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4. The Mind and The Intuition

You might be thinking, “Why is it important to know the difference between the mind the and the intuition? I just want to know how to keep being effective in my business.” I hear you, but deep down I know you are curious about it. As you scale your business you are wondering, “How do I know the right decision to make to move forward?”

The truth is that there is no real “right answer.” However, there is an answer at your deepest core that you know and want. But how often are you accessing that part of you aside from dealing with all the mind drama? You can access that part of you and use your mind to help move you forward.

In today's show, I talk about difference between the mind and the intuition and how to use them to make decisions in your business. Most times we want to make decisions from our mind, but then we limit ourselves. Learn how to access your intuition in today's episode to make the “right” decision in your business. Running your business from your intuition may be the key to where you want your business to go.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

    • The difference between the mind and the intuition
    • When to use your mind as a tool
    • When to use your intuition as a tool
    • How to access your intuition for decision making
    • Why you may need to clean up your mindset to have better access to your intuition
    • How the mind and the intuition can be used together to move you forward in your business

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4. The Mind and The Intuition

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, episode 4: The Mind and The Intuition.

Hey, good morning, happy Monday. How’s it going? Hope you loved the first three episodes and are having so much fun with the podcast launch. I’m having a blast. I hope you’re playing along with us with the giveaway and with everything we’re doing on Instagram. If you’re not, get on over there, it’s Vivereco v.i.v.e.r.e.c.o over on Instagram. And I’ll tell you more about the giveaway at the end of this episode.

But I wanted to tell you about something funky that happened yesterday. And then tell you about how this podcast came to be so that you have a little bit of behind the scenes that I think will be helpful for you before we dive into what we’re talking about today.

So yesterday was such a weird day because when I was on my morning walk in the morning and you definitely want to follow me on Instagram to see all my amazing sunrise photos. Yesterday’s photo was really weird because there was a lot of fog here in Southern California, so much so that I thought I was in a creepy horror movie while I was on my walk.

And then I checked the weather and it was going to be heat advisory high 90s. And I was so confused because when you looked outside it looked like it was like a let’s be cozy by the fire kind of a day, but it wasn’t that at all. And it ended up burning off pretty quickly and getting pretty hot. And then today’s supposed to be 101 I think, so, very strange.

But anyway yesterday I recorded this podcast episode, a different version of the podcast episode. And when I was done I thought it was pretty good but I wasn’t fully satisfied with it and I decided I was going to rerecord today for you and have the one that you’re listening to right now.

But what happened between then and now is that I had this inkling again from what I will call the intuition, my inner knowing that I wasn’t supposed to record the type of episode that I had yesterday. That’s what we’re going to cover most likely, unless something changes, next week in episode 5. But I needed to set you up with this episode, The Mind and the Intuition before we went there.

Now, my mind really did not want to record this episode because it was doing what I’m going to teach you that minds do. It was thinking things like this is going to be a little bit too woo woo for the listeners. It’s going to be a little out there for our entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs just want to learn how to be effective and they want to dive in and know how to do that right away. And they don’t want to learn about the mind and the intuition. But really I know that you do want to learn about the mind and the intuition.

Deep down you are curious about this and you, as I teach you about mindset work, how that works, the self-coaching model that I teach my clients. I integrate that in my teaching of how you accomplish your goals, how you set up your backend business systems and everything like that, how you create the money you want to create in your business with your mindset. This one will inevitably come up as a question in your mind. How do I know if it’s the mind that’s telling me to do this or if – and it’s my ego that’s telling me, or if it’s really my intuition?

Or how do I know the right decision to make? This comes up a lot with entrepreneurs because if you’re a founder, a CEO you will be making decisions all day long, all of the decisions. And you will work as you build your team on delegating and delegating decision making to your team so that you don’t have the cognitive load of making so many decisions so that you end up in decision fatigue.

However, I’ve read an article one time and I honestly don’t remember where, but I think there are a few articles that I’ve read, or books that I’ve read about successful CEOs and founders. And what I learned is that successful CEOs are the ones that make quick decisions, they’re able to quickly make these decisions and then they just move forward and adjust their course as necessary with the feedback that comes from what decision they made. They don’t just stay stuck in analyzing, and observing, and researching.

They make a decision; they move forward, they adjust the course as necessary for the company. And they keep doing this, they just keep course adjusting, kind of like an airplane goes from point A to point B but it doesn’t always take the same course. The autopilot function is always making these microscopic changes in order to get the plane to where it needs to go.

So this comes up often for you and will as you are continuing to scale your company as an entrepreneur. You will have lots of decisions to make and you will want to know how do I make these decisions? How do I know what the ‘right answer’ is? And the truth is that there’s no real ‘right answer’. However there is most likely an answer that you at your deepest core want and know the answer to. And we want to be able to help you get there to be able to see what that one answer is without having to deal with all of the mind’s drama all of the time.

