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33. What’s on the Menu?

How to stop limiting yourself and learn how to start ordering from the vast menu that life has to offer.I want my life and my business to be innovative in the sense that I do what is best for my energy and create the life I truly desire. And serving you all as an example of somebody who is embodying what is truly important to me. And this is where the concept of What’s on the Menu comes in.

When we’re in a restaurant, we order from the menu. This is what’s available to us. But when it comes to our life as a whole, the choice is so much more abundant. However, because we’ve grown up in certain cultures or we have beliefs that have been passed down about what is possible in this lifetime, we tend to limit ourselves to choose from that menu we’ve had our whole life.

There are so many options available to you, if you choose to look for the right menu. And if you go deep within, you can order things for your life that haven’t even been invented yet. So, join me for dinner this week and discover how to start ordering from the vast menu that life has to offer. I’m sharing why it’s okay to order literally anything you want, and how to know what’s going to be delicious, and what to pass on.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why you always have more options than what’s on your current perceived menu
  • How being exposed to other people’s orders will expand you
  • Why it’s okay if the current options you’re being pointed towards don’t look appealing to you
  • Where the awareness of this concept has helped me create a business I feel truly aligned with
  • How to know when you do want something that is actually on the menu
  • What might be available for you if you decide to order off of the secret menu of life
  • How to start using your inner Knowing to guide you toward what is meant for you

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33. What's on the Menu?

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash, episode 33, What’s on the Menu?

Welcome to The Ease of Hustle. I’m Lauren Cash. I’m a Master Certified coach, calendar queen, and multiple 6-figure digital business owner. I adore helping you create goals your mind never thought were an option by blending together spirituality, mindset coaching, minimalism, and psychology. If you’re looking to go from procrastinating perfectionist to easeful entrepreneur this is the podcast that is meant for you. Thanks for being here. Now, let’s get to the show.

Hey, how’s it going? Are you having an amazing week? I bet you are if you’ve decided to have one. I have really been enjoying fresh flowers. Do you get fresh flowers for yourself? I have been loving it. I’ve been just getting some from Trader Joe’s and playing with different combinations.

And I also have this cute little vase that actually my boyfriend gave me with a cute flower arrangement last year. And it’s the perfect little vase for a couple of little flowers on my desk. And it’s so fun to be able to have little flowers right next to my computer monitor. And I also got a candle recently that I also have on my desk.

And then, when I’m not recording podcasts, I love to get rid of all of the podcast stuff off of my desk, even though I have this awesome podcast boom situation. I need my dad to come though and set up all of my cords underneath my desk again. He’s so good at cord management and doing that.

But yeah, so when I’m not recording the podcast, I like to get rid of all that and I like to always be clearing off my desk and getting space and putting stuff away and in my closet. Even if the closet is a total mess, I like to get it out of my visual line of sight. Which I’m noticing right now, I have a bunch of flipcharts on the floor because I don’t really have a good spot for them in my closet. And then I have a bunch of stuff coming right out of the closet right now and the door is open and I don’t love it.

And then I have my ring light, which I am so excited because time is changing and the days are getting longer and I have one class that’s later in the day, that’s probably too late for my normal sleep schedule. But as my sleep schedule has changed with the season, it’s better again. But I don’t think I’m going to have to use the ring light anymore in the spring and in the summer and I’m so excited to put it away.

I don’t know why, it’s just so annoying to me. I really don’t like it. I really don’t like using light when I am doing stuff on video on my computer. And I only really like working during the daylight anyway. I used to like – well, in the winter when I was getting up super-early, I liked the calm, quiet darkness of the early morning. That’s fine.

But then, I don’t like working later in the day. It’s not my fav’. It’s not when my energy is best. And that’s when I need to be just winding down for the day or studying something or doing some deeper work for myself but not really working with anyone else and anything like that.

I have a pretty short window that I like to work live with people during the day. And I’ve been, instead of trying to fight that as much recently, I’ve been really working on harnessing that and deciding what I want my cadence to be. And also, that’s changing with the seasons, as I talked about before.

So, anyway, back to the flowers. I’ve been really enjoying getting fresh flowers. They give me so much joy throughout my weeks. There’s a few things in my life that even if they’re the same every single day, they’re so amazing for me. And I just love them.

