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29. Why You Don't Have Time

I love talking about the subject of time, so in this episode, I’m covering a common belief that I see come up for my clients and listeners, that they believe is true. And that is: “I don’t have enough time…” I’m no stranger to this struggle myself, so my goal here is to help you see this thought as the red flag that it is and show you what you can do about it.

Our minds pull a lot of funny tricks when it comes to time, and we have so many beliefs that are deeply ingrained in us that we really lose perspective of what time even is and the choices we’re making around it. But I have the solution for you on today’s episode.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover why you believe you don’t have enough time. I’m sharing where this scarce thinking around time comes from, and how to question yourself in a way that allows you to utilize the time you do have and reorient yourself with what is worth spending your time on.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How our brains come up with unhelpful thoughts around having enough time and even the concept of time
  • Where the idea that “time is money” really came from, and how it ties to our insecurities about money
  • Why time is not the concrete, finite, tangible commodity that we often believe it is
  • What I believe we really mean when we say the words “I don’t have enough time…”
  • Why even I still get limiting beliefs around time, even as a master certified coach
  • How to see the time we do have in a new way by looking at the whole picture, your priorities, and the solutions available to you right now
  • Some questions to ask yourself that will help you reorient and see you that you, in fact, do have plenty of time

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29. Why You Don't Have Time

The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash

Full Episode Transcript:

You are listening to The Ease of Hustle with Lauren Cash, episode 29, Why You Don’t Have Time.

Hey, good morning. How’s it going? I’m having a really funny experience here right now in my office. I just sat down to record this episode and one other episode. And of course, there is a leaf-blower situation happening right outside my window right now; right when I’m going to record.

And normally, I would be perfectionistic about it, wait it out and then record later. But today, we’ve got to get going because I am coming back from a weekend where I was really mostly unplugged. I did a couple of things for one of my programs that’s going on right now. But for the most part, I was off of Slack. I was out of email. And it felt so amazing.

I have not been the best with my hygiene lately, with Slack and email and work on the weekends. And I am determined to get this all back in check this spring and really devote better hygiene around it all again. Because I really stopped being so intentional with it and had taken on way too much.

And I am done doing that because I want to be an example for all of you that you can have the life that you desire to have and run the business that you want to run without doing it in ways that aren’t in alignment. I know that’s kind of a cheesy term, overused term in this space. But I really feel like that describes it the most.

You can do it without being out of alignment. And I’m really learning more and more how to become more in alignment with who I want to be, how I want to show up, what my energy is like. I’ve really been studying a ton of energy recently and I think it talks a lot about things that I’ve been talking about but in a new way, and in a way that I really want to teach all of you and help my clients really focus on and work through so that they can harness their energy in a way that’s really useful for impacting others, but also just living the lives they want to live.

And today, I’m also talking to you about – I’m pretty sure… this is the funny thing, is we’ve had so many plot-twists recently in my company. This was the plan, was that this episode would be the brand-new title of the podcast. And it’s called now The Ease of Hustle.

And actually, that was the name that my inner voice had given me for the podcast last summer, before I even started working on the podcast. It told me that my podcast name, like the name of the podcast would be called The Ease of Hustle. Which is, like, a funny oxymoron. And I think that’s part of it. It’s supposed to be kind of funny; an oxymoron on purpose.

And so, I’m really excited to finally just change the name and have it be more of what I wanted it to be from the start. I shouldn’t have listened. I did. But I listened to other people about that name because it’s not really, like, keyword friendly when you’re searching for things on the internet and things like that.

Which I understand. But more and more, I don’t really care as much what the general collective wisdom is on things. I would rather do what my inner voice is telling me to do, even if at first maybe I don’t get as much traffic because it’s not getting hits from SEO or something like that. I would rather just do the what is true for me and what my inner voice is telling me.

I have no idea how this name will unfold or what will come of it. And I have to trust that using the name that it has told me to use and one that I’m really excited to tell people about will be the best thing for me, and also for my company, and for all of you. So, we’re now called The Ease of Hustle, which is a funny oxymoron, in a way. And I can’t wait to talk more about creating a company and then scaling a company with ease and really letting go more of this hustle that we hear talked a lot about on the internet.

And I know there’s a large movement happening right now to move away from that. And I hope to be another example of somebody that is kind of putting their foot down, drawing the line in the sand, that they’re no longer available for hustle. And I will talk more for sure about what hustle means to me. But right now, what’s coming through for me is doing life and the business in a way that is not in accordance to my energy or in my design.

And I hope that all of you can start to learn what would be for you and what is not for you in a way that feels really deeply meaningful. And then using mindset work to get your mind around living in accordance to how you want to live and the way in which your energy is most utilized.

