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9. Where Done Goals Come From

Goals are just you being more intentional about what results and outcomes you create. Do you believe your goals are as good as done once you set them? Or do you go back to thinking about all the things you need to DO to accomplish the goal?

It's not in the DOING, it's in the belief and the vibe that you bring to your goal. Play with the possibility that your goal is as good as done first.

In this episode, I talk about Done Goals. What are Done Goals? Goals that are as good as done. Do you believe that you are a goal setter? All humans are goal setters. Setting a goal and accomplishing it is simply about you becoming the person who does what they say they are going to do. Learn how to use your thoughts to make your goals inevitable, as good as done.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Where goals come from
  • What Done Goals are
  • How goals don't come from actions
  • How important your thoughts and feelings are when taking action in your goal
  • Egg Result Example
  • How you talk about your goal

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9. Where Done Goals Come From

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Effective Entrepreneur Podcast, Episode 9: Where Done Goals Come From.

Happy Monday. How are you doing? Are you going to kill this week? I sure hope so. I hope you're starting to think about goals. If you're someone like me, you're always thinking about goals. And as the new year approaches, I find that most people start thinking more and more about goals, because they're thinking about if they've actually accomplished their goal this year, or if they have not, and they have a lot of drama around that. They start acting like the year is already over. Once we start Q4, basically our minds go to, “Well, it's October, so guess I won't make my goal.” And then we quit. I'll be talking more about that and how that happens on a monthly basis too, on an episode, but I just want to encourage you to not listen to that nonsense. Let's finish out the year strong and start thinking about who we need to be for next year, at this time.

Who do you want to be? What results do you want to be creating in your business by the end of next year, at this time? So who would you be this year in order to do that? I was just on my walk, as you know, I love taking an early morning walk and I was super disappointed because it was completely overcast again this morning. And I know I don't have a lot to complain about weather wise, being in Southern California, but I love watching my sun rise and there was no sunrise to be had. I actually talked about this on an Instagram story, if you're not following me on Instagram, you're missing out. I have been sharing more behind the scenes of my day-to-day life, both in life and business, and what I'm thinking about and things and takeaways to share with you above and beyond. Of course, I could ever tell you in a podcast, so get on over there, follow me. I always post amazing valuable content and remind you when the episode's out as well. All of the things.

I am @vivereco, v-i-v-e-r-e-c-o, over there on the gram, as the kids say. So today we're going to talk about, do you know where goals come from? A lot of people want to think that goals come from being a certain kind of person, like you have the genetics to be a goal creator, almost. They think that there's this DNA test that creates you as a goal creator or not. Either you're somebody who sets and meets goals, or you're not. You either have determination and discipline or you don't, but that's not true. All humans are goal creators, whether we realize it or not, we all create results and outcomes. And that's just what goals are. Goals are just us being more intentional about what results and outcomes we create. And we all are creating them whether or not we're being intentional with them or not.

And we all can become disciplined, if you like that word. Some people really like that word and want to become more disciplined. A lot of people would say, I'm very disciplined. I don't love the word. It just feels really rigid and rough. And like, I'm going to get hit with a ruler on my hand, but you can be somebody who does what they say they're going to do. That's essentially what goal cultivation is, is doing what you say you're going to do. And there's a key part in goal creation about deciding what you're going to say, what you're going to do. It's like the pre-goal setting stage that's extremely important. And I think people gloss over it way too quickly, and they made errors in that section of goal creation. And that's really what ends up unfolding once they set it and go after it and then maybe not even hit it. It really was the problem of the pre-set goal stage. And we're going to talk more about that.

I have an amazing concept called, Clean Goals, that I want to teach you about. We'll do that before the new year, so that you're ready to go. But let's talk about where goals come from. I've alluded to where they come from, and we're not just talking about any goals, we're talking about done goals, goals that are as good as done. You want to be able to set goals and know that they are as good as done. They might as well be done, as I talked about in the last episode, in Episode 8, I talked about using your pretend crystal ball. We went to the future we saw, or maybe we even did back to the future, got in the car, went and saw, in the future, that you for sure created your goal. So then you have as good as done. You know it's as good as done, so then you can bring that vibe with you into the now.

And if you do that, then you actually are going to be able to create it. It's because you have that vibe, if you will, that you end up creating it after all. The only reason why we don't create our goals is because we don't bring that energy into the now that we, for sure created it. So then we have all this doubt and all of this disbelief, that really is what creates us not creating our goals. Our goals ultimately do not, listen up, do not come from the doing. I talked about this last week, your actions matter, but not as much as you think. Although we do take action in creating results, we can also take actions, all of what we think are the “right actions” even all of the “right actions” according to maybe an influencer, a course creator, or even our coach and still not create goals. What? How is that even possible?

