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62. The Wrong Question: How Do I Not Burn Out Again?

Have you ever been burnt out? It's that feeling of always being exhausted and overwhelmed. Obviously, you don't want this to happen again, but it is important to understand that asking, “How do I not burn out again?” is predicated on fear. This makes sense because you have a natural reaction to protect yourself.

In this episode, Lauren teaches you how you can drop that fear of burning out, what you can do to assist the mind in relaxing around this question, and a few practices you can have in place as safeguards.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to drop the fear of burning out
  • What you learned from burning out before
  • How to recognize signs and symptoms of burn out
  • How you can use non-negotiables to build safeguards for yourself

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62. The Wrong Question: How Do I Not Burn Out Again?

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey, you're listening to The Ease of Hustle, the podcast where limited time is the strategy and not the limitation. I'm your host Lauren Cash. In each episode, I'll guide you to effectively create your goals and intentions in life and business without burning yourself out or making yourself sick. Rather than doing things the way everyone else is I'll encourage you to embody your Human Design and gene keys or whatever else resonates for you personally, for a much more easeful and magnetic experience. Are you ready to join the movement?

Oh, my goodness. It's the last episode of Season Two of The Ease of Hustle. Thanks so much for tuning in. Today's episode. Ugh, man, I really relate to this question quite a bit. Well, I definitely needed to learn how to chill out in my business and experiment with being much more Projector in the way I run my business.

I think I also have played a bit smaller than necessary in the last year and a half simply out of the fear of burning myself out again, if you don't know, I burned myself out, I would say in 2020, but probably even before that, I ended up with an adrenal fatigue diagnosis, which folks say is debatable if it's a real thing or not.

But the way I was feeling, man, I was definitely having some hormonal issues. I was tired. I had been going too hard for too long, and that was right before Human Design found me. And I discovered that I am a Projector. For a few years, I had been saying that I really wanted a sabbatical. I remember complaining to my friends, to my partners.

Not that I had multiple partners at once, but if that's your jam, that's cool too. But different partners at different times that I just wanted a sabbatical or something. I had been going hard for over a decade, multiple grad schools, lots of professional group involvement, and working jobs the entire time.

I remember like passing my roommate's boyfriend in the hall. At grad school. And pretty much every time he would ask me how I was, I would just be like, I'm so exhausted. I'm so overwhelmed. There's too much going on. Like I would just, I was not enjoying life and I was always complaining and like trying to keep up.

And then I worked after that, a very demanding job, actually two. So the first one. It was pretty demanding while I was building my private practice at the same time. Didn't take any breaks from grad school to heading into work. I actually started a job before I had even sat for the registered dietician exam.

I was super proud of that. And then I worked a very demanding job after that while doing extremely intense exercise. I was moving many times. Those of you who have followed along are wondering when I'm going to stop moving. Me too. I wonder as well. Hopefully, I'm in place for a while. It was a lot on my body and all of that came to a finale when I was working probably over 60-hour weeks doing contract work and also getting my business up to speed. 

That's what I wrote up to speed, but getting, getting it going, and then it kind of took off faster than I thought. Someone actually had told me when I started my business again, because I had had a business before I worked for a company. They told me, Lauren, be careful that you don't grow too fast too soon in your business.

I thought they were crazy. I thought they were insane. I didn't think that was a thing to be concerned about, but they were right. And that's exactly what I did. I grew my business too fast, too soon, and it was all too much for me. I, needless to say, I feel this question. I don't wanna burn again either, and I definitely don't wanna make myself sick again in the way that I did.

So in this episode, I'm gonna talk to you about how we can drop that fear of burning out. What we can do to assist the mind in relaxing around this question and a few practices we can have in place as safeguards, but really this is for me as much as it is for you. So let's do it together today, shall we? Asking this question is really based from fear.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing that we completely need to eradicate. It makes sense because it's protective. We did burn ourselves out before, we did get sick before. So we need to make sure that we are putting everything in place and learning everything we can from that previous time in order to hopefully not do that again.

So how can we assure that the safeguards are in place? So we don't have to be constantly asking this, that's really the solution here is whenever your mind is constantly asking something out of fear is come up with the answer, the solution, the plan. So, that isn't even a question anymore. So we often ask questions like that over and over again, thinking that that's the protective mechanism or our subconscious does.

But when really answering the question and putting those solutions in place is really what we need to do and is much more energetically effective. So if you've burned out before, we're going to put those solutions in place, we'll talk about that in a second, but if you've burned out before the quest-, as the question implies, remember that you're not the same person you were before you burned out.

You learned a lot through that experience that you can't unlearn it's in your body. It's in your knowing you can't move throughout the world without knowing that anymore, your body already knows the warning signs. And actually, if we look back, our body was already telling us the warning signs. We just decided not to listen though that time.