So this is really essential for you to learn the difference between the mind and the intuition. I’m going to talk more about that in today’s episode. And then we’re going to dive into mindset work and how to do mindset work. And how that impacts you as the founder, and the entrepreneur, and you in your business and your life, in creating whatever goals that you have for yourself, money or otherwise. We’re going to talk about how to use your mindset to create anything that you want. And that it’s ultimately the mindset that creates all of your results in your life and in your business.

Before we do that though we need to set the stage here by talking about the difference between the mind, and the intuition and when we want to use the mind and when we want to use the intuition. And this is something that I’ve been recently studying. So you’re getting the fresh underdeveloped concepts from me as I’m studying it. This is more of what I’ve been diving into the last month or two myself in my own work. So I’m excited to share it with you really fresh and so then we’ll be able to interweave it even more throughout the rest of the podcast.

So let’s first talk about the mind. I’m going to use the mind and the brain relatively interchangeably. But essentially you have this tool in your body called the mind, well, the brain and it has a mind. And it has lots of functionality. It’s able to make decisions. It’s able to calculate, create structures, solve problems. It loves to solve problems, it loves to make up problems to solve. It loves to have an opinion and commentary on absolutely everything that the eyes see and register into the mind.

It likes to create context based on what you’ve experienced previously to make sense of the world. It likes to categorize things, to make you very efficient in the mind. It wants things to be very efficient because your body in general wants to stay at homeostasis, at this level of calm where everything is relatively balanced for the body.

And it wants to spend as little energy as possible. It is all about conserving energy. And for the mind to be able to do that it wants to make really quick cuts, so, in order to do that it makes quick categorizations and have lots of shortcuts in the way that it thinks. So this is really helpful in some senses to us, but can also hold us back in other ways and also create a lot of bias that can be not really what we want at times.

The mind also really likes dichotomous thinking or duality. So it likes categories and especially if you are a recovering perfectionist you probably have this part of your mind amped up even more. So your mind does this is good, this is bad, this person belongs, this person doesn’t belong, this is the right way, this is the wrong way. It’s either one or two, this or that.

And you want to start to just notice that that is your mind working on having a shortcut in a way that it thinks it’s going to help you. But in reality things are not just one or two, this or that. There is a huge scale of what things are. We just make these really quick decisions for which category things fall in. There is usually not just one ‘right decision’, there’s not just either I take this job or I start this business. There are so many other options available to us that we just don’t even consider because our minds are so stuck on this or this. So that’s another way that the mind functions.

The mind also is all about avoiding discomfort and is really fearful really. It is all about being afraid and protecting us. It likes to think about the past and the future. It wants to assess what is going on now based on the past. It also wants to attempt to protect us for the future, so it makes assumptions based on what it knows from the past and the current moment to project out into the future, when we actually don’t know anything about the future.

So it thrives off of fear and it usually, it spins out on fear. It has lots of chatter about that because it really wants to protect us from this fear. It’s usually talking really quickly. It has a high buzz whenever you feel really anxious and dis-regulated. That’s all from the mind’s creation. All of these things are characteristic of the mind.

Now, the mind is super helpful, it’s a tool, a tool that we really need to use. It’s helping me speak to you right now in this way. It helped me set up the podcast to start recording. It’s what helps me create solutions for my company. It helps me coach my clients etc. But it’s a tool that we want to use when it’s appropriate, kind of like we want to use a stapler when we need staples but we don’t necessarily always need a stapler. Sometimes we need another tool like scissors, or an exacto knife, or a screwdriver etc. We have different tools for different things.

So the mind isn’t necessarily needed all the way across the board and always. And often when we act from what the mind tells us just by default we continue to create what we don’t want in our businesses and in our lives. And we’ll talk more about that next week.

So now let’s talk about the intuition. The intuition has other names as well, you might have heard it called your inner voice, your inner knowing, what you really want deep down, your awareness, things like this is what I mean when I say your intuition. It is also you, your mind is you, and so is the intuition, these are just ways in which the mind separates and categorizes. We’re just using the mind again to categorize both of these parts of you.

But I like to think about this part of you as being more of the deep down true authentic self. This is the awareness part of you that observes you and can see yourself thinking. So if you can separate yourself we often call this the watcher or the observer, the awareness, the consciousness, you might have heard that as well potentially. This is the part of you that can observe the mind, that can separate from it and watch your mind having thoughts and chattering, and having this conversation, and fear, and everything.