And I’m so about being effective and not doing things just to do things, so I think being in alignment with the energy just really helps things flow more easily. Instead of going against the current, you can go with it, and what if we did that more and more?

It doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be committed and create things despite plot twists and obstacles. But it means that we’re not going to be so much forcing things, that they must happen in a certain way. So, I’m excited for that to unfold even more and I hope you’ll stay tuned.

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram and have you share your favorite episodes with a friend and tag us over there. So, we will have, in the show notes, a link to Instagram and we would love if you share with your friends your favorite episodes and tag us, so we can reshare it. I love connecting with you all on Instagram and creating a little community there.

Alright, so let’s dive into today’s episode. We started talking about time in episode 25. And since then, we’ve been talking a lot about time-related topics. Today, I want to cover the topic of, quote unquote not having enough time.

Clients often tell me this, or folks on Instagram or all of you listeners tell me that they are struggling with not having enough time. And my mind likes to offer me this thought as well, even now after I’ve become a master certified coach and worked through a lot of my own limiting beliefs and drama, my mind still loves to go to this, “There’s not enough time. There’s too much to do. Not enough time. You don’t have enough time. There’s not enough time for me to do the things I want to do. I’m never going to be able to create this goal because there’s just not enough time.” It’s its favorite wall that it likes to butt up against.

And the truth is that it’s impossible for us to, quote unquote have time to begin with. So, whenever your mind is offering you this thought, you can just be onto it right away that there’s some lie happening, and it’s a red flag that something is up, something is happening, something is not checking out. And I’m going to go through what some of those things might be.

But it seems though that time is tangible though, for our minds. That’s why we talk about having it and spending it and things like that. It feels like it’s tangible and we treat it almost like it is tangible because we use – I even use and teach how to use time blocking in a time-block calendar fashion in Monday Hour One and in my programs as well, I talk about using that. I even talk about using different math techniques to work on allocating your time to certain things.

This just perpetuates that time is a tangible commodity, if you will, which it’s not. But I think that tool can be useful to help get the mind onboard when the mind is so attached to this belief that time really is, like, this unit of measurement that we divvy out or budget, kind of like money, which money I also don’t believe is this thing that we divvy out and budget in that way, but that’s just a tool that our minds find to be useful.

I believe that we’ve been doing this ever since the industrial age. I’ve read a lot about this in many different books, how we started to believe that our time was money and time is money and that we earn money in time and that we get paid for the hours we work. And so, we have this really deeply rooted collective belief that money and time are really connected in that way.

And I think that also ties into our belief about not having enough time because we’re always thinking about the amount of time we have in order to create money, or the amount of time we have to invest, to have some return on that time investment if you will. So, the scarcity in time ties to our scarcity of money and it’s all interconnected.

The truth is though, like I said in the About Time episode, we create time in our minds. It’s a human perceptual experience that we have made more concrete with clocks and having sinking clocks and all of that.

So, why do we think that we don’t have enough time when it’s true that we always have plenty of time? We’re still alive. We have plenty of life force left, most of us, if we’re currently in that life stage, we’re in that wellness.

So, why do we believe that we don’t have enough time? I think that most of us really mean that we don’t have enough time to do what we want to do. So, why do we think we want to do these things in the first place?

So, we think there are things we want to do that we’re not currently doing, which is curious to look at too, like why aren’t we doing the things we think we want to do? A lot of us, I think, will blame, “Well, I have a full-time job. I have kids. I have a family…” et cetera, et cetera.

But why do we even want to do those things in the first place? It’s because of how we think we’ll feel doing or having done those things. And we’re robbing ourselves of feeling that way when we’re telling ourselves, “I can’t do what I want to do because I don’t have enough time,” or, “These things are in the way of me doing what I actually want to do.”

So, the overall belief though that we don’t have enough time is causing us to make choices as if time isn’t available and being created for as much as we would like to do. And we create this in so many different ways. I just listen a whole bunch of different ways I’m going to tell you about, but we could really dive deep into any of these things that we do out of time scarcity.

So, I want you to consider that distractions is one of these things. We talked more about that in other episodes. But being distracted and distracting our attention and changing, multitasking, reactivity – I have a bunch of these written down – kind of all go together, splitting our attention, increasing our cognitive loads. That will all decrease our energy but also make us feel like we don’t have a lot of time because we’ll always be splitting our attention and not really focused and grounded on the one thing that we’re working through and our minds don’t do really well.

It doesn’t matter if we are identifying as women or men or whatever gender is, there are studies that show that just humans are not good at multitasking, even though sometimes folks say that women are better at it. That’s not really necessarily true.

