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21. Universe Match

When you set a goal, how often do you start thinking about what you need to DO in order to accomplish the goal? Of course, there is effort that needs to be put in to create the goal.

But what if you could just drop the hustle and all the things you think you need to do in order to accomplish the goal? To start allowing the magic and possibility of what could happen with the goal.

Listen in this week as I go over a concept I call Universe Match. When you take action to create a result you want in your business, your mind often goes to extremes. It can look like, “I need to do, do, do and go, go, go.” But, there is a place in the middle of the two extremes in which you can create the result you want without the extra hustle.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How the mind likes to go to extremes in goal creation
  • What 401(k)s and the Universe have in common
  • What Universe Match is
  • Examples of what Universe Match looks like with goals
  • How important it is to be open to all the possibilities of your goal
  • Questions you can ask yourself about what's possible for your goal

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21. Universe Match

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast with Lauren Cash, Episode 21: Universe Match.

Hey, how's it going? How's your Monday? Amazing, I hope. Last week was my birthday. I love birthdays. I know some people aren't birthday people, but I love my birthday. But I'm starting to see that, I was talking to a friend about this recently, I'm starting to see that once you start living your entire life as if it's your birthday all the time, you always get the things that you want to get. You always live your life the way you want to live your life. You have the lifestyle you want to live, then your birthday isn't just this one day a year that you're able to live your life the way that you want to. And I love that my life, pretty much all the days now, can be like my birthday.

What if you could create a life that felt so amazing that it was like your birthday every day? And if you're not a birthday person, then think of a holiday or some sort of day, your favorite, ideal day that you've created. If you haven't ever thought about what your ideal day would be and what it would be like, why not? I want to invite you to think about that right now before we dive in to today's episode. Think about, what would you want your days to be like if you could design anything? Guess what? You get to, especially as an entrepreneur. And even if you're not an entrepreneur, you get to design your life. You're the designer of it. So you get to create whatever you want it to be. So pick something amazing.

Before we head into today's episode all about Universe Match, I want to read out Frodychick's review. They said, “I love me some Lauren.” Aw. “I've been a coach since 2014,” wow, amazing, “and I love what I do, but spend so much time indulging in overwhelm and confusion.” Oh, man. You and a lot of my clients and me back in the day. “Lauren breaks things down into simple, actionable steps. She cuts through the confusion and helps me understand what I really need to do in order to be effective and get the results I want. And the mindset work makes every minute count.” Well, thank you. If you want in on the shout-outs of reviews and you also want to tell us what you do, who you serve, what your Instagram handle is so we can hang out together over on the IG, go to and submit your review there so that I can tell more people about you, what you do, and we'll connect over on Instagram.

Alright, so today I'm excited to bring you a concept I am calling Universe Match. So when we're creating anything in business, I've noticed we can often go to either extremes. The mind is very dualistic, which means it's very dichotomous. It's this or that, one or two, black or white, all or nothing, this or that. Especially if you tend to be someone with perfectionistic tendencies, it will categorize things in one or two, but the mind in general just does that. So this comes up a lot in my coaching because often we think we absolutely have to do and go, go, go and action our way to create the results and goals that we want, like our sales goals, our revenue, our profit, the things that we're creating in our businesses, all of that. We think we have to just hustle and do all the things and do more. Argh, I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about this energy.

So we either go to that extreme thinking. It's just, we have to do something different, or more, or better to create the result that we want. Or we think once we start to learn about how we can create and manifest our goals and how we can do belief work and think differently and create things in alignment and all of that, we can go completely to the other side, withdraw and just expect the Universe to plop what we want on our doorstep, from us just manifesting from our couch and not doing anything, not taking any action. It's almost like this entitled energy of like, “Well, I thought this, or I'm believing this, so cough it up, Universe. Where's my manifestation?”

So I want to offer you an idea that will help you come more to the middle of these two extremes. So rather than thinking you have to do everything and do more and do it all better and it's all about what action you take and then not going all the way to not taking any action, there is this concept that I want you to think about first through retirement funds. So if you are in the United States or you know about the United States, employers provide 401(k)s sometimes, this investment vehicle for retirement, and some companies offer an employee match. So up to a certain percentage, usually like 2 to 4%, if you, as the employee, contribute a certain amount to your 401(k), your employer will match that percentage that's decided. Up until that percentage, they will match your contribution.

So I want you to think about the Universe doing a similar thing, except it does it almost, I've noticed at least, it's not that the Universe just gives you 2-4% or whatever of a match. It ends up actually giving you like a 200%. It almost doubles or inflates what you put into the next level if you let it. So you have to do things in order to create your results and your goals. You need to put in effort. You need to be thinking and feeling in ways that align and don't burn you out while you're creating those things in order to have the outcomes that you want.