Let me give you an example. Let's talk about a coffee shop owner for a sec. You own a coffee shop. I want you to imagine that. You want to increase your sales this month. You immediately spin into a tizzy, we'll call it, and you come up with this long list of absolutely everything you could do, and you think you need to do all of it because you want to increase sales, so you're like, “I have to do all these things on this list.” And you overwhelm yourself by thinking about that. And you just dive right in, because you're already thinking, “There's not enough time to get all this done, I just need to get started. Oh my gosh, let's post on Instagram, let's go over here and go over here.” Okay. You're in that energy. And you don't really think that it's possible. You think there's not enough time. There are not enough customers. Your staff, there are issues with that. You're not even going to be able to maintain the pace, even if you did increase your sales.

You've all this doubt and you're already burnt out and exhausted based on what you think, based on what you've already been doing. And you do a bunch of things, packing them in, you just do the long nights, early mornings, you're hustling and grinding and you're exhausted. And you're telling everyone how busy you are and so tired. And it's just so hard to run a coffee shop, don't you know? Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, fast forward to the end of the month and your sales has maybe slightly increased because you, I mean, you did some things, right? But not nearly as much as you desired and you believe that it's not even worth it. If really that was all the increase you were going to get from doing the “right things” and hustling, then it's for sure not worth it.

And the reason why you didn't create the result of the increase in sales, up to the level that you wanted to is not because of what you were doing or not doing, it was because of what you were thinking. It was because of your beliefs. Increasing your sales, as the coffee shop owner, isn't simply about doing more. Creating a goal, as good as done, we think that it's all about doing more. And often, especially for those of us who are scaling our businesses, if we're going from maybe low six figures to seven or multiple seven figures of revenue collected, it's about doing less. And it's about the quality of what we are doing in what we are already doing. Now, don't get me wrong, there will be some actions. It's not that we're not doing anything. The action might just be calling what we actually are doing and cutting things out. That is the action, cutting things out. But it will be creating a different state of what I'll call alignment.

So we had thought about earlier, we talked about this where your thoughts create your feelings, so that I call that the T and F. The T being the thought and the F being the feeling. The T and F combination is in alignment with the goal that you want to create. So it needs to be if you want to actually create that result. So your actions, what you do or you don't do, could be swapped out. You could have different actions, but also this is so important, you could be doing what looks like the same things, posting on Instagram, doing an Instagram story, sending out your email to your email list, if you're an online entrepreneur. Or for the coffee shop owner, creating the same sales, having the Yelp, having the Instagram account, posting and giving away birthday cups of coffee. All of the things could look the same, to you they're the same exact action, but if we swap out the thought and feeling combination that's driving that action, it could change the whole game and create a different result.

This is really hard for a lot of people to grasp. It's really challenging because we're not told this and we're always told it's all about taking the action. And yes, we want to take action and we want to be willing to fail our way to creating what we want to create, being willing to fail any way and doing the things and getting better at the things. We'll talking more about that when we talk more about perfectionism and procrastination, but let's use an example of eggs. I've tried this example for those in my group, they've heard this. Eggs, we can have different results with eggs, a lot of different results of what we can make with eggs, right? So let's just think though about like scrambled eggs, eggs over medium, and then poached eggs. There is going to be a different energy or vibe applied to the eggs in order to create each of those. So it's kind of like our thought and feeling combination. If we're thinking and feeling something different and applying that energy to the egg, we might get a scramble, right?

So scrambling, that's a faster, heavier, more frantic energy, right? To scramble it and then when we're cooking it in the pan, there's a different vibe happening, if you will, in the pan in order to scramble it and create scrambled eggs. And then for our eggs over medium, we're just going to crack them, put them in the pan, and then we want to leave them alone. It's a lot of calm energy, waiting and watching, and being patient, and checking on them and seeing how the yolk is doing, all of that, very different energy than our scrambled eggs. But we're still using eggs, we're still making eggs. It is essentially kind of the same action into our minds, we're still cooking eggs. Right? We could summarize it the same way, I made eggs, I made eggs, and then the same thing with poached, right? We have to get the water to simmer a little bit, probably have some vinegar in there. Then we're going to drop the egg in there ever so slightly.

And then we're going to watch that and time it and make sure, and then there's water involved. There's this whole different energy involved with poaching eggs too. All three things are making eggs, but we have different thoughts. Like “I'm going to make scrambled, I'm going to make poached, I'm going to make over medium.” And then we have to use a different energy and vibe or feeling in order to create the different kinds of eggs. And so each result that we get, we get a scrambled egg, we get our eggs over medium, we get our poached eggs. Those are different results. So I want you to think about that for you and your business. You could be saying, “I'm wanting to make revenue, I want to create value to make an exchange for revenue,” but you could be approaching it with the vibe of the coffee shop owner and not really creating that much of a difference in your outcome, your revenue, because you've applied scrambled egg energy to it, instead of applying over medium egg energy to it.