We also create not enough time because we say yes when it’s a no. so, we have misaligned energy. We don’t align our energy with what we really want and what is true for us in every moment. and we end up saying yes to things, even our own ideas that weren’t meant to be brought to fruition right now.

Being in a rush, trying to pack it all in will really decrease the amount of time that you think you have. I have noticed for myself, I got into this place where I was thinking about that there’s not a lot of time. A lot of it was because I was really interested in the financial independence retire early community.

So, I was in this rush to retire early, to accumulate money so that I never had to work again. But then, I was hating my life, even though I love what I do, I was aligning my life around work and trying to make all this money in order to retire early. When really, I could just create a life that I love that I could do endlessly into even older age and sustain myself and be able to provide for everything that I want, everyone I want to support, all of that, ongoing without there being this rush to retire.

What if I just created the life I wanted now, that I think I want in retirement? What if I do that now? Then that really extends that timeframe, which I’ve talked a lot about, talking about the long game.

But if we’re not in a rush, then we won’t be packing it all in. We won’t be trying to squeeze everything in. Like all these tight, forcing, energetic words, we won’t be doing those things. So, asking yourself, “Why am I in such a hurry?” is such a great question. You’re probably in a hurry because you think you need to get to a certain place to feel a certain way. But what if you just do that now, as you create that thing that you desire, that experience you want to have? You’ll actually create it by doing that.

Another way in which we sense that we don’t have enough time is by wasting our energy on indulgent emotions. So, I’ve talked about this before; overwhelm, self-doubt. We also have other limiting beliefs that we block ourselves from effective solutions.

So, as we approach our work or as we approach our days, we don’t look at, “What is the ultimate thing I’m trying to create here?” We don’t look at that. We just think, “I have to do this thing.” Because that’s just what you do. You just do the dishes this certain way. You just prep food this certain way. Or you have to send this certain thing to your friends for, I don’t know, a baby shower.

We don’t question the whys and the purposes behind things to then discover, “Yes, I do want to do this thing and it’s not just another task on my list.” Or that maybe there’s a more effective way to do it. Maybe there’s a way that we could schedule something ahead of time for our assistants to take care of for us or a company that can handle it or us on an automates basis.

Or we can schedule into our project management system to automate certain things, or using automation software, or creating a different way in which to do business that is really helping our clients in the most amazing way but isn’t necessarily doing the whole song and dance that we think we have to do.

Really distilling down to the why, the purpose of things, will help you cut out all of the excess that might be weighing down your calendar in a way that’s not even necessary. You might be thinking that you have to do certain things. You have these musts, have-tos that aren’t even true.

You don’t have to, I don’t know, clean your house every single week in a certain way. You could outsource it, or you could do it less regularly. You could get help from an older child if you want to start having them help. You could do all sorts of different things like get a new type of tool to help you with it, like a Rumba or something like that.

There are so many ways that you could create more time to do the things that you want to do, but you don’t slow down long enough to get strategic about this. And the reason why you don’t is because you just believe there’s not enough time. But if you believed there was plenty of time to do everything you were meant to do, then you would get strategic. Then you would ask yourself, “How do I accomplish this result that I desire in a way that is really helpful for my ideal calendar? What would the solution be for that?”

Also, another reason why you think you don’t have enough time is because you’re not clear, or you aren’t choosing your desires on purpose. I think a lot of times, the reason why we think we don’t have enough time is because we’re simply not devoting our energy and life force to our true desires. We’re just going through the motions of what we think somebody is supposed to do in life, accumulating certain things, buying certain cars, being in certain home environments, having certain clothes, that we end up boxing ourselves into a life that we didn’t even really want.

Like, what is the point of all this? It’s a very existential place that I’m asking you to go to. Like, what do you really desire and how can you start to create that in your current life now? It might not even be the way that you’ve been thinking it is. Maybe you really desire to have more space and time in your life and you’ve been thinking you need to create more money in order to have that.

But maybe that’s not true. Maybe you can start to create that space and time first and the money is going to be there. It’s going to actually come to you more readily when you are living more in the way that you want to live. It will be more magnetic to you when you are living in a joyful way and available for the ways in which it could come.

I know that sounds completely woo, but what if that were true? You also probably are – I already said this – lying to yourself in some way about what has to be done. A lot of times, this is like what has to be done by you, or if it has to be done now. I see a lot of people just assuming things have to be done in a certain way, by themselves, and in a certain time period. What if all of that weren’t true?

Another reason why you might not think you have enough time is because you’re not planning for reality. You’re not putting – like, if you’re using time-blocking and you’re marking enough space for the reality of life. Maybe you’re not putting enough time for communication with your team.

