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19. Unending Months

You set your monthly or yearly goal for your business. You look at how much money or how many clients you want to sign in that timeframe. Then you start taking action to make it happen.

But somewhere in that timeframe, you didn't sign as many clients or make the amount of money you thought you would have, and you drop the goal. You start looking ahead to the next coming month or year instead. But wait, it doesn't have to be the end.

On the show today, I talk about Unending Months. You set a monthly goal or even a yearly goal. When you don't hit the goal, you drop the goal and decide to tell yourself a negative story about the goal and yourself. Join me as I invite you to think beyond the one month or one-year goal and instead have you look at the long-term vision you want for your life.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • What The 25-Year Framework is
  • How to use The 25-Year Framework in your life
  • The cycle I see clients go through when they set monthly or yearly goals
  • How you use that cycle against yourself
  • How to think about months as unending
  • What unending months look like in your business

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19. Unending Months

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

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Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 19: Unending Months.

Hey, how's your Monday? How's your 2021 going? I hope your first month has been incredible, that you've made it, you're not giving up on your dreams that you may be set out this year to start creating. Don't let them go. Don't let it be a January only thing. Continue on, and that goes into what we're talking about today.

It's so funny because I had written this podcast a couple of weeks ago before I'm recording it now. But yesterday, I spent the day listening to an amazing book, but then also reading. It's a small book, but it's called something like The 25-Year Framework, something like that, from Dan Sullivan. I loved this concept, and it ties in beautifully to the Unending Months concept. So, I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I learned, and what I started doing today from Dan's work. And then, I'm going to talk to you more about the Unending Months concept, how I see it in so my of my clients, all of the time.

It's not something I ever did, at least in this last iteration of my business, and I think it's really fascinating that my mind doesn't even do this thing that I'm going to tell you, that my clients seem to have their minds doing. Especially in the first $100K, but I even see it, even those that are before seven figures. I see it in multiple six-figure earners in business, and I want to talk to you about it so that you can be onto your own mind and not fall into this mental trap that will just keep you stuck.

Before we dive into both of those things, I want to read out one of the reviews. If you want a review and also tell me your Instagram handle, and be able to enter giveaways for reviews, go to You can put everything in there, and we can connect with you on Instagram, if you tell us all the things there, and give us a little screenshot of your review. But, here's one I just pulled, that is Annie B. Coach is the name. It's five stars, thank you Annie B. The title is, “Lauren Cash, Business and Time Management Guru.” And this person said, “I'm a big fan of Lauren Cash. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and really cares about helping us entrepreneurs get out of our own way. In this podcast, she provides practical skills for how to be most effective and efficient in running a business. Most importantly, she helps me feel excited about putting her wisdom to work. I plan to tune in every week.”

Thank you, Annie, such a nice review. Hopefully, you are still listening and tuning in every week, and hear this. If you did hear it, definitely DM me on Instagram so we can connect there.

Alright, so The 25 Year Framework Dan Sullivan talks about, and I'll link that in the show notes so that you can access it if you're curious, is he tells you to set one vision for 25 years out. To really look at where you want your life to be in 25 years rather than in the next year, in the next three years, five years. I often hear in business, a three-year plan, or a five-year plan, or even a 10-year plan, I've heard that. I've never heard of 25 years.

I feel like you have that 25-year vision when you're a kid, or at least if you were a kid like me. I had thought about my life through high school, undergrad, grad school, and a little bit into my adult life. I'd at least just imagined it, not that I would create it from whatever I was consciously thinking, but there are just automatic assumptions that I was socialized to believe would happen in that first 25, 30 years of my life. Now, I'm going to be turning 32 next week, and I feel like I haven't really thought much passed around this time of my life, which is really an interesting place to be in.

So, I really loved how Dan Sullivan is encouraging you to expand your horizon as a coaching tool, in order to not be in a rush or a hurry, which is something you know I am all about. And also, set the bar so much higher for yourself. Create the wildest, wildest, outside of your current reality vision for your life. If it could be anything, what would you create for yourself? And, what would your impact be? And, what would your relationships be like? If you're not just doing it for this year, there's no rush, hurry. You don't have to take on all the things. You will have 100 quarters, and 9000-something days. How amazing is that? And, how much bigger does your vision get for your company, if you're thinking about it in the next 25 years? I loved thinking about this.

