my authority or my inner voice and it sort of not being fun along the way and then the destination was not really fun. And if I would have had the house, I probably would have been a not fun house experience throughout because it wasn't fun along the way. And this has also happened recently too with some clients that I just felt like it wasn't aligning.

And so, I brought it up and then they ended up leaving the practice and it just felt so much better, that they weren't meant to be my clients right now. And my mind, of course, could stress out about the money and stuff but I really do have this deep inner knowing that I'll always have what I need and what the business needs and it'll come in other ways that I haven't even thought up yet. So I want to encourage you to think about the longest game. If you can settle into that, as you think about your vision and settle into having fun along the way, making it fun and not forcing what might be available for you that you haven't even considered yet. What would change if you were thinking about the longest game?

Alright, so I hope you have an amazing week. If you haven't considered your email inbox yet in your longest game, I invite you to go to the The links will be in the show notes as well, and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

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