And the thought and the energy driving the action creates the result. So it doesn't matter if the action is basically the same thing, it's going to have a different energetic component to it based on what we drive it with in our thinking and feeling. So somebody who is more magnetic on Instagram, doing an Instagram story is going to be having a different thought and feeling combination happening. They're probably having a lot more fun in their life and in their business than somebody who is thinking, “Oh my gosh, I just need to make a sale. I need to convert these people. I hope they're going to be my clients,” or whatever it is. That's going to repel people, even though they can't see that. They can feel that energy there. So I want you to think about this egg analogy when you are thinking about where as good as done goals come from. We must always start creating our goals from a place of playing with the possibility that our goal is as good as done first. You have to be in that energy first.

And I don't want you to have to wait though, to take action when you're in a hundred percent perfect as good as done energy, you are going to want to be really perfectionistic about this. There's still a lot of value in taking imperfect action, acting as if you were someone who did believe it were as good as done. Then you would start taking action, right? If we knew for sure you were creating it, you wouldn't just be terrified to take any action. You are like, “No, I figured out how to create this, so I must take some action and I'm going to get better at feeling the vibes.” Just keep saying vibes, but the energy, the vibe, the feeling you need to be in, in order to create it. You must create goals from this vibe if you want to actually create them. You'll never create them from the fear, the doubt, the paralyzing, perfectionism, any of that, you will actually enjoy the process if you do it this way.

And you'll actually be so immersed in the process of creating the goal, that it's actually just as good as actually having the goal, that the goal doesn't end up really mattering anymore and you don't have the attachment to that outcome. And that in and of itself is actually what creates the goal. It sounds insane if you've never had this concept before, but that unattachment to the goal, but knowing for sure you create it, that right there is what creates every done goal. That is how you create any outcome that you want in your business.

Okay. So let's recap, goals as good as done, come from what we're thinking and believing. So start to think about how do you think about your goals or your outcomes or the results that you're creating in your business? They don't even have to be like the “big goal of revenue or the big goal of profit margin.” It could even be like a smaller goal of posting. I just always talk about Instagram on here, posting on Instagram, or your Pinterest thing. Or if you are an artist, the painting that you create or the book you finish writing. Whatever your thing is, as an entrepreneur, that you're putting out into the world, how do you think about it? Do you think about it like it's as good as done, you're just on your way in the process of creating it? And if you're not really sure, start to look at how you speak about it.

I'm super obnoxious to all my clients on our group calls, because I interrupt them all the time to point out to them how they're talking about their goals. This shows us how they're thinking about their goal, because what we say is our action. So if we're thinking and feeling a certain thing, then we'll have certain language that we're speaking out into the world. It just is a direct reflection of what you're thinking. And we're going to talk more about how you want to speak about your goal, but start thinking about this. Do you speak as if it's as good as done or are you speaking in that it's well, maybe, kind of, I'm trying, I intend to, I'm not sure, kinds of vibes? Speaking that way means you're thinking something that's not useful to create a goal that is as good as done. Alright, I can't wait to hear what you think about that. Feel free to DM me on Instagram, leave all the comments and things, chat about what your goal is. What is it for this year? What is it for next year? Let's talk all about it and work on making it as good as done.

And now I know you've been dying to know who the winners are of the podcast launch giveaway. I've been dying to let you know who they are as well. So let's jump in. Thank you for all who participated, rated and reviewed the podcast. I would appreciate if you keep reading and reviewing the podcast, even beyond the podcast launch giveaway. We tell you how to do that on my website, so if you go to Vivere,, you'll see all of the show notes there, and we always will link to how to rate and review.

So without further ado, let's give away our first gift card. Super excited to give it away to Khara Malcolm. I hope I said your name right, but if I didn't, I'm so sorry. Khara's Instagram handle is Khara k-h-a-r-a.malcom, m-a-l-c-o-m, and you can get that in the show notes too. We'll link it there. Khara is an online business manager, so super amazing. I know that she will, for sure, be able to use this Apple gift card to get something amazing, hopefully to help her business.

Next up, the second gift card, both of these gift cards are $50 Apple gift cards. This one is going to Claire Carlton. Yay. Claire is a dietician and has an online business in dietetics, which is super fun, because I used to be a registered dietician. I mean, I still am registered and just are not practicing anymore. So I love that we connected, I wonder if Claire found me through this guest episode, I was on. We'll have to link that for you all in the show notes too. If you ever want to listen to that back in the day, I'm talking about February of this year, I think I was on that guest podcast. But it feels like so long ago, so much has changed, I've grown so much since then. Anyway, Claire, congratulations. Thanks so much for your reading and reviewing and entering the giveaway.

Now, finally, the Movado watch winner, the gorgeous Rose Gold Movado watch winner is Rose Watson. Rose has an Instagram as well. It's Rose Watson Coaching. Congratulations. I'm so glad you're going to get to wear and model this gorgeous watch. I would love for all three of you winners to record receiving your award or post some sort of picture about it in your stories and tag the Vivere Co and we can celebrate with you all and connect with you there. So that will be so much fun.

Thank you all three of you for participating. Thank you all of you who did not win, and I hope you all have an amazing week.

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