But the intuition and inner knowing part of you is always calm. It knows that all is well even when the mind does not think things are well, even when the mind has thoughts about the circumstances that are happening in your life. It knows that there is no rush, there is no hurry. That time is just a mental construct that we use, that there’s plenty of time. That everything always works out as it should even if the mind does not think that.

It’s like super chill and not in a primitive brain way sitting on the couch eating chips and just overindulging in a way that’s not useful for you, and that’s actually harmful for you. That’s not the intuition and inner voice, that’s a part of the mind that is attempting to not feel what it’s feeling, and attempting to protect itself from what it thinks is imminent danger in a way. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

We’re talking about the part of you that has your best interest in mind at all times. And it knows that all will work out, it knows that everything is possible for you and available to you, and that you belong here, that you’re a part of it all. This is where if you have some belief about God, or universe, or spirit, or soul, this is that part of you.

So maybe if you come from a different background you might even believe that this part of you is like Holy Spirit, or your soul and Holy Spirit kind of combined or you have different beliefs about that. That’s where this part is. And it always knows things are working out and are totally fine. This is the part of you that you really want to ask what the next step is.

And the intuition is only ever going to tell you what the next step is. It doesn’t need to know the 500 point plan. It doesn’t need to know exactly how we get to a million dollars in revenue or 10 million dollars in revenue in the business. It just knows that it’s meant for more and that maybe that is one way that it will create that, and that that is available to you if it sounds fun for you. Why not?

The intuition wants to have fun, it wants to have everything you do really fun, even if the mind is thinking that it’s hard. The intuition knows that it’s not really hard, it’s just a story that the mind is telling you and that you could make it fun if you wanted to. But your mind will always think that things are sometimes good half the time, and sometimes bad half the time. But the intuition, even if it’s ‘bad’ to the mind doesn’t really have a problem with that. It knows it’s okay even if your mind really doesn’t think that it’s fine and is really processing through emotions.

We can often block our awareness for this inner knowing with past situations, past trauma, maybe past emotion that has been unprocessed. This creates a blockage between us and that awareness. Multiple teachers have called it different things, but let’s just say it’s some sort of blocked energy that needs to be processed. There might be some crying, some movement, something of feeling and processing emotion that needs to happen in order to then be able to hear the inner knowing even better.

But this is where you want to go when you’re making new decisions for your business, when you’re sensing should this employee stay or is it time for them to go? Is it time to start this offering or not? What should my plan be for next year? What goal really should I go after? What’s the next thing? What should I work on this week? Am I doing too much? What else should be on my calendar?

Making the decisions first with the inner knowing and then using the mind to create it as a tool to solve for, we know the destination now from the inner knowing. And then perhaps the inner knowing will also tell you this will be part of it, like Facebook Ads will be part of it or TikTok or Instagram or whatever. But then your mind will go to work on figuring out some of the solutions for the how of that.

And your intuition will give you guidance as to the next thing and the next thing. But then when you’re sitting there at your desk on a Tuesday at three you might be using your mind to write the copy. But you can still sense into your inner knowing too and use that to write the copy.

So that’s what I wanted to teach you today, the difference between the mind and the inner knowing, the intuition, that they’re separate, yet complementary. We’re going to use a lot of mindset work, but it is what work you need to do in order to clean up what the mind is offering you so that you can sense what the intuition is telling you.

It also, as you look at this mindset work that we do you can use your inner knowing, your awareness, your observer in order to have compassion for the mind. And notice what the intuition might say about that, and what the inner knowing would say you want to think on purpose in your mind. It can be that guidance and awareness to give you the next thing to think or the sense of what feeling really would be beneficial to drive your action, the calm centered, compassionate and also confident, that’s the word I was looking for, comes from this place.

So I’m looking forward to really integrating this more into the teaching as we go into goal creation and talking about paying off debt, and creating money in our businesses. And setting up really amazing backend systems that serve us, and working when we want to work, and how we think about time. We’ll bring this in and I’ll refer to it often. So this will be a really helpful episode for everyone to go back to, to be able to learn the difference.

And next week we’ll talk about mindset work, what is mindset exactly? Let’s talk about the mind and what mindset is. And I’m going to give you one exercise to start doing if you’re brand new to this work, to be able to start doing mindset work and being that observer, the awareness of your mind outside of your mind. So that you can separate the two so you can make decisions for how you want to act in your business and not just be doing everything by default. So I’m really excited for that. We’ll do that next week.

And until then thanks so much for joining us, I hope you enjoyed learning the difference between the mind and the intuition.

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So I really hope that you join us in doing the giveaway. It’s going to be super fun. I can’t wait to draw names. Hopefully you’re a lucky winner.

Alright, I’ll see you next week. Have a good one. Bye.

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