And so our body forced us to stop. What would it take to listen to your body this time? What would need to be in place that you're able to tune into it? You aren't who you were before. I like to think about the, putting the safeguards in place for not burning out as like bumper bowling. You know, when they have the like bumpers up for the kids, when you go bowling?

I actually tried to go bowling last night with my boyfriend, but the league was playing and we couldn't even bowl, but I was laughing because I knew I was gonna be recording this today, but bumper bowling. So what we need to put in place is to make sure we don't put our ball in the gutter to make sure we don't burn out or make ourselves sick.

AKA putting that ball in the gutter. You follow me. We need to put those bumpers in place. So for me, those bumpers are non-negotiables. And I talk about this in depth. In the episode called the non-negotiables of goal cultivation. A lot of times we think we have to sacrifice specific things in order to get what we want.

So a lot of us are really afraid. We'll have to hustle. We'll have to work countless hours. We'll have to never have free time, not do self-care in order to create the money we wanna make in our business. But instead of that, instead of creating those as the limits, they're actually the plan of how you're going to create the money.

So instead you're gonna create non-negotiables. So for example, some of my non-negotiables are sleep. So for me, sleep is incredibly important and I really need a bare minimum of seven hours a night. I am never going to sleep less than that and work more to pull something off. It's just a, no, it's a, I'm never doing that.

It's just not happening. I'm not, not sleeping at least seven hours in the night. Like the only exceptions would be like, if I'm flying internationally or something like that, but I'm never gonna work. Or I'm never gonna work so much that I'm not sleeping. This has actually always been a non-negotiable for me, which is such a Projector thing to do as well.

I never pulled an all-nighter all of high school, college, and both grad schools. Never, never pulled an all-nighter. I've only stayed up all night, one time in my life. And that was not for work and not working. The other non-negotiable is going on at least a walk, if not a few walks a week and then lifting now, like having time to move my body essentially is my non-negotiable.

And then I'm really playing with how many hours a week are my non-negotiable hours. And then time off flexibility. I have to have a job that has time off flexibility so that when this actually happened recently, when I get invitations to go to in-person events, because that's really important to me and I feel like it's a splenic yes.

Yes, I can go. And I don't have to have an issue of asking off from work. I can just rearrange my schedule in my business to be able to go because actually both of those things are work-related. and I really wanna be able to go so time off flexibility. And then even this week coming up, I'm going out of town with my boyfriend for a week to go and look at planes and meet his parents.

And if I were working another job, I probably wouldn't be able to go, or I would have to use my very little vacation times to go. And it would be very stressful preparing to take time off. So time off flexibility is huge. Like even yesterday, I needed to run errands, to return a bunch of clothes. And I also got a manicure in pedicure and the mani-pedi took way longer than I thought.

So yesterday I ended up not doing a whole bunch of work. I probably did. I don't know, hour, hour and a half of work, very little work yesterday. And at 3pm, I went to happy hour with some friends, like so flexible on a Friday. And then this morning, I decided I really want to record the last two episodes so that when I go on my trip, they're all done, ready to go.

And when I come back, I can really focus on The Time and Energy Audit because, that actually happened before you're listening to this episode, but I was preparing for that. And then I also had a lot of private podcast episodes to record for preview week that also has already happened while you're listening to this we're time traveling everyone.

But time off flexibility is one of my non-negotiables also when I'm getting sick or if I'm feeling like I don't have enough energy, I need to have the flexibility to take off of work and just not work. Actually, that happened a few weeks ago on like a Wednesday, I was planning on doing a whole bunch of work in the afternoon and the energy like was just literally not there at all.

It was not like I was thinking, I don't wanna do this. Or like, There was no thought work to be done at all. I really did wanna do it usually for me, that's what ends up happening. It's like harder for me to get the mind on board with taking the afternoon off than the opposite way around. And then my last non-negotiable on this list, at least I just pulled up one that I was playing with in my notes app from a walk like, uh, let's see, I created this one in April, but I would like to flush it out even more, but being a Projector, that's a no-go.

Being in alignment with my strategy, my authority and my design. If anyone asks me to do a job that goes against that, it's, it's just a, no, I'm not, I'm not gonna do it. I only will do things in alignment with my design. So what for you are your non-negotiables go listen to that episode and start playing with what are your non-negotiables and how can you use those as the strategy?

Just like we talk about limited time being your strategy. What are your non-negotiables so that you can protect your health? Like, what are the things that you're gonna do to take care of your health, to take care of your wellbeing as you build the business and while you have the business. And then the next part of like your bumpers that you're putting in place is deciding and noticing what the first signs and symptoms are and what your solution to noticing those are.

That makes sense. I said that in a kind of a weird way, but how do you start to know that you're on the verge of burnout? What did you notice last time? So for me, one of the things that I notice is I start to wake up super early, like earlier. So I go to bed pretty early. So it's like earlier than the seven hours of sleep.