I’m totally calling myself out there. I often don’t put enough time in my calendar for communicating with my team and managing my team and making sure everything is flowing really well. And so, then I end up feeling it, and then I think I don’t have enough time.

But really, it’s just because I’ve taken on more than what I desire to take on because I wasn’t planning that out. I wasn’t putting blocks in to sort of block that out, that I’m going to have this time where I want to manage my team, where I want to overdeliver for clients, where I want to be able to iterate and add additional resources in my programs.

That requires a lot of extra cushion. And for me, in human design, I am a projector. And my strategy is to be recognized and be – and I’m recognizing myself to wait for the invitation. So, I need extra space to actually have invitations come in and for me to choose what is for me and what is not for me with my authority.

And then, I need space on my calendar then to actually have what I’m going to do in invitation i.e., if somebody invites me to be on their podcast, or if somebody invites me to teach as a guest instructor in their program, or if somebody asks me, I don’t know, to do an Instagram live with them.

Am I creating enough space in my calendar to know that these invitations are coming? Or maybe even clients are asking me for a new type of program and I want to design that and develop that. Do I have enough space for that?

Right now, in this previous season I’ve been in, I have not had space for that and I really haven’t liked that. So, I’m completely recalibrating my business and also my life in order to be set up for those invitations.

I also want a lot of space for learning. So, right now, I’m going through a human design certification and I really want to be able to deep-dive and learn it really deeply so that I can help my clients with it and interweave it into my work in ways that are useful for clients, if they’re interested in that.

So, I also want you to look at how you’re not factoring in margin in your workday and also in your life, which is also why I have this program called Cultivate Margin, is to create that extra space, the space that I’m talking about for additional responding or invitations or whatever else comes up, to be able to rest when your body says to rest, to be able to read or go on walks or whatever you want to do in your life.

Are you creating margin that’s not even planned for when things come up that we cannot control? When your friend gets sick and you want to be able to bring them soup or whatever, are you allowing that in your calendar, for there to be enough space to live how you want to live? To be in integrity with how you want to be in life?

I would encourage you to really start to build that margin in, have completely unplanned space that’s protected, that you know either will be devoted to more self-care, rest, restoration, learning, something like that, where really, it’s just blank space so that you know you can handle anything as it comes up.

There’s always plenty of time because you literally, on your calendar, always have plenty of time. If you believed that, you probably would leave more margin.

So, those are a lot of the reasons why you’re thinking you don’t have enough time. There are so many others as well. Our minds do a lot of funny tricks on us around time. But I want to ask you a bunch of questions now that might be helpful for you as you consider why you’ve been thinking you don’t have enough time, and reorienting yourself to this truth that you have plenty of time, always. It might require some recalibration in your life. And that’s okay.

So, here are some questions for you. Why aren’t you setting up your life around what you believe matters most to you? Do you know what matters most to you and where you want to develop your life from? Why or why not? Why do you not believe that you always have plenty of time for what you choose? Why aren’t you choosing to believe there’s plenty of time for everything that matters to me? If you believed you had plenty of time, what would you choose to do and be?

I want you to go to a place in your mind where you have that clear spacious schedule. Maybe it’s what you imagine you’d have during a vacation or retirement, or in 10 years from now, after you’ve made a certain amount of money. Wherever that is, that after, that imaginary place that you fantasize about, how would you choose to spend your days then?

What would be the guideposts? What would be the structure or lack of structure? What if you developed your life in that way now? Why can’t you? What are you choosing and how do you have already so much of what you want?

If you have a job right now, how is it really what you want? Are there just maybe some minor tweaks and miscalibration? Maybe you’re just believing you don’t get to do what you want. But you’ve chosen all of this. So, how can you readjust either your beliefs around you choosing, or changing what you’re choosing? What if this all is just a sign of a mis-calibrated life for your true desires and wants and you’re just being called to reconfigure?

As you ponder all of this, you might have a lot more objections coming up from your mind. That’s totally normal. If you want to get one-on-one private coaching to figure out why you think you don’t have enough time and how to create a life where you have plenty of time and you’re living much more in alignment with the calendar and day-to-day life you desire, I want to invite you to come private coach with one of my team coaches.

They have been trained and are certified in the methods that I use to coach on time. I think that would be such an amazing investment for you. You could create so much more time for yourself and for your family and your friends and whoever else matters for you, to actually live the way that you want to live, to actually be able to have time in your business to do what you want to do, why you actually started your business in the first place.

So, if you’re interested in that, you can go to We’ll have the link in the show notes. And I hope you have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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