Having really nice nails is something that I enjoy every single day, multiple times a day. And so, paying for that is really valuable to me. And then these fresh flowers. And then usually a beverage of some sort, so coffee if I’m drinking coffee. Or I’ve been liking mud water recently.

And then that changes seasonally too. There will be different cooler beverages that I’ll like in the summer and things like that. So, anyway, I hope you all are enjoying some simple pleasures in your life. If you ever want to see what I’m into and what I’m enjoying, I love to take fun pictures of these types of things that I get a lot of joy from on Instagram and share them in my stories.

So, if you’re not following me there and watching my stories, make sure you start doing that to enjoy all the beauty that I am enjoying. We’ll have the link in the show notes to Instagram there.

So, today I want to talk about the concept of what’s on the menu. This is going to be a short and sweet episode. But I’ve referenced this concept before on the podcast and I wanted to dedicate an entire episode to it so that I can always refer people to it or expand upon it later if I desire.

I want my life and my business to be innovative in the sense that I do what is best for my energy and create the life I truly desire. And I want to serve you all in a way that shows you an example of somebody who is embodying that and some options of what is on the menu of life. So, really, this concept is I want to show you an option or some options of what are on a menu.

If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant before, maybe there wasn’t actually a menu and you just don’t even know what the options are. Like, what can you order?

And I’m thinking about this in terms of life. A lot of the time, the only things we think are options in life are things we have seen, ordered before. So, if we’ve grown up in a certain culture or we’ve grown up in a certain mindset or belief system, we will believe those beliefs too because we have been brought up in that. And also, genetically there’s probably information that’s been passed down.

But we don’t know what’s available to us on the menu of life. Like, the giant menu of life. There are so many options available to us, including ones that haven’t even been created yet. So, think about new dishes that haven’t even been created yet. If we think about like a cronut or something, that was created. That wasn’t even an option earlier but somebody created it out of nothing. Then being exposed to other people’s orders can be helpful for you to expand your awareness of what’s available to you, and also start to expand your awareness that you could even become even more creative than what’s been available.

And that’s what I want to consider, is that I can create a really customized lifestyle business that isn’t necessarily the industry standard, that isn’t necessarily going off of what the data says or what people say click-through rates will do.

Like, designing a strategy for a launch off of the numbers is totally against what I want to be about now. Which is so funny because I used to be such a data-driven person. I actually had someone recently tell me, “Well, I’m really different than you. I’m really data-driven and you’re really intuitive.”

And I thought that was so funny because if anyone knew me, even just a year ago, or even just not that long ago, they would have said I’m very data-driven. I’m really into the numbers. I’m really into the logic. I even have degrees, you know, I have a Master’s in science.

I understand the research and all of that and that way of thinking and believing. But now, I kind of want to switch things up. I don’t want to go with the status quo. Not for just not going with the status quo. I want to go with what my inner knowing is telling me to do.

And that might be different from what y’all are doing and that might be different from what somebody else in a similar type of business as I have does. And that’s okay. And I want you to all know that you all can do what you think is best for you and for serving your clients.

You don’t have to do a rinse and repeat. You don’t have to follow the quote-unquote rules of what works. You can listen to your inner knowing. You can learn your human design and use that as a guide for creating what is meant for you.

And my orders from the menu might not fit your preferences or your dietary restrictions or something that you’re comfortable with. For example, I have a used Honda Civic that I bought last year after not having a car for like three years. And I loved not having a car.

And then now I have this 2005 Honda Civic. And that’s an available thing on the menu for you. You can have a really affordable car that’s pretty old, that has great mileage on it, that you don’t drive that much except for when you drive back and forth from California to Nevada. And you can have a very successful business and make a lot of money and have that kind of car.

And you can also decide that you really like those that are buying Teslas or BMWs or whatever other, Audis, you know, whatever the nicer car, the luxury car that you want, you can see others doing that, buying those cars, and you could decide that you want to buy those types of cars.

I’m kind of fancy in a lot of ways, but then I’m also not fancy in a lot of ways. And it’s this funny mix that’s my unique mix. And you get to decide what your unique mix is. And I’m going to show you all what I’m doing, what I’m deciding, what I feel like my inner voice has called me to do, what is best for me and my design and how I want to help you and serve you and all of that so that you can do the same thing for yourself.