There's effort and energy, including the thoughts and beliefs and feelings you're having doing the things that are your responsibility. You're not just going to sit there and manifest it into thin air. At least, I haven't figured that out yet, if that's possible. I mean, sometimes it is, like that one week I told you about the notebook that I sort of manifested, but usually, we have to put in some sort of action, even if it's delegating the action to somebody else, or asking for what we want, or not doing something that'll help us create what we want.

But as we do that, as we're aligned with all of that, and being the person who creates goals like that. Being the person who has the seven-figure business, being that person and having beliefs that align with it, taking the actions that align with somebody who owns that sort of business and has that kind of impact, then the Universe aligns with us and almost pays it back in a higher percentage than even what we put in. It amplifies it and creates almost this magic for us.

This happened for me in 2020 during my last public group launch of the year in July of 2020. So I was intentionally creating 20 people in my group program and I was doing all the belief work. I also had my whole launch plan. I knew what I was doing. I had two different options for it. One option, if I sold it out kind of early, I would just stop. And then this other option, if I didn't have as many people in it as I wanted to, I would do this complete launch strategy. So I hit the date that I was going to re-evaluate and I did not have 20 people in the group program yet. So I went ahead and did the second part of my launch plan in order to create the 20 people.

And so I was doing all this belief work, thought work. I was really becoming the person who has 20 people in her group program and loving doing the launch, loving doing the webinars, having so much fun on Instagram and Instagram Stories. DMing with my people, talking to people, doing consults with people, all of the things. And I ended up creating, I think it was 42 or 44 people in that group program, and that's happened for me multiple times.

So even my revenue goal for 2020 for my company was $333K, as you might've heard on Episode 16, and I ended up closing the year at, I'm recording this before the year is closed, but I'm not collecting really any more money, so at $632K, I think. So I almost completely doubled that as well. And that just kept happening for me, was I kept doubling my goals because of the Universe, God, blessing me in a way that was matching my belief and getting into this new person that I'm becoming. And everything that I was doing was being matched by the Universe, or God, or whoever you believe in if you believe in anyone or any greater power.

So I love this concept for thinking about how, yes, we are going to do things. One of the things that we do is doing belief work, embodiment work, whatever other modalities you want to use to create what goal you want to create. We're doing that, but we don't have to pack in all of the action and do absolutely everything possible for a launch because that would just be way too much. There's so many different ways to launch or even do a non-launch launch to create your goals, and then opening up to the magic and possibility that the Universe or God backs you up with.

You don't know how somebody is going to come and sign with you. You really don't know. I signed with someone for a mastermind last year without ever, I did get one of her webinars, but I didn't really watch it. I didn't really read any of her emails. I didn't really follow her on any social media. I hadn't read really any of her copy before purchasing. I just, somebody had recommended her to me and then somebody else had a connection with her. Then I was looking at her stories and then I just felt like, “This is finally the mastermind I'm meant to be in.” And so I DM-ed with her and then I just signed up that morning really quickly. So I wasn't even really in her awareness pool of people that she was even thinking could potentially convert to a client.

Clients come to you all of the time from places you don't even know. They might not even be in your follower count on Instagram. They might not even be on your email list. But if you aren't opening up to the belief and possibility and being that new person, then that's not going to allow the Universe to surprise you with these new clients and new money to receive and be able to impact in your life and impact in your business. So what we invest includes all of our belief work, what we do and don't do, how we embody the person aligned with the thing that we are creating, and the Universe or source, God, will match you, and gives you bonuses sometimes if you're open to receiving, if you're not really forcing, if you're allowing, if you're co-creating.

I invite you to do this, this year as well. What if you opened up to the Universe Match? What if you opened up to that you're going to do some things and you're also going to have some magic happen? I bet you, you will create things beyond your wildest dreams. That's my favorite thing to say lately. I know it's kind of cliche, but what if you could create the thing beyond your wildest dreams? What if that were possible? What if you expanded your horizon for possibility? What if you decided to set a goal beyond the goal that you currently think that you want? Going back to Dan Sullivan's 25-Year Concept that I told you about on Episode 19, what if you really expanded your horizons and increased your capacity to imagine and envision and have a future vision that is beyond your current concept? How fun would that be? What would that feel like?

Alright, so I also want to invite you, if you have not set your vision for your email, you definitely need to go to and grab Select All, my free guide to getting to inbox zero and maintaining it. And I will have something even more amazing than that guide coming soon for email. So stay tuned, make sure you're on the list. Grab that guide to get started, and you will be the first to hear what that is coming later this year.

So thank you for hanging out with me on this Monday or whatever day it is for you, and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

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