And then, the other thing that he said he did, he had restarted his life at, I think, he was 34. It was 25 years from when he was 34, and he's now much farther past that in age now. He started writing out, every single day, what he wanted. I love that idea. It's almost like writing out what you want to create every day, which I have been doing up until probably mid this year. I teach my clients in my group program how to write those things out, who you're becoming, and writing it in done statement format. But, this is now writing out what do you want every single day and doing it for 25 years.

I actually started it today. I didn't know what notebook I was going to write it in. It's so funny because I was thinking about it yesterday. I don't know what notebook I'm going to use. Do I need to order a notebook? I'm not sure. And then, this morning when I was on my walk, I remembered that a package had been delivered. I wasn't really sure what the package was, so I went and grabbed it. I opened it, and it was actually a gift from a friend who had created a custom notebook that said, “Believe on purpose” on the cover. So then, I had this notebook! It had the theme that I even wanted to write what I want in this notebook, every single day and to begin this year, even before 2021, because I'm recording this in 2020. But, doing that ahead of time, and just getting started doing it for 25 years.

What if I actually did do that for 25 years? I told this friend and she was like, “Well, of course, you're going to write it for 25 years, we know you. You'll stay committed to that.” So, I'm really excited to see what becomes of that, and hold onto these journals, and see what unfolds and how different my life is. Dan says he didn't even go back and read any of it, but his life was night and day, and he created everything that he wanted and more, in that 25 year period.

So I want to invite you if you want to join me, start writing out what you want every single day for the next 25 years. Also, think about what do you want to create in the next 25 years. What do you want your life to be like in 25 years if we went ahead and looked at it? What would you want to create?

Alright, this ties in perfectly for what I want to talk to you about today, and this is about Unending Months or never-ending months. Often, my clients sets sales goals for themselves and their businesses, especially when they're not doing launches, based on months. So they look at every 30 days, how much money or how many clients they want to sign in that month period. It seems like that's a common way that the mind breaks up the goal is monthly. I did this really early on as well, and I used my scorecard, as you know from the other podcast episode. But, it's fascinating to me to watch my clients and their brains around these monthly goals. If you're anything like them, this podcast will be invaluable.

So, the pattern seems to go like this. They set a monthly goal at the beginning of the month, or maybe even at the end of the previous month because they've already given up on the current month that they're in. They set the goal for the next month. They get super excited and pumped up. They're almost high off of the excitement about their goal for the next month. If you haven't listened to Clean Goals yet, make sure you listen to that, because it's usually because the goal isn't clean that they get almost overly hyped and pumped about the goal, about them achieving the goal. I'm not saying you're not allowed to be excited about creating your goals. I totally am excited about creating my goals. But, I'm not so excited to this extent that I have this fantasy of what I'm going to create if I complete the goal because I also know I'm going to do the work to create the goal.

I know there's some action that I will take. Not all action, I'm also going to do belief work. But, there will be some action that will need to happen. I will need to overcome my current thinking. I will probably have to feel more discomfort and negative emotions, and process emotions more, in order to create that. So, I get excited, but I also have this understanding of that there will be work, according to my mind, to create that goal.

Anyway, their patterns are usually, one, they set the month goal, they get super excited, pumped. You might even notice this pattern in a year cycle for yourself. Maybe you get super, super stoked and excited about what you're going to create in the new year, and then the second there is a plot twist you totally drop that goal. And, you're no longer stoked and excited. Then, most clients that struggle with this, having ending months in their minds, by the middle of the month, even the 10th of the month sometimes, act like the month is already over.

I can't tell you the number of times I've been in a session with a client between the 10th and the 30th, or 31st if it's not February, and them acting as if the month is complete and over. And I have to go over on my Mac and look, what day of the month actually is it, what are the facts so that I can remember. So that I can tell them, “Wait, hold on. Why are you acting like it's April when it's March? I'm confused.” They end up completely dropping their goal, stopping taking action as if it's going to happen, no longer being the person who creates that sales goal that month. They stop running their business. They stop believing on purpose. They stop acting as if. They stop doing their thought work and engaging with people, making offers, creating consults. And then, by the end of the month, they're entirely withdrawn, and maybe even onto the next month.