But it might not look the same because we’re not designed the same way and your inner voice might tell you something completely different than what it tells me.

So, I want to be showing you how you can order, how you can maybe even ask for something from the secret menu of life. You know, at In-N-Out they have the secret menu. And there are some other places too that have a secret menu that’s not even there. I feel like life has that secret menu that’s outside of the collective consciousness, like main belief systems.

Like, what if there’s this whole other menu that you just haven’t even considered? I remember when I first, before I got into coaching almost four years ago, I didn’t even know what was available out there.

It took me reading and following people and listening to podcasts to know what was available out there. And beyond that, there are things available out there that I haven’t even seen someone doing.

Like, I was talking to some friends recently and I think we were trying to find an example of somebody who has a business that is at, like, multiple seven figures, eight figures, who is truly in her feminine and who is not pushing and striving, or didn’t have a phase like that, who isn’t a lot in their masculine.

And we haven’t really found anyone. The only person that I can think of is – I think her name’s Susie. Now I’m trying to remember. Susie? I forget her last name. Who designed Poo-Pourri. She’s the only one that I have heard on podcasts that is remotely close to the example of what I’m looking for.

So, if some of you know a great example of somebody like this, or you think is really fully balancing the masculine and feminine and much more maybe even on the feminine side of things who has a really successful business in terms of – and notice, success isn’t the same for everyone. But when I’m talking about a successful business here, their revenue is rather large is what I am talking about here.

Which is not to say that those businesses that don’t have that large of a revenue aren’t successful. It just really depends on what do you want to create? And I’ve been reconsidering that myself recently.

Like yes, I would love to expand and have a seven, eight-figure business. But I also have some things that I’m not willing to not have. But I don’t believe I have to give up certain things in order to create that.

So, that is my showing you what’s available to you. What if I can still have the lifestyle design that I decide on and want to have and cultivate and I can grow my business and grow my impact in a way that I really desire? And I might try something out and not like it. And then reconfigure.

And that’s true for you too. You might think you want a certain thing. But then you try it on. You order it from the menu and then you taste it and you’re like, “Oh, everyone was super excited about caviar. And I don’t really even like caviar. I’m actually totally fine with just roasted sweet potatoes.”

I notice this too for myself sometimes when I’m like, “I really want this fancy thing.” And then I get the fancy thing and I’m like, “You know what? I’m totally okay with this maybe not considered as fancy thing.”

So, be open to knowing that everything is available to you, but you may not even know it until you start to see different options that are available to you on the menu.

So, as you’re looking at other people’s Instagrams and other podcasts and you might feel yourself comparing to them, what if you changed it to, “Oh no, this is just showing me what’s on the menu. Maybe my jealousy is showing me that I actually want something that they have or there’s something in me that also is like that. What if this is just a guide towards what I desire?”

So, consider what’s on the menu. There might be a secret menu that you don’t even know about yet that’s available to you that you haven’t even considered. What if you opened your mind to all of the magic and possibilities available to you in this lifetime that you haven’t even considered or haven’t even been shown and option on a menu. Start to revel in the magic and the mystery of all of that.

So, we recently redesigned our website and I’m so excited for you to be able to see it. It should be out by the time this airs. I’m pretty sure it’s coming out towards the end of April. So, this is out the beginning of May. It should be out. If it’s not out yet, it will be out very shortly.

But it is so gorgeous and I have a shop filled with beautiful race horses just for you. And I hope they’re all super-helpful for you. Go ahead and check out the website. Look at the shop. Find what is meant for you. If you want to start to expand what is on the menu for you, these courses and offers and private coaching and all of the things will help you be able to consider what’s on the menu and start to actually order those things for yourself, so that you can have the life and business that you really want, that you deeply desire. You can have that.

You don’t have to have just any old business or any old life. You have this lifetime right now. Why not design and play and have the most fun with it? Alright, I’ll talk to you soon. Until next time, let’s connect on Instagram and I hope you’ll check out the website. Bye.

Hey there, thanks so much for listening. I wanted to invite you, if you are ready to integrate what you’re learning on this podcast and want to dive deeper, you must come check out Cultivate Margin. It’s my coaching program that’s a hybrid between a self-study course and a coaching program designed just for you. Join me and the community of others like you at And you can get that link in the show notes as well. I can’t wait to see you in there. Have an amazing day.

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