And it's like middle of the night waking up like 2 / 3 AM. And I wake up and I feel like I'm being chased by a tiger. Cortisol is high. I did get it measured when this was happening. So my cortisol is completely through the roof and I feel like the only thing I can do is go and be productive. There's nothing else that I could do right then.

And I can't fall back asleep. It doesn't even help to like, Go and watch something that feels terrible. I just like have to go work. So that's one of my first signs is I start having insomnia, like at two, 3:00 AM. And all I wanna do is work. Now my solution for that is I'm not allowed to work until a particular time, usually like 4:30 or 5 AM.

And if I'm going to be awake during that time, then I have to do something like super chill. So I have to just like watch trashy TV or lay down or something like that. That's one of the solutions there, but then I also need to look at like, where am I stressed out? Where am I overworking? Why is my cortisol spiked?

Am I overdoing it in my workouts? Not taking care of myself there and do like a complete audit of how I'm taking care of myself. Of course, as I'm recording this podcast, the trash truck is like going back and forth multiple times. Note to self Saturday morning, there's a trash truck outside. Okay. So then you'll wanna look at what were the first signs and symptoms that you can remember and what do you wanna put in place?

How do you wanna check in with yourself? How do you wanna use those as you're oh, yellow light? We need to slow down. What do we need to adjust? Maybe it would be a good time to do a Time and Energy Audit assessment, inventory, and recalibrate before we even get close to actually burning out. Okay. And then finally, what I wanted to point out here is a lot of the times we think it's about the number of hours we're working that causes the burnout, but it's not the number of hours themselves.

It's the energetics of the hours and how we are within those hours. If it's in alignment with us, what we are doing and being within those hours that burns us out or not, it's not necessarily just I've clocked X number of hours, and now I'm gonna burn out. So I want you to really get curious about the energetics of the hours worked because it's not just non-sacral beings that burn out.

It's also sacral beings and it's actually. More likely that sacral beings will burn out because there's all this conditioning that they can go, go, go and do, do, do. But it's not, it's not like you have that constantly. You still need to rest. And you also need to make sure that you're doing the things that are lighting you up and recharging you as well.

So be careful of that. Notice, what are what's going on within the hours? How am I thinking about what I'm doing? And also are the things that I'm doing and being in alignment with me or not, that's really gonna be a larger factor into burning out or making yourself sick is the quality rather than the quantity necessarily.

And then checking in with the quantity too. But knowing that the qu quality is more heavily weighted. So let's make sure we recap what we talked about today. What you can do, what you can start to have in place and play with, to not burn out again.

One is just know that you can never unknow what you went through and so that knowing is going to help you avoid the burnout and making yourself sick in the future. You don't have to be so afraid because you went through it already. And then if you're having the question or like the worry, keep ruminating coming back, it's because you haven't put a solution in place and you need to put a solution, the bumpers in place so that you can cushion yourself against actually making yourself sick and burning out again. What are your non-negotiables? How are you gonna take care of yourself regularly? What are the first signs and symptoms and what are you going to do when you notice those signs and symptoms to recalibrate and readjust, and then checking in with, what are your beliefs about burning out?

Where did you think it came from? Are you thinking it's number of hours? And noticing what are the quality of the hours? Where are you devoting your energy and why are they coming in alignment with your design or not, and recalibrating if they're not. Okay. Thank you so much for listening to this episode and Season 2 of The Ease of Hustle.

It means so much to me. I hope it was super valuable and helpful and started the conversation on a lot of important questions and topics for you. Two things I'd love to have you do that would help both of us out. One is connect with me on Instagram@thelaurencash. DM me what your favorite episode of this season was and why I really wanna hear let's chat about it.

And maybe we can even chat about what you want to hear in the future. I'm thinking maybe the next season will be with guests. Maybe it'll be an all-guests season. I don't know. Let me know what you think of that too, if you feel like it. So find me @thelaurencash on Instagram, DM me your favorite episode, and let's chat about what you want look for in the future on the podcast, and then rate and review the show in apple podcasts.

It really means so much for me, but it also helps other people, like you find the show so that they can get the help they need to manage their energy and their time to get more of what they want out of what they're doing in their business. And also it's so important, especially now to make sure that we are calling and getting rid of the excess in our businesses.

So let me know if you want a third season and I'd love to hear more about what you'd like to hear, and what questions you have that I can solve for you in audio form. Until then remember your limited time is not the limitation, but it's the strategy. Bye.

Thank you so much as always for joining me on The Ease of Hustle. If you liked this episode, please share it with somebody who you think needs to hear it. And it would also be so amazing if you rated the show and left a review so that others, like you can enjoy it too. I'd love to connect with you on Instagram, you can find me @thelaurencash.

That's T H E L A U R E N C A S H. Shoot me a DM there. I'd love to chat. Until next time.

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