But now, they're discouraged, beating themselves up, telling themselves they can never meet their monthly goals. They're never going to make it to $100K, or to a million, or whatever it is. And, that they just are terrible. Then, they just use this month cycle against themselves, over, and over, and over again. They tell themselves a story that they don't achieve goals, they're procrastinators, nobody wants to work with them, they're never going to make it in business, all of the things. Does this sound familiar, at all, this cycle?

And then, they set the next month goal. They don't really believe in themselves that much. They're not that confident that they're going to hit it, and they just have this story that they don't hit their monthly goals. Or when they do, maybe once in a while, it's a fluke, or they got lucky, or they don't know how they created it. It was just by chance, and they can't recreate month, over month, over month.

But listen, the months and dates are arbitrary. If you're treating your business like a seven-day challenge, or like a one-time marathon, or like a crash diet, you're bound to be in hustle and burnout. All of which depend on which thoughts and feelings we're driving our behavior in our businesses with, and then thus creating our results. It does not matter what day or month it is in your business when you're running a business that's going to last long term. This is why I love Dan's concept of The 25 Year Framework.

If you know you're creating a 25-year business, that this is just year one, or two, or five of 25 years, not being on track, on track, whatever that means, right? Not being at where you thought you would be on the 10th of the month, or on the 25th of the month, or on the 28th of the month, is not going to matter. You're just going to keep going with your business activities, because it's a Wednesday and you own a business, and you are the employee for the CEO of you, and you're not going to just not clock in because you've not hit the goal yet. Why would you do that? The only reason why you wouldn't create the goal is because you gave up. It's the only reason we don't create our goals, is because we give up. We think it's because it ends up being a certain date, and then we failed. No, don't give up. Don't let that goal go.

There was just somewhere in there that you lost belief. You stopped acting as if somebody who makes that amount of money in a month. In business, the months never end. There will always be a next month. You might as well make it fun, and sustainable on the way there. Yes, you can set wildly impossible to your mind monthly revenue numbers for fun, and go after it, and become the person that has $80K, $100K, whatever K months in their business. But, don't use it against yourself. Don't use that timeframe made up by the mind against yourself, in any way. Don't think that the time is ticking and you might as well just stop because you're not going to make it anyway. Would you do that if you were running a marathon? If the finish line is just right there, would you just be like, “Well, not going to hit my PR so I might as well walk.” Maybe some of you would, but why would you do that?

I want to invite you to think about months as unending, and maybe even years. What if we're doing a 25-year marathon here, and you can create something wildly amazing in 25 years. It means that this month, of course, it counts, give it your all, you can create amazing things this month. Don't give up on it, or just decide you're going to watch Netflix all day because you have 25 years and you're just going to do it all in year 25. No, this is your life. Create the wild, amazing business that you desire to impact your people, and help them, and build it around your life in a way that's sustainable. You're not in a hurry. You love what you do. But, there's no rush and there's no month-end that means you have to change what you're doing in your business. It doesn't mean that on the 15th of the month if you haven't signed the clients for this month, you might as well just go chill until you start the next month. No.

Let's go after some amazing goals and not give up on ourselves, not stop offering what we have to offer, because our clients need us. They're waiting for you to be there and offering. Don't just go MIA, be there for them. No matter what.

So I invite you, if you haven't figured out how to handle your inbox yet if your email is a mess, you want to get it dialed in, this year go to and I have a Select All guide for you to get to inbox zero and maintain it. I will also be creating a course all around managing your inbox, your personal inbox, and your team inbox, and coordinating communication, all the things that you need to know as the founder, CEO. Or even if you're not, if you're somebody who supports a founder, CEO really closely, I will give you some amazing ways to think about coordinating your personal and your team inboxes. Stay tuned for that, but head on over and grab that guide now, download it.

Thank you so much for listening today, and I can't wait to talk to you next week. Bye.

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