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Anatomy of a Calendar


Do you wish you could create a more fluid and flexible calendar, while still integrating the tools that work well for you and your lifestyle? This in-depth, applicable workshop guides you through incorporating core “time management” concepts in a way that works for YOU and your unique calendar.

Design Infused Business


Are you tired of coaching yourself into doing business the way everyone else is? I hear you. I am too. When I found Human Design at the end of 2020, it was the biggest permission slip that felt like a huge sigh of relief.

Resource Library


Your organizational fantasies come true with access to all of the bite-sized resources I offer in one place.

Click the link to see what all is included:

How to Focus Session


What if focus isn't the actual “problem”? In this session we dive into the deeper reasons we may be struggling with focus, and we cover some useful tools for the mind to be able to hone its attention.

Easeful Inbox Zero

with or without a team

Get into the higher value creation required to run a profitable business (or to provide valuable work to your employer) by getting out of your inbox. In this mini course we will cover how to handle the founder’s inbox, the team’s inbox, and personal email. No folders required.

“If you want to do big things in this life, or if a small voice inside of you is calling you to do her program, follow it. Your future self is SO grateful. ”

Karin Nordin

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